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In 20 years we'll look back on the rush to change our children's sex as one of the darkest chapters in medicine, says psychotherapist BOB WITHERS 


Let me be absolutely clear: I am in no doubt there are people who feel they are one gender while having the body of the other.

Living with such constant, internal conflict is horrifying for many of those affected, and it should never be ignored.

No one should seek to suppress another person’s genuinely held sexual orientation or gender identity.

But the question we must ask ourselves today is this – how do we decide whose needs are genuine? And how, then, should we treat them?

Daily Mail

Tags: All Rights, Education, Mental Health, Politics, Protections, Study, Support, Surgery, Treatment, Youth



7 shot at California nightclub during Halloween event dubbed 'The Purge' 

Seven people were shot late Sunday evening at nightclub in Southern California, officials said.

The Riverside Police Department received a call around 12:04 a.m. and responded to reports of a shooting inside and outside of Sevilla Nightclub.

Online flyers show the Sevilla Nightclub had advertised a Halloween event called, “The Purge," seemingly in reference to the name of the horror film.

ABC News

Doctors release new recommendations to reduce gun violence

A North Carolina High School Did Not Dismiss Class After a Student Was Fatally Shot on Campus. Here's Why

Tags: Backlash, Bar/Club, Business, Celebration, Education, Guns/Toys, Injury, Investigation, Lifestyle, Medical, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Study, Violence, Youth



Teen's Personal Essay Leads to Man's Conviction for Raping 3 Sisters 


A high school senior applying for an award was asked to write an essay about a problem she had to overcome. She wrote about being raped as a pre-teen — triggering an investigation that led to an Ohio man’s conviction for raping her and her two sisters.

On Friday, Anthony Knight, 43, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of rape, Sandusky County Prosecutor Timothy Braun confirms to PEOPLE.


Teacher Accused of Drunken Sex with Her Students Allegedly Told Police, ‘I Can’t Remember Anything’

Tags: Education, Hate, Investigation, Parental Burden, Rape, Sex, Study, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women, Youth



Banning spanking and other corporal punishment tied to less youth violence 


Youth around the world are less violent where corporal punishment is banned, according to an analysis of data from 88 countries, territories and protectorate states published Monday in the health journal BMJ.

"Societies that have these bans in place appear to be safer places for kids to grow up in," said lead study author Frank Elgar, an associate professor in the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University in Montreal.

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Sege, who was not involved in the new research, said the "results are actually quite validating." Sege is a professor of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine that has served on the child abuse, injury and violence committees for the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Tags: Child Abuse, Laws, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Religion, Study, Unruly Child, Violence, World



Here are all the things straight dudes shouldn’t do if they don’t want to appear gay 


Damon Young over at The Root has created a handy list of all the things straight men should not do if they don’t want to be mistaken for a homosexual, including eating lollipops, riding bikes, keeping a regular skincare regimen, and getting prostate exams.

Now before you get all worked up, you should know he’s been totally ironic.

The video was inspired by comments rapper Wiz Khalifa made earlier this year about why straight men shouldn’t eat bananas in public because people might get the wrong idea about your sexuality.


Tags: Celebrity, Homophobia, Macho Posing, Perception, Study, Treatment, Video Gay Swatch



Adolf Hitler was bisexual, according to a declassified 1942 intelligence profile 


A declassified profile of Adolf Hitler said that he was “both homosexual and hetero-sexual.”

The document, compiled by the Office of Strategic Services in 1942, is a long profile of the personal life of the Nazi dictator. The 70-page document was declassified in 2000, but the British tabloid Daily Star just reported on the references to Hitler’s sexuality in it.

LGBTQ Nation

Calling Adolf Hitler ‘bisexual’ as slander against LGBTQ people

Tags: Counter, History, Sex Identity, Study, Supremacy



Political correctness is widely unpopular with Americans of all ages and races, a study finds 


Most Americans dislike the culture of political correctness despite pervasive stereotypes based on age and race and the general understanding of deeply decided society, a new study has found.

A report published Wednesday by More in Common, an organization looking to reduce polarization and social division in communities, found that 80% of the US public believe that political correctness is a problem.

It found that even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74% of people aged 24-29 and 79% percent of those under 24 — meaning those who don't see it as a problem are in the minority across all ages.

And it found that a majority of people of all races dislike political correctness.

Business Insider

Tags: All Rights, Environment, Hate, Politics, Study



The Forgotten Struggle Over Gender and Bigotry in Christianity 


On a warm, June Sunday in St. Louis I wandered with an old friend through the church where, earlier that morning, my children had been baptized. We came to the baptismal font, around which our family had gathered for the ceremony during the regular Sunday service. It was about four feet high, just low enough for my daughter to reach up and fiddle her fingers in the water and watch the droplets dribble back into its shallow pool. My friend, who had grown up in a secular upper-class home in Tito’s Yugoslavia, had little knowledge of fonts and baptism and the goings-on that morning. So he asked, what does it mean, baptism?

