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Dallas nightclub shooting leaves one person dead and 7 wounded 


A 21-year-old woman was killed and seven people wounded early Saturday in a shooting at a Dallas nightclub, police said.

The victim, identified as Daisy Navarrete, died from her injuries after a "disturbance between two groups" ended with someone shooting into a crowd at the Pryme Bar, Dallas police said via Twitter.

Dallas nightclub shooting leaves one person dead and 7 wounded

Two 18-year-old men and a girl, 17, 'lured men looking for Tinder dates - then beat them, robbed them, kidnapped them and threatened them with guns before booting them out of their own cars'

Man, 34, is arrested for 'stabbing eight people' during fight at a hookah bar in Detroit

Miami Beach EXTENDS curfew and state of emergency through April 12 after SWAT teams battled wild crowds of maskless Spring Break revelers

Alleged attacker yelling anti-Asian insults is arrested after he leaves man, 68, bloody mess on NYC subway

REVEALED: Syrian-born gunman Ahmad Alissa, 21, was known to FBI and ranted about 'Islamophobes hacking his phone' before killing ten at Boulder grocery store with assault rifle he bought one week ago

Spring breaker, 24, who was drugged, raped and left to die in a hotel room traveled to Miami ALONE and once wrote on Facebook: 'This is a dangerous world... you never know what anyone’s true intentions are'

Boston Uber driver, 47, is charged with kidnapping after 'trapping female passenger in his car by activating child safety locks before trying to climb into back seat with her'

Tags: App, Attack, Bar/Club, Crime, Cultural, Dating, Guns, Investigation, Kidnap, Murder, Racism, Rape, Religion, Safety, Sex, Surge, Theft, Threat, Video, Violence



Mother: White headmaster made Black son kneel during apology 


The white headmaster of a New York Catholic school forced an 11-year-old Black student to kneel while apologizing to a teacher and later explained that the punishment was an "African way,” the boy's mother said.

Headmaster John Holian of St. Martin de Porres Marianist school on Long Island was placed on temporary leave after details of the Feb. 25 incident came to light, the Daily News reports.

Mother: White headmaster made Black son kneel during apology

Chuck Lorre's New CBS Sitcom Slammed for Handling of Afghan Character

Senior Teen Vogue staffer who supported ouster of new editor used N-word in tweets a decade ago... so will her woke colleagues now turn on her?

Straphanger urinates on Asian woman inside NYC subway car

Suspect bashed Asian woman with pipe during NYC attack

Man accused of attacking Asian woman and her daughter in Portland charged with hate crime

Woman arrested for hate crime, assault after hitting McDonald's employee in Mountain View

Elderly Man Left in Critical Condition After Unprovoked Attack on NYC Subway

Kentucky man who killed 2 Black customers at Kroger pleads guilty to federal hate crime charges

Investigators arrest members of alleged crime syndicate targeting Nashville Hispanic population

Tags: Arrest, Attack, Backlash, Children, Choices, Comedy, Cultural, Education, Employment, Fashion, Hate, Investigation, Judgment, Misconduct, Parental Burden, Punishment, Racial Tension, Racism, Religion, Social Media, Suspension, Teacher, Theft, Threat, Treatment, TV, Violence



Atlanta Suspect’s Fixation on Sex Is Familiar Thorn for Evangelicals 


When Brad Onishi heard that the man accused of a rampage at three Atlanta-area spas told detectives that he had carried out the attacks as a way to eliminate his own temptations, the claim sounded painfully familiar.

Dr. Onishi, who grew up in a strict evangelical community in Southern California that emphasized sexual purity, had spent his teenage years tearing out any advertisements in surfing magazines that featured women in bikinis. He had traded his online passwords with friends to hold himself accountable. “We had a militant vigilance: Don’t let anything in the house that will tempt you sexually,” Dr. Onishi, now an associate professor of religious studies at Skidmore College, recalled.

Many people saw clear signs of misogyny and racism in the attacks, in which six of the victims were women of Asian descent.

But Mr. Long’s characterization of his motivations was also very recognizable to observers of evangelicalism and some evangelicals themselves. He seemed to have had a fixation on sexual temptation, one that can lead to despair among people who believe they are failing to follow the ideal of refraining from sex and even lust outside heterosexual marriage.

