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Bill Maher blasts Biden's speechwriter for trying to blame ALL 254,000 COVID deaths on Trump - and says it's actually the fault of the US for being an 'incompetent' country 


Bill Maher suggested the United States' staggering number of coronavirus deaths were because its an 'incompetent country' while pushing back against a guest's claim that President Donald Trump was to blame.

Maher then interjected to argue that the United States' coronavirus-related deaths were a result of widespread blundering - not simply President Trump.

'Everybody's incompetent. It wasn't just Trump that led to those deaths,' said Maher. 'He certainly did his part, but we're an incompetent country.'

'That's true,' Meacham, 51, agreed.

'And an unhealthy one,' Maher said.

Bill Maher blasts Biden's speechwriter for trying to blame ALL 254,000 COVID deaths on Trump

Tags: Celebrity, Coronavirus, Death, Denial, Environment, Health, Hypocrisy, Interview, Life Sucks!, News, Opinion, Politics, Safety, TV



Enough With The Lesbian Period Dramas 


There’s a pretty standard set of stereotypes when it comes to lesbian fashion. Plaid, snapbacks, Blundstones, and keys hanging off carabiners all make the cut. But looking at the way Hollywood has gone about depicting sapphic women, you might as well throw petticoats and corsets in there, too.

The film industry has developed a fascination bordering on obsession with moody-yet-sexy lesbian period dramas. On Friday, Ammonite, which features Kate Winslet as a dour paleontologist and Saoirse Ronan as a young woman who woos Winslet out of her hard shell, will become the latest addition to this obsession. It’s set in 1840, because of course it is.

Perhaps the most telling sign that these films are trying to soften their portrayal of lesbianism that no one ever has to say the word “lesbian.” Or even “sapphic.” Nevermind the nuance of a nice “bisexual.” The women desire and pine and exchange longing glances by a windswept beach with moody gray skies, but they don’t speak plainly of what’s going on. This makes sense to some extent, since historically these desires weren’t allowed in public life, leading to a lot of coded behavior and clandestine relationships. These are women overcoming societal expectations to follow their passions — they don’t need labels, right?

Enough With The Lesbian Period Dramas

Tags: Community, Criticism, Hollywood, Hypocrisy, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Modernization, Opinion, Reality, Representation



'Sorry I'm not sorry': Candace Owens doubles down on her criticism of Harry Styles after he wore a dress in Vogue, and renews her calls to 'bring back manly men' 


Candace Owens has doubled down on her criticism of Harry Styles, renewing her calls to ‘bring back manly men’ days after she slammed the former One Direction star for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue.

‘Since I’m trending I’d like to clarify what I meant when I said “bring back manly men”,’ she wrote in response to the backlash Monday. ‘I meant: Bring back manly men.

‘Terms like “toxic masculinity”, were created by toxic females. Real women don’t do fake feminism,’ she continued. ‘Sorry I’m not sorry.’

‘I’m impervious to woke culture,’ she said. ‘Showing me 50 examples of something won’t make it any less stupid. #BringBackManlyMen.’

'Sorry I'm not sorry': Candace Owens doubles down on her criticism of Harry Styles after he wore a dress in Vogue, and renews her calls to 'bring back manly men'

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Masculinity, Opinion, Perception, Politics, Sex Identity



Porn Performer Quin Quire Says the Pandemic Isn't Deadly Enough 


Lamenting the global pandemic wasn’t “deadly enough” in his opinion, porn performer Quin Quire took to Twitter yesterday to publicly express his desire for a more lethal version of the current virus to make the world a better place.

“It’s good to kill off the weak from a population to ensure the BEST survival for the group,” Quire tweeted yesterday.

Porn Performer Quin Quire Says the Pandemic Isn't Deadly Enough

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Coronavirus, Gay, LGBTQ, Opinion, Porn, Revenge, Survival



(Fuck You Daddy) Bill Maher: ‘Let’s not have a civil war with the Trumpets’


Maher mocked “rich celebrities” who threaten to leave the country but never do and said that citizens who want to divide the country into red and blue states should “shut the fuck up.”

“Take it from someone who has traveled this country my whole life: There are no red states or blue states. They’re all like Mitch McConnell’s hands — some shade of purple,” Maher said.

Maher called out Democrats for mostly staying silent despite months of civil unrest and looting this past summer.

“Have we lost our minds?!? Stealing? BAD!” Maher shouted. “No looting the mall and also no Gucci-loafered Republican looters ransacking our government because I know what you’re thinking, Don.

“You lose the election and everything must go! We lost our lease, going out of business!

“Oh yes, you’ll be selling pardons on Craigslist. Jared will turn the Smithsonian into condos.

Bill Maher: ‘Let’s not have a civil war

Tags: Anguish, Celebrity, Comedy, Comics, Environment, Opinion, Perception, Politics



Comedian Amber Ruffin Goes in on Rappers Supporting Donald Trump 


To say comedian Amber Ruffin is confused by rappers supporting President Trump would be an understatement.

On Monday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ruffin admitted that she didn't want to comment on rappers like 50 Cent and Waka Flocka Flame supporting the president because her comments would "go off the rails." But, she threw caution to the wind and proceeded anyway.

