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Elton John reveals he was a virgin until aged 23 when he and his lover-turned-manager John Reid 'tore their clothes off and had joyous sex' 


lton John has confessed he didn't have 'joyous' sex until he was 23 and 'tore his clothes off' with his lover-turned-manager John Reid.

The musical icon, 72, revealed he was a 'virgin' and 'desperate to have a tactile relationship' when the pair gave into their impulses in San Francisco.

He said: 'I was a virgin until then. I was desperate to be loved and desperate to have a tactile relationship.

Daily Mail

Tags: Celebrity, Entertainment, Film, Gay, Gaycon, Lifestyle, Music, Portrait, Representation, Sex



Leaked Records Reveal Tony Robbins Berated Abuse Victims, And Former Followers Accuse Him Of Sexual Advances 

When Tony Robbins leaps onstage in arenas around the world, under strobe lights and pulsing speakers, he’s greeted by thousands of screaming fans. They clap with him, jump with him, and when he puffs his chest and lets out a primal roar, they roar with him too.

The world’s most famous self-help guru whips crowds into fits of euphoria few pop stars could dream of, but many of his fans are grappling with life’s most serious problems. Victims of sexual and physical abuse, along with people who struggle with addiction and have mental illnesses, pay thousands of dollars to see him on the promise he has the power to “transform your life” and “rewire your brain.”

At the core of Robbins’ teachings is the message that his followers should not see themselves as victims, and should instead view their pain as something they have the power to “destroy.” He claims to have revolutionized millions of lives with this philosophy, while building a multibillion-dollar business and working with celebrities from Donald Trump and Bill Clinton to Oprah and the Kardashians. Access to his most exclusive membership program has cost as much as $85,000 a year.

But behind that dazzling veneer, Robbins guards his empire with intense secrecy. Employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements, and audiences who attend his multiday coaching camps must sign contracts forbidding them from recording what goes on inside.

Buzzfeed News

Tony Robbins Was Filmed Using Racial Slurs

Four More Women Have Accused Tony Robbins Of Sexual Misconduct

Tags: Abuse, Alleged, Books, Celebrity, Employment, Environment, Harassment, Humiliation, Insensitivity, Investigation, Portrait, Racism, Self-Help, Sex, Threat, Video



Gay pop star from Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, shares coming out story 


How old were you when you realized you were gay?

At 13! I’ve been a singer for seven years being in the closet. When I hit 30, I told myself I can’t live my life being someone else anymore. It was just taking away all the joy from me when I was with my friends because I was just busy thinking about hiding my sexuality. All the time.

I couldn’t write another word for a song. I couldn’t sing without feeling like I was being truthful. It’s just painful that my life was basically a lie. And I didn’t want to be lying all the time. It was tiring and tearing me down.

I love my friends and family a lot. And I knew if I were to live a lie, I’d never be able to share the authentic part of my life to the ones I love. So I decided that this was it, accepted who I was, what I loved and told my old self ‘bye bish!’

Gay Star News

Tags: Celebrity, Coming Out, Environment, Gay, Interview, Music, Portrait, Support, World



Kicked out, spat on and abused, new UK shelter helps LGBT+ homeless 


LONDON, May 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Apart from being spat on and urinated on when he slept rough in London for over a year, 52-year-old Chabahn had to contend with another daily threat: being abused and attacked for his sexuality.

Chabahn, who is gay but kept it hidden on the streets, said living with HIV was an additional burden that some mainstream shelters did not have the capacity to support him with.

"When it comes to being LGBT, the amount of discrimination on the street is rather high. There is no safety, you have to fend for yourself," said Chabahn, who declined to give his full name.

"You have to become a very good actor and you have to be someone that you are not."

Thomson Reuters

YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf calls out LGBT bullying

The stunning toll of Boy Scout sex abuse: More than 12,200 reported victims

Sexual abuse survivors sue the Vatican over predatory U.S. priests

Catholic school music director sought sex with undercover cop posing as teen: affidavit

The Latest: Bishop says church was not trying to hide files

Tags: All Rights, Arrest, Awareness, Book, Children, Counter, Court, Education, Employment, Environment, Fear, Finance, Hate, Health, Homeless, Homophobia, Interview, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Portrait, Preservation, Protection, Punishment, Religion, Safety, Sex, Stepping Up, Support, Survival, Threat, Video, Violence, World, Youth



Howard Stern says Robin Williams interview was ‘possibly my biggest regret’ 


If you have the chance to listen to one of Howard Stern’s old interviews, don’t, the radio icon advises. If you have one of his previous best-selling memoirs, “Private Parts” or “Miss America,” Stern advises, “Burn them.”

