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This site does not claim credit for images, videos, or music, except where noted.


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We lost favor as soon as we allowed the diversity in GLBTQ to separate into subgroups because we couldn't convince the world that we were all equal. Thank you. We are now that friend that everyone avoids because we're all entitled judgmental hypocrites. I am so mad. 06-Feb-2018
How dare we believe that bragging irresponsibly about being the happiest, ultimate parents, et al. rings of equality? All it does is give the bad people with guns an easier target. Unless Obama returns to President, the hearts of my lover and I will never rest. 15-Dec-2017
When you proclaimed "It Gets Better" were you only talking to specific twinks because I don't see that happening in the grown-up community you proclaim is so welcoming? 01-Dec-2017
We must be wary of which champions we are quick to cut out of our support life system because they were politically incorrect. In wars, treaties are negotiated to conquer the enemy. Unless you are that great champion, it's best to leave the fight with those with guns (metaphorically.) Let's keep everyone in check but don't send them out to pasture, even the smartest can have stupid moments, it's in our nature. The only army that gets stronger is theirs. 30-Jun-2017
Why is our community so insistent on knocking on doors whose owners are not welcoming? Would you like it if I came to your house, let myself in and expected you to feed me? If you must accredit to a God, he travels beyond walls. It's obvious they are not a business and that they are allowed to be exclusive. Forcing ourselves on them puts targets on our backs. We can argue with someone any place where there is neutral ground or to protect ours but we never do so in someone else's house because we will always lose. It's obvious there will never be complete acceptance, let's give them some space and maybe they will find it in their hearts to invite us, but why feed them as they slit our throats? 02-May-2017
Be aware that in your support of a fluid lifestyle that it only befits if you can allow other nationalities to bend along. 22-Apr-2017
An ex lover is like a worn pair of shoes, they still fit, are comfortable and might even still look good but they shouldn't carry you through the new terrain you should be walking. 17-Nov-2016
I am sorry about my insinuation that most Arizonians could be pods. After living with both, I have to say, that gays can be poddish too. 06-Sep-2016
No labels also means that anyone can choose to match you to the sex of their choice. 05-Aug-2016
You're still hung up on nixing labels except when a straight actor wants to depict us and bind us to art. How counter. 05-Aug-2016
The fight for our rights should never impede on the support a solitary gesture of kindness can abolish. 04-Jun-2016
We know about as much about parenting as our strait parents taught us. 01-Jun-2016
I see that compatriots are embracing diversity. Thank you for being part of an inclusive future. We are all too fabulous to be invisible. 03-May-2016
We spend so much time establishing we are "normal" and just like "them" or "everybody else" that we forget that there are protections afforded them that don't apply to us. We can live amongst them and walk alone or we can live with each other and march. Allies are always invited. 28-Apr-2016
If we follow the straits into the deep side of the ocean, we might drown. 28-Apr-2016
Ladies, you don't need advice. Go get 'em. 22-Apr-2016
You are always complaining how you need a real man to fulfill the sting in the expanse. Look around, that guy that you think has shortcomings because your friends told you so, will become one if you make him feel like one and he will love you absolutely for allowing him to become what others invalidated. Go get 'em. 22-Apr-2016
Hey LGBTQI businesses.  Give back to your community and don't make things so expensive.  Be competitive. 31-Mar-2016
Stop whining on not being invited to the other party (business, church, etc.)  No one throws a better party than us, anyway.  We shouldn't go where we are not wanted.  It makes the hate grow.  Our job to the community is to report them and make us aware of their bigotry.  Anybody can make a cake and anybody can put poison in it.  We don't need it or them. Shift the power. Now you know why its important to support LGBTQI business.  The LGBTQI family has the biggest balls of all the people I know.  Let's use them. 24-Feb-2016
Just that we have honourable mention in the bible means we've been here from the beginning, we're not leaving and we have a purpose. 24-Feb-2016
You want to fuck with yourself?  You must be of mature age to play though.  Here we go.  Teach yourself to live only in the present.  You cannot hold on to what left you behind and you can't have a future.  Now live.  Signed as lived by a gay man over 50. 24-Feb-2016
Your kids are not immune to rebellion.  Make all choices careful. 24-Feb-2016
I don't know your personal life purpose but I know the grander scheme to your place on earth.  There is a lot of excess that the planet cannot contain.  It is so obvious we were created to provide healing for that excess.  We can't and shouldn't reproduce.  Adoption needs to be our destiny.  Saving the throwaways is what we are born to nourish and they in turn will be more appreciative than ones we can create because it's do or die for them.  It's how you save lives, conquer parenting and love the earth.  I'm all for marriage, family, festivities, porn, art, music, love, sex, entertainment, etc.  No fun will be interrupted and the earth may turn excesses of crime, hate, separateness, war and religion into a gift. 24-Feb-2016
I've seen a lot of arguments about labelling.  I agree that we shouldn't have to but it is very early in the game for us to level that field.  We need to be labeled so we can follow the path and so we can recognize our friends and allies.  We also must identify those that wont stand with us.  Can't we just share our labels, accept them all and become a stronger group because of it?  I spent my whole life identifying myself and having my supporters recognize me so I can be assigned a number at the end of it?  That's not a purpose for a fight we haven't won yet.  Let's give young people resorces we were denied and let us all be proud of whatever tag we want to be recognized as.  You can find things with no labels at the 99 cents store. 24-Feb-2016
The life of a fangirl is frivolous and short.  Let's aspire to be something other than. 24-Feb-2016
We shouldn't want to be the same as them but better. 24-Feb-2016
Let's do the math.  You would never take a bone away from your dog and give it to another...because he's not going to like it or worst...bite you.  That's how fidelity works.  You're going to hurt someone.  People with emotions get mad and become broken.  Those that advocate pissing on everything may lack what even the most basic animal shouldn't have...feelings. 24-Feb-2016
So you want to be like the heteros or your parents in every way: marriage, bearing children and moving to the suburbs but you don't want to be faithful - that's something taught to women as children and strait men pretend to acquiesce for peace because it never really happens.  As gay men we piss anywhere at any time. Sad.  It makes us seem like we have no self control and that maturity is beyond our grasp.  You get nothing good without sacrifice, boys.  It is possible if you want it. 24-Feb-2016
We need re-education. 24-Feb-2016




