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Nearly 90 Hummus Products Are Being Recalled Over Listeria Concerns—Here’s What You Should Know 


Hummus manufacturing giant Pita Pal Foods, LP just issued a voluntary recall of 87 types of hummus products over concerns of listeria contamination, reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The products were flagged as potentially dangerous during an FDA inspection at the company’s Houston, Texas-based manufacturing facility. They were distributed nationwide in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Hummus brands affected include Lantana, Fresh Thyme, Harris Teeter, and 7-Select, but we’ve included the full list below. The majority of the products being recalled have “best by" dates between July 21, 2019 and August 30, 2019, but a few have them from November or December 2019.

Real Simple

Parents eye water supply after 7 cancer cases...

Tags: Chemicals, Children, Community, Contamination, Disease, Food, Health, Recall, Safety, Water

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Your Alt Account (and Favorite Porn Star) Have a Home on Twitter 


In the wake of Tumblr banning porn and the increasing censorship of pornography as well as suggestive material online, many began to flock to Twitter as an outlet to share and consume pornographic content. But this week, a report from XBIZ pointed out that the service’s newly updated Terms of Service could put an end to communities that include porn stars, other sex workers and “alt accounts.” The social media platform, however, has no plans to restrict such content.

“We recently updated our rules to better demonstrate what is and is not allowed on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson told Out in an email statement about the changes. “The updates were made to provide more clarity, not to reflect changes in our policies or enforcement practices.”

In a section of their Terms of Service titled “Sensitive Media Policy,” updated on March 2019, Twitter has, among other things, introduced a few new guidelines. Sensitive media, for the company, includes media that depicts graphic violence, adult content, violent sexual content, and gratuitous gore. This content is not allowed to be shared in profile photos or header imagery. As for “graphic violence and consensually produced adult content,” it can be shared within tweets but it will be marked as sensitive and will be available behind a warning. But one new section in particular stood out to many.


Tags: Community, Entertainment, NSFW, Policy, Porn, Recall, Representation, Sex, Social Media, Warning

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1.8 million LGBTQ youth in America “seriously consider” suicide each year 


New research has revealed worrying statistics about mental health among LGBTQ youth.

The new report from The Trevor Project, an American charity that focuses on suicide prevention for young LGBTQ people, has estimated that 1,892,000 LGBTQ people aged 13-24 in the US have “seriously considered” suicide in the past year.

Of that total number, the charity estimate that 1,199,000 LGBTQ youth aged 13-18 have seriously considered suicide in the past year, while 693,000 LGBTQ youth aged 19-24 have seriously considered suicide in the past year.

The charity also found that LGBTQ youth with at least one accepting parent were 40% less likely to report a suicide attempt int the past year.

“Suicide is an ongoing public health crisis for young people in the U.S., especially among LGBTQ youth,” said Amit Paley, the CEO and executive director of The Trevor Project.

“Better understanding the mental health experiences of LGBTQ young people is a major step in addressing their significantly higher risk for attempting suicide. Together, we can ensure that LGBTQ young people know their lives have value, and that they are heard, loved, and never alone.”

Gay Times

Mental health and suicide: The answers lies within communities

How to Calm Down Anxiety With These 8 Quick Hacks

6 Signs Your Mental Health Medication Isn’t Working For You, According To Doctors

Tags: Community, Drugs, Environment, Hate, Instructional, Mental Health, Neglect, Parental Crime, Politics, Protections, Saving The Environment!, Study, Suicide, Treatment, World, Youth

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I’m Gay. So Why Don’t I Belong to ‘Gay Culture?’ 


I'm a gay transgender man, though I tend to keep the "transgender" part under wraps most of the time. I also live in a fairly small and conservative town. This makes talking about my childhood awkward unless I just say "my parents grew up in the city so we didn't really do a lot of outdoorsy stuff.” It's true without being too detailed, so that response is usually enough to get some pressure off me.

Anyway, I don't really have much interest in certain things considered part of "gay culture.” I watch Drag Race and follow some past contestants on social media. I feel a certain glee when characters in fiction I already like turn out to be LGBTQ. And while I'm not too familiar with the history of the Pride movement, I would love to learn more about it.

But that's about the extent of it. I simply cannot even pretend I like Katy Perry or Will & Grace. I've tried watching Sex and the City only to wonder if I'm supposed to like any of the characters. I'm basically someone who's been described as "Judas Priest gay.” Is there something I'm missing that's supposed to help me enjoy these things? Does this sound like a matter of preferring documentaries over other genres? Or is this just not as uncommon as I probably think?

Out of the “Fruit” Loop


Tags: Advice, Community, Environment, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Perception, Representation, Trans

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London schoolgirl Ella Kissi-Debrah could become first person to have "air pollution" listed as cause of death in the UK 


A court ruling could lead to a 9-year-old London girl becoming the first person to have "air pollution" listed as a cause of death in the United Kingdom, her legal team says.