The question gave me pause. When you baptize a baby, it is a kind of naming ceremony, like those found in many societies. When you are baptized, like I was, on the eve of puberty, it is a coming-of-age ceremony, a rite de passage—again, a common practice across cultures. Sometimes, though rarely, an adult is baptized. Then it signals a religious conversion, the culmination of a profound personal transformation. I rambled. “But what do you think it means?” he asked. It was a fair question. I had just seen my own children baptized.

“It means,” I said, “you’re a child of God.”

“So you’re saved?” No. That’s not what I meant. That is what most people assume it means. That is what most people think the Christian religion is all about: salvation. But that is not really it. Earlier that morning the minister had used words from an ancient, nearly forgotten credo once associated with baptism. “You are children of God,” she said. “There is no Jew or Greek, no slave or free, no male and female.” The words were from a letter of Paul the Apostle, who had taken them, in turn, from an ancient baptismal creed he had come to know through the Jesus movement. That is what it’s about—being a child of God. Ethnicity (no Jew or Greek), class (no slave or free), and gender (no male and female) count neither for you nor against you. We are all children of God. He was skeptical. An early Christian creed about race, class, and gender? Unbelievable.


Tags: All Rights, Equality, History, Irony, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, Race, Religion, Study, World, Writing



3rd person alleges molestation by former Conroe priest at Houston church 


A Houston man has identified himself as the third victim of a former Conroe priest accused of molesting two teens.

A lawyer for the victim alleged Thursday that Manuel La Rosa-Lopez inappropriately touched his client, then a 13-year-old boy, at least four to five times while he served as an altar boy at a Houston church in the mid-1990s.


Victim of Alleged Priest Sex Abuse Takes On the Vatican

Boss of police child abuse squad DEFENDS decision not to oppose bail for IT expert accused of raping boy, 13, in the front yard of his home

Brazilian man jailed for sexually abusing his wife's mentally-ill sister is released from prison but then murders his 13-year-old daughter

Surge in sexual and violent offences sees 17% hike in crime on UK railways

High School Volleyball Coach Arrested For Molesting Teen Boys In California

Tatum O'Neal shares emotional post about being sexually abused multiple times: 'I remember everything'

Teri Hatcher Writes Open Letter to Donald Trump Detailing Childhood Sexual Assault / THR News

A nun's rape allegations create a #MeToo moment in India's Catholic Church

Beyond ‘no means no’: What most parents aren’t teaching their sons about sexual consent

Tags: Abuse, Advice, Celebrity, Chaos, Child Abuse, Children, Church, Court, Dating, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Investigation, Men In Charge, Murder, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parenting, Parents Don't Always Rule, Politics, Privilege, Punishment, Rape, Religion, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sports, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women, World, Writing, Youth



Teen charged with sexually assaulting fellow students in hazing incidents 


A 16-year-old Gunnison Valley High School sophomore has been arrested and charged in juvenile court with multiple counts of sex abuse in a case of hazing that prosecutors say went too far.

"This isn't an instance where they made the kids stand up and sing an embarrassing song or wear an embarrassing outfit or something like that. This clearly crossed the line into sexual assault," said Sanpete County Attorney Kevin Daniels.

The boy, whom the Deseret News has opted not to name at this time, was charged Friday in Sanpete County's 6th District Juvenile Court with six counts of object rape, a first-degree felony, and five counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

Deseret news

Latest Crime Figures Show Sexual Offences On The Rise While Number Of Homicides Is Unchanged in Ireland

Tags: Abuse, Bullying, Education, Environment, Hostility, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Rape, Self Interest, Sex, Study, Violence, Youth



Culture, Not PrEP, Linked with Nationwide Rise of STIs in Gay/Bi Men 


A new study from UCLA's Williams Institute may have found a new reason why STI's are on the rise among gay and bisexual men in the United States.

While some hypothesized that the STI rise could be linked to the use of PrEP, the drug for preventive HIV treatment, the report shows that's not the case.

"Our data don’t support the idea that we can attribute the rise in STIs to PrEP use, at least not in a direct manner. I personally don’t think that’s what’s happening," Professor Phillip Hammack, the study’s lead author, told Los Angeles Blade. Hammack believes there is a “culture shift about sex.”


Tags: Abuse, Anguish, Backlash, Choices, Disease, Drugs, Education, Environment, Gay, Health, Irony, Lifestyle, Macho Posing, Men In Charge, Protections, Relationships, Respect, Safety, Science, Sex, Study, Threat, Warning



The Catholic Church Is Rich Enough to Settle Sex Abuse Cases Forever 


It sometimes seems as if you could rattle off a list of Catholic sex abuse scandals in perpetuity. The pope, for his part, has barely responded outside of summoning the world's bishops to the Vatican for a meeting this winter to discuss the ongoing crisis.