Atlanta Suspect’s Fixation on Sex Is Familiar Thorn for Evangelicals

Sex, Rape And Social History – The Case Of The Bible

No evidence yet of federal hate crime in Atlanta-area spa killings, officials say

Tags: Crime, Investigation, Psychology, Religion, Sex



Multiple People Killed In Atlanta Area Shootings / NBC News NOW 


Eight people have been killed in shootings at massage parlours in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Two people died at the scene and three were taken to hospital where two more succumbed to their injuries. Captain Baker said two of the dead were Asian women, along with a white woman and a white man.

Multiple People Killed In Atlanta Area Shootings / NBC News NOW

Shootings at Atlanta Asian massage parlours leave eight dead

Tags: Attack, Community, Guns, Investigation, Murder, Terror, Threat, Video, Violence



CBS Launches Investigation Following Heated Exchange Between ‘The Talk’ Hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood 


“Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No,” Osbourne told The Talk. “It’s not my opinion … I support him for his freedom of speech, and he’s my friend.”

Underwood explained that Morgan’s remarks had racist undertones, and Osbourne offered him a pass for this behavior by supporting him.

“I will ask you again Sheryl, I’ve been asking you during the break and I’m asking you again, and don’t try and cry ‘cause if anyone should be crying it should be me. Educate me! Tell me when you have heard him say racist things,” Osbourne said.

CBS Launches Investigation Following Heated Exchange Between ‘The Talk’

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Investigation, Opinion, Racial Tension, Talk, TV, Women In Charge



Six More People Level Sexual Assault Accusations at T.I. and Tiny 


The 11 women who have banded together are now calling for a criminal investigation to be launched against the rapper and his wife, who have been accused of drugging, raping, and kidnapping their victims. Blackburn said he’s started initial discussions regarding his clients’ allegations with two law enforcement offices, adding that “the goal is to get justice for these women, hands down. This is not about money. This is not about clout.”

Six More People Level Sexual Assault Accusations at T.I. and Tiny

Olympian John Zimmerman Suspended, Accused of Covering Up Sexual Abuse

Tags: Accusation, Celebrity, Drugs, Employment, Entertainment, Investigation, Marriage, Minors, Misconduct, Music, Rape, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Supremacy, Termination, Youth



The US Is Seeing a Massive Spike in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes 


Last week, actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu announced that they were offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who could help identify the person who was caught on camera shoving a 91-year-old man in Oakland’s Chinatown. The attack came amid a sudden and massive rise in the number of hate crimes against Asian Americans across the country, a phenomenon many activists argue is not getting as much media attention as it deserves.

“The skyrocketing number of hate crimes against Asian Americans continues to grow, despite our repeated pleas for help,” Kim wrote. “The crimes ignored and even excused. Remember Vincent Chin.”

The US Is Seeing a Massive Spike in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

A California Man Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Asian Americans On The Street

Tags: Action, Arrest, Crime, Cultural, Environment, Hate, Investigation, Parental Burden, Politics, Safety, Support, Video, Violence



Jhené Aiko Explains Why She Stopped Using the N-Word in Her Music 


There seems to be unnecessary confusion surrounding the use of the N-word, especially when it comes to crafting lyrics. This moved Jhené Aiko to give a deep explanation as to why she removed the word from her music.

Although her ability to look like multiple races has undoubtedly been beneficial to her public persona, Aiko doesn't want to abuse a privilege that she didn't ask for. So out of respect for herself, friends, and fans, she decided to stop using the N-word in her music because it could make people uncomfortable. Aiko explains that she eradicated the word from her writing process years ago, but this discussion made the news relevant.

Jhené Aiko Explains Why She Stopped Using the N-Word in Her Music

Papa John’s founder’s use of N-word not racist, according to report he commissioned

Tags: Celebrity, Choices, Cultural, Etiquette, Honesty, Inclusion, Investigation, Investment, Men In Charge, Music, Politics, Preservation, Representation, Respect, Treatment, Trending, Women In Charge, Words



Singer Ann Marie Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Man in the Head in Atlanta 


Ann Marie claimed that a gun had fallen off a table in the room, going off and hitting the man, police said, according to CBS 46. She was reportedly very distraught and kept asking officers if the victim was going to be okay.

The "Secret" singer was reportedly screaming hysterically to the point of having to be removed from the scene by officers, whom she told that she and the victim had grown up together and were visiting from Chicago.

