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Gay pop star from Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, shares coming out story 


How old were you when you realized you were gay?

At 13! I’ve been a singer for seven years being in the closet. When I hit 30, I told myself I can’t live my life being someone else anymore. It was just taking away all the joy from me when I was with my friends because I was just busy thinking about hiding my sexuality. All the time.

I couldn’t write another word for a song. I couldn’t sing without feeling like I was being truthful. It’s just painful that my life was basically a lie. And I didn’t want to be lying all the time. It was tiring and tearing me down.

I love my friends and family a lot. And I knew if I were to live a lie, I’d never be able to share the authentic part of my life to the ones I love. So I decided that this was it, accepted who I was, what I loved and told my old self ‘bye bish!’

Gay Star News

Tags: Celebrity, Coming Out, Environment, Gay, Interview, Music, Portrait, Support, World



Kicked out, spat on and abused, new UK shelter helps LGBT+ homeless 


LONDON, May 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Apart from being spat on and urinated on when he slept rough in London for over a year, 52-year-old Chabahn had to contend with another daily threat: being abused and attacked for his sexuality.

Chabahn, who is gay but kept it hidden on the streets, said living with HIV was an additional burden that some mainstream shelters did not have the capacity to support him with.

"When it comes to being LGBT, the amount of discrimination on the street is rather high. There is no safety, you have to fend for yourself," said Chabahn, who declined to give his full name.

"You have to become a very good actor and you have to be someone that you are not."

Thomson Reuters

YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf calls out LGBT bullying

The stunning toll of Boy Scout sex abuse: More than 12,200 reported victims

Sexual abuse survivors sue the Vatican over predatory U.S. priests

Catholic school music director sought sex with undercover cop posing as teen: affidavit

The Latest: Bishop says church was not trying to hide files

Tags: All Rights, Arrest, Awareness, Book, Children, Counter, Court, Education, Employment, Environment, Fear, Finance, Hate, Health, Homeless, Homophobia, Interview, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Portrait, Preservation, Protection, Punishment, Religion, Safety, Sex, Stepping Up, Support, Survival, Threat, Video, Violence, World, Youth



Britney Spears May Never Perform Again, Manager Says 


Britney Spears’s longtime manager Larry Rudolph says the singer may never perform again. Speaking to TMZ, Rudolph said, “As the person who guides her career — based on the information I and all of the professionals who work with her are being told on a need-to-know basis — from what I have gathered it’s clear to me she should not be going back to do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again.”

Rudolph has managed Spears for most of her career, going back to her first album, “Baby… One More Time,” in 1999. “I’ve been with her for two-thirds of her life,” he tells Variety. “I look at her almost like I look at my own daughter. It’s very emotional for me … and really rough. Personally, I want for her to just find a peaceful, happy place — whatever that means for her. It’s not about a career anymore — it’s about life.”


Tags: Artist, Be Well, Celebrity, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Mental Health, Respect, Support, Treatment



Homophobes Attack Congressional Black Caucus Over Equality Act 


A right-wing group aims to spark outrage among black voters over an impending vote on the Equality Act.

Organizers for the Gone 2 Far Movement released an open letter through Christian Newswire attacking leadership from the Congressional Black Caucus.

The bizarre rant, signed by failed Congressional candidate Stephen Broden and right-wing radio host Randy Short, suggests the “Gay Equality Act” will set back minority rights.

The letter singles out Rep. Karen Bass, CBC chair, and other caucus members for refusing to “defend the real purpose of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a scam to make 'Gay the New Black' wherein pedophiles, sodomites of all stripes, and persons of debased fetish needs are accorded protected class status akin to Blacks and women.”

The letter compares a vote for the Equality Act to the biblical story of disciple Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus Christ, though its unclear how many pieces of silver were exchanged or who will be crucified should the legislation pass.


Pat Robertson: Equality Act Will Cause 'Atomic War'

Violent mob attacks Indian priest because they think he is gay

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Hate, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Inclusion, Interference, Laws, LGBTQ, New World Order, Profiling, Race, Religion, Representation, Self Interest, Support, Supremacy, Tired, Unity, Violence, World



LGBTI incels: what it's like to be queer when no one will sleep with you 


What is it like when no one will have sex with you? Months and years go by with no success on dating apps. Facing a sea of ‘no’s at bars and parties.