If you board the riot train, without self-relection, for every negative criticism lobbed against you, you are no longer fighting for're gunning for superiority. 06-Jan-2018
If a stereotype is the most heinous representation, why does society make it so arduous to change? 05-Jan-2018
Equality shouldn't mean that we induct another race to power. That's ridiculous. All representatives must rule so none abuses it. 29-Nov-2017
You've extended your hand in friendship, but your hands are shaking. 27-Apr-2017
Being included doesn't mean you're great, it means you have the opportunity to work at it. 20-Apr-2017
We should inculcate in our children respect instead of antipathy so maybe we can conquer greater arguments. 05-Jan-2017
If you don't want anyone to repeat a word that is highly offensive don't add it to one of your ditties. You will never hear a latino sing "how my spick fucked my girlfriend" even if its true because "we" must respect our culture, any culture. In the words of an ex boss... "grow up." Your whining and unwillingness to compromise put us in the political hell we are in. Let's represent with dignity. 23-Nov-2016
With the rise of equality, the victimization plummets. Let's all learn to hitch with the spare casters off. 25-Oct-2016
I will accept that your fairy God and discriminate religion allows you to shut us out of your business but don't be a hypocrite and a pussy, put up a big sign on your door celebrating that fact.  It should be obligatory.  Trust me, we wont even knock. 10-Mar-2016
It seems that universally we empathize with animals the most (unless you are serial.)  Call me Dixierratic.  Woof, woof.  Lick, lick. 03-Mar-2016
If we all admit that there are differences and that we all earned our right to be here, will you start relenting? 25-Feb-2016
Now that rights are being taken away from LGBTI and given to the churches; does this mean that we don't need to pay taxes? 18-Feb-2016
If you think its fun to laugh at the opposition, you've already lost. 11-Feb-2016
They are one group; we are many.  They will pick at us one by one.  We want things done and finished, let's unite and fight a civil fight.  Don't let judgments cloud success. 11-Feb-2016
When we are presented with an opportunity we should never waste it. 11-Feb-2016
I found out how Hollywood is better than the bible. There is more diversity there than the bible yet the favorite child is still jewish. 17-Sep-2015
Oscars. The privileged few are fighting for the right to win gold bling but lounge at bigger issues. More diversity in film, yes, but it should include everyone. Be careful Tyler Perry doesn't trip on his gown on the way to the podium to accept his lifetime achievement award. 17-Sep-2015
Ladies, if we are all equal, why is it that when I visit you make me sit with the boys after dinner? You married him. If you don't find him and his friends interesting enough to sit by, why should I suffer? 17-Sep-2015
Women continue to complain about inequality. The only thing stopping that is men. Women, you have access to them; they are your brothers, husbands, lovers, sons, uncles, grands, cousins, friends, etc. You are not taking advantage of it. 17-Sep-2015
Man is only as good as you make him. 17-Sep-2015
What happened to the sports widow? Did someone give up? Did you renege? Their was no announcement. What did you get in return? Don’t tell me you really like football? 17-Sep-2015
When the privileged white male is done with the Mexicans, blacks, jews, terrorists and everyone else…they will come for you…ladies….and you allowed them to arm themselves. Pick your side carefully. 17-Sep-2015




