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I was a zombie for two years. 15-May-2022
I bit into one when alone with the spirits. It tasted like soap. 15-May-2022
I didn't believe a word of it. All week she screamed "not to touch her soaps" and almost every day I struggled not to taste them. They looked yummy. 15-May-2022
My mother was tasked with bathing in soaps that looked much like Halloween candy to complete the ritual. It washed away the stains/bad spirits. 15-May-2022
Magic or fucked up shit. 14-May-2022
A black woman became possessed, my mother released her rage and I thought I was in a dark Disney movie. 14-May-2022
She didn't want the voices in her head to interfere with her mothering. 14-May-2022
My mother was. 14-May-2022
I was not the subject. 14-May-2022
I was present at an exorcism. 14-May-2022

Tags: Children, History, Latino, Magic, Mental Health, Mother, Myself, Parenting, Puerto Rican, Women In Charge, World Peace




Anti-depressants aren't supposed to make people happier, they are prescribed to stop mental assholes from hurting you. 23-Apr-2022

Tags: Mental Health




In my last marriage, I was forbidden from talking in accents because it was disrespectful to the people he was fucking. What? 19-Apr-2022

Tags: Cheating, History, Mental Health, Myself, Relationships




Peter Parker is being raised gay by biological daddy, Peacemaker. He catches daddy fucking Bizarro Superboy one day. Woke Spider-Man never shot a straight web again and the world never got saved. 11-Apr-2022
If I had a DNA gayby I wouldn't raise it like a gay superhero. I'm not on a revenge life course. Existence functions a certain way and our role is to support it. Lest it stop rotating. We are not that special. I doubt god would tolerate us being shallow over accessories. I would bring it up with intelligent guidance and light nudges towards safety. If children are miracles why do we celebrate a change in physicality? Did god create that many mistakes? I would have adapted to whatever the child wanted to be but rules, training, punishment and fun would be a part of every chapter. A well rounded child. Why would I teach it how miserable it is to be gay, suicidal and unappreciated? Unless you're more than a bisexual. That would explain everything. They fuck anything but hate everybody. 11-Apr-2022

Tags: Parenting 101, Parody



Woman Charged with 18 Counts of Child Rape 

Melissa Blair, 38, provided her teenaged victims with gifts — including vape pens — in exchange for sexual favors.

Woman Charged with 18 Counts of Child Rape

Teacher, 36, fed junior high school students cupcakes laced with husband's SPERM

Teacher arrested for allegedly molesting 7 students

Tags: Children, Education, Feminism, Myself, Opinion, Rape, Sex, Teacher, Women In Charge, Youth




No cousins! They'll fuck them too. 11-Apr-2022
The only friends your boyfriend needs is his mother, grandmother, sister and aunt. 11-Apr-2022

Tags: Cheating, Relationships, Sex, Survival




The idea of boning her son makes him want to splash his babies inside her and make her a queen. 10-Apr-2022

Tags: Bi, Fantasy, Hypocrisy, Parenting, Parenting 101, Relationships, Representation, Selfish, Sex, Women In Charge




I was food shopping today in the pasta aisle when a super white boy and his lizard approached me. He mimed to me, so his girlfriend would later fuck him, how he was going to Will Smith the shit out of me. Yeah, try it bitch! I'm Tyler Perry big now and my white mother is on speed dial! 10-Apr-2022

Tags: Myself, No Way!, Who Cares!




If god wanted us to see the extra layer of dirt advertisement keeps warning us about, he would have given us X-ray vision. If it looks and smells clean, it's clean. Enough! 08-Apr-2022

Tags: $, Campaigns, Fear, Greed, Ignorance, Mental Health, Science




'Nowhere is safe'

Killings of Asians force Asians abroad to rethink their relationship with the U.S.

Black activists rage over racist vandalism a black student was caught on camera doing

Man, 42, is charged with attempted murder

Joe Buden Says ‘I Hate Them BTS N***as’ from China...

