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Travis Scott continued to perform his Astroworld set for about 30 minutes as people were crushed to death 


'Fans were recording the concert and people doing CPR. Fans were yelling at the stage crew around us, saying stop the concert, people are dying. No one listened,' ICU nurse and concert attendee Madeline Eskins told Rolling Stone.

Travis Scott continued to perform

...lawsuits against the rapper and organizers pile up for causing 'extreme distress'

Drake 'blew $1m on exotic dancers AFTER performing at Astroworld

More than 125 fans file $750 million lawsuit against Travis Scott

Anheuser-Busch will STOP selling Travis Scott in wake of Astroworld concert horror

Quavo is being sued by Las Vegas limo driver who 'was attacked unprovoked by five passengers'

Rapper Kodak Black Arrested

Young rapper dies aged 24 after 'masked men' storm family New Year's Eve party

Rapper J $tash Dead After Allegedly Shooting Girlfriend

Man, 34, shoots his girlfriend, 29, and her eight-year-old son dead

Tags: $, Arrest, Backlash, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Children, Choices, Concert, Court, Death, Drugs, Environment, Fail, Fans, Life Sucks!, Lifestyle, Murder, Music, Parties, Rap, Rape, Representation, Respect, Sex, Suicide, Tragedy, Video, Violence



'Reparations Fee' to Be Charged for White People at Seattle Gay Pride Event 


A Pride event in Seattle will charge white people a "reparations fee" to attend, organizers said.

"White people and their accomplices" will have to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 at the TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE event, according to the event's page.

'Reparations Fee' to Be Charged for White People at Seattle Gay Pride Event

'Reparations Fee' at Black Pride Event Sparks Complaint by Rival Group

Massachusetts town votes to create $200,000 fund to pay reparations to black residents for slavery and discrimination

Minorities drive population growth in US while number of white people declines for the first time

Army veteran, 26, is jailed for 10 years for shooting into a car full of black girls when it backed into a pick-up truck

‘Karen’ called out for approaching Black neighbor over ‘Tigger’ flag: ‘We have rules’

New York will prioritize non-white people when distributing life-saving treatments robs elderly Asian couple...

Tags: $, Arrest, Backlash, Celebration, Crime, Cultural, Death, Disease, Gay, Horror, Injury, LGBTQ, Pride, Priorities, Punishment, Reparations, Study, Theft, Threat, Violence




Turkish woman, 20, MARRIES boyfriend who threw acid in her face

NYPD rookie cop who gave lieutenant a lap dance apologizes to his wife

Elderly man shoots and kills nearly naked home intruder

Ryan Phillippe raised some eyebrows during the holidays

White people told not to attempt to get monoclonal antibody treatment

The Queen should have died instead of Betty White

Why do people keep assuming that man is more than he is? 23-Dec-2021

Tags: Animals, Apology, Asshole, Attack, Backlash, Celebrity, Death, Disease, Employment, Fake, Invasion, Man, Marriage, Parody, Parties, Preference, Reality, Sex, Treatment, Violence



Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to step down 


Dorsey will be replaced by Twitter chief technology officer Parag Agrawal, who has been unanimously appointed by the social media giant's board.

"He's been my choice for some time given how deeply he understands the company and its needs," Dorsey explained. "Parag has been behind every critical decision that has turned this company around."

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to step down

New Twitter CEO raises free-speech worries

Kamala Harris is branded a ‘bully’ and accused of inflicting ‘constant, soul-destroying criticism’

A company fires 900 employees in one-sided video call

Texas school board's 'equity' co-chair RESIGNS

Fired Arizona State Senate staffer speaks

Quebec teacher removed from post after wearing hijab


Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Complaint, Cultural, Employment, Foreign Influence, Free Speech, Leaders, Policy, Privacy, Replacement, Resignation, Termination, Video, Warning, Women In Charge, World



Film critics cancel Christmas classics over ‘toxic masculinity’ 


Movies made as far back as the 1940s are also being targeted by the Twitterverse for racism and misogyny.

Film critics cancel Christmas

Jana Duggar charged with endangering the welfare of a child

CNN producer accused of training mom and nine-year-old to be sexually submissive

About 100 middle schoolers walk out over complaints of sexual harassment

Black homeless man, 39, arrested for stabbing 14-year-old to death

Shoplifter hits NYPD cop in the face and knocks her to the ground

Father sold juvenile daughter for $8,000 after she got pregnant

NYC's booze-fueled SantaCon returns

Tags: Backlash, Children, Classic, Danger, Entertainment, Film, History, Interference, Parental Crime, Perception, Politics, Pregnancy, Protest, Ridiculous, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Theft, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women In Charge



‘When politicians leave sex alone, I’ll leave politics alone’ 


(It looks like a picture book – my seven-year-old picked it up and in a sing-song voice started reading, “A is for Anal…”) And yet, “There’s a strong moral code that sometimes upsets my lefty, progressive queer readers.” It’s a strange position to be in, he admits, with rightwingers complaining he’s an anarchistic hedonist who tells people anything goes, and the far queer left saying he’s a judgmental assimilationist. “When I’m in the middle trying to figure out how to make relationships work. That’s where I’m really conservative.”