What does that do to a person?

The answer is complicated if you’re a sexual person. For some, it’s just a part of everyday life.

For incels, it is everything.

The involuntary celibate community spawned on the internet two decades ago. It is as multi-faceted as it is confusing to outsiders – boasting their own belief system and vocabulary.

But where do LGBTI people fall within the incel community? Mirroring ‘normie’ society, many incels reject LGBTI folk. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from existing. Instead they’ve created their own group – and a unique way of being incel.

Gay Star News

Tags: All Rights, Beauty, Incel, Mental Health, Preservation, Rejection, Sex, Social Media, Support



Sexual health campaign that’s ‘unapologetic, black and gay’ hits London 


Phil Samba is ‘unapologetic and black and gay’ and he has inspired other gay, black men to take better care of their sexual health.

For the past two years Samba has co-developed and starred in a unique campaign to make sure London’s gay, black men are not only more educated about sexual health, but also more comfortable in getting tested.

‘Some black communities consider being gay a white thing so black men are erased,’ Samba tells Gay Star News.

‘Seeing themselves (in campaigns) will make them more comfortable and see that they need to take care of themselves.’

Gay Star News

Black patients, black physicians and the need to improve health outcomes for African Americans

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Awareness, Employment, Environment, Gay, Health, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Medical, Preservation, Protection, Race, Representation, Safety, Sex, Support, Treatment, World



Richard Madden thinks it’ll be a “terrible route to go down” if roles were restricted to an actor’s sexuality 


Former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden has weighed in on the debate over who should get gay roles after the Sir Elton John biopic, Rocketman, came under fire for casting straight actors.

Both Taron Egerton and Madden identify as straight, and are playing Sir Elton and his former manager John Reid, who are both gay, respectively.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “It’s a really terrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their personal lives. We have to focus more on diversity and having everyone represented, but I’m also a firm believer in the best actor for the part.”

Gay Times

Tags: Actor, Celebrity, Employment, Entertainment, Film, Hot Swatch, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Representation, Respect, Support



Limited Edition Gay Vodka Comes to Utah for Pride 


One Utah-based distillery is making the most out of the combination of living in Mormon country and everyone gearing up for Pride season.

Ogden’s Own Distillery is launching a limited edition vodka — Five Husbands.


Tags: Alcohol, Business, Celebration, Dedication, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, LGBTQ, Product, Representation, Support



The Trevor Project launches 24/7 chat and text services 


The Trevor Project has been focused on preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth for two decades. Now it’s making its support available around the clock.

“The Trevor Project’s text and chat counseling services, TrevorText and TrevorChat, are now available 24/7 for the first time in the organization’s 21-year history of saving young LGBTQ lives,” The Trevor Project says in a press release.

The organization says it broadened its coverage with Generation Z in mind, especially since a third-party evaluation revealed 63 percent of youth who used The Trevor Project’s text and chat services reported doing so because they felt like it was easier to be themselves.


Tags: App, Environment, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Project, Support, Tech, Youth



Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth 


The gay men I work with range from their 20s to 50s. The guys in their 20s are often more attuned to coaching. They’re proactive about their growth and preempt problems by making informed choices. They can be savvy about the need for personal investment.

For older guys, certain issues come up regularly. They include learning to thrive as a gay man as they get older, finding meaningful work and creating authentic connections.

Gay Star News

Jake Bain, Who Made Headlines as Out Gay Football Player, Quits Indiana State Team

57% of LGBTI people lose a friend or family member after coming out

Police accused of breaking into gay man’s home & taunting him with slurs while they assaulted him

Attack Leaves Trans Performer's Face Partially Paralyzed

For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Tags: Abuse, Aging, App, Arrest, Attack, Awareness, Education, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Injury, LGBTQ, Loneliness, Police, Portrait, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Study, Support, Survival, Tech, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



Dan Reynolds speaks out against gay ‘cure’ therapy at Billboard awards 


Dan Reynolds continues to prove his status as an LGBTQ ally.
The American singer-songwriter, who graced the cover of GAY TIMES in January year, and his band Imagine Dragons were the winners of the Top Rock Artist award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards this week.

