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Reparations! For every Taco Bell there needs to be a Popeye's Chicken around the corner. I've suffered enough. 22-Jun-2021

Tags: Cultural, Food, Old Man Dying Wish, Reparations




I lived a lifetime without representation in entertainment or books. I was an enslaved child shielded from outside influences. It was always family. Friends weren't allowed. I explored a friendship when I was six. He used to come every night and we'd watch and enact scenes from The Avengers. I was finally playing with someone else, liking the same things and having fun. My sister was allowed more freedom and friends and I don't understand why. You know, Amazon shit. Anyway, by the third day my mother had had enough. "Is this going to happen every day? Oops. I didn't know. "He always stays til dinnertime and sits to eat when I've only cooked for four. I had to give him my portion. I'm not taking care of another woman's kid! I was to get rid of him immediately. It made sense. I couldn't afford a friend. Next day I spoke to him at school and told him that he couldn't come over anymore, my mother hated him and that he was a big fat pig for eating all our food. I never saw him again and my mother was very proud. I tried once again, in my tweens, for a semester with two black gay friends but it was in secret and it never panned out. In entertainment I caught glimpses of myself and that was enough. It didn't matter who represented humanity as long as they interpreted it well. God only cares about our soul. That's why he made most of us ugly. I saw enough bits to try and solve my puzzle and be who I wanted to be. A gay romantic idiot. More representation is not going to get people to like us. Being kind might. White people have been representing throughout history and it doesn't stop them from hating each other. What's going to change? Representation only matters if its organic like the vegetable. 21-Jun-2021

Tags: Myself, Representation




I'm only half of a stereotype. I love fried chicken but I only eat watermelon in candy form. My parents embarrassed me every summer by serving slices of watery sugar to our community. I tasted sticky watery sugar in every bite. I hated that shit. 16-Jun-2021

Tags: Cultural, Myself, Stereotype




Stereotypes get you laid. 16-Jun-2021

Tags: History, Hypocrisy, Sex, Stereotype, Success, Survival, Who Cares!




Why do we balk at stereotypes? They're based on fact and family dinners. Pass the pork, please. 16-Jun-2021

Tags: Race, Who Cares!




I met my biggest celebrity crush (the guy that makes your ass twitch in excitement) in my teens on Park Avenue. He was stepping out of a limo, walking his dog, rocking those adorable little Jaws shorts with sandals when he suddenly smiles at me. Nobody wants to be a fan like Lucy but you can't be rude, so I smiled back and respected his distance. Yet, I couldn't allow my shyness to waste the opportunity for a million future masturbation fantasies. We acknowledged each other as a god and a fan, he extended his hand, I extended mine then a bird shat on me and I ran away. I remember that beautiful smile, gorgeous tan, manly everything and those cute little shorts and I kick myself. My apologies Mr. Scheider. It won't ever happen again. 15-Jun-2021

Tags: Gay, History, Myself




If we cancel enough of them they can build an army and kick our ass! 01-Jun-2021

Tags: Irony, Life




If we all admit that we suck, can we stop hating each other and move on to some happiness? Please? 13-May-2021

Tags: World Peace




Why did Bobby Brady from The Brady Bunch see rockets and firecrackers when he fell in love? I was a cute idiot twink picked up by an interesting man who looked exactly like William Hurt with a curly wig and a height difference. It wasn't him but the dude was still pretending to be someone. I wanted to fuck and get it over with. I didn't want to give him reasons to kill me. I kept all answers "interview" level. Everything about daddy was nice. Nothing spectacular but very pleasant. This will be a quick release. He starts banging and all is quite pleasing. It was a rainy afternoon fuck between two strangers. Nice. The climax was a buildup. Things were happening. I was giving him things that didn't belong to him. I start convulsing and begin to see stars, firecrackers and colored lightning. Who is this fake William Hurt motherfucker? It was a feeling I expected from someone more intimate. Is he from space? I wanted to snatch that wig and unmask him but I was embarrassed for feeling like the only vagina in New York cumming at that moment. It was fucking fantastic! If I hadn't already been happily married, I would have let him stalk me. 09-May-2021

Tags: Dating, Gay, Gay101, History, Myself, Relationships




Sex experts Dan Savage and Esther Perel explain why people cheat on their partners

The only men that don't cheat are the ones with mental or physical diseases, they can't, they shouldn't and or don't move. Otherwise, have your pick, ladies!... and gentlemen.

(My mother picked wisely. He's stupid, well-hung and able to work. See pic above. Welcome back, buddy!) 07-May-2021

Tags: Parenting 101, Parody, Relationships




Secret delights are the most attainable because everyone is looking for them. 05-May-2021

Tags: Humans, Nature




The idea of sharing neighborly grief and sentimentality with food is a common tradition that our family never followed. Dished food was constantly being brought to our home with gestures of warmth and or greetings yet remained untasted. At funeral gatherings my mother would throw out the stranger's food and keep only the family's. When the strangers inquired about their food my mother showed them the empty dishes. "It was so good the people gobbled it up." There was always an excuse. She didn't like what they said, they appeared unclean, smelled, had cats, were old, of another race or white. Mrs. Brady would have no chance at delivering "other food" to our mouths.

Our mother turned eating out into shopping for a restaurant. She wanted to make sure it was clean and comfortable and that more than two people were eating there. She didn't want to appear uncool.

Before she died, my stepfather's mother made some of his favorite dishes. We drove to pick them up. They were neatly packed in containers and my stepfather was excited to bring the food home and share it with us but mother smelled something foul in the car on our way home. I smelled nothing. Is it coming from those containers?! Throw them out! Those containers are not coming inside my house! They're poison. Throw them out or you're not getting back in the car! My stepdad deflated as he dumped the last taste of home and I felt so bad for him. It's his mother's food and he's the only one obligated to eat it and if he wants to relive a fond memory, he should goddam be able to. Mother! Go into another room while he gobbles it down. I'll clean it up. I told her that and she yells at me "yeah, but you don't know these people." (Spells and shit.)

I've never held to her philosophy and as an adult enjoyed much food by hospitable strangers and neighbors and obviously never died. My mother was afraid someone else would usurp her talent. 01-May-2021

Tags: Family, Food, Mental Health, Mother, Myself, Women In Charge




I shut the fuck up like my stepfather. 29-Apr-2021
I shut the fuck up too so I can listen to her. 15-Oct-2020
You bet she did. Thanks, mom. Kisses. 19-Sep-2020
A mother's greatest gift to her child is to shut the fuck up and listen. 13-Sep-2020

Tags: Mothers, Responsibility, Sad, Support, Women In Charge




As soon as the giant man of your dreams crashes them by unexpectedly cumming into your hole before you get to twitch, don't threaten him with a frying pan like my mother does. Turn the session into a drag race. Ask him if he can cum even faster. Next time, clock him. Encourage him. Can he do it faster? And faster? Even faster? He'll feel pressured to perform. Men are a brilliant probability that are dumber than their cocks. Oh, I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to rush you. Cum when you need to. Take your time. You wanna try fucking me again? Good boy. If that doesn't work, smack him while he's cumming. (It may take a few weeks but isn't he worth it?) 22-Apr-2021

Tags: Sex




One of my best friends ghosted me because I admitted I was old. LOL! 20-Apr-2021

Tags: Friends, Gay, Myself, Nobody Cares, Psychology



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