‘When politicians leave sex alone, I’ll leave politics alone’

Liam Scarlett’s suicide after #MeToo sexual misconduct allegations

Child sexual abuse can happen to anyone

Sommeliers May Lose Their Titles After Sexual Misconduct

7th grader dies by suicide after classmates told him he’d go to Hell

“I do feel less physically safe as a gay man than I did 30 years ago”

Prince's Trust ambassador, 25, got his online boyfriend to sexually abuse a young boy

Cruising the Bathroom (for beginners)

Black People Account for 68% of HIV-related Arrests in Va.

Tags: Abuse, Accusation, Advice, Backlash, Bio, Children, Contagion, Crime, Dance, Disease, Fail, Family, Gay, Horny, Misconduct, No One Cares, Parental Burden, Pederasty, Politics, Priorities, Rampage, Relationships, Representation, Sad, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence, Weird, World, Youth



Carrie Bourassa loses job when ancestry claims prove false 


A Canadian medical researcher who rose to become the nation’s top voice on indigenous health has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship — after suspicious colleagues investigated her increasingly fanciful claims of Native American heritage and learned she was a fraud.

Carrie Bourassa loses job

‘Apache’ Artist Faked Native Heritage to Sell His Work

‘House of Gucci,’ Hint at Legal Action

Museum faces backlash after it REPLACES white Irish immigrants with woke black New Jersey family

We regret to inform you the Fairytale of New York homophobia debate is back

Fans lose their minds over Nick Cannon’s bulge

Tags: $, Accusation, Anatomy, Art, Backlash, Celebration, Celebrity, Court, Family, Film, Fraud, History, LGBTQ, Museum, Politics, Representation, Sex, Termination



Ricky Gervais gig interrupted by fight 


The comedian, who is currently touring his ‘Supernature’ stand-up show, performed at the SSE Arena in London on Friday (19 November) when he addressed the fight on stage.

Ricky Gervais gig interrupted by fight

'just come out' to family this Thanksgiving

'Licorice Pizza' faces criticism for fake Asian accent

Thanksgiving hit piece on Joe Rogan backfires

UNCANCELLED: Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K.

Dave Chappelle's alma mater will rename school theater after him

Tags: Award, Backlash, Celebrity, Comedy, Fight, Film, LGBTQ, Opinion, Stand-Up, Video



I'm So Over the 'Powerful Female' Trope in Media 


I’m going to be called a sexist for this, but what else is new?

Let’s start with one of the biggest standouts in my mind…how does one defend Brie Larson’s, Captain Marvel?

People are expected to flock to theaters and cheer for these characters but why should people do that? We’re given no reason to like these characters that are more manifestations of bad propaganda than they are people we can relate to on some level.

We do like seeing women in powerful positions as evidenced by the myriad of women characters we revere as a society. What we don’t like is bad characters in prominent positions. Characters we can’t relate to that bore us to tears that, while they have a story they’re a part of, have no journey.

I'm So Over the 'Powerful Female'

Woman shot in the neck at West Valley City strip mall

Man tried to 'get the devil out of his wife' by wiping blood on her

Woman’s boyfriend sent her a form to fill out

Plain truths don't matter to woke folks, they now rule America

Internet Backs Man Who Left Fiancée Home Alone on Thanksgiving

When it comes to dating, men don't like funny women

Husband charged with murder of his wife after she signed a $250,000 life insurance policy

...two women pull each other's hair and end up covered in NACHOS

Woman with spina bifida sues mom’s doctor for being born

Tags: Activism, Backlash, Dating, Entertainment, Etiquette, Hollywood, Illness, Opinion, Parental Burden, Preference, Relationships, Representation, Video, Violence



James Marsters on 'Buffy,' Joss Whedon, and John Barrowman's Penis 


... he didn’t work with Joss Whedon that often after the second season because, by the time he was made a series regular on Buffy, Whedon had moved to Angel, and by the time he’d moved to Angel, Whedon had moved on to Firefly. Moreover, he said, the episodes that Whedon chose to direct rarely included much of Spike because Spike was not in Whedon’s original vision of the series. In fact, Marsters said, Whedon was incredibly unhappy that Marsters’ character had gotten so popular that Whedon couldn’t kill him off, as he had originally planned. It led to an altercation between Whedon and Marsters that he’s detailed before.

“This is my experience,” Marsters said, adding that he couldn’t speak for anyone else’s experiences. “What I experienced was a man who was so sweet, and so supportive, and so loving and so giving that nothing about his behavior — and I’ve seen his penis — made anyone feel uncomfortable.

James Marsters on 'Buffy

John Barrowman says flashing allegations were ‘exaggerated’

...why has the man Alice Sebold helped convict just been exonerated?

Tags: ?, Accusation, Backlash, Celebrity, Experience, History, Hot Swatch, Interview, Investigation, Perception, Portrait, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Sexual Harassment, TV



How the Rise of the ‘Softboy’ Fueled the Culture Wars

For decades, to the extent that male icons defined the popular media landscape, it was with a familiar archetype — the tough guy in denim and leather who used drugs and women with equal carelessness, discarding them before moving onto the next town and the next night.

