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Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Christian University Welcoming Students Back to Campus Amid COVID-19 


Liberty University, a private evangelical Christian university in Virginia, is welcoming students back to campus this week despite a little something known as COVID-19.

"I was on a conference call with other college presidents and representatives from private colleges, and we listened to what other schools were doing," president Jerry Falwell Jr. said in a statement shared to the school's site this week. "Many were throwing their hands up and saying they would just close and others were going to extend their breaks. At that time, we were on Spring Break, so we had time to work on it."

This process of choosing to "work on it" ultimately resulted in the decision to "get [students] back as soon as we can, the ones who want to come back."

A report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch noted that between a few hundred to more than 5,000 students were projected to be living in Liberty dorms as classes resumed this week. The majority of those classes have moved to online formats. Staff and faculty, however, are said to be coming to work in their usual capacity.


Survey reveals how many LGBT+ people will still date and hook-up during coronavirus

“I’ll do what I want”: Why the people ignoring social distancing orders just won’t listen

‘Corona, OK!’ Yelled College Student Before Coughing Into Cop’s Face, Police Say

Eight men arrested after hosting cocaine-fuelled orgy during coronavirus lockdown

Pastor again defies state order not to hold large gatherings. He says 1,000 people came to his church Sunday

The UK is in lockdown, but this church is suing Edinburgh because the city refused to host a homophobic preacher

When faith threatens public health

Tags: Arrest, Coronavirus, Court, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Health, Homophobia, Inhumanity, Insensitivity, Interference, Judgment, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Loser, Magic Splatter, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Police, Politics, Population, Privilege, Reckless, Religion, Safety, Self Interest, Sex, Students, Study, Threat, Treatment, Unruly Child, Weird, World, Worship, Wrong



Marco Rubio promises anti-LGBTQ churches they can have coronavirus stimulus money 


On its website, the FFPC says that its mission is to fight “radical LGBT activists” who want to “force all Americans to approve, support, and celebrate their lifestyle.”

On the call, Rubio discussed the $1.6 trillion stimulus bill that the Senate is working on to blunt the economic fallout from the global pandemic.

A pastor asked him if it would include money for churches.

“The package that I’ve been tasked with establishing… is open to nonprofits. Basically churches and other nonprofit groups,” Rubio responded.

LGBTQ Nation

Conservative preacher says gay marriage is to blame for coronavirus

Tags: $, Charity, Choices, Church, Enabler, Environment, Exclusivity, Greed, Hate, Homophobia, LGBTQ, New World Order, No more Heroes, Politics, Privilege, Protections, Self Interest, Supremacy, Threat



Teenager found guilty of killing two gay men and a trans woman 


19-year-old Devon Kareem Robinson has been found guilty by a jury of first-degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to murder and felony firearm, and will be sentenced on 13 April.

He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison with possibility of no parole.

The victims, 20-year-olds Paris Cameron and Timothy Blanchard, and 21-year-old Alunte Davis, were shot to death by Robinson on 25 May 2019 at a house party in Detroit, which was attended by approximately 15 people in total.

Prosecutors said their deaths were motivated by their identity and sexual orientation.

Gay Times

The teen killer of three LGBTQ people is convicted & now faces life in prison

Tags: Court, Cowardice, Fear, Hate, Homophobia, Ignorance, Judgment, Misrepresentation, Parental Crime, Prison, Self-hatred, Threat, Violence, Youth



Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups Are Surging in the U.S. 


The fastest growing number of known hate groups in the U.S. are focused on opposing LGBTQ rights, according to a report released Wednesday.

Last year there was a massive 43 percent increase in the number of organizations dedicated to opposing LGBTQ equality, the advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center found in its yearly hate group index released on Wednesday. There were 70 anti-LGBTQ hate groups operating in 2019, as opposed to just 49 for the two consecutive years prior.