Famous for asking celebrities about their sex lives, Stern regrets the shock jock he was.

“I was an absolute maniac,” he recalls of his career’s first couple decades. “My narcissism was so strong that I was incapable of appreciating what somebody else might be feeling.”

He adds: “I have so many regrets about guests from that time. I asked Gilda Radner if Gene Wilder had a big penis.”

Of course, he hasn’t changed that much. His new collection of interviews and reminiscences is titled “Howard Stern Comes Again,” after all.

Page Six

Tags: Book, Celebrity, Entertainment, Illness, Interview, Portrait, Program, Radio, TV Swatch, Writing



Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth 


The gay men I work with range from their 20s to 50s. The guys in their 20s are often more attuned to coaching. They’re proactive about their growth and preempt problems by making informed choices. They can be savvy about the need for personal investment.

For older guys, certain issues come up regularly. They include learning to thrive as a gay man as they get older, finding meaningful work and creating authentic connections.

Gay Star News

Jake Bain, Who Made Headlines as Out Gay Football Player, Quits Indiana State Team

57% of LGBTI people lose a friend or family member after coming out

Police accused of breaking into gay man’s home & taunting him with slurs while they assaulted him

Attack Leaves Trans Performer's Face Partially Paralyzed

For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Tags: Abuse, Aging, App, Arrest, Attack, Awareness, Education, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Injury, LGBTQ, Loneliness, Police, Portrait, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Study, Support, Survival, Tech, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



Special’s Ryan O’Connell: Stop using disabled people as ‘inspiration porn’ / Amplify by Gay Times 


“It’s been really, really surreal to be honest! I feel like I always believed in what we were doing and what we made, but to have people as bowled over as they are is incredibly emotional and surreal,” he says. “The messages I’ve been getting from people who are disabled, and gay, or gay and disabled, or just even not is overwhelming and I can’t wait to unpack it with my therapist!”

Written and led on screen by Ryan, the eight excellent 15-minute episodes take inspiration from his 2015 memoir, I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves and features a partly-fictional version of himself. Produced by Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory, Special has gone global with fans from across the world going crazy for Ryan O’Connell. And while he’s game for it all, there’s a serious message as well: Giving young queer and disabled people the role model Ryan looked for, but never found.

Gay Times

Tags: Actor, Awareness, Celebrity, Disabled, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Interview, LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation, Sex, Social Media, Treatment, TV Gay Swatch



Taron Egerton: ‘I Had a Period of Feeling I Might Be Gay’ 


“I felt Richard’s penis … on my leg,” he told Attitude. “We shot a scene where we are both naked on a bed, and we are rolling around. I don’t really know how much further we could have gone.”

“In the script, this is the scene of Elton losing his virginity, and we wanted to try to do that justice, and also at that point, their relationship hasn’t broken down yet,” Egerton explained. “They were falling in love, and it’s beautiful because it should be. We didn’t want to play like they were a couple who were eventually going to fall apart, we wanted to play it like two guys in their early twenties who are falling in love and who are incredibly sexually attracted to each other.”

In the same interview, Egerton also opened up about discovering his sexuality saying, “When I was 14 or 15, I had a period of thinking I might be gay and I spoke to my mother about it.”


Madonna's next video 'tribute to Stonewall, drag queens and LGBTI rights'

Judith Light to receive honorary Tony Award for LGBTI and HIV activism

Tags: Actor, Award, Celebration, Celebrity, Entertainment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Film, Interview, LGBTQ, Music, Portrait, Representation, Sex Identity, Support, Video Gay Swatch



Sex. Consent. Education. 


CBS News

A British Man Has Been Convicted Of Rape After Removing A Condom During Sex

Watertown man accused of groping 19-year-old woman on international flight

Tags: All Rights, Children, Consent, Crime, Education, Judgement, Parental Burden, Portrait, Preservation, Prison, Protection, Rape, Safety, Sex, Sex Worker, Sexual Harassment, Travel, Treatment, Video, Violence, World, Youth



What I Learned About Loving My Body as a Gay Man 


Everyone has a story about their body. Some of us want to look great for the beach, to feel powerful and sexy when we’re in bed with someone, or to move easily without pain or discomfort.

My body’s story has everything to do with being gay.

As a kid, I was always sick and had more allergies than you could count. I had allergies to foods, dust, pollens, and fragrances. I reacted in many ways, from a skin rash to hives, earaches that were beyond painful, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, and days spent sick in bed. To make matters worse, I was diagnosed as ADHD. Imagine pairing an allergic reaction and ADHD together! Suffice to say I never felt like I had much control over my body as a child.

