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If parents raised a child without personal opinions and followed a universal rule book, would the world chill out? 23-Oct-2021

Tags: ABM, I wonder..., Mental Health, Parenting 101, World Peace




There is no representation on earth that would make my life better. 16-Oct-2021

Tags: Aging, Gay, Ignorance, Maturity, Myself, Reality, Representation




The reason nobody likes us is because we beat ourselves to a pulp then blame the nearest neighbor for how fucked up God made us. 10-Oct-2021

Tags: Cultural, Racism, Reality, Whine




A boy becomes a man as soon as he's caught cheating. 09-Sep-2021

Tags: Men




The world needs a chill pill. 26-Aug-2021

Tags: World Peace




The lady was right. 22-Aug-2021
My mother raised me to believe that lies were a sin while coaching me to always lie to daddy. 04-Nov-2019

Tags: Abuse, Hypocrisy, Mother




The more we expose ourselves the less special we become. 06-Aug-2021

Tags: LGBTQ, Privacy




I was so cute that I didn't realize how stupid I was until I wasn't. No one ever heard a word I said, especially my mother. How was I supposed to know if I was stupid? No wonder, my sister called me Charlie Brown. She thinks she's Lucy. Ugh! 28-Jul-2021

Tags: Myself, Realization




Hey, community! Instead of enforcing how we should be addressed maybe we should concentrate on making our lives better. Our lives consist of dressing up and fucking! That's it. Gays are miserable because we do like Dan Savage exclaims and prioritize our dicks. No one is going to save us but us. Stop misrepresenting us as saintly parents and chums! That's not our purpose. If you don't want to be recognized by a male and female gender (marriage, babies, dick) then stop acting like them. When people say ladies and gentlemen, you are already included in that. You are both sexes. It doesn't get better if we dry up, loveless and lonely whores, even with beauty, children and money. 28-Jul-2021

Tags: Gay, Gay101, Sex, Stereotype




The best way to love a man is to be professional about it. 23-Jul-2021

Tags: Fantasy, Gay, Life, Opinion, Parenting 101, Relationships, Sex




MOTHER: you never give a man a compliment unless he's dying. 21-Jul-2021

Tags: Cheating, Latino, Mother, Parenting 101, Relationships




When I was attached as a gay couple, I invited my mother and stepdad to our state, for a visit. One night, I decided to play "what if" with them. I was astounded that my mother understood the concept since she doesn't speak english but she quickly chimed in. I asked her what would be the first thing she would do if she were a man. She proudly responded, "be President." Wow. Awesome. I asked my stepdad what would be the first thing he'd do as a woman and he said, "have a gangbang." My lover and I were, "oooh, bummer." After I explained what a gangbang was to mother, the game and the night ended. He embarrassed her in front of my giant. They went to their room where she must have whipped him real good because he came downstairs to apologize profusely and wish us a really good night. We understood my mother felt disrespected but my giant and I agreed we would explore our sexuality first too. Of course, not a gangbang but something leading to one. Joke. Step-daddy apologized all next day, throughout the remainder of the visit and all the way through the airport. 25-Jun-2021

Tags: Myself, Parenting




Why do we assign roles to parents that are unproven? It's a disservice to kids in trouble whose parents aren't as great as everybody automatically presumes. Only children can judge what kind of parents they have. The parents with wee ones will have to wait to appreciate the clarity that arises when their child hurls their first insult. They learned it at school. 23-Jun-2021

Tags: Children, Parenting, Reality




Reparations! For every Taco Bell there needs to be a Popeye's Chicken around the corner. I've suffered enough. 22-Jun-2021

Tags: Cultural, Food, Old Man Dying Wish, Reparations




I lived a lifetime without representation in entertainment or books. I was an enslaved child shielded from outside influences. It was always family. Friends weren't allowed. I explored a friendship when I was six. He used to come every night and we'd watch and enact scenes from The Avengers. I was finally playing with someone else, liking the same things and having fun. My sister was allowed more freedom and friends and I don't understand why. You know, Amazon shit. Anyway, by the third day my mother had had enough. "Is this going to happen every day? Oops. I didn't know. "He always stays til dinnertime and sits to eat when I've only cooked for four. I had to give him my portion. I'm not taking care of another woman's kid! I was to get rid of him immediately. It made sense. I couldn't afford a friend. Next day I spoke to him at school and told him that he couldn't come over anymore, my mother hated him and that he was a big fat pig for eating all our food. I never saw him again and my mother was very proud. I tried once again, in my tweens, for a semester with two black gay friends but it was in secret and it never panned out. In entertainment I caught glimpses of myself and that was enough. It didn't matter who represented humanity as long as they interpreted it well. God only cares about our soul. That's why he made most of us ugly. I saw enough bits to try and solve my puzzle and be who I wanted to be. A gay romantic idiot. More representation is not going to get people to like us. Being kind might. White people have been representing throughout history and it doesn't stop them from hating each other. What's going to change? Representation only matters if its organic like the vegetable. 21-Jun-2021

Tags: Myself, Representation



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