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500 years later. Unbelievable. That's exactly what ends up happenening. 14-Jan-2022
It would be sad if I thought I existed in this world just for myself. 24-May-2018

Tags: History, Life, Love, Maturity, Society, World




Mother arrested 'after flying her 12-year-old daughter to GA to have sex with a man

Mother sex-trafficked 5-year-old daughter to man who murdered her

I had a favorite cousin who birthed two adorable boys. The eldest (4) liked to rummage through her clothes and dress-up. He had a quick brain and he made us laugh. OMG! He might be gay, like me. I was my cousin's favorite thing. I felt no such thing. I felt sorry for him, like my mother does for me.

Father was elated, mother was ecstatic but the boy with the dress kept complaining his ass hurt. The parents exclaimed that it was a quirk but I couldn't help but think the worst. I brought up my sexual abuse concerns to her but she stamped them ludicrous. I respected their privacy. I couldn't prove something I did not see. I never brought it up again.

FFW two years later. I'm hanging out with my cousin-in-law, getting plastered, trolling strip bars and listening to music in his car. Between trolls we would call the wife and make excuses, sit in his car, and listen to "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam, sometimes, on repetition. We were fucked up. Before our final round and the last "Jeremy," he asked me to listen intently to the song because he had something to confess.

The reason his son was confused about his gender was because daddy dresses his son like a girl and fucks him. My head started to spin. Why did he presume I would understand? We went to our last strip club and I found an excuse to depart. Cis men will tell gays perverted crap because they think we are all perverted. What?!

I went home and told. I got death threats. My mother got involved. It ended my relationship with my cousin, she got divorced and the kid grew into a cis toxic military male bastard that hates us all. I don't blame him. 29-Dec-2021

Tags: $, Abuse, Children, Confusion, Family, Father, Gay, Myself, Parenting, Sex, Treatment, Violence, Youth




The only time we saw a cop in the ghetto is if we called them, my mother or sister were dating them or I was being sexually abused. West Side Reality. 26-Dec-2021

Tags: Community, Cultural, Family, Fraud, History, Latin, Life, Police, Politics, Puerto Rican, Reality




A woman should not speak feminism or liberty if she's suddenly happy because she met a man. 26-Dec-2021

Tags: Awareness, Danger!, Feminism, Fraud, It Does Not Compute, Mental Health, Political Correctness, Reality, Relationships




Even though celebrities cause 75% of climate change they keep shoving their children in our faces because their pact with the devil requires it. Pedos need candy and it's supply and demand. Cha-ching. #1 album. A child gets brutally fucked. Climate change gets worst and poor people have to fix it? 26-Dec-2021

Tags: $, Animals, Assholes, Celebrity, Children, Entertainment, Environment, Fraud, Fuck The Environment!, Hypocrisy, MeToo, Overpopulation, Quackery, Ridiculous, Sad, Science, Sex, Success, Survival, Women In Charge




Dude, he didn't cheat on his ex-wife because he was closeted, he did it because he's a cheater. 25-Dec-2021

Tags: Advice, Awareness, Gay, Gay101, Relationships




The only rejection that hurts me is ours. There is a reasonable excuse for everybody else. 23-Dec-2021

Tags: $, Community, Fake, Gay, Greed, Myself




My ex-father-in-law thought it was funny to tell our gayby that if he ever met an American Indian they would scalp him before killing him. He showed him westerns to back it up. We surprised the kid with a trip to a heritage museum that included an American Indian Traditional dance. It did not go well. The kid thought we brought him there to be assassinated. We didn't know. 23-Dec-2021

Tags: Gay, Myself, Parenting, Racism




The best way not to be regarded as a mother is not to become one. 22-Dec-2021

Tags: Gender, Ignorance, Irony, Mother, Sex Identity, Trans, Who Cares!




I spoke to my mother about gay relationships and she opined and observed that partners were rarely equal in marriage. One person is always in control (big dick, politics, celebrity, $, fantasy, escapism, propoganda, psychosis, pedo master) the other's head is in the clouds, we are all insecure and none of us end up happy. Why do we keep pretending?! Are we women, now? No. Some women can keep a man.

I love her! 22-Dec-2021

Tags: Mother, Psychology, Reality, Respect, Women In Charge




Miley Just Hinted Pete ‘Should Have Been’ Dating Her Instead

Men enjoy flat asses because there are no extra layers or cover charge to make it hurt. Instant dive to the heart. 02-Dec-2021

Tags: Celebrity, Opinion, Sex




The reason people commit suicide is because they hate life. We keep searching for people and drugs to blame. Stop pondering and accept it. Suicidal people lie. It is either everybody's fault (for constantly showing off how "great" life is supposed to be) or nobody's. 10-Dec-2021

Tags: Reality, Suicide




All races shall receive an x until latinx dies. I.E.: irishx. 08-Dec-2021

Tags: Divisive, Inhumanity, Insult, Ridiculous, Termination, Tradition, Treatment, Who Cares!, Words




Gays can't tell their parents everything, no matter the love or support, because inside, they will scream. 04-Dec-2021

Tags: Awareness, Gay, Parenting




The only change man can complete is disinterest. 02-Dec-2021

Tags: Hate, Men, Politics, Sex, Women



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