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Health/Food Posts Tagged as 'Tech'

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Denny's robot server goes viral 


"Here comes breakfast," said a customer in the video. "We are hungry."

Denny's robot server goes viral

Tiny 'Living' Robots Figured Out How to Reproduce

New footage shows Ameca grabbing a researcher's hand as it enters their 'personal space'

Tags: Business, Discovery, Employment Reduction, Restaurant, Safety, Service, Sex, Tech, Video



Stealing in Children and Adolescents 


Parents should consider whether the child has stolen out of a need for more attention. In these cases, the child may be expressing anger or trying to "get even" with his or her parents; the stolen object may become a substitute for love or affection. The parents should make an effort to give more recognition to the child as an important family member.

- tell the child that stealing is wrong

- help the youngster to pay for or return the stolen object

- make sure that the child does not benefit from the theft in any way


‘Stop stealing from self-checkout’

...brazen shoplifters filmed stealing shopping carts full of detergent and paper towels

California smash-and-grab crew steals hammers, tools from Home Depot

Dozens of looters rampage through two Minnesota Best Buys

Oakland security guard dies protecting a TV crew

Theft on the rise during holiday shopping deals

Knife-wielding mugger bragged he’d be freed because of NYC’s woke cash bail law

Houston man sentenced to more than 9 years for getting PP loans, lamborghini, strip clubs

NYC man was released without bail after 'robbing female subway passenger

Tags: Business, Children, Choices, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Prison, Psychology, Punishment, Safety, Surveillance, Tech, Theft, Unruly Child, Video



Is robot therapy the future? 

It makes sense doesn’t it? It makes kind, thoughtful sense to democratise therapy, a service previously only widely available to the wealthy, especially at a time of unprecedented suffering. This was the purpose when in 2008 the NHS launched its Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme – “The most ambitious programme of talking therapies in the world.” It was designed to make therapy more accessible and if you call your GP with anxiety today, you are likely to be referred to an IAPT. If you search for therapy apps on your phone, you can download hundreds of services ranging from adult colouring books and feelings diaries to Woebot, an AI chatbot that uses CBT techniques and Minions GIFs to improve users’ moods. The therapy industry is thriving.

Is robot therapy the future?

A Florida restaurant chain says staff got bigger tips after it hired a robot

My mother thought the robot was a runaway baby carriage and ran after it. 20-Oct-2021

Tags: Choices, Employment, Future, Mental Health, Replacement, Robot, Tech, Treatment



Black Mirror's killer robot dogs become a reality 


A robot dog design armed with a 6.5 mm Creedmoor sniper rifle capable of precisely hitting targets from 3,940 feet away has been unveiled at the US Army trade show.

Black Mirror's killer robot dogs become a reality

Michigan city is GRIDLOCKED by residents rushing to get free bottled water

Tags: Culture, Evolution, Military, Science, Self-defence, Tech, Toxic, Video, War, Warning, Water, Weapon



Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home 


David, 23, admits that he felt a twinge of relief when the first wave of Covid-19 shut down his Arlington, Virginia, office. A recent college graduate, he was new to the job and struggled to click with his teammates. Maybe, he thought, this would be a nice break from “the face-to-face stuff”: the office politics and small talk. (His name has been changed for this story.)

“I couldn’t have been more wrong,” David says.

That’s because, within their first week of remote work, David and his team were introduced to a digital surveillance platform called Sneek.

Every minute or so, the program would capture a live photo of David and his workmates via their company laptop webcams. The ever-changing headshots were splayed across the wall of a digital conference waiting room that everyone on the team could see. Clicking on a colleague’s face would unilaterally pull them into a video call. If you were lucky enough to catch someone goofing off or picking their nose, you could forward the offending image to a team chat via Sneek’s integration with the messaging platform Slack.

Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’

Tags: Discipline, Employment, Privacy, Tech, Treatment



Streetlights are making caterpillars grow up faster—and that’s a bad thing 


To gather caterpillars from hedges, “you basically stick drain piping or any kind of open surface under the hedge, and then you basically whack the hedge with a stick five times. Which causes all of the caterpillars to fall out of the hedge and into your receptacles. So that was quite fun.”

