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100 Men (2017) Woof

An individual counts down his sexual mates and in so doing we are lead through a gay history retrospective and its many viewpoints. 16-Apr-2018

Tags: 2010s, Bio, Camp, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Documentary, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, History, Hot Swatch, Political, Sentimental, Touching



Girl From 10th Avenue, The (1935)  Woof

Social climber rejects love to marry greater wealth, dumpee breaks and drowns in alcoholism while Bette is the independent working woman who rehabilitates him in spite of her misgivings. As soon as Bette settles with her man, climber returns from a separation to repossess her loss. The rumble is exhilarating because we get to see how legend earned her stripes and even though Alison Skipworth (as a good friend) can unleash a mad hilarious quip, Bette still occupies the room.

The writing appears modern because I've never heard men and women speak so bluntly to each other unless they were arguing.

I love Bette because when minorities/sexes complained that they weren't seeing themselves in art, I was becoming stronger by watching a white woman take control of hers. I see myself in everyone. It's called empathy. 09-Mar-2018

Tags: 1930s, Chemistry, Comedy, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Revenge, Romance, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Mudbound (2017) Woof

To regard it, you need to evade the details. The accents reverberate inharmoniously, the shade becomes platitude and Blige's sunglasses are a luxury and an unnecessary distraction. Mary is saddled with careful wording and spacing which is the antithesis of what she relays in song. If she would have sung her part she might have let go of her elegance to extract a soul from her character. No player inhabits the complexities of the dimensional but somehow the makers' message punches through. 28-Dec-2017

Tags: 2010s, Brutal, Crime Drama, Director's Slice, Drama, History, Hot Swatch, Over the Top, Political, Preachy, Sad, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Twisty, Writ Tight



Dreamboat (2017) Woof

We party like children, we fuck like it’s historically relevant and we crash in tragedy.

The titillation dissipates as soon as these diverse and brave men lament in a society hellbent on cementing themselves to a merry-go-round that hasn't gotten us anywhere.

They grabbed me. 10-Dec-2017

Tags: 2010s, Bio, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Documentary, Drama, Funny, Gay, History, Hot Swatch, Mat, Political, Sad, Touching, Writ Tight



Birth of a Nation (2015) Howl

The prejudgement was swatted as soon as the harsh reality of what the birth entailed was. The only reason to relive this grave stain in history is to account for a particular untapped event. The film was annihilated by an unproven crime from politically correct assassins but the importance of the film resonates truth.

White man deluded a benevolent slave to learn the bible, adapt their baptist religion (within privileged limitations) and to spread it to his brethren to cause guilt within the black community and to quell the savage soul. The power of the word exalted the white man and placed the black community at their mercy for fear of going to hell. Black preacher gains insight as his community continues to suffer barbarities and sexual perversions from God respecting owners and forms a revolution.

It's a group effort where nothing necessarily stands out except the facts, the inhumanity and the confusion that black people have adopted white man's religion when it was His word that enabled enslavement. 07-Nov-2017

Tags: 2010s, Action, Brutal, Director's Slice, Drama, History, Hot Swatch, Political, Rapey, Revenge, Romance, Sad, Sap, Scary, Sentimental, Suspense, Touching, Twisty, Writ Tight



Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) Woof

Mason implements arrogance to the professor whilst Boone plus Ronson saunter their commodities and Arlene Dahl inhabits feminist grace.

The film manages to sneak song into the adventure and it doesn't wither. The effects were an outline for better but the handcraft marvels.

It's not a jet but it doesn't move like a helicopter either. Nice pastime. 02-Nov-2017

Tags: 1950s, Action, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Decent FX, Director's Slice, Drama, Fantasy, Funny, Good Acting, History, Music Swings, Romance, SciFi, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Writ Tight



Baby Doll (1956) Howl

Baby Doll is not a child but a 19 year old bride to a man who bought her. Her only power is sex and her unwillingness to depart with it until her 20th b'day. A battle ensues between men that present her with the opportunity to dish it to the highest bidder.

Tennessee creates strong women whose vulnerability lies with the man who takes it. Baby Doll grows up but the system is incapable of providing her self sufficiency.

Williams is still a master of blatant provocation as Kazan is compelled to art.

Baker is raw talent with Grade A movie star presence. Wallach is gripped masher. Karl Malden plays the husband like the insecure man who has to buy love in a very expensive world. Mildred Dunnock's character power is stupidity because if the men notice her they'd be displeased. Ms. Dunnock is given a moment to showcase and she doesn't disappoint. I felt the burnout.

Like all big dick contests, one cock wins, it spirals into violence as white man burdens the town with his privilege.

The author decided not to cap it with a conclusion because we get to decide it.

I was watching a part of history that is no longer applicable because the men in our present, would like to revert to that.