Ella Kissi-Debrah died in 2013 after three years of having severe asthma attacks, her mother Rosamund Kissi-Debrah told CBS News Friday. When Ella died, the cause of her death was determined to be a severe asthma attack that led to respiratory failure. New evidence, her legal team claims, shows her death was caused by pollution in the air she breathed.

"When she was alive, we couldn't get to the bottom of what was triggering her asthma, so I thought I would give it my best shot (to find out), as her mother, although she's no longer here," Kissi-Debrah told CBS News. "I didn't have any plans or any ideas what I was going to find out, all I knew was it was to do with something in the air."

CBS News

Tags: Children, Community, Death, Disease, Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Pollution, Safety, Youth

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Pornhub Wants to Return Tumblr to its “Former Glory” 


After Tumblr banned all adult content in December, basically signing it’s own death certificate, Pornhub has reportedly said that the website is interested in restoring the microblogging service to its former glory.

Tumblr’s announcement that it would implement a ban against pornography and any possibly suggestive content created wall to wall news. Tumblr users said that the decision would decimate communities, particularly queer ones, that were sometimes meant for pleasure, other times posed as representation for minorities who didn’t see themself in mainstream pornography, and other times served as sex educators in a world where sex education is woefully lacking. Those users were right. Communities and some 150 million users disappeared as a result of the ban.

There has been no perfect replacement for the service as of yet. And if Pornhub has its way, maybe there doesn’t need to be.


Tags: App, Business, Community, Entertainment, Finance, LGBTQ, NSFW, Preservation, Representation, Social Media

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How I started living for myself and not just for weekends on the gay scene 


When you’re surrounded by people, you can still be isolated.

You might be in a busy bar, beer in hand, but it can feel like the loneliest place in the world.

When Damian and I started our podcast MenTalkHealth, we didn’t have a clear intent on what we wanted to do.

What came out of it was the older LGBTI people in Brighton came to us and said it was amazing. These were people that weren’t going out but they still wanted to listen to gay voices.

The majority of gay men I know are always busy, but they often don’t make any actual connections. Grindr and Scruff aren’t real. You might meet people going out to bars, with all its drinking and drugs, but you won’t find real connections there.

Gay Star News

Tags: Bar/Club, Community, Entertainment, Environment, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Loneliness, Neglect, Podcast, Relationships, Segregation, Social Media

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Dennis Mitchell owns a small ground-floor barbershop in the heart of Harlem, where he presides over rows of gleaming salon chairs, cutting fades and shaves and earning the nickname Denny Moe. For years, one of the regular customers sitting in front of Moe's mirrors has been Dr. Joseph Ravenell, an associate professor in the Departments of Population Health and Medicine at New York University's School of Medicine. Barbershops have been havens for Ravenell since he was a kid, when he accompanied his father to his regular haircuts and witnessed the bonds that men formed in these safe places, "talking about everything under the sun."

As an adult, Ravenell focuses his research on the medical disparities black men face in America.

"As a man myself, and a father and a brother, I have an enlightened self-interest in the topic," he says, laughing. Black men, because of both logistical barriers and mistrust, are often cut off from health-care systems—but as he was thinking about haircuts one day, Ravenell says, "a lightbulb went off." Barbers, he thought, as trusted confidants and community leaders, could become a powerful bloc to promote health in black communities.

Pacific Standard

Taraji P. Henson Opens Up About Her Mental Health & Stigma of Mental Illness in the Black Community

Tags: Business, Celebrity, Community, Dedication, Education, Environment, Health, Medical, Mental Health, Program, Racism, Respect, Treatment

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The LGBTQ community can’t win our rights until we start making sure others can too 


LGBTQ Nation focuses primarily on news and issues relevant to LGBTQ communities. Some of the writers, including myself, have taken criticism for writing articles “that don’t have anything to do with LGBTQ people,” as if we constitute a bone fide monolithic community of people.

We recognize, though, that we represent many voices in many varied communities. This poses exciting challenges as well as opportunities to further understanding between these communities.

Each person is composed of multiple identities that interconnect. Depending on time and location, some of these identities may seem more or less important to the individuals. Most people in most societies have some identities accorded more social privileges, while simultaneously having some accorded less privileges.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: All Rights, Community, Environment, Unity

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Coming Out as a Gay Man With a Mental Illness 


My experience with being a homosexual male and having schizoaffective disorder/generalized anxiety Disorder, is like having two dogs inside of my body, sometimes fighting each other just to accept their personal truths. Being queer with the rise of fascism in the United States is downright terrifying. I hear stories daily about all genders/non-genders being confronted and sometimes assaulted for the way they look, or simply for holding hands while walking.

I’ve known I was gay since I was 16, after getting my first girlfriend. We had a very close relationship, but sex just never worked out, and I didn’t know why. I felt terrible because I felt that I had let her down, and being 16 and unaware socially, that I had let myself down by not passing the stereotypical, toxic misconception of the sexual right of passage. We eventually broke up and I didn’t know where to turn, or who to turn to. My dad said he accepts me either way, but I still felt jilted in ways because I didn’t feel, “Normal.”

