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Men and Abortion


Emboldened by the placement of two Conservative justices on the Supreme Court, state legislatures have begun racing to become the test case for overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade case. Alabama has passed perhaps the most extreme of these laws, effectively banning all abortions without exception. Georgia’s law appears to cover miscarriages as well as abortions. Quite a few other states have passed or are working on legislation that appear to be on-their-face violations of the Roe v. Wade decision.

I’ve noticed that, on my social media stream, so many men are as silent as they were during the peak of #MeToo. It’s understandable that men would want to step aside and let women do most of the talking, and we should. However, we shouldn’t be completely silent.

So what should we say?

The Good Men Project

Recent abortion bans will impact poor people and people of color most

Why So Many Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption

Tags: Abortion, Children, Environment, Health, Hostility, Judgement, Keep Abortion Legal, Laws, Mental Health, Opinion, Parenting, Perception, Politics, Punishment, Race, Safety, Support, Women

Filed under: Gay+



Men also have a ‘biological clock’ that poses serious health risks: study 


The battle of the sexes just got a lot more equalized.

A new study out of Rutgers University finds that men have a ticking “biological clock” — just like women — and if they make babies in their 40s it can negatively impact the health of their partners and progeny.

“While it’s widely accepted that physiological changes that occur in women after 35 can affect conception, pregnancy and the health of the child, most men don’t realize their advanced age can have a similar impact,” says study author Gloria Bachmann, director of the Women’s Health Institute at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, in a statement.

The number of infants born to dads aged 45-plus spiked 10 percent in the US over the past four decades, likely due to assisted reproductive technology. Bachmann analyzed the effect of “advanced parental age” — brace yourself: it ranges from 35 to 45 — on fertility, pregnancy and the health of children for her study published in the journal Maturitas.

Guys who start siring spawn later in life put their lovers at risk for increased pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preterm birth and preeclampsia. Plus, the resulting babies were found to be at higher risk of premature birth, late-term still birth, low Apgar scores and birth weight, higher incidence of newborn seizures and birth defects such as congenital heart disease and cleft palate.

NY Post

Tags: Aging, Children, Environment, Health, Maturity, Men, Mental Health, Nature, Parenting, Science

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Anime Did Not Make My Son Gay


No, anime did not make my son gay. He’s bisexual, anyway. Anime didn’t “do” that to him either. I won’t link to certain places online that contain ludicrous opinions about how children can be “made” gay (or on the spectrum of LGBTQ) because of the friends they choose, the toys they play with, or the entertainment they enjoy. I won’t give those ignorant people more traffic. My son watched lots of shows, including anime. He is bisexual. My daughter watched lots of shows, including anime. She is straight. A study of n=2, but if you want to get into the latest science of why homosexuality is a natural expression of humanity, check out this article based on a TED talk by James O’Keefe. Back to anime.

When my children were young, I returned to college and befriended a group of geeks who introduced me to anime and manga. I distinctly remember seeing manga once in high school on Long Island in the ’90s: A Chinese exchange student brought in an oddly thick and small comic book. When I asked him about it, he explained that in Asia comics were books called “manga” and, even though cartoons were mostly for children in America, that wasn’t the case in Asia, where manga and “anime” were created for all age groups. I remember the cover looking a bit racy and he bashfully explained that this particular manga was definitely not for kids.

Geek Mom

Tags: Animate, Bi, Discovery, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, History, Parental Burden, Parental Pride, Parenting, Portrait, Sex, Sex Identity, Standing Up, Youth

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Ask Amy: Recovering mom doesn't want dog at home 


Dear Amy: For the past 2 ½ years my son (now 9) has been asking for a dog. I’ve been saying no because while I like dogs, I prefer them in other people’s houses.

I didn’t want to take on the considerable expense and care for a dog.

Four months ago, I had a brain aneurysm. Thankfully, I am OK and recovering. However, during my recovery in the hospital I thought I was dying and that it would be a good idea for my son to have a dog to love and care for in the event that I did die.

