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NC car dealership makes groveling apology for calling black customer 'Bon Quisha' in racist Facebook post after she bought a new car 


Trinity Bethune, 21, was excited to buy her first car with the money she earned as a personal care assistant at a nursing home, according to WTVD.

But after she purchased the vehicle from Lumberton Honda, the dealership posted a photo of her in front of her new car with the caption: 'Congratulations to Bon Quisha on her 2016 Toyota Camry.'

NC car dealership makes groveling apology

Tags: Business, Celebration, Etiquette, Hostility, Respect



Spain's 19-year-old No.1 TikTok star faces 12 years in prison after bragging he tricked women into having unprotected sex 


A Spanish social media star could face 12 years in prison after bragging about tricking women into having sex without a condom.

Spain's equalities minister has asked prosecutors to investigate Naim Darrechi following the remarks made in a YouTube interview.

The 19-year-old is Spain's most popular TikTok user with 26.8million users on the app.

Spain's 19-year-old No.1

NFL star Richard Sherman arrested on domestic violence charge

Moment 'drunk' Richard Sherman throws himself against father-in-law's door and shouts expletives is revealed

Dillon Jordan who was behind Maggie Gyllenhaal film The Kindergarten Teacher is indicted for 'running international prostitution ring with UK-based madam'

Tragic car accident kills pregnant Florida woman, 27, but doctors save her unborn child: her boyfriend who was behind the wheel is charged with DUI manslaughter

Millie Bobby Brown's, 17, ex Hunter 'Echo' Ecimovic, 21, apologizes

Sisterhood of the traveling exes! Three women who discovered they were all dating the SAME man move

Woman accuses Black man of stealing her son's phone -- and curses him out when she learns her son had it the whole time

Diplo accuser drops sex assault lawsuit

Woman horrifies beachgoers with Hitler and swastika tattoos

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Domestic Violence, Etiquette, Lifestyle, Prison, Relationships, Sex, Sex Worker, Sports, TikTok, Video, World



LGBTQ community ‘appalled' after transgender person exposes male genitalia in front of young girls at LA spa 


Members of the LGBTQ community are "appalled" after a transgender individual exposed themselves in the women’s section of a Los Angeles spa while young girls were reportedly present,...

LGBTQ community ‘appalled' after transgender person exposes male genitalia in front of young girls at LA spa

Czech President calls trans people “disgusting” & declares he’s sick of “suffragettes”

Tags: Beauty, Business, Etiquette, Exhibit, Fraud, Inclusion, Leaders, LGBTQ, Minors, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, Opinion, Sex, Threat, Trans, World, Youth



'Some heroes wear Hawaiian shirts' 


A bartender has been hailed a 'hero' after he handed two girls a note disguised as a receipt to save them from being harassed.

'Some heroes wear Hawaiian shirts'

Tags: Awareness, Empathy, Employment, Etiquette, Heroism, Service, Support, Treatment



1 dead, 13 injured in series of drive-by shootings in Arizona; suspect in custody 


Authorities responded to reports of an active shooter in the West Valley, about 20 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix, at about 12:30 p.m local time, the Surprise Police Department tweeted initially.

The shooting spree resulted in eight separate incidents within about an hour and a half, Surprise and Peoria police said.

1 dead, 13 injured in series of drive-by shootings in Arizona; suspect in custody

'You stabbed me,' boy tells father during unusual moment in Florida courtroom

Naked Tennessee woman armed with ax accused of vandalizing Walmart

Man, 35, is slashed on the head by knifeman in rush hour attack at Times Square subway station in latest example of NYC violence

The rotting core of the Big Apple: How iconic Washington Square Park has become a no-go zone for law-abiding locals after dark - amid a string of overnight raves which have descended into chaotic violence

Terrifying moment Brooklyn man, 19, is pinned between an assailant's vehicle and a parked car for the gunman to get a better shot

Florida man allegedly pulls a gun on Starbucks employee over botched order, but not on just any employee

2 dead and 3-year-old wounded in West Philadelphia triple shooting: report

3 kids shot at children's birthday party: Toronto police appeal for public's help finding suspects

3 killed, "armed and dangerous" suspect sought after crime spree in Oregon

Tags: Children, Choices, Court, Crime, Environment, Etiquette, Guns, Lifestyle, Murder, Neighbor, Parental Crime, Violence



Steve Lawrence's Son David Accused of Abusing Father's Dementia by Longtime Companion 


Tannen claims that Steve is currently suffering from dementia and is unaware that his son is "malevolently keeping Judy from fulfilling her promise to take care of Steve through thick and thin." Steve previously announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's back in 2019.

"While Judy was gravely sick with COVID-19, David weaponized Judy's trust, abusing her right of privacy to her medical information to have her declared incapacitated, and then systematically removing Judy from every fiduciary position Steve and Eydie had conferred upon her," the petition states.