In the grass, it’s a bit easier. “The caterpillars spend the day at the base of these grasses, and climb up the stems at night. So you just go along with a sweep net and just sweep through the vegetation.”

The differences were stark: lighted hedges contained just half the caterpillars of their dark counterparts. Grass had one third fewer.

Streetlights are making caterpillars grow

Sick of Mosquitoes?

Tags: Death, Disease, Ecology, Insects, Pests, Tech, Terraforming



Newly created membrane removes 99.9% of salt from seawater and make it drinkable within MINUTES 


Scientists have created a new technology they say can remove nearly all of the salt from seawater, potentially solving one of the world's largest health problems.

The membrane not only removes 99.9 percent of salt from seawater, but it lasts up to a month, whereas previously solutions only lasted for about 50 hours before they need to be replaced.

Newly created membrane removes 99.9% of salt

World's first 3D-printed WAGYU BEEF is revealed – with marbling just like the real deal

A New Chip Cluster Will Make Massive AI Models Possible

Tags: Discovery, Meat, Science, Tech, Water



Sex robot with ‘bionic penis’ that can be programmed gay is coming soon 


New sex robots from leading AI robotics company RealDoll will be programmable as gay or straight, depending on your preference.

Sex robot with ‘bionic penis’ that can be programmed gay is coming soon

Tags: Business, Gay, LGBTQ, Robot, Sex, Tech



Machines can do most of a psychologist’s job. The industry must prepare for disruption 


Psychology and other “helping professions” such as counselling and social work are often regarded as quintessentially human domains. Unlike workers in manual or routine jobs, psychologists generally see no threat to their career from advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Economists largely agree. One of the most wide-ranging and influential surveys of the future of employment, by Oxford economists Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, rated the probability that psychology could be automated in the near future at a mere 0.43%. This work was initially carried out in 2013 and expanded upon in 2019.

We are behavourial scientists studying organisational behaviour, and one of us (Ben Morrison) is also a registered psychologist. Our analysis over the past four years shows the idea psychology cannot be automated is now out of date.

Psychology already makes use of many automated tools, and even without significant advances in AI we foresee significant impacts in the very near future.

Machines can do most of a psychologist’s job. The industry must prepare for disruption

Tags: AI, Discovery, Future, Mental Health, Robot, Science, Substitute, Tech, Treatment



KFC Mixes Chicken and Pixels With Its New Gaming PC 


KFC, the famous fried chicken subsidiary of Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) and runner-up for world's biggest restaurant chain by sales, is apparently moving ahead with its plan to release the KFConsole, a high-powered gaming computer that also keeps chicken warm. Made to resemble a fried chicken bucket in general outline, the PC features a high-performance gaming setup that supports virtual reality (VR) and 4K TV games, according to IGN and other sources.

The PC is also designed to keep KFC munchies close at hand. The device features a drawer containing a tray where pieces of chicken can be placed to keep them warm while you're gaming, with Cooler Master stating this "Chicken Chamber" will use the computer's "natural heat and airflow system," enabling you to "focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds."

KFC Mixes Chicken and Pixels With Its New Gaming PC

Tags: Advertising, Business, Computer, Development, Food, Product, Restaurant, Tech



Facing collapse, the famed Arecibo Observatory will be demolished 


The world-famous Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, known for helping scientists peer into deep space and listen for distant radio waves, is set to be decommissioned and demolished after engineers concluded that the facility’s structure is at risk of a collapse. While teams will try to salvage some parts of the observatory, the decommission will bring an end to the popular 57-year-old telescope, which has been featured in numerous films and television shows.

The decision comes after two major cables failed at the facility within the last few months, causing significant damage to the observatory. The National Science Foundation (NSF), which oversees Arecibo, assessed the impact of the cable breaks and found that the facility’s other cables could also fail soon. If some of the remaining cables break, engineers fear that the 900-ton suspended platform above the facility could come crashing down on Arecibo’s iconic 1,000-foot-wide dish. It’s also possible that three surrounding towers, which stand at more than 300 feet tall, could topple over in any direction, potentially hitting the visitor’s center or other important nearby buildings.

