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This site does not claim credit for images, videos, or music, except where noted.


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Age itself is a criticism. 15-Apr-2017
In retrospect, youth is the better position to be in though it is the place less fondly remembered. 28-Feb-2017
No reason for bo if you smile. 16-Sep-2016
The grayer the garden the more the light flickers inside. 08-Sep-2016
We survive through fear and little joy (unless it is of our making.) 16-Feb-2016
You only look back to teach, pay homage, titillate, and or because you are a witness. You should never vacation there or make it your home. Once you do you'll be lost. 15-Feb-2016
I only look back when the need to throw up overwhelms me. 14-Feb-2016
You freeze, you age. 13-Feb-2016
You look so great for your age.  You haven't aged since 1985. 12-Feb-2016
Yes, it pretty much sucks to know everything. 11-Feb-2016
Yes, I am much wiser.  I just don't remember where I put the answers. 20-Oct-2015




Why is the freedom to love limited by how much the other person can hurt you? 06-Apr-2017
Sometimes when I see you pass by as the weight of the world tries collapsing you, my heart breaks because I can't rid you of the waste, but then you look at me with your "boy wonder" smile and my heart flutters and I know we'll be okay. 14-Jul-2016
Once you make him say it, you'll never know if he meant it. 02-Jul-2016
When you offered me the world, you didn't have to give me one with everything in it, just one in where you like me. 02-Jun-2016
Love shouldn't have to mean cheating on a partner because they are too old, unattractive or insecure to fuck. All you have to do is remember when you did. If you can't do that you've chosen the wrong man and he obviously isn't going to respect that. 02-Jun-2016
You know you can suck when your lover comes before he becomes interested in you. 20-May-2016
I am full of love and only one person drinks of it. I would complain or feel sad but he deserves it. 03-May-2016



It gets better the moment you can show each other that. 30-Mar-2017
We continue to live in this communist state made true by people who claim liberty and justice for them and suffering for all the rest and I will continue to know them as unwelcoming Pod People who are crafty at making other Americans feel foreign. 30-Mar-2017
Going out we must smear ourselves with dead souls from the bible, walk very slow and against traffic and hope no one notices the facade as we make our way home a la Rick and Co. from the Walking Dead. Less we invite more unhappiness and loneliness into our lives. 30-Mar-2017
Every morning I wake up in a communist state. I am in America, mind you. Its what's called a red state where Republicans and Christians rule and the purists believe it paradise. It is beautiful and the weather is paradise yet I rarely venture into it or expose myself to it. I'm gay, spanish, dark skinned and mature. I moved to the suburbs with my lover following straight friends who promised a life off a greeting card. We come from cities. The South was foreign to us and it still is. 30-Mar-2017
I don't have to criticize myself to start imagining but I need to, if I want to finish it. 30-Mar-2017
They say that life starts at conception. I disagree. My life commenced at my first memory which gladly, did not entail my father sticking it to my mother. It was me freezing in the kitchen sink in the winter as my mother bathed me. I can see the fog and crystal in the window and feel the chill in my spine. There was comfort and unease. 30-Mar-2017




As you've noticed, your grands have been smelling better lately. We pay your parents for an extra diaper change. Longer hugs now. 28-Mar-2017
The best part of visiting gammy was her letting me pet her flying monkey. 01-Sep-2016
If they get senile and forget that you came out to them, don't bother with rehash, just re-introduce your boyfriend to them as Martha. 07-Jun-2016
Grandma. Thank you for calling me a maricon when I was 2 years old and letting me figure out the meaning for the next 10 years. 24-Nov-2015
They have the power to tell you what your parents wont and how much they dislike you. 24-Nov-2015