Considering the unlikelihood of criminal consequences for those at the clergy's top levels, and the fact that many of these sex abuse cases have far surpassed the statutes of limitations, the endgame seems increasingly a financial—that is, a civil liability—question. But can the Church settle with survivors forever? Will it ever, somehow, completely run out of money with which to do so? In settling sex abuse claims, the Church has already reportedly spent or agreed to spend at least $3 billion in the US alone, and about 20 American dioceses have filed for some kind of bankruptcy. There's little evidence that will slow down, or that the price tag won't keep climbing. (In Pennsylvania, for example, bishops said they supported a fund to compensate survivors if they could prove they were abused but, because of the statute of limitations in the state, could no longer file a lawsuit.)


Gay woman Michelle LeClair: Scientology tried to 'cure' me of my sexuality

The Reason Behind The New Mexico Observatory Mystery? Child Porn.

Tags: Abuse, Business, Children, Choices, Church, Communist State, Dictatorship, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Finance, Greed, Hate, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Interference, Interview, Investigation, Leaders, Lifestyle, Magic Splatter, Men In Charge, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parenting, Pederasty, Politics, Privilege, Protections, Punishment, Rape, Reckless, Religion, Representation, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Service, Sex, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Victims, World



Bishops' report finds hundreds of abuse victims 


The German Bishops' Conference is releasing the results of its own report into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church over the past seven decades. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.


Cardinal Dolan: Sex abuse stories not new to me


Secret files suggest Catholic bishop shielded alleged 'predator priests' from the public

Should the Catholic Church Pay Reparations to Sex-Abuse Victims?

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Church, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Fighting Back, Finance, History, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Injury, Interview, Investigation, Laws, Leaders, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, Modernization, Nature, Parental Burden, Politics, Privilege, Reckless, Religion, Sex, Study, Supremacy, Victims, Violence, World



Azealia Banks takes aim at Troye Sivan in series of Tweets 


If you’re not with Azealia Banks 100%, you may as well be against her.

And hey, that’s her prerogative.

She doesn’t make it easy to back her all the time — we’ve covered her many beefs time and time again.

Now Australian pop star Troye Sivan finds himself fresh at the center of her displeasure yet again, after giving a wishy-washy answer to Andy Cohen about what he’d say to her if the two happened to be riding an elevator together.

To back it up, Sivan was asked in January if there are any rappers he’d be interested in working with.

He answered:

“I mean, I was a huge Azealia Banks fan. That all just kind of like went south a little bit. It’s just one of those annoying things where you just want to support [her] so bad, and it just doesn’t work out like that.”


50 Cent joins chorus of homophobes mocking Young Buck for hooking up with trans woman

London Club XXL owner's shocking femme-phobic rant provokes 'queer' protest

Man avoids jail after biting off other man's ear for 'looking at his genitals'

LGBT Kenyans hope for court win after India scraps 'gay sex' ban

Among teens, transgender males are most likely to attempt suicide, study says

Christian college stops student from finishing degree because he's gay

Tags: Backlash, Bullying, Celebrity, Choices, Criticism, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Gay Rights, Harassment, Heartless, Hip Hop, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Idiocy, Ignorance, Inhumanity, Insensitivity, Judgement, Laws, LGBTQ, Love Cannot Be Enforced, Macho Posing, Manipulation Blather, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, Music, Racism, Religion, Reverse Racism, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Sex, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Study, Suicide, Supremacy, Terror, Threat, Toxic, Transgender, Treatment, TV Gay Swatch, Violence, Waste, Women, World, Youth



Woman hauled off podium at Mormon church after claiming former bishop raped her 


A woman who sued a former Mormon missionary leader claiming that he raped her in the 1980s went to his church in Arizona on Sunday and told his congregation that church leaders are covering for a "sexual predator."

McKenna Denson was ushered away from the podium at the Mormon church in Chandler, Arizona, shortly after she began talking during a monthly segment in Mormon services when church members are invited to share their testimony, shows a video posted online.

NBC News

Church of England numbers in Britain are at record low: survey

As bishop looked on, abusive 'Father Ned' got new assignment

Sisters detail disturbing sex abuse by priest who was a trusted family friend

The Latest: NJ church says it will cooperate with probe

Argentina: Raid at school for deaf in clerical abuse probe

Nearly 3/4 Americans Think Catholic Church Has A Serious Problem With Sexual Predators

Tags: Abuse, Alleged, Be Well, Business, Child Abuse, Choices, Church, Court, Discrimination, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Hypocrisy, Interview, Investigation, Lifestyle, Magic Splatter, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Pederasty, Politics, Population, Privilege, Proceed w/Caution, Protections, Rape, Religion, Service, Sex, Stepping Up, Study, Supremacy, Threat, Unity, Victims, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women, World



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