Facing collapse, the famed Arecibo Observatory will be demolished

Tags: Damage, Destruction, Extinction, Investment, Space, Surveillance, Tech, World



Mum's clever iPhone shower trick is dubbed 'x-rated' by hundreds of others online - so can you see why? 


A mum's innocent shower 'hack' has been dubbed 'x-rated' by parents after she shared her idea in a popular Facebook group.

'Have you questioned why they need to take their phones in the shower?' one person asked.'

'Easy way to take nudes, thanks mum,' another added.

Kelly was disgusted with the online 'backlash' she received and said: 'I didn't put this up for backlash and not all kids do that. Geez.'

She stuck the phone holders to the wall using Fix Nail Powder adhesive from Kmart.

Mum's clever iPhone shower trick is dubbed 'x-rated' by hundreds of others online - so can you see why?

Tags: Backlash, Children, Choices, Damage, Discovery, Environment, Exploration, Funny, Masturbation, Nature, Overreaction, Parenting, Porn, Tech



A 5-cent sensor could detect the coronavirus in 10 minutes at home 


One of the hardest parts of controlling COVID-19 is that it’s very difficult to know if you or someone you know is carrying it asymptomatically. So you might let your guard down, spend time in close proximity to someone else, and help it spread. Testing is useful to curb this issue, but the wait on a test result can still take days. So it’s difficult to say for sure, at any given moment, if you actually have COVID-19 or not.

A new device being developed at Caltech, dubbed the SARS-CoV-2 RapidPlex, could put this uncertainty to an end. It’s a SARS-CoV-2 sensor that’s being designed for use at home. When it comes into contact with a drop of blood or saliva, it can determine if you’re infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a mere 10 minutes. The results of the test could be beamed right to your phone over Bluetooth.

A 5-cent sensor could detect the coronavirus in 10 minutes at home

Tags: Coronavirus, Development, Discovery, Experimentation, Safety, Science, Tech, Test



Internet-enabled male chastity cage can be remotely locked by hackers 


A security flaw in an internet-enabled male chastity device allows hackers to remotely control the gadget and permanently lock in wearers, researchers disclosed today.

The Cellmate Chastity Cage, built by Chinese firm Qiui, lets users hand over access to their genitals to a partner who can lock and unlock the cage remotely using an app. But multiple flaws in the app’s design mean “anyone could remotely lock all devices and prevent users from releasing themselves,” according to UK security firm Pen Test Partners.

Even worse, as the chastity cage does not come with a manual override or physical key, locked-in users have few options to break out. One is to cut through the cage’s hardened steel shackle, an operation that would require bolt cutters or an angle grinder, and that is made trickier by the fact that the shackle in question is fastened tightly around the wearer’s testicles. The other, discovered by Pen Test Partners, is to overload the circuit board that controls the lock’s motor with three volts of electricity (around two AA batteries’ worth).

Internet-enabled male chastity cage can be remotely locked by hackers

Tags: Anatomy, Equipment, Fail, Lockdown, Product, Sex, Tech



Can laptops and mobile phones really age our skin?


If you're anything like us and spend approximately 782 hours a day in front of your laptop or mobile phone, this is going to be a bitch to hear. Because apparently, electronic devices are damaging your skin and causing premature ageing.


It's called 'blue light damage' and it's just another thing in this world looking to suck the life out of your cute face. (And just when we were all getting the hang of the whole sunscreen thing. Ugh.)

"We know that devices such as laptops, phones and tablets emit blue light. And - let’s face it - we are attached to our devices for hours a day, whether it be for work, home workouts or general relaxation," said dermatologist and founder of Bespoke Skin Technology, Dr Katherine Armour. "We read books on our screens, we scroll social media for hours daily, and in Victoria (and in many countries around the world!) we currently home school our children on a screen."

With COVID-19 leading many of us to spend even more time than usual on our screens, "the effects of visible light are at the forefront of our minds," said Dr Armour.

Can laptops and mobile phones really age our skin?

Tags: Aging, Beauty, Environment, Evolution, Health, Skin, Tech



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