These battles are not merely being fought in the courts and in Congress. Many LGBTQ people are fighting to stay alive as homophobia and transphobia spread throughout the nation. Brooks said the uptick in hate groups correlates with a general rise in targeted attacks against the members of the LGBTQ community: A 2019 report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations found that hate crimes against LGBTQ people had increased six percent over the past year.


Judge compares gay people to paedophiles as he sues for the right to be a homophobe in public

Preacher claims coronavirus is God’s punishment for same-sex marriage – despite it being banned in China and Italy

Gay hero describes mass stabbing attacker to police right before he died

Tags: Action, Activism, Americans, Backlash, Court, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Interference, Latin, Laws, Leaders, LGBTQ, Magic Splatter, Marriage Equality, Murder, New World Order, No more Heroes, Politics, Privilege, Religion, Safety, Treatment, Victims, Violence, World



Twitter hands homophobes in Africa a win as it censors vital LGBT+ account 


LGBT+ advocates in Ghana, west Africa, are urging Twitter to reinstate their account after the social media giant suspended it.

Twitter suspended the @lgbtrightsghana account without warning on 26 February. The account has now been unavailable for two weeks.

And LGBT+ Rights Ghana, which runs the account, says Twitter may have fallen for the tactics of anti-LGBT+ campaigners in the country.

Alex Donkor of LGBT+ Rights Ghana told GSN they do not know why Twitter suspended their account.

But he says their last post called out a Ghanaian media company as having been ‘homophobic for the past 25 years’.

He added: ‘Most of the media houses in Ghana are homophobic or bias towards the LGBTQ community.

‘The either spread homophobia themselves or offer their platform to homophobic politicians, public figures, religious and opinion leaders to spew hate and incite violence towards the community.

‘Since we do not have their platforms, we use Twitter and other social media platforms to call out these people. We also let the international community know what these people are doing.

‘So we have been unable to do our work for these past two weeks. Meanwhile homophobic rants and hate speeches and the calls to kill homosexuals in Ghana by some politicians, religious and opinion leaders have increased.’


Tags: Activism, Environment, Exclusivity, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Politics, Religion, Representation, Safety, Social Media, Survival, Termination, Threat, Treatment, World



Homophobic taunting at college basketball game sparks investigation 


The president of Monmouth University in New Jersey has launched an investigation after homophobic taunts were directed from the stands at a basketball player from a visiting team.

During a men's basketball game at the West Long Branch campus on Friday night, at least one person in a student section held a large sign that read: "Stick to Grindr."

Grindr bills itself as "the world's largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people."

Other students in that section of the arena held up signs displaying an image of a Siena College player's profile on the dating app Tinder, according to The Asbury Park Press, which first reported the incident.

NBC News

Tags: App, Backlash, Education, Environment, Harassment, Homophobia, Hostility, LGBTQ, Parental Crime, Politics, Privilege, Sports, Students, Treatment, Unruly Child, Youth



Jimmie Walker Accused of Firing Gay Opening Comic, Going on Homophobic Rant 


Actor Jimmie Walker, best known for his role as J.J. Evans on the 1970s sitcom Good Times, is accused of blocking comedian Sampson McCormick from opening his show and dropping Fag-bombs in a homophobic rant.

McCormick is a guest host and stand-up comic who travels across the country telling jokes. During a recent appearance on new streaming network Fox Soul’s The Tammi Mac Late Show, he recalled working with “nasty motherf—er” Walker, adding that the worst experience of his career took place a few years back in an Alexandria, Virginia comedy club with the TV star.

“He was the most disgusting person that I’ve ever worked with in this business,” said McCormick.

Urban Hollywood 411

Tags: Abuse, Celebrity, Comics, Employment, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, LGBTQ, Macho Posing, Mental Health, Politics, Privilege, Termination



Teen boys gang raped lesbian to ‘correct’ her sexuality

While party-goers celebrated at Cape Town Pride Festival this weekend, three men held a lesbian captive and raped her nearby.