Miracles can only occur when you stand in front of a person who cares. 17-Dec-2017
Forgiveness is automatically acquired whilst avoiding a relapse when we both change. 27-Apr-2017
I will never understand the idolization known as friendship as its the easiest to break and the most self-absorbed. 25-Oct-2016
The best life lesson is the one in which another person embeds you into a circumstance where their oppression is enacted on you. Why you would wait for that lesson? 20-Jul-2016
Adoption is the real pro-life. 07-Jun-2016
If street cred is considered a form of education what is surviving it? 01-Jun-2016
A lie can rescue you in an emergency but it won't save you. 29-Apr-2016
No matter how good I feel or look no one is going to notice me in this oppressed communist state in America because with my color I can only provide shade, therefore I can never feel like a flower unless something catastrophic happens to me to get their (pods) attention or respect. 29-Apr-2016
Where we live, a dog has to shit on a flower before it becomes one. 15-Apr-2016
History. We keep repeating all the bad aspects of it. Maybe it's time to forget it. 13-Apr-2016
If most of us are inclined to be sympathetic and morally helpful, why aren't there more heroes? 12-Apr-2016
You can only get someone to notice you, not fall in love with you. 15-Feb-2016
I presume we could all achieve world peace if we want it bad enough.  I guess, there aren't that many people that want it. 14-Feb-2016
We are constantly forcibly being humbled into forgiving and forgetting.  It's supposed to cleanse the soul and you will free yourself of the chains the pain brought.  So, I'm supposed to break bread and sit next to the relative who sexually molested me for maybe a lifetime and if they are confronted it can be stern but one must use sensitivity though it was denied us.  Listen to why they did it, so we can better understand and if and when they do it again the rape will be less intense than yours because they were pardoned.  It doesn't work that way in the greater world though.  If another country even sniffs us wrong we are ready to humiliate, discriminate and harass.  Time to call the troops and kill, kill, kill...they have dishonored our country.  So what is it?  Is that said a bandaid?  Does it even work?  Will it make your head hurt less?  Tell us Dr. Phil, you think you know everything.  Oprah?  The compassionless Wizard with the third leg?  Anyone?  No need.  Like everything else I had to figure it out myself.  If you can't forgive these people, chaos would ensue.  But, can't we just fix the cause? This shit hurts and unless you come up with a special pill, I will always remember and if such a pill exists I will gladly take it and shut up. 13-Feb-2016
We spend so much of our time acting and not so much time playing yet a paltry excess cannot watch professionals getting awarded while the pro studs carrying a ball's viewership is massive. 12-Feb-2016
If you are angry, you've passed the main trial of this puzzle.  If you are offended, you're reading too much in the words.  Only the message is serious; everything else is still a puzzle. The  answer is in the message. Try again. 11-Feb-2016
Crazy repels crazy because they know the image in their mirror is cracked. 30-Sep-2015
The only time to act stupid is if it's funny. 30-Sep-2015
Maturity begins as soon as you can say no to that most popular, mass marketed thing that everyone is enjoying and being shoved down your throat.  You should be able to see it for what it is. 30-Sep-2015
If it seems that I hate everything it's because I have so much more to compare it to than you do. 30-Sep-2015




Gays. I think our art was better when we were stifled. 10-Dec-2017
If your art has no politic or point of view, it's retail. 03-Dec-2017
When you suck art's tit, it feeds you. 27-Apr-2017
Sometimes you have to serve a lot of shit for the audience to taste the good meal and see the better art. 09-Apr-2017
It only moves when someone looks at it. 22-Feb-2017
The Republicans would have us unplug from this medium but remember that if you do, your kids might awake and stand up or worst you might have to parent them. 30-Jan-2017
Art will never cure what ails you, but great art can give you one last breadth. 10-Jan-2017
They say a movie has never saved anyone's life but it can keep me company until someone acknowledges me. 07-Oct-2016
You cannot be stamped a genius until your work has stood the test of time. 16-Sep-2016
If you think its art, I'll check it out.  If I think its art, I'll talk about it. 19-Oct-2015



Thank you for celebrating art with me. 03-Dec-2017
I heard you. The boom you created is so thunderous it knocked my lover out of his chair. Thank you.