Being sick a lot made me aware of how my body responded to food and foods that did not agree with me. Perhaps because of my mother’s intervention and being so reactive to food as a child, I never got fat. I was always skinny. When you’re sick all the time it’s difficult to gain weight.

The Good Men Project

'What happens when I'm no longer desirable?' How fear of ageing took over my 20s

Have you ever felt lonely whilst being in a romantic relationship?

Tags: Aging, Anatomy, Beauty, Children, Discovery, Environment, Fear, Film, Gay, Health, Judgement, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Neglect, Perception, Poll, Portrait, Relationships, Representation, Treatment, Voting, World, Youth



'My gay landlord mistakenly sucked my Grindr hookup's dick' 


A bisexual guy shared the story of how his gay landlord ended up mistakenly sucking his Grindr hookup’s dick.

26-year-old Joe from San Francisco took to Reddit to explain the ‘wildest night’ of his life.

‘I scheduled to meet with a dude I met on Grindr over the weekend and we had only shared one pic,’ Joe wrote in a now viral post. ‘I guess over the weekend, he catches amnesia or something and completely forgets how I look.

‘Fast forward to 9:30pm and Kyle texts me that he’s at the door. I opened the door, didn’t see anyone and he had also completely ghosted me on text. I was sure at the moment I just got punk’d.

‘He calls me two minutes later and here’s when I get the climactic run down.

Gay Star News

Tags: App, Bi, Environment, Gay, Interference, Misrepresentation, Portrait, Relationships, Service, Sex, Treatment



11 intimate portraits of the transmasculine community 


A three-year odyssey across the United States to document the lives of trans men reaches bookshelves this month.

American Boys by photographer Soraya Zaman presents what its publisher describes as ‘intimate portraits of the transmasculine community.’

Zaman is an Australian non-binary, queer photographer based in New York. Through their work, they primarily explore notions of sexuality and gender.

Reflecting on the collection of 96 photos, Zaman says: ‘The binary days and the antiquated stereotypes of what it means to be born a girl or boy, are finally coming undone.

‘It is time we acknowledge the human race is more unique and special than these strict and simplistic ways of being which are not relevant to everyone.’

Gay Star News

this american boys project wants to flood your instagram feed with diverse trans men

Tags: LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation



Pretty Little Liars' star Tyler Blackburn comes out as bisexual 


Actor and musician Tyler Blackburn has publically come out as bisexual.

The star of Pretty Little Liars opened up about his sexuality in an interview with the Advocate.

‘I’m queer,’ Blackburn said in the interview. ‘I’ve identified as bisexual since a teenager.’

‘I just want to feel powerful in my own skin, and my own mind, and in my own heart,’ he adds.

Blackburn said that fully coming to terms with his sexuality has taken years, and something he struggled with when he was younger.

Gay Star News

Tags: Actor, Bi, Celebrity, Coming Out, Entertainment, Hot Swatch, Interview, Portrait, TV Gay Swatch



Gay guys reveal the best part about being in an age-gap relationship 


Age-gap relationships have always been a part of the gay experience.

From the Greeks to Ellen DeGeneres, gay and bi people have always connected across generations.

And while there is still some stigma surrounding them, many people form happy and healthy age-gap relationships.

Look at diver Tom Daley and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who are married but have a difference of 20 years.

Rugby player Sam Stanley is in his late 20s. His long-term partner, Laurence Hicks, is 34 years older.

Gay Star News

Tags: Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Gay, History, Love, Mat, Portrait, Relationships, Youth



Anime Did Not Make My Son Gay


No, anime did not make my son gay. He’s bisexual, anyway. Anime didn’t “do” that to him either. I won’t link to certain places online that contain ludicrous opinions about how children can be “made” gay (or on the spectrum of LGBTQ) because of the friends they choose, the toys they play with, or the entertainment they enjoy. I won’t give those ignorant people more traffic. My son watched lots of shows, including anime. He is bisexual. My daughter watched lots of shows, including anime. She is straight. A study of n=2, but if you want to get into the latest science of why homosexuality is a natural expression of humanity, check out this article based on a TED talk by James O’Keefe. Back to anime.

When my children were young, I returned to college and befriended a group of geeks who introduced me to anime and manga. I distinctly remember seeing manga once in high school on Long Island in the ’90s: A Chinese exchange student brought in an oddly thick and small comic book. When I asked him about it, he explained that in Asia comics were books called “manga” and, even though cartoons were mostly for children in America, that wasn’t the case in Asia, where manga and “anime” were created for all age groups. I remember the cover looking a bit racy and he bashfully explained that this particular manga was definitely not for kids.

Geek Mom

Tags: Animate, Bi, Discovery, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, History, Parental Burden, Parental Pride, Parenting, Portrait, Sex, Sex Identity, Standing Up, Youth



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