I know what caused the Asian/Blackx war and I will try to explain it.

Asians implanted themselves in our neighborhood to make money, serve us great food, peddle cheap gold and presents, at great prices. They came in peace.

The community welcomed them and respected how they adapted to ethnic food cravings and made them part of their menu. It made outdoor dining a family experience and gift shopping, cheap.

Blackx were impressed by the food and adored the jewelry but were insulted by their ignorance in blackx ghetto slang. "They got the order wrong because they couldn't understand us?" "We couldn't understand them!" "Laquisha has a Q in it. Are they mocking us? I'm going to beat their ass!"

Mispronunciations are a crime in the blackx community. Jealousy and great hair enrages them to kill anything that moves like a mouse esp. if they are walking behind them. "Gentle people are mice." Why you following me?" "You keep busting up my store."

Bad orders accelerated. An argument with an asian person was considered a "blackx" thing but getting an order wrong was a "hungry angry thing." We became infected by the tribal leaders. "Fight back when they get your order wrong. If they don't know English why do they keep picking up the phone? To fuck with us? This is my third time asking them to get my order right before I go kick some ass."

They didn't understand us and we didn't understand them.

Everyone became vindictive. Orders kept rolling in. Blackx were the most demanding. Asians retaliated. Roaches were added to orders the restaurants deemed annoying. Blackx leaders beat and raped them.

Blackx tore their stores up and violated the humility of a foreign group for not understanding the word "suck." "Suck my dick, get my name and rib order right and I might not violate your store."

No fucking Wuhan. 15-Feb-2022

Tags: Cultural, History, Myself, Reality, Stereotype, Treatment, Violence, World




Anderson Cooper Just Announced Birth of A Sixth Abortion


War in Ukraine should end ‘ludicrous debates about pronouns’

161 Arrested, 75 Guns Confiscated in Fla. Beach 'Takeover'

BC removes words 'he', 'she', 'himself', and 'herself'

Internet Slams Newcomer for Snapping at Coworker

Doc calls whites ‘birthing people,’ but blacks and Hispanics ‘moms’

500 years later. Unbelievable. That's exactly what ends up happenening. 14-Jan-2022
It would be sad if I thought I existed in this world just for myself. 24-May-2018

Tags: Abortion, Environment, Gay, History, LGBTQ, Life, Love, Maturity, Medical, Opinion, Parenting, Parenting 101, Politics, Ridiculous, Selfish, Society, War, World, World Peace




Secret code. Wink, wink. 02-Apr-2022
I also had to show criminals my dick more often than the white person accompanying me to buy drugs. It was 0-3, never in my favor. 02-Apr-2022
My voice has been described as "undercover cop." "They mean I "only" speak english, no slang." 02-Apr-2022

Tags: Community, History, Myself




Hiya was beaten from my vocabulary. (It's white slang.) 02-Apr-2022
The way I said hello turned into a bad joke, a lot. 01-Apr-2022
You know. Be less embarrassing and violent. 01-Apr-2022
It's like they don't want to grow and shit. Can't tell them anything! 01-Apr-2022
Assholes! 01-Apr-2022
I've received several in my lifetime. 01-Apr-2022
Dude, that slap was for everybody who ever made a bad joke. 01-Apr-2022

Tags: Comedy, Community, Environment, History, Life, Life Is Too Short, Maturity, MeToo, Respect, Responsibility, Violence




Daniel Radcliffe got bored of hearing opinions about the slap because it held no LGBTQ hate historical significance. Dude, I will never say slap again if you all stop spanking "Harry Potter's" ass for a fucking paycheck. Taking my Nazi gayby to all Harry Potter films is the worst movie experience of my life. He loved it because a Nazi wrote it. 01-Apr-2022

Tags: Celebrity, Freedom, History, Ignorance, Parody, Responsibility, Selfish, Treatment, Violence




Jussie Smollett Reportedly in Psych Ward

When you're cute nobody believes you're nuts until you're old! 12-Mar-2022

Tags: Myself



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