You broke two records and have regained new powers. 01-Dec-2017




Children are the future you enabled. 25-Oct-2016
Retaining empathy only for kids of your closest friends and family does not make you a better parent just a shitty human. 20-Sep-2016
Teaching your children to cook, just like potty training is a survival skill not a "special talent." 15-Sep-2016
You are celebrated at every turn. We only get celebrated when we have no voice except to scream and cry, no choice but to spit and poop and no pride to have to wait on you to feed and change me. 01-Jun-2016
Guilt is the new "slap."  Afterall, they do look ridiculous hitting grownups. 18-Feb-2016
If it takes a village then why do you get offended when someone tells your unruly kid to shut the fuck up. 16-Feb-2016
Folks.  I remember everything! 11-Feb-2016
If you don't tell your child what to do, someone more sinister will. 03-Feb-2016
If you think child rearing is are not done. 24-Nov-2015
Go and do as you please, my child for I have branded you with guilt. 24-Nov-2015
You are the 1st to take credit for my accomplishments & the first to step aside when I fail. 24-Nov-2015
Shouldn't you clean up the world a little bit before you bring us into it? 24-Nov-2015
You are not allowed to hate them until the last payment for college clears. 24-Nov-2015
If you are under the belief that a child can rear itself, the apes will talk and enslave them. 24-Nov-2015
If homophobia is a hate crime, why are parents who kick out their underage kids not charged with it? That is the most heinous of all hate crimes. It's not the city's fault they gave up on parenting. 24-Nov-2015
Honor thy father and mother... even if they raise you with fists? 24-Nov-2015




Even when I run out of words for you I always want to convey my gratitude. The news and America's inaction messed me up. It was creating more work for no pay and little benefit. I started it as a way to communicate with my lover (to not fill his mailbox) so we could have things to discuss. Unfortunately, it filled my head with anxiety.

You are a resilient group of people that I hope understands the frustration this mental civil war has ignited in all of us. Our brains get worn and the fun I was trying to convey got politicized.

Enjoy your week and be well. If you want me to stay with the iteration I began with, you know what to do. 30-Nov-2017
The power I gifted has landed back on my lap. 30-Nov-2017
Some distance was expected as I rebooted and tidied up. Errattic news on twitter was so expansive it made for harsh reading. I didn't approve of posting every gesture of Errattic and will only post things of noted interest. You can catch-up on news on the site.

You pushed through and found your way back and gave "Astronaut" solid numbers. I appreciate it. I hope Mansionair reaps the benefit and I'd like to thank them for allowing my brain to expound on their thoughts. Respect.

I threw much on the floor and as the host I shouldn't expect any one to have to sweep up after me. We do it together or not at all.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I am always grateful for your support.





If you think that the solution to sexual abuse is to cover up you have misconstrued history. In what century did men stop abusing women even when the weight of the fashion outweighed the girl or the boy? Debauchery is a thought process instilled. It doesn't work for the Amish and it wont work for the modern women or their children. 30-Nov-2017
I spent a lifetime crying "me too" and now am a product of it. The first to take advantage was my sister then came the cousins, too many of my mother's boyfriends and all the other men awaiting in almost every corner I tried discovering the world in. For a long time I questioned Kinsey's 10% homosexual scale because of the many strait and opportunistic men who exposed their souls to me in my childhood. Not only was I enveloped in teenage awkwardness but men kept me grasped as I fought and shifted backwards.

I cried "me too" to my mother in explanation for my distance from the perpetrators but I was shunned, told to get over it and to respect family first. I did but I can't. Every cousin (male and female) has shared an alike story and the parent conjecture that family can't be denied. This is where my disrespect for family was birthed.

I have a lifetime of scars and I expose it through this medium to take control of the choice I was denied.