Singer Ann Marie Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Man in the Head in Atlanta

Tags: Accident, Celebrity, Crime, Death, Friendship, Guns/Toys, Investigation, Murder, Music



Ellen DeGeneres Awkwardly Asked Justin Bieber What the 'Holdup' Is on Hailey Having Kids 


Ellen DeGeneres had Justin Bieber on her first show of the December holiday season, and the line of questioning was truly cringe-inducing at moments. Justin handled it as well as he could and remained relatively stoic, but his discomfort was visible, particularly when Ellen asked whether his wife Hailey really cooked their Thanksgiving turkey and what the "holdup" was on him and Hailey having kids.

Hailey had boasted about cooking her first turkey on Instagram, which Ellen brought up during the interview. Justin went on to explain friends brought dishes as well, and "I have a chef too, which I’m really blessed about, to have." (Twink, twink.)

Ellen DeGeneres Awkwardly Asked Justin Bieber What the 'Holdup' Is on Hailey Having Kids

Tags: Celebrity, Children, Eek, Fantasy, Interview, Investigation, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Marriage, Psychology, Realist



Instagram model helps women catch cheating men by sliding into their DMs 


A model from California is helping women catch cheating cads on Instagram.

Paige Woolen, 28, who has over 200,000 followers on her main account, has a side account, @dudesinthedm, from which she slides into the DMs of men who are suspected of cheating to see if she can catch them in the act.

“I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends,” Woolen told the Star. “It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.”

She posts images of the direct message exchanges she has with the men on Instagram, thus exposing the would-be cheaters.

Instagram model helps women catch cheating men by sliding into their DMs

Tags: Cheating, Eek, Hate, Investigation, Marriage, Men Not In Charge, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Relationships, Revenge, Sex, Social Media



Carl Lentz's Former Hillsong Church Branch Is Under Investigation 


Apparently, Hillsong Church's “recent revelation of moral failures,” doesn't begin and end with Carl Lentz, the disgraced celebrity pastor who was let go last week after his marital infidelity came to light.

The megachurch's co-founder and lead pastor, Brian Houston, revealed on Twitter on Thursday that they would be launching an investigation into Hillsong's NYC branch. “We are launching an independent investigation into the inner workings of Hillsong NYC/East Coast,” Houston tweeted. “We need a solid foundation for a fresh start and new beginning. The best is yet to come.”

Carl Lentz's Former Hillsong Church Branch Is Under Investigation

Tags: Celebrity, Controversy, Employment, Environment, Investigation, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Religion, Sex



Florida dad, 42, is fighting for life after his son ignored his parents' advice and went out with friends without a mask and infected his whole family with COVID-19 


A Florida father is fighting for his life after contracting coronavirus from his son, who tested positive after ignoring his parents' advice to stay home and not gather with friends.

John Place, from Plantation, is currently in the intensive care unit at Westside Regional Medical Center where he was put on a ventilator for more than two weeks.

The 42-year-old and his family all tested positive for COVID-19 last month after his 21-year-old son went out with friends one night and unknowingly brought the respiratory virus back to their home.

Daily Mail

'I didn't get a COVID stimulus check': Cops hunt bank robber who slipped teller a note threatening to start shooting if she didn't get him money because he 'lost his business to the pandemic and didn't get aid'

Tags: $, Bank, Business, Children, Choices, Contagion, Coronavirus, Crime, Family, Guns, Investigation, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Priorities, Robbery, Safety, Self Interest, Threat, Youth



Filipino politician tries to force LGBT+ people to kiss and ‘sexy dance’ as punishment for breaching coronavirus lockdown 


A Filipino politician reportedly tried to force LGBT+ people to kiss each other and perform a “sexy dance” in front of minors as a punishment for breaking a coronavirus lockdown curfew.

Christopher Bombing Punzalan, captain (elected chairman) of the Pandacaqui barangay (district), posted a series of now-deleted Facebook live videos of him confronting a group breaking the 8pm lockdown curfew.

Pink News

Tags: Bullying, Employment, Hate, Hostility, Humiliation, Investigation, Leaders, LGBTQ, Psychology, Threat, Thug, Treatment, World



Man accused of ditching boy because he thought he was gay 


A Florida man is accused of child neglect after leaving a child alone at night outside a police station because he thought the boy might be gay, police said.

Haines City police didn't say in an arrest report whether the boy was the son of Evenaud Julmeus, 30. The child's name, age or relationship to Julmeus wasn't included in the report.

ABC News

Tags: Abuse, Children, Choices, Cruelty, Hate, Inhumanity, Investigation, LGBTQ, Neglect, Parental Burden, Perception, Sad, Treatment



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