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If I want to have a good cry I watch Hachi and pretend the dog is Ben Affleck. 28-Feb-2024

Tags: Myself



Woman Charged with 18 Counts of Child Rape 

Melissa Blair, 38, provided her teenaged victims with gifts — including vape pens — in exchange for sexual favors.

Woman Charged with 18 Counts of Child Rape

Teacher, 36, fed junior high school students cupcakes laced with husband's SPERM

Teacher arrested for allegedly molesting 7 students

'Teacher of the Year' facing new charges

Filmed her dog performing ‘a sex act on her

Tags: Animals, Children, Education, Feminism, Myself, Opinion, Rape, Sex, Teacher, Women In Charge, Youth




Sailor kills wife with hammer

He leaped naked to his death after bludgeoning his 'adoring' mom with a lamp

Wife shoots husband at luxury DC hotel,

Husband 'fatally stabs his wife 20 TIMES

Deaths of mom and child raise questions over why ex was released

Man allegedly Facetimed the murder of his daughter

2 York County girls killed by their father

The sooner women recognize that a toxic man is the same as a man, the sooner we can get on with it. 23-Jul-2022

Tags: Children, Hate, Marriage, Men, Mothers, Murder, Parenting, Relationships, Revenge, Suicide, Treatment, Violence, Women




How can you be yourself if you have to change what nature made you? 23-Feb-2023

Tags: Environment, Pondering




Angry Dad: you are not breaking my daughter.

10 Inch Boyfriend: sir, guys with small dicks are bad too, they become violent because they can't be us. Again, no disrespect, sir but you know she's not a virgin anymore, right?

Angry Dad: why you...

Daughter: stop it, dad! I haven't been fresh in over five years. 05-Feb-2023
The only way to ensure that your teenage daughters/boys stay fresh is to have someone measure the dicks of every boy they bring home. It doesn't need to be perverted. I'm sure we can safely create a gadget we can point at a kid's crotch and it gives you a reading. 8 inches soft and 10 hard. 03-Feb-2023

Tags: Advice, Parenting, Parenting 101, Parody, Reality, Sex, Treatment, Youth




Ex-Gay Man Faces Charges for Sharing His Testimony

Society did not put man in charge. The creator did. 20-Dec-2022

Tags: History, Men, NSFW, Pondering, Punishing, Religion, World




New children's book warns families against critical race theory

Critical Race Theory is turning parents into unlikely activists

DeSantis bans African American studies class from Florida high schools

CHILD: mom, what is CRT?

MOTHER: an analyzation of how white Americans kicked every culture's ass throughout history.

CHILD: like the Avengers.

MOTHER: not quite. More like Thanos. 13-Nov-2021

Tags: Education, History, Parenting, Reality




6-year-old has tantrums only around his grandparents

My Grandfather Does Things

Boy thwarts woman trying to lure him away

My Toddler's Taken A Serious Dislike To One Of Our Relatives

Family Member Threatened After Daughter Chose Not To Hug Him

Alison Arngrim’s Brother Gave a Sickening Response

17-year-old scolded for crying over transgender woman’s penis

The reporter with the curtains is yelling "bullshit!" (SHE DID NOT MAKE HIS ICE CREAM MELT!) 10-Nov-2022
When a child panics, screams, and cries every time that adult keeps dropping by its because that person has been untowards to them or they remind them of someone who is, was or will be and or is seeking your attention. The attention they are seeking is to have parents investigate #1 and #2 so they can feel that it's getting the most safest care. Aren't the little miracles smart? 30-Aug-2022

Tags: Celebrity, Children, Fear, Parenting 101, Pondering, Responsibility, Sex, Trans, Treatment, Video




If you can't create art due to limitations, you are not an artist. You're a worker. 04-Jan-2023

Tags: Art




Am I the only gay man who doesn’t sleep around?

No cousins! They'll fuck them too. 11-Apr-2022
The only friends your boyfriend needs is his mother, grandmother, sister and aunt. 11-Apr-2022

Tags: Cheating, Relationships, Sex, Survival




Down syndrome boy shoved to floor by cackling bullies

We are all special because "the powers that be" have assigned us specific tasks which includes not being "special." The powers need us to empathize with the imperfect so the glorious can stay true and lead. If we all become special then who leads? 18-Sep-2022

Tags: Bullying, Children, Education, Parenting, Pondering, Video, Violence, Women In Charge, Youth




Oh crap. Three of my holes were abused by that thing and I felt no pleasure. What am I? 08-Dec-2022
Oh fuck. None of the three holes worked on Pinnocchio, he must be an other. 08-Dec-2022
If a kid can't figure out what goes where, they will when they see each other. They already know they have to get naked because of all the times they caught their parents having sex, sometimes not even with each other but what goes where? Oh, something's getting hard, with a mind of its own and seeking holes for satisfaction, the other might feel a throb, a pee and a desire to rub it. I know! Since you have 3 holes, I'll shove my Pinnocchio down one of them and see if any of them do the trick. Class over! 08-Dec-2022

Tags: Parenting 101, Parody, Sex Ed




We can be anything in the world that we want except perfect. 07-Dec-2022



Calling a strange man "daddy" is the most heinous thing a pervert could train a child to say. 15-Nov-2022

Tags: Children, Parenting, Sex




She will lie to you all day long but a man can make you disbelieve it with one gesture. 04-Nov-2022

Tags: Men, Relationships



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