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TV Posts Tagged as 'Gaycon'

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Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977) Full Moon

S5E21. Mary rocks stripper gear and a prostitute teaches Georgette how to call business clients "tricks". 11-Mar-2021
S5E7. The episode where Betty White outcunts Bea Arthur. 24-Jan-2021
S4E8. Grandmas get horny too. 24-Dec-2020
S4E5. Super silver daddy with big brother ass wears hooker pumps to work. Yum! 23-Dec-2020
S4E1. Before Betty White drowned us in honey she perfected an empowered slut known as "The Happy Homemaker." She is introduced during one of Mary's lousy parties in which Phyllis' husband takes her home and almost never returns. The affair is handled with aplomb. A well versed human rights campaigner versus an eager and empowered cunt. The ladies are fabulous, Mary has the best solution and Teddy/Aquaman was delicious. 20-Dec-2020
S3E17. Classic sex identification episode. It's Mary's first party, Georgette is on hand to steal it and Rhoda is dating Phyllis' brother whose meant for Mary. The adult banter is resplendent, the emotions are on cue and the acting is sublime. 05-Dec-2020
The better Mary's hair gets, the more brilliant the show. 26-Nov-2020
S1E22. The origin of twinks. 04-Nov-2020
Class Act. 21-Jul-2017

Tags: 1970s, Beautiful, Best In Comedy, Chemistry, Classic, Comedy, Cute, Daddy Squish, Director Art, Director's Slice, Elegance, Fun Acting, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Genius of Art, Great Acting, Hot Swatch, Magic, Political, Pretty, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Thoughtful, Writ Tight, Writer's Peak, Writing Reigns



One Day at a Time (2017-) HowlUpgradeFull Moon

I will always have affection for these people but I truly hope they find that thing this season lost. 04-May-2020
S4E3. E1 and E2 had me worried. It was loud and high strung in celebration of a second chance, feeling like a parody of itself. Episode 3 brought masturbation realness and hilarity, peak character delight and mama diva (Moreno) steal moments. The hardest I've laughed all year. 10-Apr-2020
All about relationships. Gracias. 03-Mar-2019
Motivating argument about the rules modern life coerces. Proficiently displayed, adoringly regarded and stamping the sitcom with the purpose TV forgot. 13-Feb-2019
Justina Machado is excellent and Rita Moreno embodies everything we miss about a Golden Girl. They've added superior daddy squish and the support is amiable reinforcement. Cheers. 01-Mar-2018
At first glance, you are inclined to think that this is an exploitation of a classic and respected series with token latino stereotypes. By the fourth episode you realize that it chose this community to depict because it needs updating the most and it feeds right into the original's claim. It's hard raising a latin family when the men are scarce and the women try to empower themselves at the cost of tradition. There are times you will be transported to all those arguments Lear presented between classic characters, fair to each but being persistent that the last word goes to the changing present. Justina Machado plays Penelope Alvarez with the same amount as distraught, parental overprotection and survivor's challenge that Bonnie Franklin's Ann Romano did. Rita Moreno's accent is old fashioned pastiche but she is a full character, beloved and is having a helluva time making us laugh. The kids aspire for realness instead of cute and Schneider is cute without the creep. 30-Jan-2017

Tags: 2010s, Adorable, Beautiful, Best In Comedy, Best In Gay, Classic, Comedy, Cultural, Cute, Daddy Squish, Dance, Dating, Director Art, Drama, Elegance, Fun Acting, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Great Acting, Heart Writ, Hot Swatch, Lesbian, Music Rocks, Nostalgic, Political, Reality, Romance, Sentimental, Special, Squish Alert, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Twinkie, Twisty, Wit Snit, Writ Tight, Writ Tough



RuPaul's Drag Race (2009-) Full Moon

I'm sorry not being able to support or partake of what I hear is a stunning season but we don't get your channel in the pit, not even in the gay one. Regards. See you on a lesser channel, at a different time. 14-Apr-2020
I appreciate the learning but the training has to go with it. 15-May-2019
Heartbreaking sweetness (Ms. Davenport.) I'd take your footage. No, I wouldn't. Maybe. 15-Mar-2019
Gorgeous pretense. Exactly what I needed. 13-Mar-2019
Finale. Salud. 29-Jun-2018
Reunion. It was about gay pride...the real one. 22-Jun-2018
The girls brought me happiness. 18-Jun-2018
The highlight was watching Ru bring adorableness to her drag. 26-May-2018
Good taste in body parts, great camaraderie between the girls and the showdown was built for the audience to stand as the girls bow. 22-May-2018
It was everything the last all-stars forgot this show was about. 27-Apr-2018
Ru was art deco doll, the girls brought fire and fantastical whimsy to drag and an integrated roster of pretty boy. Christina flashed her gay badge which warranted hope for an artistic comeback that only a supreme deserves. I'm excited. 23-Mar-2018