                    The Mind


Remember to grab a ladder when you let yourself decline into the darkest recesses of your mind. It will be much more arduous climbing back to life. My lover was mine. His aide in my ascension is high enough for the darkness not to fold over me and even though there are more steps to take I'm in a safer space that allows for less hurtful determinations. 27-Feb-2017
Jerk it. It's the biggest organ. 21-Nov-2016
If you want to feel better about yourself, look through the window not at it. 08-Jun-2016
Insanity will overtake as soon as you give up. 20-May-2016
A sure way not to forget something is to apply an emotion to it. 19-Oct-2015
I am a hyper aware being which means I am constantly aware not to offend you but it doesn't mean I wont. It'll just hurt me more. 19-Oct-2015
All my thoughts are brushed or sketched. 19-Oct-2015




You'll never feel lonely with a fried drumstick in your mouth. 07-Jan-2017
If you can't think of anything to add to the food, check your personality. 22-Nov-2016
Chefs. Didn't your mother teach you not to play with food? 02-Nov-2016
If you "need" to sauce it, you wrecked it. 26-Oct-2016
Your fad diets just create perplexing and offensive cooking habits in chefs who shit on anyone with a palette or those that can digest food. 29-Sep-2016



You must unclaim your hero status if:
- the world's injustices no longer make you angry
- you are only interested in saving ones you know
- you want to get paid for it
- you adhere to a higher being that let's you know who to save
- the applause and the cheers are louder than the cries for help
- if it's a favor


Coming Out of the Closet


Daddies are for teaching not saving. You are most probably his savior. They are delineating your future life. Absorb the bad and good so you can be smarter and avoid all the pitfalls that make us bitter bitchy cranks. 19-Dec-2016
Read. Everything and anything that represents us. You are never going to receive an education on the gay lifestyle from the support in your life and you don't want to swim without a hint at preservation. 05-Aug-2016
It's unfortunate that it feels that coming out is like war when all you want to do is share a beautiful part of yourself that history can't abolish and to have life, family and friends grant you tools to flourish. They declared war as soporific entities and enemies that enlighten themselves with a world fantastic they cannot even comprehend. They keep bragging and brainwashing followers of a beautiful afterworld but no conception on how to create it here on earth. 25-Apr-2016
"As my child I have to love you unconditionally but please respect your family and don't sully it by bringing your gay friends over." Take a stand. This is an unfair predicament of their choosing. No need to force it. You owe your life and support the same celebration attributed to every miniscule event that occurs to everybody else in that circle that you have just been shoved out of. 25-Apr-2016
"Two people of the same sex can't love each other like a man and woman." I wasn't asking to be undermined, just understood. If you can't entertain another thought you might need an empathy chip replacement. 25-Apr-2016
"I hate the sin not the sinner." Overused and toxic cliche that has no substantial bearing in your situation and no heart in its intention. 25-Apr-2016
You are allowed to expurgate anyone who disrespects your totality. 25-Apr-2016
This is one of the first political statements you are going to make, take the time to legitimize your words to establish a stand. 22-Apr-2016
Come out as soon as you are comfortable. You need to know who is offensive and defensive in your life. It is viable to having a good future. 20-Apr-2016
Be ready to teach. This is especially hard when you can't even figure it out yourself but just teach how you feel and what you want. Don't overshare. 20-Apr-2016
Not all acceptance is real, sometimes the morale leads to false embraces, be wary of that. 15-Apr-2016
Try building a support system that will back you up. 15-Apr-2016
Coming out should not be the only plan, be ready for the possibility of rejection, and have a back-up plan. 15-Apr-2016
Before coming out, you must be financially independent and safe. 15-Apr-2016



My best Christmas memories are attached to things of non existent value...a song...a show...a movie...a toy...the weather but hardly ever people esp. family. 03-Dec-2016


                   Wife Beaters  


Maybe he only hits you because he considers you his equal. 25-Oct-2016
They are father/mother to your child and dangerous to them. It is unfair and untruthful to choose only one description. 20-Apr-2016
Ladies and men. It's okay to stop loving them. 20-Apr-2016
They're steamed because the hot panties your grandmother recommended don't come in his size. 25-Feb-2016
Papa needs a brand new cave. 18-Feb-2016
Why are men so angry at you, ladies? 11-Feb-2016
If parents would let their boys play with dolls maybe they would learn how to treat a woman.  You are what you play with. 11-Feb-2016
Why are we not allowed to shame them? 11-Feb-2016
The only smack I want from my partner is the one where lips are involved. 17-Sep-2015
Women Haters. 17-Sep-2015


