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This site does not claim credit for images, videos, or music, except where noted. Let us know if we have used your media and would like it removed.


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A man. 24-Oct-2018

Tags: Transgender




It taught me that war has many voices. 15-Oct-2018
If I needed more information than a program could provide, I read the book. 14-Oct-2018
My cartoons were my respite from reverberations associated with abuse. Still are. 11-Oct-2018
It helped push me out my bubble. 11-Oct-2018
I learned how to tie a necktie for my first job interview by watching JR Ewing tie his own...and I got the job. 10-Oct-2018
I learned I wasn't alone. 10-Oct-2018
I found its world kind. 10-Oct-2018
I travelled. 10-Oct-2018
It informed me that what my mother was doing to us wasn't a punishment but abuse. Thank you Phil (Donahue.) 09-Oct-2018
It's where I met a good mother. Thanks Mrs. Brady. 09-Oct-2018
TV was my mother. 08-Oct-2018

Tags: Abuse, Art, Environment, Family, Freedom, Genius of Art, History, Mother, Support, Survival, TV, World, Youth




Can Latinos Say the N Word?

Who Can Say the N Word Besides Black People?

Flashback Cardi B

Tags: Argument, Confusion, Society, Stereotype, Video




No abortions? No viagra! 12-Oct-2018

Tags: Empowerment




We've allowed the world to be overrun with bad people because they're entertaining. Shame on us. 11-Oct-2018

Tags: Empowerment, Life, Representation, Society, World




The closest I came to a good mother was my great aunt Mo. She would sit me on the kitchen table and patiently make me art out of paper. I liked the planes because she made them fly. She was always warm and diligent. Her hugs were from purity and always knew when I needed them. She had three children that always regarded me whose heart I embraced too. She wasn't perfect but she was a good mother because she was beloved to the end. 10-Oct-2018

Tags: Parenting, Respect




My "me too" responded. It got lost in the Google e-mail mess. She validated my concerns and apologized for causing me such distress over an insignificant matter that happened eons ago. She stated that we are all sinners and that God had already granted her forgiveness. Does she think that God has a special prison for minor infractions (violent sexual offenders?) My "me too" and my family of amazons have announced themselves to be my biggest threat. Nobody cares! 09-Oct-2018
My "me too" never responded and I never got my family back. 07-Aug-2018
I spill my feelings on this platform because even though there is no feedback it allows me to see the situation from another angle so I can be sensitive and not cause greater hurt. If I don't find any social value to my share I will delete it.

I was my mother's favorite as my sister was my father's. They set us up to compete, to cling to one parent against the other. I was always my sister's annoying baby brother and that restrained us from getting closer. There is no respect for a boy too precious and shielded (mother) for a girl that was going to rule the world.

When she suggested doing oral sex on her, I slammed the idea down because I didn't know what it was, I wasn't sexual yet and it sounded shameful. My sister was persistent, either I go down on her or she'll tell mother my secrets. Was it that I dragged the butchiest of my G.I. Joes? I never really found out what she was holding over my head. I didn't need mother's wrath to be jostled so I acquiesced. It was uncomfortable to be so intimate with someone who only conveyed rancor to me. I felt dirty and bad and it further confused my sexuality. I see women as mothers or sisters and I can only sexualize the "bad" girl. My straight attempts had an automatic off switch.

I can be very accommodating but my mind always triggers a rebellion when I feel wronged. Before the week was over I killed the satiation machine by telling her that I hated the act and I wasn't going to do it anymore and that whatever secret she was holding over me she could convey because nothing could be worst. She was angry for a while, she never spoke my secret and I put it away as the first sexual scratch.

I don't want to shame my sister for the abuse because she was also a child who must have had her own perpetrator that introduced her early to sex. I don't know.

My adult sister hates the mention of sex, doesn't drink or drug (not even aspirin) and like all people with a shameful past has found that the spirituality of God will vanquish all sins. My mother calls her a saint and has always instructed me on how to appropriately act between myself and her family. My mother nagged me so hard about why my sister and I weren't affectionate or communicative that I outed the experience. Mother had nothing to say except to insinuate I was ridiculous and a sinful liar. The conversation was cut short and never revisited.

I tried renewing a relationship with my sister by joining our families and enjoying the best that support can bring but it was short lived. The problems, the competition, the parenting and the pop-up walls didn't allow us to trust each other and we found ourselves on different sides, in different states with hurtful words, little understanding then silence. I haven't spoken to her in years.

She has reached out. We don't mend because we never expose the problem and because she needs to know I forgave her a long time ago. It's a gamble but I need to know if she can accept it. 12-Mar-2018
I have to face my second "me too" and I'm scared because I don't want to hurt my sister's feelings.

My lover thinks I need to put it out there so I can challenge myself to face it. 12-Mar-2018

Tags: Sex, Sister




No one cares about the environment because God created everything to destruct. They bloat the planet with children so they can watch them go boom. 08-Oct-2018

Tags: Environment, Family, Government, Humanity, Idolatry, Parenting, Religion, Respect, Society, Survival, World




I watch horror movies anticipating that they will scare me more than my mother did. No such luck. 07-Oct-2018

Tags: Abuse, Art, Family, Mother




Find your most beautiful thing. 07-Oct-2018

Tags: Love, Relationships




What are we actually going to do when we catch 'em all (predators?) Do we depose them and grant them exit from superiority? Do we constrain them to unleash their monsters on the poor and susceptible? Do we send them to the White House? They have to land somewhere. 07-Oct-2018

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Humanity, Sex, Society




Everything we hate about the world God gave us. 03-Oct-2018

Tags: Community, Empowerment, Equality, Freedom, Inhumanity, LGBT, Life, Mental Health, Race, Religion, Respect, Sacrifice, Society, Support, Unity, Women, World




I think we found Uncle Tom. 02-Oct-2018

Tags: Life, Stereotype




I lived a lifetime where women were referred to as dolls. I lived another in which the offense got exterminated. Why the need now to look like one? 02-Oct-2018

Tags: Beauty, Life, Stereotype




The last president and first lady. 30-Sep-2018

Tags: Freedom, Government, Representation, Respect, Thanks, World



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