The Good Men Project

Tags: Coming Out, Community, Disease, Education, Environment, Gay, Mental Health, Portrait, Suicide, Support, Treatment

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San Francisco has long been considered America's most gay-friendly city. But the Bay Area doesn’t have a lock on LGBTQ tourism—cities across the U.S. have been rolling out the rainbow carpet.

VacationRenter, a vacation portal site that uses artificial intelligence, asked more than 1,000 respondents what they considered the most LGBTQ-friendly city in America besides San Francisco. Almost 42 percent of respondents, who ranged in age from 18 to 55, said Portland, Oregon.


Tags: Community, Environment, LGBTQ, Population, Study, Travel

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This History of Gay Bars Is Also a Tale of LGBTQ Liberation 


The new documentary San Diego's Gay Bar History surveys some of the 135 bars that have existed in the city and chronicles the various aspects of the LGBTQ community that have grown within them. Directed and produced by Paul Detwiler, the film has been released on the city's PBS station, KPBS.

The earliest example of a gay bar in San Diego came in the 1957, when straight ally Lou Arko bought the popular lunch club of the 1930's, the Brass Rail, and extended it into a meeting spot for gay people at night.

The post-World War II era heralded the opening of many more bars, catering to the independent men and women who had moved to the bustling port city for military jobs. During this time, when homosexuality was criminalized and it was even against the law for two men to dance together, the bars provided a meeting place for LGBTQ people who were otherwise isolated.


Tags: Celebrity, Club/Bar, Community, Drag, Entertainment, Environment, Film, History, LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation, Sex Identity, Video Gay Swatch

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Woman jailed for 11 years for performing FGM on her 3-year-old daughter 


A judge has sentenced a 37-year-old Ugandan woman to 11 years in jail for performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on her three-year-old daughter, the UK's Press Association (PA) news agency reported.

The defendant was found guilty of the "barbaric" practice last month, becoming the first person to be convicted of the offense in the UK.
In sentencing at London's Old Bailey criminal court Friday, Judge Mrs Justice Whipple handed down an 11-year jail term and a further two years for possession of indecent images and extreme pornography.

"FGM has long been against the law and let's be clear FGM is a form of child abuse," PA reported the judge as saying.



Tags: Abuse, Activism, Award, Children, Choices, Community, Crime, Environment, Family, FGM, Inhumanity, Judgment, Medical, Parental Burden, Religion, Safety, Self Interest, Sex, Toxic, Video, Violence, World

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Barack Obama Says People Confident in Their Sexuality 'Don’t Need 8 Women Around You Twerking' 


On Tuesday, ex-president Barack Obama and Stephen Curry combined their powers for a town hall event that urged youngsters from minority backgrounds to develop confidence without feeling compelled to build self-worth based on chasing women and money.

The event unfolded in Oakland, and it also marked the fifth anniversary of Obama's My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Both Curry and the former president talked about challenges they faced in their formative years, while also speaking about broader ranging topics, such as hip-hop, policing in minority communities, discipline in schools, male role models, and manhood.

Obama addressed societal pressures that young people face to act a certain way because of hip hop's frequent portrayal of what it means to be successful. The President's remarks on that subject were described as one of the event's "more humorous moments," as he blended making his point with some shade.

"We live in a culture where our worth is measured by how much money we have and how famous we are," Obama said to the capacity crowd made up of youth flown to the Bay from throughout the country. "I will tell you, at the end of the day, the thing that will give you confidence is not that. I know a lot of rich people that are all messed up."


Tags: Community, Daddy Squish, Environment, Hip Hop, History, Interview, Leaders, Men In Charge, Representation, Respect, Social Media, Super Daddy!, Talk, Unity, Youth

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‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out 


Gregory Greiten was 17 years old when the priests organized the game. It was 1982 and he was on a retreat with his classmates from St. Lawrence, a Roman Catholic seminary for teenage boys training to become priests. Leaders asked each boy to rank which he would rather be: burned over 90 percent of his body, paraplegic, or gay.

Each chose to be scorched or paralyzed. Not one uttered the word “gay.” They called the game the Game of Life.

The lesson stuck. Seven years later, he climbed up into his seminary dorm window and dangled one leg over the edge. “I really am gay,” Father Greiten, now a priest near Milwaukee, remembered telling himself for the first time. “It was like a death sentence.”

The closet of the Roman Catholic Church hinges on an impossible contradiction. For years, church leaders have driven gay congregants away in shame and insisted that “homosexual tendencies” are “disordered.” And yet, thousands of the church’s priests are gay.

NY Post

Vatican secret out: There are rules for priests who father children

Southern Baptist president says database of sexual abusers possible

Tags: Children, Community, Environment, Exclusivity, Hypocrisy, Investigation, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Politics, Privilege, Representation, Safety, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Service, Sex, Supremacy, Threat, Victims, Violence, Warning, World, Wrong, Youth

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