Police believe the suspects gang-raped her with the excuse they were ‘correcting’ her sexuality.

‘They found two of the gangsters, aged 14 and 17, while the third suspect is on the run.’

"Corrective rape" is a hate crime in which attackers rape victims because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The term originated in South Africa which has seen the most recorded cases and the most high-profile cases.

But ‘corrective rape’ has also happened in Ecuador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, the UK, the US and Zimbabwe.


Tags: Artist, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Humiliation, Inhumanity, Interference, Judgment, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Macho Posing, Men Not In Charge, Minors, Parental Crime, Rape, Safety, Sex, Threat, Unruly Child, Violence, World, Youth



AOC invokes her faith and Jesus Christ in screed saying religious freedom is used for 'discrimination' and 'bigotry' against LGBT people 


Any religious person whose faith does not align with "progressive" orthodoxy on matters like human sexuality, marriage, or basic human biology has probably heard at some point or another that their beliefs are actually bigoted and that their faith is merely subterfuge for that kind of animus. Well, they would have heard something similar if they tuned into a House Oversight Hearing on religious freedom this week.

The hearing, "The Administration's Religious Liberty Assault on LGBTQ Rights," was designed to "examine the Administration's actions to erode LGBTQ rights in multiple areas, including healthcare, employment, adoption, and foster care."

"I'm experiencing this hearing and I'm struggling whether I respond or launch into this question as a legislator or from the perspective of a woman of faith," Ocasio-Cortez began.

The Blaze

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Environment, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Judgment, LGBTQ, Politics, Religion, Representation, Safety, Speech, Survival, Women In Charge



Franklin Graham is suing an event venue for refusing to let him spread anti-LGBTQ rhetoric 


After a Glasgow venue canceled an event hosted by Franklin Graham, the notoriously anti-LGBTQ preacher has started legal proceedings to sue for “religious discrimination.” The minister regularly bashes LGBTQ people on social media and from the pulpit.

Graham’s claim of discrimination comes after he has spent years defending anti-LGBTQ bakery owners’ rights to turn away LGBTQ couples. Graham has repeatedly praised the business owners for standing up for their private beliefs.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is claiming the venue, the SSE Hydro, is being discriminatory against Christians by refusing to give the pastor a platform to spread anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Graham’s May 30th event was canceled after the venue’s primary shareholder, the Glasgow City Council, voiced strong concerns about hosting Graham because it was likely hate speech and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric would be used at the event.

LGBTQ Nation

Archdiocese finally admits it pushed out two teachers that were gay & engaged

Tags: Activism, Campaign, Court, Education, Employment, Exclusivity, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Inciting Future Hate, Inciting Violence, LGBTQ, Magic Splatter, Men In Charge, New World Order, Politics, Privilege, Religion, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Teacher, Termination, Threat, World



Town burns effigy of kissing gay couple holding a child as part of carnival “celebration” 


Residents of the small Croatian town of Imotski cheered and danced on Sunday while burning an effigy of a gay couple holding a child.

The violent display occurred during a town carnival, while a massive crowd looked on. In a video, many children can be seen watching as the adults around them applaud and play celebratory music.

The doll in the couple’s arms, placed there to represent a child, was adorned with the face of Nenad Stazic, a left-wing, Social Democratic Party member and a member of the Croatian parliament.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Celebration, Environment, Gay, Homophobia, Hostility, Inciting Future Hate, Interference, LGBTQ, Magic Splatter, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Politics, Psychology, Threat, Treatment, World



Woman outed a gay man who didn’t pay her $5000 to keep quiet. She was murdered hours later. 


After posting a Facebook Live video in which she threatened to out a man if he didn’t pay her $5000, 40-year-old Indianapolis woman Jane Waughfield was shot and killed.

In the seventeen-minute video, Waughfield said she walked in on a man she had sex with “a long time ago” when he was having sex with another man. She said she entered his apartment looking for her phone.

She felt horrified and repulsed. “I feel disgusted,” she said in the video. “I’ve been sick all day.”