The most surprising aspect is that even in midlife I've had to cry "me too" from professional women (nurse) and men with no respect. Lawyers, women-in-charge and gays booed me for crying.

There is a better outlet for crying "me too" now. Don't squander it by not talking to your children about it. The only fear I trembled over was the man on my bed and the man in the chimney isn't going to save us. My mother could have but chose family first. I guess I wasn't included in that. 29-Nov-2017
Your God created it, we all have it, we are compelled and distracted by it. We are empowered and enslaved by it. We discuss it in whispers or boast to large crowds but we never dissect it or try to understand it. It easily embarrasses, abuses and unnerves. We are dissuaded from discussing it with children, parents or magic splatterers.

I am a product of it. I see beauty in it. I see art in it. I see a man's true intentions in it. It is life. It cannot be ignored. 29-Nov-2017
You might think yourself special enough not to have to cater to a fetish and that is your prerogative but for a lot of us is how we find most of our warmth. Its an affection that leads them entrance into our world. How you treat it and it treats you, should be the only discrimination. 23-May-2017
As a strait to my gay man we don't share the same lifestyle. We are only united through a perverted act. 28-Mar-2017
I want that but not in that size. 23-Sep-2016
Ladies, your obsession of synthesizing yourself to appease a man is only easing him in the preference for sexing robotics. 11-Aug-2016
Hey hoe, can you keep fucking all the assholes a little while longer, we need more time to marry off the good ones. Thanks. 02-Jul-2016
I'd rather he come quick in my ass than shrivel up in my hand. 01-Jul-2016
If all you do is fuck without appreciation for the other person, it's rape. 07-Jun-2016
Ladies. Just because you don't explore his body like he does your island doesn't make him more manly, only dissatisfied. 11-Mar-2016


Viewers 3


Errattic's main goal is to celebrate music and bring attention to art. You rarely disappoint. Thank you.

Lo Moon, I celebrate your music as a fan. Much luck.

Bruno. I didn't think you would notice but you did. Sweet.

I do read tweets when I can and I appreciate all who comment, support and make me smile.

Enjoy your weekend. 16-Nov-2017
That was astounding and recordbreaking. You crowned the King majestic. Appreciated. Have a great week. 13-Nov-2017
You broke a record yesterday. Most viewed day of all time. Your presence for the day nearly doubled. I'm amazed, flattered and a bit scared that I wont live up to it.

Your weekend needs to be great. 10-Nov-2017
I put a bounce in my step and a lighter touch on my edit and you honored it. I still don't understand how you keep edging out the prior King but I'm thankful.

You know what to do with your weekend. Enjoy. 09-Nov-2017
A race close to breakneck. I hope your enjoyment is as palpable as my appreciation. Have a great week. 06-Nov-2017
That was a respectable finish.

There are new faces to welcome and the "always" to cherish. Each new week seems like a bigger challenge and whether I fail or pass, you are the ones that keep it going. A shout out of appreciation to the first 100 and the many thousands later.

Find the relaxation in your weekend. 02-Nov-2017




Is "political correctness" the foundation of why adults can't enjoy "adult things?" 27-Nov-2017
Why are we allowing people to arms themselves? Is there a civil war coming? 07-Nov-2017
Why do we make it so simple to give of our power when it's nearly impossible to get it back? 06-Jul-2017
The only way to kill savage blunt is with truth. 02-Mar-2017
If you turn off the mike on crazy then stupid might not be able to hear the regulations and we become exempt to hearing a wall being built. 03-Feb-2017
Now is the time for us real Americans to do what we've all learned to do best. Whine! 30-Jan-2017
While everyone is disabled with reminiscence, keep your eyes forward, because when they plunge from idolizing the past instead of cultivating it, you want to be so ahead that you might properly lead again. 30-Dec-2016
We will awake to fight another day. 11-Nov-2016
I didn't know making America great again entailed being enslaved to the past. 11-Nov-2016
We woke up to a different world this morning. America really loves to live with uncertainty and fear. 09-Nov-2016
There is no excuse for the man but there are still a big quantity of offensive that believed Trump as President. What do we do with those even if he loses? 07-Oct-2016
Can someone explain to me why if Trump hates foreigners he can marry them and everyone accepts them as American without questioning his hypocrisy? Dim. 20-Jul-2016
After the ridiculousness and immaturity of this election cycle, you can never accuse Shonda Rhimes of writing grandiose politics. I'm changing "Scandal's" classification to Docu-series. 15-Jul-2016
Politics are boring. I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my life before you fuck the rest of it up. 15-Jul-2016
All it takes is someone who really gives a shit. 23-Jun-2016
If you vote someone in because it's fodder for brilliant comedy you don't deserve that choice. 01-Jun-2016
If the parties were expelled, we would have to assess the politician as the man or woman that they are, instead of crunching them into a group. As voters it'd be our burden to be attentive before electing. 01-Jun-2016
Sometimes you must allow the fools to vote a monarch in, so all the monarchies can fall. 05-May-2016