"What is wrong with you? Why in the butt would you be like, ‘I want a seat at the table to share my ideas,’ when you haven’t been doing the work?" Ruffin said.

Comedian Amber Ruffin Goes in on Rappers Supporting Donald Trump

Tags: Backlash, Cancellation, Celebrity, Choices, Comedy, Cultural, Environment, Men In Charge, Music, Opinion, Politics, Rap, Toxic, Youth



Chris Pratt, Just Come Out and Say You're a Republican, Thanks! 


Somehow, there are two more weeks left before Election Day, which is both comforting and nauseating. The next two weeks are critical or maybe they don’t mean shit. Regardless of where you stand on what’s going to happen on November 3, if you’re not quite sure about who you’re going to vote for, let the cast of the Avengers movies (minus Chris Pratt, spicy!!) convince you otherwise... I guess??

Word on the street (thanks Variety) is that the people who played the Avengers in movies are assembling their star power to do a fundraiser for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Here’s the list of people who are participating in this fundraiser: Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana. Who is missing from this list? It begins with a Crisp and ends with a Rat, and yes, you betcha, you got this one right, it’s the Star-Lord himself, hmmmm! The fact that Pratt is not participating in this debacle, when like, almost every other Avenger is, led to widespread (Twitter) speculation that Pratt’s refusal to do so is because he is, in fact, a MAGA-loving, big, red, too-buff Republican.

Chris Pratt, Just Come Out and Say You're a Republican, Thanks!

Tags: Cancellation, Career, Celebrity, Choices, Etiquette, Opinion, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Representation, Termination, Threat



Betty White Thought She Would Die Before Her ‘Golden Girls’ Castmates 


Fans of Betty White, former star of The Golden Girls, are often worried about her health. Whenever she trends on Twitter, most of her devoted followers become fearful something terrible has happened to the star. Now that White is close to 100 years old, some are dreading the day her death is announced.

Some might want to avoid the topic, but White has given her death some thought. She once said she thought she would die before her Golden Girls cast mates.

I think the toughest thing about loss, and the hardest challenge, is the isolation you feel in its aftermath. You spent so much time sharing your life with someone, talking through issues, even disagreeing about things, and all of a sudden there’s a hole.

Betty White Thought She Would Die Before Her ‘Golden Girls’ Castmates

Tags: Celebrity, Comedy, Death, Entertainment, History, Interview, Legend, Opinion, Portrait, Seniors, Survival, Sweet



Why some Latino essential workers remain overlooked amid racial reckoning protests 


The vast majority of Latinos living in the U.S. (around 60.6 million) are not undocumented, but 15.7% lived in poverty in 2019, a number that had been falling, but is still more than double their white counterparts, according to Census data.

Latinos also make up a large portion of the labor force in service sectors that were considered essential after the COVID-19 pandemic started (some 65%) -- like some construction, health care and food service workers -- leaving them at higher risk of being exposed to the disease without the protections typically afforded first responders and other traditional essential workers.

"Why are Latinos dying at a higher rate? Because we have no choice," said Frankie Miranda, the president of the Hispanic Federation, which supports Latino-led non-profits around the country. "We have to go to work, stock the shelves, deliver the food, be the sanitation workers, and of course we don't have the protective gear or any kind of information that can help us really navigate this. We know this for sure because our member agencies -- that were already underfunded and under-resourced -- were the ones that needed to step in and be the first responders for our communities."

When asked why he believes the Mexican community has not jumped into action and demanded racial equality following the Black Lives Matter protests, Alvarez suggested: "We are too afraid. Even if you want to do a peaceful protest, you don't want to be arrested because you can get deported."

Alvarez's case points to another situation that many Latinos say is affecting the community: lack of unity.

Why some Latino essential workers remain overlooked amid racial reckoning protests

Tags: All Rights, Cultural, Environment, Etiquette, Exclusivity, Hate, Health, History, Hostility, Humiliation, Inhumanity, Judgment, Latinos, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Neglect, Opinion, Politics, Protection, Racism, Safety, Treatment, Vulnerable



Phil Collins wants to kick his ex-wife out of Miami home: reports 


It’s not another day in paradise.

Phil Collins is kicking his ex-wife out of his Miami mansion, according to sources close to the singer-songwriter.

Collins, 69, plans to file an eviction lawsuit to remove Orianne Cevey, who says she isn’t going anywhere and recently changed the security codes at the home, according to TMZ.

Cevey, 46, threatened to release potentially embarrassing and false accusations against Collins if he continues with plans to remove her from the sprawling mansion, according to a source.

Phil Collins wants to kick his ex-wife out of Miami home: reports

Tags: Celebrity, Concern, Environment, Fail, Fear, Greed, Honesty, Hostility, Humiliation, Invasion, Marriage, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Opinion, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Threat, Vulnerable, Women In Charge, Youth



Blake Jenner Confirms Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist’s Allegations of Domestic Abuse 


Actor Blake Jenner has broken his silence regarding claims of mental, emotional, and physical abuse lodged against him by ex-wife Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist.