Tannen now alleges that David has refused to allow her to return to the home that she and Steve shared, keeping them apart from each other, except for a couple of "supervised" visits.

Steve Lawrence's Son David Accused of Abusing Father

Nina Simone's granddaughter blasts Kamala Harris for 'taking star's estate and giving it to white people'

Tags: $, Accusation, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Court, Etiquette, Family, Greed, Illness, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Politics, Theft, Unruly Child, Women In Charge



Elite Manhattan Spence School, which counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Kerry Washington and Emmy Rossum among alumni, apologizes for showing students a video mocking white women as 'annoying' and 'entitled' 


The head of an elite New York City all-girls' school has apologized after a class was shown an episode of a comedy show, which one mother complained demonized white women.

Bodie Brizendine, head of Spence School on the Upper East Side, sent out an e-mail to parents on Wednesday apologizing for showing Ziwe Fumudoh's satirical show.

On Tuesday a Cuban-American mother, Gabriela Baron, complained that the video was 'blatantly racist' and said she was removing her daughter from the $57,000-a-year academy.

a video mocking white women as 'annoying' and 'entitled'

Furious parents at Manhattan's $57K Spence School demand it take 'a step backward' from its woke weaning agenda after video mocking 'annoying' and 'entitled' white women was shown to kids

Pennsylvania Parents Sue School District Over Curriculum Involving Black Lives Matter, Systemic Racism: ‘These Topics Are Anti-Christian’

'How do I have two medical degrees if I'm oppressed?'

NYC psychiatrist who said she fantasized about shooting white people during Yale panel now brands caucasians 'lying psychopaths' who 'stole vegetarianism and yoga'

Tags: Children, Choices, Complaint, Education, Etiquette, Hostility, Offensive, Parental Burden, Protest, Psychiatry, Religion



A DC gay bar apologized after security dragged a Black woman down stairs. That’s not enough. 


It’s coming up on a week since video went viral of a Black woman being dragged and forcibly thrown out by security at a popular LGBTQ bar in Washington, D.C.

A DC gay bar apologized after security dragged a Black woman down stairs. That’s not enough.

Protest Held at DC Bar Nellie's After Video Shows Woman Dragged Down Stairs

Not on brand! Liberal soccer star Megan Rapinoe under fire for 'Asian eyes' tweet about ex-teammate one day after being named face of newly woke Victoria's Secret

Tags: Backlash, Bar/Club, Etiquette, Gay, History, Lesbian, Security, Sports, Treatment, Violence



Fast Food Staffers Arrested for Refusing to Give Cops Free Burgers: 'This Has Happened' Before 


Pakistani police officers detained the entire staff of a popular fast food restaurant last week, after the workers refused to give them free burgers.

Fast Food Staffers Arrested for Refusing to Give Cops Free Burgers: 'This Has Happened' Before

'I am Quitting and I Hate This Job': McDonald's Employee Sparks Debate with Sign Left on Drive Thru

Tags: Arrest, Employment, Etiquette, Food, Police, Punishment, Quit, Restaurant, World, Youth



Obama says cancel culture has gone 'overboard': Stop expecting everybody 'to be perfect' 


Former President Barack Obama again took aim at the "dangers" of cancel culture in a new interview Monday, doubling down on earlier warnings against ideological purity tests that have been weaponized by much of the left in recent years.

Obama said his two daughters, 19-year-old Sasha and 22-year-old Malia "have a pretty good sense of, ‘look, we don’t want, we don’t expect everybody to be perfect.’"

The former president raised eyebrows in 2019 when he first spoke out against what he called "woke" virtue signaling, where he told an audience in Chicago that activists "should get over" their obsession with the flawed ideology.

Obama says cancel culture has gone 'overboard': Stop expecting everybody 'to be perfect'

Award winning teacher quits $52,000 New Jersey private school over its 'racialist thinking' and teaching of critical race theory that 'forces students to adopt the status of privilege or victimhood'

Now American apple pie is cancelled! The Guardian links it to the 'vast and ongoing genocide of indigenous people'

TikTok creator rejects critical race theory, reparations in viral video: 'Sets us all backward'

Black Columbia professor calls for 'truly antiracist parents' to pull their kids out of $52k New Jersey school after teacher quit over critical race theory

Minneapolis grocery chain slams cancel culture after he lost $5M in contracts and laid off 69 staff when BLM targeted him

Christian magazine editor says he won't hire Ivy League graduates anymore because they're either woke and self-important or too afraid to stand up to cancel culture

'You're emotionally abusing our children': New York mother slams school board as 'thieves and liars' for pushing critical race theory and 'teaching students to hate cops'

'Where is your regard for freedom of speech?'

