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This site does not claim credit for images, videos, or music, except where noted. Let us know if we have used your media and would like it removed.

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Porn is a necessity to quell the appetite that percolates in men. Men articulate sex through experience (good or bad,) societal etiquette and pressure. Porn doesn't find us, we look for it. The desire is built-in, control is an option. Release (physical or mental) is the break. Porn accommodates the climate but it doesn't precipitate the man.


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The gay nurse at my clinic thinks its funny that when there is access to a hazmat suit he likes to borrow it to scare the patients the staff doesn't like with a panic inducing bogus diagnosis. Fuck him. 18-May-2018

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I was born and baptized catholic. I wanted to become a priest. I have an aversion to them because I spent a lifetime avoiding their predatory advances. One priest actually had me wait with him while the rectory retired so he could sneak me into his room for sex. He showed me his dick and called me a "skirt." I stalled and refused. I met another at a vampire club and thought he was in disguise but he went out of his way to prove me wrong (it was his only badge of attraction,) he followed me into the bathroom, felt me up and I kicked him out. Many managed to take me to bed disguised as a civilian but eventually it caused a rift. I didn't want the responsibility of aiding someone to hell. I went through the whole process with one of my friends and all he talked about was how much more sex he was having interning. My world was very small but they constantly showed up with the same propositions. They were so prevalent in my life that it's the one career choice I could pick out just by talking to them (policemen were another.) Holy talk and show me your prick is a weird conversation. My sister wouldn't let my lover or myself babysit her children but she would gladly hand them over to a priest to teach. If I knew that anyone would care I would have made a grand list for the present so a parents love for their child could overcome faith. This is how I deal and vent because I am boggled that parents can complain all they want about the Weinsteins of the world but these child predators continue to be beloved and followed. Of course, there are good men in the priesthood, but those were rare in my life. The problematic ones know this is still the best place to hide because people grant them power. Forgive me when I use my art to vent but they woke me. 22-Mar-2018

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A bad one it is. 23-Feb-2018
I don't enjoy meeting notables. The rules that I employ is don't fuss, treat them with respect and remind myself they are of the same flesh.

I met him accidentally. I was supposed to accomplish my task in his home office and leave. I was told he wasn't going to be there but he was. I extended a hello and he reciprocated it. I hid in my task working as efficiently and invisible as I could make myself. He pulled me out of hiding by inquiring about me which woke me from my nervous trance. I answered and he shared a nicety with me which made me smile. He shared of himself to ease me.

I ask you sir, that you bring some of that thought to the other half of America that is confused by you... so I can store it as a good memory.

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Men, you seem to be confused of what to say about the "me too" movement. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Just tell them you love them, you stand by them and you will do everything in your power to protect them and their daughters, mothers, sisters, et al. Is that so hard? 12-Feb-2018

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Why is prison a badge of honor for masculinity? All it is is a vacation from women where bros celebrate their sentence wallowing in a high sea of penis water. 02-Feb-2018

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Even though all men are perverts we should be distinguished by the control and dignity we issue when attempting to enact it. Self quenching should always supercede human mutilation. Its how manliness is measured. 29-Jan-2018

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