Tags: 2000s, 2010s, Art, Best in Reality, Best In Variety, Camp, Classic, Comedy, Costume, Director's Slice, Drama, Elegance, Fantasy, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Good Looking Art, Hot Swatch, Political, Pretty, Sentimental, Special, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Tacky, Touching, Twisty, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Will & Grace (2017-) Woof

The show energizes when there are dashes of brilliance that made it. The bi-sexual episode was tart, spoke for each generation and fulfilled a compromise. 09-Feb-2020
Snide and sweet. 13-Mar-2019
Exposing our weaknesses will force our strength to come out. Good job. 02-Dec-2018
The waitress killed it, the drag punched it and Grace/father/writers greatly punctuated "me too." Joy. 05-Nov-2018
Each actor hit an old note and the quickfire delivery allowed us to laugh with them. Tacky looks good on us. 08-Oct-2018
The teen girls deserve a sequel and Debra Messing got in touch with the Grace we all know and love. 12-Mar-2018
Allow them to grow up in character and we might never leave. 06-Nov-2017
There were times that Mullaly's Karen and Hayes' Jack were teetering on caricatures of themselves but all gets forgiven when we heave our first laugh. The politics are sharp, the hard work is evident and our love is unwavering. Welcome Back. 01-Oct-2017

Tags: 2010s, Comedy, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Political, Sentimental, Silly, Special, Squish, Star Watt, Sweet, Tacky, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable (2018) Arf

She expounds on her history but keeps her true self a mystery. 29-Dec-2018

Tags: 2010s, By the Numbers, Comedy, Cute, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Lesbian, Safety, Stand-Up, Star Watt, Talk, Wit Snit



Dick Van Dyke Show, The (2017) - in color Full Moon

Van Dyke made silliness a class act and proved a physically hilarious man. Mary reacts adroitly. The writers wrote with a maturity that should have stuck. Sublime. 16-Dec-2018
They were the modern standard and what should have become key to finding bliss by representing a rational, respectful and a well-informed married couple.

The color is candied and the tribute to Mary, yum. 24-Dec-2017

Tags: 2010s, Art, Beautiful, Best In Comedy, Classic, Colorized, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gaycon, Great Acting, Hot Swatch, Pretty, Romance, Sentimental, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight, Writing Reigns



Bewitched (1964-1972) Full Moon

...because Tabitha (Erin Murphy) was an adorable moppet
...because Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) was squishier than my dog
...because Dick York (Darrin) was such the professional that we never noticed the pain he was in 26-Jun-2018
...because Samantha stood for every unappreciated group that the child in me could figure out
...because it can't be sexist if its a "happy couple"
...because even when the fx failed them they never deferred from perfection... because for every three they missed they got one so perfectly right
...because Paul Lynde was a great gay uncle when they weren't allowed to socially exist
...because ever since this show capitalized on what magic should be we have been pretending that magic doesn't exist (except in realistic boring conjuring ways)
...because Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) and the artist who created her epitomized the nosy neighbor until she became understood
...because Endora (Agnes Moorehead) is the lesbian Drag mother-in-law we deserve
...because Elizabeth Montgomery can kick Harry Potter's ass with just one twitch. 21-Jun-2018

Tags: 1960s, 1970s, Adorable, Art, Beautiful, Best In Comedy, Best In Drama, Best In Gay, Camp, Classic, Colorized, Comedy, Cute, Daddy Squish, Director Art, Drama, Elegance, Fantasy, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Great Acting, Heart Writ, History, Hot Swatch, Kool Effects, Political, Romance, Sentimental, Silly, Special, Star Watt, Twisty, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight, Writer's Peak



Barbra: The Music, The Mem'ries...The Magic (2017) Full Moon

When legends disappoint it has the ability to obliterate the gifts the talent birthed. Barbra calculates that her audience may arise to such a conclusion as she struts the stage, strings along memories and fidgets classic standards.