Biden FALLS ON HIS FACE after his FOOLISH 'racist theory'...Pelosi sends him back to school

Tags: Activism, Cancellation, Cultural, Daddy Squish, Education, Employment, Enforcement, Etiquette, Leaders, Lifestyle, Opinion, Parental Responsibility, Politics, Quit, Respect, Teacher, Video, Women In Charge



Yale Law Professor and Tiger Father Jed Rubenfeld Allegedly Created Culture of Sexual Harassment 


Last year Yale law professor and husband to Tiger Mom author Amy Chua Jeb Rubenfeld was placed on a two-year suspension from teaching after the school found that he had sexually harassed three students. But the specifics of the allegations against Rubenfeld, which included verbal harassment and attempted kissing, have been largely confidential. Now a New York Magazine piece about allegations against Rubenfeld, who has been accused of making inappropriate comments and engaging in “excessive drinking” with students, details Rubenfeld’s sexual misconduct with students and the Yale power couple’s abuse of power at a university structured to give them far too much in the first place.

One night Rubenfeld, after ordering himself and the 2014 student a round of drinks specifically after seeing her order Scotch, “would start leaning toward her, touching her arm or the small of her back as he joined a conversation, or staring into her eyes,” according to New York. And on another night, at a small group party at Rubenfeld’s home, the same student said she accidentally tripped on a staircase and suddenly found herself being cradled by the professor as he attempted to kiss her. Rubenfeld would later deny this in proceedings, saying “She is not someone I would call attractive,” and went on a rant in which he admitted that she wasn’t even the first woman who had accused him of trying to kiss her.

Yale Law Professor and Tiger Father

‘Malibu Rapist’ Linked To Dozens Of ‘Unspeakable’ Sex Crimes Decades Later, Authorities Say

John Stamos Backs Jeff Franklin in ‘Fuller House’ Firing Suit

Tags: Children, Education, Employment, Etiquette, History, Rape, Sex, Women



Moment Walmart employee knocks customer out cold with one punch after being spat on 


A Walmart shopper got more than he bargained for when he was knocked out by an enraged store employee during a brawl.

Moment Walmart employee knocks customer out cold with one punch after being spat on

Burger King employee slams customer who complained uniform was 'a distraction': 'She's mad at the wrong person'

Tags: Employment, Environmentalist, Etiquette, Fashion, Fighting Back, Misconduct, Rampage, Sex, Shopping, Video, Violence



Moment Texas mom accidentally shoots her son, 5, in the stomach 


A Texas mother has been arrested for allegedly shooting her five-year-old son in the stomach while trying to hit a neighbor's loose boxer puppy that had run out of its owner's home.

Moment Texas mom accidentally shoots her son

Husband is jailed for 30 years after punching wife to death in front of their three kids on cruise

Mass shooting death toll rises: Mother with bullet lodged in head dies in Miami-Dade

Police investigating fatal crash in Northwest Miami-Dade

Mother begs for answers one month after Miami TSA employee murdered in front of 3-year-old daughter

Tags: Animals, Children, Cultural, Environment, Etiquette, Family, Guns, Murder, Neighbor, Parental Crime, Reaction, Relationships, Travel, Video, Youth



Black dog owner defends 'Central Park Karen,' says black birdwatcher threatened him as well 


Amy Cooper, the white woman who went viral last year as "Central Park Karen" for calling 911 after an interaction with a black birdwatcher, has filed suit against her former employer for wrongful termination. Contained in the suit is an email from black dog owner Jerome Lockett, whose message with NBC News details a similar interaction between himself and Christian Cooper in which the birdwatch allegedly threatened him for having his dog off leash.

Black dog owner defends 'Central Park Karen

Tags: Employment, Environment, Etiquette, Exoneration, Force, Support, Threat, Warning



Black woman who told white neighbor to 'get out of my face' after being asked to speak more quietly 


A black woman talking on the phone in her Detroit neighborhood was slapped with a $385 fine after a white neighbor called the cops on her for being too loud.

Diamond Robinson was speaking on the phone on Thursday while taking a stroll in Eastpointe when she says she was approached by a neighbor who asked her 'Do you think that you can get off your phone or talk lower?' Robinson told Fox 2 News.

Robinson wrote on Facebook that her neighbor, who she called 'Rebecca', told her that she was talking too loud while she was working from home and her boss asked her about the noise.

Black woman who told white neighbor to 'get out of my face' after being asked to speak more quietly

N.C. mom, teens went into high school and assaulted girl in her classroom, district says

'She's taking the money and running': Tamir Rice's mom leads black mothers of police shooting victims slamming BLM director Patrisse Cullors

Tags: Crime, Cultural, Education, Environment, Etiquette, Neighbor, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Video, Women In Charge



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