Waughfield said she threatened to out the men if they didn’t pay her $5000.

“If you don’t give me some money I’m fucking telling everybody,” she said. “Oh, y’all don’t want to pay? Bitch, I let you give me some head and you were fucking niggers in the ass?”

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: $, Bribery, Death, Guns/Toys, Hate, Homophobia, Inciting Violence, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Murder, Relationships, Sex, Social Media, Threat, Violence



Boosie Badazz Denied Entry at Planet Fitness for Transphobic Comments About Dwyane Wade's Child 


Rapper Boosie Badazz says he was “refused” entry at a Planet Fitness in Georgia over transphobic comments he made about Dwyane Wade‘s daughter Zaya.

Boosie, 37, spoke out about the incident on Instagram Thursday, sharing a video, which shows him pulling out of the gym’s parking lot.

“Do not go to Planet Fitness, they racist. They haters. They just put me out Planet Fitness for what I said about Dwyane Wade son,” Boosie explained. “And they said I said in a video one of they employees was faggot or some shit… They got roaches in that bitch.”


Shea Diamond, Nomi Ruiz & More Condemn Transphobic Comments About Dwyane Wade's Daughter: Exclusive

Tags: All Rights, Bullying, Business, Celebrity, Environment, Fighting Back, Gym, Hate, Hip Hop, Homophobia, Insensitivity, LGBTQ, Macho Posing, Men Not In Charge, No more Heroes, Privilege, Profiling, Punishment, Rejection, Representation, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Stereotype, Trans, Treatment



Did U.K.’s Most Prolific Serial Rapist Ignite a LGBTQ “Witch Hunt?" 


“The case of Reynhard Sinaga has already provoked a backlash against LGBTIQ people in Indonesia,” says Paul Jansen, senior advisor for global advocacy at OutRight Action International. “Indonesian media sensationalized the case, presenting it not as the actions of one criminal, but rather as representative of the nature of all LGBTIQ people. In response, the city of Depok, south of Jakarta, has announced a witch hunt to chase LGBTIQ people out of the city, as ‘perverts and criminals have no place in the city.’ Other officials and other cities may follow suit. Rising hate speech is likely to increase hate-motivated discrimination, harassment, and violence against LGBTIQ people.”

In one example, Mohammad Idris, the mayor of Depok, recently directed police to weed out “LGBT behavior” and called on local agencies to stop the “spread of LGBT,” according to The Guardian. Using Sinaga’s crime as justification, Idris also vowed to launch a center in Depok to rehabilitate LGBTQ “victims.”


Gay teacher left “broken” after student’s homophobic dad threatened him with a knife

Pizza worker busted calling a customer a “fa***t” in viral video

Gay man beaten after another man thought he was flirting with him

Tags: All Rights, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Interference, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Politics, Privilege, Profiling, Religion, Representation, Restaurant, Safety, Sex, Students, Teacher, Termination, Unruly Child, Violence, World, Youth



SEXUAL ‘CLEANSING’ Iran is forcing thousands of gay people to have gender reassignment surgery against their will or face execution 


“The ayatollah’s are seeking to eliminate homosexuality by pressuring or forcing gay men to undergo gender reassignment surgery to make them ‘women’.

"Some gay men agree to become trans women to protect themselves from prosecution and execution when they have sex with men.

"They don't want to be trans but fear being hanged if they don't transition.

“Iran’s policy of encouraging gender reassignment has nothing to do with supporting trans people.

The Sun

Man set fire to a trans woman’s apartment: “Anyone who is a tr***y offends me”

Christian parents sue their school district to force it to out trans kids

Mormon Church Formalizes Punishments for Trans Members

Tags: Abuse, Activism, Arson, Choices, Church, Court, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Judgment, LGBTQ, Men, Men In Charge, Parental Burden, Politics, Religion, Sex, Sex Identity, Surgery, Trans, Violence, Weird, World, Youth



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