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HH. Be safe. 31-Oct-2017
I thought we would return to normalcy so yet again, I'm amazed how you keep edging a King to crown. You boggle and surprise as I borrow from my prior self to appreciate. Enjoy your Halloween. 30-Oct-2017
Bruno, you are welcome. Thanks for representing. 27-Oct-2017
You worked really hard to enable a very tight race. Thank you. Apply that to your weekend and it should be great. 26-Oct-2017
I get it and I felt it. Not only did you crown it but you broke some records doing it. I celebrate it with you. 23-Oct-2017
"My Baby" came really close to being a top royal but the crown is now harder to obtain. Always grateful. Have yourselves a safe/happy weekend. 19-Oct-2017
I've added a new feature. This especially affects Girl Power because I felt uncomfortable showing nude pics with your news. You can go to preferences and exclude NSFW if you prefer your news without the sexiness. 18-Oct-2017
You have surpassed all expectations crowning the first dance video King. It seems like we've reached a cap. Still boggled and grateful. 16-Oct-2017
"OK" is royal beyond a hair. A mane maybe. I thank you as well as the artists. You make another weekend great for yourself.

Yes, I tweaked "All Stars" at least 3 times while it was up. I am harshly critical of my edits and am sorry if it interrupted and the video changed. 12-Oct-2017




You crowned this King by a hair. All bets are on you now, as you continue to floor me.
You overwhelm me at every turn. You are a committed and loyal power. Make another weekend great. 05-Oct-2017
I don't know how you pulled that off but I'm proud. I would never call you followers because you "are" the power. 02-Oct-2017
Junotrix. I appreciate the alleviating roar. The video came from a bonkers idea of celebrating a song with counter measures. It is most watched, it will always be King and you, as well as Bright Lights can own the crown. Thank you. 30-Sep-2017
Jynjo, you made our week. 28-Sep-2017
You've pulled me back in with immense support. You've now made being number one almost unattainable. Wow.

Jynjo, respect for allowing my brain to jangle with the coolness of your song. My attempt in uniting images with the right song is to celebrate the art in both. I hope it benefits.

Make your weekend great. 28-Sep-2017
Errattic added a Preference feature. You can check the boxes of the categories that you want to see and uncheck those that you don't. 26-Sep-2017
My trade for news was a revamp. Homepage is different but basic. I added a Girl Power page, not because I think myself an expert on the subject but because I will try to respect it. You aren't equal until they learn how to celebrate you. I combined my memories to musings as I am wary of that section. The psychic reading is for fun, give it a try. Tags are on the side and the menu has been relegated to the top.

You gave me a King at a most climactic moment. Joy back at ya. 24-Sep-2017
I lost. The news is necessary in order to represent the spectrum. Toxic is out and is now a tag. Some other themes will be condensed or removed or replaced. Your patience is appreciated and I will enjoy my temporary reprieve from reading New World Order. Make your weekend great! 23-Sep-2017
I am thinking of winding things down. The news been iced. There is only so much detailed exposition and supreme whine that I can withstand without heroic action. At this point, New World can introduce cleansing ovens and we'd still think it part of the show. It aggravates the joy of life.

Errattic was my coded diary that I made privy to you. I will continue the reviews because they are my history tracker. The videos are my therapy and as the ones waiting in line to be next approaches, I must contend how I move forward after they are depleted. I will let you know if there is a last one.

I will ponder much, change or freeze but always respect your dedication.

