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Yes, that's me. 05-Dec-2019
I've traversed the world
seen the good and most bad

I've succumbed to a century of sex
in a shorter period of time
efficient and like a rocket

I've eaten the best food
NY, Puerto Rico and Europe had to offer

I've been bad
but mostly good

I've been loved, enthralled and possessed
and I've repaid it

I've met an insurmountable amount of celebrities
and can complain of only one
Joan Rivers, Roy Scheider and Muhammad Ali are my tops

I've been considered beautiful, cute, adorable, hot, handsome and ugly
I've been fat, thin, buff and ripped
A twink and a daddy

Children and old people have understood me most
Only young adults understand me now

When I was beaten, I got up. When I beat them I knocked myself out
Violence was a coping inheritance
and a superpower best left untucked

I got to play Santa Claus in a musical
because I was the fattest kid in class

My family adored me as much as they resented me

I had so many friends I had to disconnect my phone
so I could think

I saw as many beautiful things
as I experienced sad

I was enrolled in genius classes for three semesters
until I couldn't take the harassment from my sister anymore
I learned to play dumb so they could drop me and they did

I went to a vocational art school in the city of Manhattan where gays were evident, respected and exalted
and I got my first jock crush

I received a scholarship to NYU for writing
I was the vice president of a film company
I planted a tree in Yoko Ono's home
I had success and money
with shame and poverty
I wielded power and didn't like myself

Being of mix color ensured racial confidence
I know how each side works
and the knowledge makes my head hurt

I've laughed more than I've cried

I've loved more than I've hated

and when asked which one of my countless experiences I would relive
I say

all roads have lead me back to nowhere 05-Dec-2019

Tags: Myself



If God Is A Woman...  

why didn't she turn the wine white? 01-Dec-2019
in what century did the sex change occur? 01-Dec-2019
why didn't she punish the snake? 01-Dec-2019
why'd she let Eve eat that fucking apple? 01-Dec-2019
why'd she let Satan get away? A woman would have killed him. Is he her ex? 01-Dec-2019
why so homophobic? (Never mind, it's the only one that makes sense) 01-Dec-2019
why the favoritism towards white cis men? 01-Dec-2019
why did she let man enslave her? 01-Dec-2019
why didn't she give herself a preferred orgasm? 01-Dec-2019
why is she so self-loathing? 01-Dec-2019
why is she so quiet? 01-Dec-2019

Tags: Environment




A woman cannot be a true feminist without holding the toxic gods that made female inferiority law, accountable. It's hypocritical.

The feminist cause was supposed to garner women respect not create a hostile takeover.

During this renaissance a little boy's dream must lay to the wayside while his sister's soars. It's what men have been doing to women for centuries, you say. It's what women have allowed for centuries, following God's law. Why can't we get it right and include everyone? Why does every boy have to feel emasculated because our fathers and mothers got it wrong?

You can try to turn the world into a princess fairytale but it wont mean a thing if the prince runs away.

A true feminist can't complain about men if they're still fucking them. It's like a vegan eating meat. 26-Nov-2019

Tags: Abuse, Bullying, Feminism, The Bible, Women




When we interfere with history to rewrite it so it doesn't impress the oppressed, we are deleting the basis that keeps the fight alive. 24-Nov-2019

Tags: Life




It's over. I kept the gif because I thought it was cute. A robot Christmas. 22-Nov-2019
If you want an early Christmas present, I will supply it for ten minutes. 22-Nov-2019



I miss having depressed friends I can share feelings with. They would invigorate my mental health to allow me to fight another day. Laying out our depression was considered cool in my gay day but today, it's a "Debbie Downer Syndrome" to avoid. We are spastic, trying not to hurt anyone's sensitive feelings whilst trumpeting tired cliches that are supposed to uplift. We don't dive deep for fear of drowning . "DDS" isn't about the headline propaganda we all sputter but how she fits in the world. We are too busy in the world to look at our friends, to be mindful of signals and to notice we've been programmed. We have become the robots we couldn't create. We all want to think we are making a difference but not acknowledging that "DD" is screaming for help is not going to certify the campaign for a better world.

Suicidal people don't want to die but society never shuts their blowhard long enough to let anyone think. 20-Nov-2019

Tags: Environment, World



Becoming A Man 

How can I seek comfort in the protective layer of my mother's bosom, if she's just like dad? 19-Nov-2019
Since men and women are becoming equal beings, who do I turn to for "heart?" It makes me sad. 19-Nov-2019

Tags: Empowerment, Feminism, Women




It is imperative that every gay senior (anyone over 30) travel. You are shunned by the cave dweller elite if you can't abide. What a doctor can't fix, running will. We run from the reality of aging in a community saddled by conflict and illusion. We ask for a travel partner so they can bear witness. We run faster so aches and severity don't catch up. The mirrors in other places make us look better.

Love is on the ground not in the air. Plant your feet somewhere and it might grow. 06-Nov-2019
I spent so much time traveling through imagination that when I actually traveled somewhere... I wasn't impressed. 06-Nov-2019

Tags: Hate, Hope, Life, Respect, Responsibility, Society, Stereotype, Travel




We are getting very close to becoming the burp nation. 04-Nov-2019

Tags: Americans, Assholes, Bullying, Confusion, Environment, Hope, Humanity, Mental Health, Politics, Quackery, Respect, Responsibility, Society, Stereotype, Treatment, World Peace




My mother raised me to believe that lies were a sin while coaching me to always lie to the husband. 04-Nov-2019

Tags: Abuse, Hypocrisy, Mother




The thing he most likes is the first thing he retires. Use it sparingly. 03-Nov-2019
The more celibate you become, the more they want to fuck you. Irony. 05-Oct-2019
The more don'ts you include on your profile the less fun we're going to have. 15-Jul-2019
"I travel for work" = he's into "extracurricular activities." 11-Jul-2019
Everyone wants me to be the man. How can I ever accomplish that when they treat me like a boy? 06-Jul-2019
If you fall in love with the picture before the greet, we will all be disappointed. 27-Jun-2019
No baggage = no emotions, erasing your history and being a "yes man." Even the homeless have baggage. How are we supposed to change into our serious outfits? 27-Jun-2019

Tags: Dating, Gay




Why does hypocrisy sound like a distorted song? 03-Nov-2019

Tags: Hypocrisy




Tags: ?, Art




Oh look, another gangster/sta movie... and the boys that it inspires. 03-Nov-2019

Tags: Art, Hypocrisy, NSFW




It's a burden living with the bombast of people who think they give a fuck when you stop. 01-Nov-2019

Tags: Aging, Life, Society, Wisdom



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