Tags: 1950s, Brutal, Chemistry, Classic, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Great Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Music Swings, Political Satire, Pretty, Revenge, Romance, Star Watt, Suspense, Twisty, Wit Snit, Writing Reigns



Rocco (2016) Woof

It's obvious that the people who voted for the most interesting man in the world weren't sniffing at Rocco's cigar. I watched for ease of sleep and simplicity of subject. Porn legend lays his nuts and bolts across the table via manic poetry and allows the audience to dissect and judge. Rocco is quite the puzzle, the appendage, the brute, the depraved, the gifted and unfortunate man...and it all leads back to mother. Chilling. 21-Sep-2017

Tags: 2010s, Bio, Brutal, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Fantasy, History, Hot Swatch, Political, Porn, Rapey, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Touching, Twisty, Weird, Wit Snit



Carrington (1995) Woof

Emma Thompson is a brave actress who fully envelops her character but because Jonathan Pryce can't convey the charm that would convince its audience of why she spent a lifetime pining for him, the story loses heft. Pryce cannot get pass playing Lytton as a boorish and snobbish gay fuddy duddy which the real might have been but for respect of story, he needed to inhabit beyond that. Emma looks to have fun bedding beautiful men, pining and encapsulating the woman and romantic artist of that time. 18-May-2017

Tags: 1990s, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Romance, Sad, Sentimental, Star Watt, Touching, Writ Tight



Starring Adam West (2013) Woof

The first great Batman and the nicest. 17-May-2017

Tags: 2010s, Classic, Comic Book, Daddy Squish, Documentary, Funny, History, Hot Swatch, Mat, Sentimental, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Wit Snit



Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) Howl

Its stuffed with Russian history, parental wrangle, sibling rivalry and strapping expectations. Maria Schell presents nobility of heart as Claire Bloom revels in vindictiveness. Of the four brothers, Shatner stands out as taking pious literally and to the tip while Yul allows us to mark how a scoundrel becomes a man because of unstable family formations, instinctive wildness and repercussions. It may be preachy but Brynner never lets up constructing a complete performance worth basking in. 12-May-2017

Tags: 1950s, Chemistry, Crime Drama, Director's Slice, Drama, Great Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Macho Posing, Political, Preachy, Pretty, Revenge, Romance, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Touching, Twisty, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Watch on the Rhine (1943) Howl

The best thing Bette did was to acknowledge that the writing and the ensemble were very important to how the story plays. It's not her movie and she serves it by making her case with little flamboyance. The story preserves the heroism and the uprise that existed before the Nazi obliteration. At heart, its all play and as such it didn't need to be bombarded by strings, the actors were accomplishing their task without it. Paul Lukas holds bravery steady and Lucille Watson steals it because her tongue lashes. 26-Apr-2017

Tags: 1940s, Action, Chemistry, Classic, Conspiracy Theory, Director's Slice, Drama, Good Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Political, Romance, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Twisty, Wit Snit, Writer's Peak



Corn Is Green, The (1945) Howl

It may be dated but it does not make the story less remarkable. Being at the forefront of creating community is arduous but when its successful, accomplished. Bette is energized feminism restrained by propriety as most of the support supply warmth and local color. That all must sacrifice to complete one man's success is virtuous but sadly, not of this time. 21-Apr-2017

Tags: 1940s, Chemistry, Director's Slice, Drama, Good Acting, History, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Twisty, Writing Reigns



Virgin Queen, The (1955) Arf

Splendiferous in costume and design. Richard Todd is prideful of his macho stance and Bette is off. She adds so many ticks to this queen that it feels she's doing an imitation of herself. Well done but lacking. 06-Apr-2017

Tags: 1950s, Action, Camp, Director's Slice, Drama, Ear Prick, Fatigue, History, Hot Swatch, Over the Top, Political, Pretty, Romance, Shrill Act, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Wit Snit



Postcards From The Edge (1990) Howl

Neither Streep or Maclaine are pitch perfect in their depiction of a fictional version of mother/daughter Reynolds and Fisher because the icons they depict are ingrained in our psyche. The actresses approach from study, inside information and revelry. There are moments that even though their talent fails them, they rise to depict the inner souls of the women who are struggling to overcome the love and fear they hold for each other so they can learn to live with themselves. Fisher's writing is authentic, spartan and provoking. They will make you laugh as much as touch your heart. Streep murders the first song but slays the last. Maclaine is Crawford ready and Mary Wickes had one of her best roles ever and didn't waste it. It is a great forward to the doc (Bright Lights) with more personal info as only art can inject. 18-Jan-2017

Tags: 1990s, Best In Comedy, Camp, Chemistry, Comedy, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Great Acting, History, Hot Swatch, Sentimental, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



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