Thank you for being part of my diary. 19-Sep-2017
I expected less and you gave me more. I'm very good with that. 11-Sep-2017
I've never had a surprise birthday party but the unexpected rise in followers, helps me feel what it could be like. Welcome. 08-Sep-2017
I am realistic in the belief that Errattic will self-destruct (its built that way,) but I'm grateful, always. 07-Sep-2017
Welcome back. Since you shattered a record yesterday, I presumed you had fun on your holiday. Good for you. 05-Sep-2017
I'm going to have to start repeating myself but...thank you. 04-Sep-2017
You crowned a second femme artist King. Good for her. It was also one of my favorites to make. You've been consistent, I hope to always mirror the sentiment. Have a safe Labor weekend and enjoy! 31-Aug-2017
Two back to back Kings. I'd be floored again but the ground wont contain me. I think I'll float a little. Have yourselves a beauteous end of week. 24-Aug-2017
I am floored. Thank you. 20-Aug-2017
Lo, I was touched as you are inspired. 15-Aug-2017
Music videos are posted every Sunday, midnight and Thursday, noon - pacific time. Adult videos post as soon as I am done editing. 02-Aug-2017
There exists only one King (#1,) one Queen (#2) and 8 Princes (#s 3-10) at one given time. The reason for so many is because they get trumped and I freeze them to keep track. 02-Aug-2017
The Queens bow in gratitude as you crowned two this week. 23-Jul-2017
Wow. That's going to be hard to beat. 06-Jun-2017
This is the only time I will not speak Errattic speak and I find it hard to communicate with viewers I only sense. I am going to give it a try without unmasking everything. 18-May-2017
There are only two of us. One maintains the site, the other fills and edits the content. 18-May-2017
You've made this a groundbreaking week and it is greatly appreciated. 18-May-2017




Am I bitter because I wont open myself to be backhanded again? 05-Jul-2017
You left me to fight my nightmares for so long that when you came around I had acquired other strengths. 28-Jun-2017
Rejection starts at home. 08-Jul-2016
We wasted so much time pretending I never really got to know you. We might have liked each other. 02-Jun-2016
If you can easily forget the dispute; you haven't resolved it. 01-Mar-2016
If I constantly have to fight for everything in order to remain a part of it then I wasn't borne into this family but inducted into the army. 01-Mar-2016
Just like the owls, some of them are not what they seem. 01-Mar-2016
As a child I was constantly swatted, swished and splattered.  I wish I had been born a bee. 01-Mar-2016
The more favors you can provide the deeper the bond. 01-Mar-2016


Spirituality 2


You seem to care more about who performs  for your child as opposed who you let touch your child.

The next time you feel blessed by God, catch a look at the children crawling away with hands and arms extended reaching for empty in mid-air. 17-May-2017
If its constantly written that we could be a sin, why do we try rewriting it instead of ignoring it? The blasphemy is in fighting the mumbo jumbo as word. The man on the street is calling you a name because the creator conceived this message so unclear that evil thinkers are pardoned into battering us. If we turn away, the creator might have to find a new way of explaining things. 02-May-2017
If the creator originated sex why does religion minimize it while maximizing the delivery? If splatter were precise the itch would dissipate as soon as the seed is blown but it just keeps burning. 21-Nov-2016
Maybe the reason you wont let God do his job is because you don't trust him. 30-Jun-2016
Slavery. We are so mad and unforgiving to the man that enacted it without giving much thought to the God that scripted it (the bible.) 10-Mar-2016
Breaking up families since the Middle and Lower Paleolithic periods. 10-Mar-2016
Why is hypocrisy so big with the religious sect? God knows you're lying and so do I. 10-Mar-2016
You know that voice in your head that is consistently guiding you and telling you what to do? It's you. It is no God. They are called thoughts and we all hear ourselves. It's part of our moral makeup. Of course there is another theory but it would involve lots of white, pills, closed rooms and strait jackets. 10-Mar-2016
Remember when someone started the myth that God was a woman and or black. What happened to that truth? Do you guys spin stuff to try to stay relevant? 10-Mar-2016




My love for you would have been unconditional, if your perspective hadn't been skewered. 03-May-2017
If she hits you as much as your siblings, you may not be as favored as she says. 16-Sep-2016
You are ready to become a mom when you have imagined every possible future scenario for your child ...abused, gay, trans, cross, illness, deformed, depression, handicapped, mentally challenged, allergic, depraved, deprived, intellectual, genius, artistic, lazy, murderous, thieving, bullying, lonely, al...and you are ready to resolve and embrace all that your child is then you might be prime to receive "idiot sperm". I would talk to the fathers too but they never really mattered in my family unless they were turned on by us, so let's leave them out of this. 07-Jun-2016
If you don't allow boys to play with dolls they will find a way to play even if they have to turn you into one.... 03-Mar-2016


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