I was coming off of anesthesia and on a lot of pain medication. I feel confident in saying that at the time, I was not in my right mind.

Chicago Tribune

UK pet owner investigated after dog kills 9-year-old boy

Tags: Advice, Animals, Attack, Children, Choices, Death, Environment, Family, Health, Mental Health, Nature, Parental Burden, Parenting, Pets, Violence

Filed under: Health/Food



A 3-year-old boy repeatedly entered the wrong password, locked up his dad's iPad until 2067 


Let's just call this reason No. 580 not to leave your kids alone with technology: They might lock you out of it.

That's what happened over the weekend to Evan Osnos, a staff writer at The New Yorker and a fellow at the Brookings Institution.

He put out a tweet -- or a cry for help -- letting the world know of the little situation his toddler put him in.

"Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it's our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?" Osnos tweeted. A photo of the iPad's screen noted the device was disabled. It also had this mind-blowing message: "Try again in 25,536,442 minutes."


Tags: Children, Damage, Parenting, Tech

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Adult son finds tons of gay x-rated videos on his dad’s computer–Now what?! 


A 20-something man says he recently logged onto his dad’s personal computer and made a shocking discovery. Now, he’s turning to Reddit for help.

It all started when the man, who claims to be 26 and straight, used his father’s laptop to go to YouTube.

“As I typed in ‘you’ it tried to autofill me into the website Youporn with some homosexual title to the video,” the man writes. “At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing given my father has been married to my mother for around 20 years.”

The man says his father is generally a “pretty negative and miserable person to be around,” but he’s never given any indication that he might be into dudes.


Woman claims her ex-husband is bisexual, so she told their son his father was “dead”

Tags: Advice, Bi-sexual, Celebrity, Gay, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parenting, Porn, Relationships, Sex Identity, Social Media, Video Gay Swatch, Youth

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Instagram Influencer Mom Leaves Kids and Husband in Coach While She Flies First Class 


This Instagram influencer mom is not afraid to leave her family in the back of the plane while she flies first class.

Naomi Isted, a fashion blogger and TV presenter from Essex, U.K., who has 94,400 followers on Instagram, told INSIDER that she travels every six weeks on average for work, and if she’s booked in an economy seat, she’ll always “try to upgrade if there’s scope to do so.”

However, if her children are traveling with her, she will upgrade alone because she believes that, at ages 3 and 9 years old, they’re too young too appreciate the amenities of first class.

“I never personally experienced business or first until I was presenting a wine TV show in my 20s,” Isted, 40, told INSIDER, adding that a person shouldn’t fly first class until they are old enough to “appreciate and understand the value of money and hard work.”


Tags: Employment, Environment, Family, Finance, Lifestyle, Parenting, Privilege, Self Interest, Social Media, Travel, Treatment, Weird, Women

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'Action should be taken and we should be a lot stricter': Lewis Hamilton insists racism is still prevalent in society and will not be wiped out for years 


Speaking ahead of Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix in the tiny Gulf state, he added: 'It is crazy to think that in these times racism is still so prominent.. It is there all around the world, which is sad to see.

'I don't think the situation is going to change for a long time. I don't fully know how it can be resolved.

'But everyone needs to stand up against it more. I remember being at school and you got a slap on the hand for it and it was just allowed to slide. That shouldn't happen anywhere. Action should be taken and we should be a lot stricter.

'It starts from parents passing it on to kids, and that then continues down..' Hamilton has previously highlighted the lack of diversity in Formula One. Fourteen years after his debut following his journey from a Stevenage council estate, he remains among a handful of non-white faces in the paddock.

Daily Mail

Tags: Activism, Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Parenting, Racism, Support, World

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I kicked "my asshole" to the curb to make peace with my mother. It was very latin, a very special supplementary season of "One Day at a Time." I'm her papito too.

(My favorite part was making her laugh) 28-Mar-2019

Tags: Love, Mental Health, Mother, Parenting, Support

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Michigan bans discrimination against gay couples by adoption agencies 


Michigan will no longer allow faith-based adoption agencies to turn away same-sex couples.