                                            FOG (friends of gay)


If you want to remain a true Diva you need to share more of your pain. 16-Sep-2016
They change after having children.  The signs are subtle like all of a sudden, their children are glass around you. 11-Feb-2016
They will resent you if you find happiness before them. 11-Feb-2016
Sadly, they rarely stay to see our end 22-Dec-2015




Why is this one of the few career paths that anyone with little or no credentials can think to be expert on? I definitely don't want Sam the butcher styling my hair because he's good at cuts. 16-Sep-2016
Is an excuse for people to rag on each other. 04-Nov-2015
Everything looks good if you're clean and tidy. 04-Nov-2015
Copy the trend from another decade not too close to your own, and go. 04-Nov-2015




If only I had a gun, because they wouldn't dare shoot me first. 04-Aug-2016
The best soldiers are the ones that are ignited by all emotions not just rage. 16-Oct-2015
If all you do is play with them then you don't need them. 16-Oct-2015

Tags: Toxic



You Dont Know Me

Because love can cloak judgment. 15-Jul-2016
Because you think I think your life is more interesting than mine. 15-Jul-2016
Because "I know you." 15-Jul-2016
Because you decided who I was the moment I walked into the room. 15-Jul-2016
Because you never asked me anything. 15-Jul-2016
Because I stopped fucking you. 15-Jul-2016
Because I never fucked you. 15-Jul-2016
Because you never shut up. 15-Jul-2016




The bible. If it doesn't make sense or add up, it might not be true. 02-Jul-2016
Is sin more delicious when you believe? 20-Feb-2016
Does it make you feel all grown up now that you have slayed politics? 18-Feb-2016
I can have sex with that guy that's been eying me to show you that I'm gay.  Your turn, show me your God. 16-Feb-2016
Don't demand anything from a politician that you haven't demanded from almighty God. 14-Feb-2016
When did a white man's religion (christianity) become everyone's religion? 12-Feb-2016
No Gods.  No wars.  Simple as that. 10-Feb-2016
I used to respect you more when you were pretending to save people. 08-Feb-2016
The bible excludes the word therefore the christians lack it...empathy. 04-Feb-2016
Welcome to church where we always have an explanation of why we must exist but have no idea why everyone else does. 02-Feb-2016
Welcome to church, where we teach you to hate a different group on a regular basis and we even have quotes from the bible to support it.  Guilt-free. 31-Jan-2016
A jewish man in full garb walks into a Black Baptist or a Spanish Pentecostal church and some will snicker, others will shift uncomfortably,  even maybe eyeroll and then all eyes will shift to the pedestal as you continue to worship another jewish man named Jesus.  Irony. 06-Sep-2015
If you don't know who to believe in...believe in yourself.  You'll get a lot more done. 06-Sep-2015
Why isn't God gun enough? 06-Sep-2015
The word "cult" was created to deflect how religion goes wrong.  If there is a God involved its a religion. 06-Sep-2015
Everyone with a free voice pays taxes.  Its American.  Why do churches who govern, have the loudest voices but are exempt? 06-Sep-2015
What happened to all the magic in the bible.  Where did it go? 06-Sep-2015
Why doesn’t God protect the church from attack?  If you’re not safe there…where are you safe? 06-Sep-2015
If God is all powerful and knowing, why do so many pundits speak for him? Isn’t his message clear? If somebody spoke for me consistently they would be undermining me. 06-Sep-2015
Religion is a choice. 06-Sep-2015
R – Restricted Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the bible before taking their young children with them.  Also known as church. 06-Sep-2015
One religion; one true God.  99% are false.  1% is everyone but you.  Which team? 06-Sep-2015
He never reprimands, comforts or encourages. Sometimes I feel invisible to him. I need a hug. Is my father God? 06-Sep-2015
Beware those you put on pedestals that you won’t be able to reach them. 06-Sep-2015


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