Dan used the opportunity to highlight a cause close to his heart, dedicating his speech to LGBTQ youth who have been – or are at risk of being – put through the harmful practice of gay conversion ‘therapy’.

“I just wanna take this moment to say there are still 34 states that have no laws banning conversion therapy, and on top of that 58% of our LGBTQ population live in those states,” he said.

“This can change, but its gonna take all of us talking to our state legislators [and] pushing forward laws to protect our LGBTQ youth.”

Gay Times

Tags: Activism, Award, Awareness, Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Entertainment, Environment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Hot Swatch, Humanity, Inspired, LGBTQ, Music, Religion, Representation, Respect, Speech, Standing Up, Super Daddy!, Support



Transport for London bans adverts from 11 countries over anti-LGBTQ laws 


Transport for London has banned adverts from several countries with poor human rights records.
According to the Evening Standard, a total of 11 countries are affected by the ban, which comes into place after Green Party London Assembly member Caroline Russell wrote to Mayor Sadiq Khan with concerns about them.

Last month, it was reported that the transport network would remove adverts promoting Brunei after the south-east Asian nation implemented a strict new law that will see LGBTQ people killed for same-sex relations.

Gay Times

Tags: Activism, Advertising, All Rights, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Hate, Homophobia, Politics, Stepping Up, Support, Treatment, World



Taron Egerton: ‘I Had a Period of Feeling I Might Be Gay’ 


“I felt Richard’s penis … on my leg,” he told Attitude. “We shot a scene where we are both naked on a bed, and we are rolling around. I don’t really know how much further we could have gone.”

“In the script, this is the scene of Elton losing his virginity, and we wanted to try to do that justice, and also at that point, their relationship hasn’t broken down yet,” Egerton explained. “They were falling in love, and it’s beautiful because it should be. We didn’t want to play like they were a couple who were eventually going to fall apart, we wanted to play it like two guys in their early twenties who are falling in love and who are incredibly sexually attracted to each other.”

In the same interview, Egerton also opened up about discovering his sexuality saying, “When I was 14 or 15, I had a period of thinking I might be gay and I spoke to my mother about it.”


Madonna's next video 'tribute to Stonewall, drag queens and LGBTI rights'

Judith Light to receive honorary Tony Award for LGBTI and HIV activism

Tags: Actor, Award, Celebration, Celebrity, Entertainment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Film, Interview, LGBTQ, Music, Portrait, Representation, Sex Identity, Support, Video Gay Swatch



4 out of 5 grandparents would support their LGBTQ grandchild if they came out 


A study from AARP shows that tolerance for LGBTQ people is growing among older generations.

AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, surveyed 2,654 grandparents age 38 and up between August 20 and September 4 of last year, getting an idea of how engaged they are with their grandchildren’s’ lives.

Amongst information about spending and babysitting came some important takeaways about how survey respondents felt about their LGBTQ grandkids: Four out of five of those surveyed said that they would be accepting of a grandchild who is LGBTQ.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Family, Grands, LGBTQ, Respect, Seniors, Study, Support, Youth



This Mom Asked Guests to Pay a Cover Fee at Her Daughter's Birthday Party – Sorry, but Nope 


I've thrown a handful of birthday parties for my kids so far, and I will be the first to tell you — they're damn pricey. For two to four hours of pizza, cake, and ice cream, you'd think they wouldn't break the bank, but I always end up spending more than I budgeted for and wondering if they're even worth the expense.

One thing I've never wondered, however, is how much to charge guests to attend. That's because the answer, without room for argument, is zero dollars and zero cents.

So it came as a complete shock when the Boston Globe's "Miss Conduct" advice column was hit with an impossible scenario: a mom has been making guests pay a cover charge to attend her kid's birthday parties.

"Every year, she charges people to come to her daughter's birthday party," an anonymous friend of the mom wrote. "If it is at a venue, the e-mail will say something along the lines of 'please bring $20 to cover the cost of your child.' If it is at her home, there will be an envelope or basket asking for 'donations.' They're not poor."


Tags: Celebration, Children, Entertainment, Finance, Parental Burden, Self Interest, Support, Weird



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