As part of a settlement in a lawsuit brought forth by the American Civil Liberties Union, Attorney General Dana Nessel nixed a four-law old allowing adoption and foster care centers to discriminate in the name of their “religious beliefs.” Her office announced the decision on Friday in a statement calling anti-LGBTQ bias on the part of child placing agencies “illegal.”

“Limiting the opportunity for a child to be adopted or fostered by a loving home not only goes against the state’s goal of finding a home for every child, it is a direct violation of the contract every child-placing agency enters into with the state,” Nessel said.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Adoption, Children, Choices, Environmentalist, Humanity, Inclusion, Judgement, LGBTQ, Parenting, Support, Youth

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Are YOUR children at risk? Child abuse charity reveals the five simple questions EVERY parent needs to ask before signing up youngsters to after-school activities 


A national charity is urging parents to ask five simple questions to make sure their children are safe when they attend out-of-school clubs.

Thousands of parents across the country use after-school and holiday clubs to help with childcare, but many do not realise these groups can be unregulated.

Now, Derby-based charity NWG Network, which supports survivors of child sex abuse, has started a campaign to get parents and clubs talking openly about safeguarding.

Daily Mail

Prosecutor: Exam of 'Ravenously Hungry' Children Reveals Disturbing Child Abuse Case

Defrocked Jersey priest who molested boys now teaches kids English in Dominican Republic

West Virginia man convicted in baby's death, sex abuse

Man Sentenced to Life After Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child

Machelle Hobson: YouTube Star, 48, Arrested & Accused Of Abusing Her Adoptive Children

Daughter of 90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Molestation

Michigan woman who 'turned a blind eye to her husband raping two teenage female relatives' he was supposed to be caring for accepts plea deal meaning she'll only get a maximum of ONE YEAR in jail

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Child Abuse, Children, Death, Education, Employment, Environment, Inspired, Instructional, Opinion, Parental Crime, Parenting, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Religion, Safety, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Violence, World, Youth

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Dolly Parton's mission to help kids read 


CBS News

Tags: Books, Celebrity, Charity, Children, Dedication, Education, Environment, Interview, Music, Parenting, Pride, Sweet, Video

Filed under: Health/Food



Teaching children LGBT classes 'can help stop terror attacks', says gay rights row teacher 


Teaching children to reject homophobia can help stop terror attacks, according to a teacher at the centre of a gay rights row.

Andrew Moffat, who is the assistant head of Parkfield primary school in Birmingham, said getting pupils to understand ‘diversity and difference’ may help prevent further atrocities by those with extreme ideologies.

Daily Mail

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Education, Environment, LGBTQ, Parenting, Safety, Terror, World

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Houston drag queen story time organizers quit after death threats from Loving Christians™ 


The organizers of Houston’s Drag Queen Story Time project are calling it quits after intimidation and death threats by conservative Christians and nonstop harassment by a religious right leader. Earlier this year, an armed man burst into a Houston library and was arrested after he refused to leave.

Directors Trent Lira and Devin Will wrote a piece for Houstonian that describes the hell they’ve been going through since a local news report spotlighted the children’s reading initiative and why they’ve decided to “step aside.”

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: All Rights, Books, Children, Drag, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Parenting, Protest, Sad, Safety, Threat, Treatment

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Giving Parents Therapy Can Help Their Anxious Children 


On March 13, the New York Times’s Upshot published results from a survey on parenting that found that moms and dads are still very involved in aspects of their grown children’s lives.

76 percent of parents “reminded their adult children of deadlines they need to meet, including for schoolwork,” 74 percent “made appointments for them, including doctor’s appointments, 15 percent “called or texted to make sure they did not sleep through a class or test,” while 14 percent “told them which career to pursue.” This kind of parenting can backfire, the article wrote, “by leaving young adults ill-prepared for independent adult life.”


Tags: Anxiety, Children, Environment, Mental Health, Opinion, Parental Burden, Parenting, Study, Therapy, Treatment, Youth

Filed under: Health/Food



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