Around fifteen minutes in... she anchors, concentrates and overwhelms us with the last breadth of a great stylist, the isms of a Superstar and a flash of beautiful recollection. I miss her already. 29-Nov-2017

Tags: 2010s, Beautiful, Best In Variety, Classic, Comedy, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Musical, Political, Sentimental, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Unity, Wit Snit



Project Runway (2004-) Howl

Even when the artists no longer impress with innovation the hosts/judges alight the stage with sharp ornamentation. Heidi is the beautiful auntie with gifts and story of adventure, Tim is the uncle with support and warm hugs, Nina Garcia is the cultured aunt whose accent can relay the juiciest gossip and Zac is the life of the party with a testy comeback and a grab for everything.

Even when the drama hits a high pitch (the Twins) the production and staff find eloquent solutions to putting the fire out. 09-Nov-2017

Tags: 2000s, Best in Reality, Camp, Classic, Costume, Daddy Squish, Drama, Elegance, Fantasy, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Hot Swatch, Mystery, Pretty, Real, Special, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Twisty, Unity, Wit Snit



Feud: Bette & Joan (2017) WoofUpgradeHowl

Ryan held a dedication and a funeral for Joan that she would have found dignity in and which we heartbreakingly attended. They are of community legends because they lived and fought harder, concocted magic reverence and established themselves for their uniqueness as well as their insurgency. In the end they were celebrated for their greatness instead of the limitations brought upon them by the catapult that never allowed them to reach a pinnacle again. To one day imitate Jessica and even Susan will be the greatest compliment these grand dames could get. 26-Apr-2017
Ryan conducted as Bette/Susan got backdoored and Jessica/Joan was tasked with eating all the meat. Susan never actualized the accent and that is Feud's loss. Jessica doesn't have a claim on Joan either but she channels the aspects of what made the original such an hysterical and merciless woman/legend. Her commitment at giving us glimpses into Joan conveys a lot of the fun we are all enjoying. Ryan and Jessica whisked us to a history where a maturing woman's success depended on how much absurdity of life she could create. 05-Apr-2017
The feud is historically delicious so its up to the performers to propel it. Jessica Lange is discerning enough to distinguish herself from a monster Joan portrayal of the ilk only Faye Dunaway can trumpet. She doesn't necessarily get the intonations precisely but she gets the gut of an exasperating diva pass her prime with insecurities encompassing her every motivation. Susan Sarandon is a great talent and has achieved a Bette Davis look. Unlike Joan whose uppity accent can be easily conveyed, Bette's diction is her force and her legend. I don't understand why it took 'til the end of the episode to hear some of that and I am hopeful for the show's continued fun factor that it accelerates. 09-Mar-2017

Tags: 2010s, Classic, Director's Slice, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Good Acting, History, Mat, Mini, Pretty, Real, Star Power, Star Watt, Wit Snit



SAG Awards (2017) Howl

The Best Speeches from the SAG Awards

Lily Tomlin Likens Donald Trump’s Tactics to Those of Nazis

We got the message and it was subtle, thoughtful and eloquent. It was a force that stood up and awoke us to what America really should abide. Kudos to all the winners, the ones that won and the ones that spoke. 30-Jan-2017

Tags: 2010s, Beautiful, Comedy, Cute, Daddy Squish, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Good Acting, Greatness, History, Hot Swatch, Mat, Political, Real, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Mariah's World (2016 -) Arf

Mariah makes it seem so difficult to be a woman and so complicated to be a pop star. The moments of joy only occur when Mariah's light flicks off but most of the time she is on and allowing others control. I do hope for her sake that she is as happy as she presents because there isn't much to envy. Her world is so small. I don't understand why she is in constant bedrest. The lasting effect is that Mariah is a gold post whereas all the stray alley cats take turns nuzzling and scratching at her until she flakes out and rusts. 10-Jan-2017

Tags: 2010s, Drama, Fantasy, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Hot Swatch, Squish, Star Power, Tacky, Weird



Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds (2016) Howl

I relished the time spent watching these still luminous legends. Unapologetic, authentic and quick witted are the most obvious observations but its the endurance that I like to celebrate. They've had as many rainbows as cloudbursts yet they thrived and discovered essentials of life that would sustain them and entertain us. I'd like to think that Carrie died because she couldn't contemplate life without her emphatic cheerleader and mama followed because there was no one left to make proud. May they rest beautifully in peace. 09-Jan-2017

Tags: 2010s, Classic, Cute, Doc, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, History, Mat, Real, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Wit Snit



Golden Girls, The (1985-1992) Full Moon

Must-see gaiety. 21-Jul-2017

Tags: 1980s, 1990s, Beautiful, Best In Comedy, Brutal, Camp, Classic, Comedy, Cute, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Great Acting, Hot Swatch, Mat, Political, Romance, Special, Squish Alert, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Unity, Wit Snit, Writer's Peak