America’s cultural landscape can’t be fully depicted through a few neat archetypes, but to understand how and why it’s changed so drastically over the past two decades, and why the reaction has been so strong — and to some, unexpected — one could do much worse than to consider the rise of the softboy, and what, and who, he stepped over to reach the cultural summit.


Travis Wall Accused of Sexual Misconduct

‘Oh I saw Richard’s junk.’

Boyfriend leaves his date behind as he flees armed robbers

'No Nut November'

Andy Dick arrested after allegedly assaulting his boyfriend with a liquor bottle members were fondled and beaten with sex toys

Bullies forced trans teen to expose himself in bathroom

Boys brutally beat trans girl unconscious

TikTok is cancelling this mom for being ‘creepy with her son

Tags: Accusation, Argument, Arrest, Backlash, Big Cock, Celebrity, Children, Cultural, Dance, Employment, Entertainment, Funny, Gay, Hole Puncher, Hostility, Judgment, LGBTQ, NSFW, Parody, Relationships, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Theft, Video, Violence



J BALVIN Apologizes for 'Perra' (Dog) Vid 

The Colombian reggaetón star took to IG to apologize for the controversial visual offering of his track "Perra" with Dominican rapper, Tokischa, who's of African descent herself. The track's all about how she (Tokischa) is a dog in heat ... and looking for a male to bang.

J BALVIN Apologizes for 'Perra' Vid

Drag artist faces thunderous backlash over ‘disgusting af’

Netflix drops ‘hurtful and derogatory’ Latina housekeeper role

Tags: Art, Backlash, Celebrity, Choices, Cultural, Drag, Latinos, LGBTQ, Music, Nagging, Opinion, Representation, Termination, Video



Five charged with public sex acts after M&S bathroom turns into gay cruising spot 


While the UK supermarket is famed among the LGBT+ community for its yumnuts and LGBT sandwiches, one Marks and Spencer store has become especially well-loved by cruisers.

According to the Irish Examiner, the toilets at the Marks and Spencer on Mary Street, Dublin, have become known in the local gay community as a go-to spot for public sex acts, a court heard on Monday (19 July).

So well-known in fact, that they had to be put under police surveillance.

Five charged with public sex acts

18-year-old arrested after non-fatal shooting on Sunrise Way

Transgender man, 22, boasts that he can steal a girlfriend from ANY other guy

“Homosexuals Proud of Deviancy”

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor refuses to resign after calling LGBTQ people “filth”

Dan Savage defends straight men trolling gays on Grindr

Archbishop apologizes for raunchy video filmed inside cathedral

Father is SUING woke Loudoun County after his 15-year-old daughter was 'raped' in 'gender-fluid' girls' bathroom

Eagles fan couple busted by cops after woman caught in men’s room stall

...rape by 'boy in a skirt' in the girls' bathroom.

Tags: $, Apology, App, Arrest, Backlash, Celebrity, Clergy, Community, Court, Crime, Dating, Education, Effect, Etiquette, Gay, Guns, History, Journalism, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Misconduct, Music, NSFW, Opinion, Parental Burden, Politics, Rape, Relationships, Release, Safety, Self Interest, Sex, Trans, Video, Violence, World



LGBTQ newspaper publisher proclaims “no one gives a hoot” about “woke” gender identity 


“There is no place in school where this should be,” Montemer wrote in a comment from his Facebook page, “… In the real world, no one gives a hoot about your gender identity. Woke kids equal soft kids which equal soft adults.”

Montemer further said that it’s not “a teacher’s place to let kids in middle school decide anything without [their] parents” and that he “hopes this changes in the right direction before my kids get there.”

“no one gives a hoot” about “woke” gender identity

Defiant wave of LGBT+ student walkouts are hitting schools

100 students walk out after girl gets suspended for defending gay friend

LGBT advocacy groups blast Dave Chappelle

'If this is what being canceled is like, I love it'

Jimmie Walker Doesn’t Believe in Cancel Culture

'Dave loved my sister and is an LGBTQ ally'

Netflix Suspends Three Employees, Including Trans Person

An attacker punched a woman in the face for holding hands with her girlfriend

...'coming out' is not an option...

Tags: Adoption, Backlash, Business, Celebration, Celebrity, Children, Comedy, Coming Out, Danger, Disruption, Education, Employment, Fighting Back, Gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Politics, Poverty, Protest, Sex, Sex Identity, Students, Support, Survival, Trans, TV, Violence, Youth



Now LGBTQ people can get better parking spaces & the straights are losing their mind 


Twitter was abuzz as users from around the world chimed in and castigated the company for adding extra reserved spaces to the ones already singled out for pregnant people, the disabled, and the elderly.

The righteously outraged protested the “needless” spaces by demanding reserved spaces for groups like those “who have to live on bottle deposits and leftovers from garbage cans” and need to park outside of the grocery store.

LGBTQ people can get better parking

Tags: Auto, Backlash, Business, Privilege, World



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