“I take full responsibility and accountability for the hurt that I inflicted during my relationship with my past partner - emotionally, mentally, and yes, physically.” Rather than leave it at that, Jenner goes on to allege that Benoist emotionally, mentally, and physically abused him during their relationship. “Without absolving myself of any responsibility,” Jenner writes, “it is important to understand that there was mental, emotional, and physical abuse from both ends.”

Blake Jenner Confirms Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist’s Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Celebrity, Domestic Violence, Marriage, Opinion, Relationships, Social Media, Truth, Violence



Ex-Strictly judge Len Goodman worries same-sex couples will put off older fans. Because apparently everyone over 50 is homophobic 


Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman has said older viewers of the BBC series might be put off by same-sex pairings.

The long-running contest announced in September that lesbian boxer Nicola Adams would form one-half of the show’s first ever same-sex couple.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Goodman said he would only have mixed-gender couples on the show if he had his way.

“A lot of older people are traditionalists – they used to go ballroom dancing and most people’s nans and grandads met probably in a dance hall,” the former judge, who quit the show in 2016, said.

Ex-Strictly judge Len Goodman worries same-sex couples

Tags: All Rights, LGBTQ, Opinion, Seniors, TV, TV Gay Swatch



White Gays, Please Stop Using Anti-Racism as a Photo Op 


In what’s shaping up to be one of the most counterproductive social media activism campaigns since millions of people posted plain black squares to their Instagram feeds, a legion of largely (though not exclusively) white Twitter gays have attempted to “reclaim” a hashtag most commonly associated with the Proud Boys, a white nationalist hate group.

"white gays “reclaiming” a phrase rooted in white supremacy is very spot on. it was actually on my 2020 bingo card. i’m two away from bingo."

"How many of the white gays "reclaiming" the #proudboys tag you wanna guess have "no Blacks" in their grindr profile"

As many have noted, turning the name of a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group into a photo-op is not just politically empty; it actively obscures the very real presence of white supremacy in the LGBTQ+ community. The trend is a display of vanity masquerading as organizing. It is a manifestation of privilege to believe — and then act on the belief — that one can “reclaim” a potent symbol of white supremacy by reformulating it in the context of Gay Pride. You can claim that “love wins” and that the more powerful way to be a “proud boy” is living out and proud, but the reality is that for millions of Black and brown folks, this is still a terror organization that actively threatens their lives, livelihoods, and right to exist in America.

White Gays, Please Stop Using Anti-Racism as a Photo Op

Tags: Activism, Backlash, LGBTQ, Opinion, Perception, Politics, Propoganda, Racism, Representation, Social Media, Supremacy, Weird



Village of the Damned 3: when parents fear their changeling children 

How can you be sure your child is really your child? Could that innocent-seeming baby be a changeling – a cuckoo in your nest? There is something about the evil elf child, reborn as the alien walking among us, that continues to fascinate and terrify us. So much so, the broadcaster Sky has announced it has commissioned a third version of Village of the Damned from David Farr, the writer of The Night Manager.

The first, filmed in 1960, is a cult classic of understated British horror. The 1995 version, starring Christopher Reeves, translated the nightmare to small-town America.

Both were based on John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos, in which a whole village briefly loses consciousness. Nine months later, eerily identical alien babies with telepathic powers are born to the women. They are smarter and grow faster than normal – and are soon threatening not just their “parents”, but all humankind.

Teenagers are again euphorically embracing revolution, literally toppling statues in joyful Black Lives Matter protest and skipping school to protest climate change.

Meanwhile, the widespread use of social media in itself can produce a hive mind effect. Although social media was intended to support free speech and allow anyone to share their opinion, the effect of a Twitter pile-on can be to crush nuance, doubt or divergence. Commentators, such as Gavin Haynes, have highlighted the resulting purity spirals in which nobody can stand alone.

Both the single-minded power of the Chinese state and the collective force of an online horde echo the strength of the Midwich aliens versus the fragmented, conflicted arguments of the humans opposing them. The aliens’ power was that they were not individuals – they were parts of a single entity with a single idea – to survive. As in Wyndham’s time, we again face a real contrast between individualism and groupthink.

Village of the Damned 3

Tags: Book, Effect, Environment, Film, Film Trivia, History, Opinion, Parenting, Politics, Psychology, Representation, Science, Social Media, Youth



Batman: Tim Burton Understood Gotham Way More Than Nolan & Snyder 


The first began in 1989 with the film simply titled Batman, directed by Tim Burton. The movie introduced viewers to Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, all with that dark and gothic style that has made Burton’s work stand-out. Three years later, Burton returned to Gotham City with Batman Returns, with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Danny DeVito as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin. Batman Returns is considered among the best superhero movies ever, but it also drew a lot of criticism due to its darker tone, and Burton didn’t return to direct more Batman movies. Instead, Joel Schumacher was brought in and directed Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, both with different actors playing Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer and George Clooney, respectively). Burton not only gave Gotham a darker tone, but he also understood the city better than Nolan and Snyder did years later.

Batman: Tim Burton Understood Gotham

Tags: Film, Film Trivia, Opinion



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