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TV Posts Tagged as 'Gay Swatch'

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Will & Grace (2017-) Woof

The waitress killed it, the drag punched it and Grace/father/writers greatly punctuated "me too." Joy. 05-Nov-2018
Each actor hit an old note and the quickfire delivery allowed us to laugh with them. Tacky looks good on us. 08-Oct-2018
The teen girls deserve a sequel and Debra Messing got in touch with the Grace we all know and love. 12-Mar-2018
Allow them to grow up in character and we might never leave. 06-Nov-2017
There were times that Mullaly's Karen and Hayes' Jack were teetering on caricatures of themselves but all gets forgiven when we heave our first laugh. The politics are sharp, the hard work is evident and our love is unwavering. Welcome Back. 01-Oct-2017

Tags: 2010s, Comedy, Director's Slice, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Gaycon, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Political, Sentimental, Silly, Special, Squish, Star Watt, Sweet, Tacky, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



9-1-1 (2018-) Howl

The daddy (Bassett and Hines included) heroics are inventive, the pulse quickens with current thinking and our hearts get pulled. 25-Oct-2018
A great action piece can energize an attention span but plugging the acting talent to words that allow them to emote beautifully is sublime. 12-Mar-2018
We're in dire need of heroes to save us and Murphy's latest gift is ready to give them to us. Connie Britton and Peter Krause have returned to dominant form, Angela Bassett is having fun and Oliver Stark is a fragile delicacy. The stunts wallop, the words are thoughtful and inclusive and Ryan and crew are experimental ninjas. 16-Jan-2018

Tags: 2010s, Crime Drama, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Mystery, Political, Sentimental, Squish Alert, Star Power, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Thriller, Unity, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



American Horror Story: Apocalypse (2018) Whimper

I basked in Jessica, the story broke from its captor and the whole weaved its own fairytale ending. 18-Oct-2018! 17-Sep-2018
The odd energy wasted on jumble might have spared us from a Sarah Paulson "Dracula" cliche. 17-Sep-2018

Tags: 2010s, Bad Acting, Bad Chemistry, Brutal, By the Numbers, Camp, Cliche, Conspiracy Theory, Disappointment, Drama, Ear Prick, Fake, Fatigue, From Another Planet, Gay Swatch, Horror, Incomprehensible, Insulting, Manipulation, Overcooked, Shrill Act, Silly, Tacky, Talk, Weird



How to Get Away With Murder (2014 -) Woof

It's so nice to see black men with balls. I'm talking about Viola and Shonda. 08-Oct-2018
The babies have embraced suffering (it looks good on them) and Viola finally has an equal sparring partner. Jimmy adds power to the word and breaks the jar that holds the brick-wall contents of Analise's character. Joy. 14-Feb-2018
The Wes mystery passively resolved, the only compel was the gift of Viola's Oscar winning embers. 12-Mar-2017
When you tie too many knots together you may need to snip to unbind which loses the essence of why we initially watched. 13-Nov-2016
Please give this woman a worthy sparring partner. 21-Oct-2016
I would watch Viola Davis wash dishes. Nothing compares to that. Some Man-Candy but nothing. 12-Nov-2015

Tags: 2010s, Crime Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Mat, Silly, Squish, Star Watt, Tacky, Wit Snit



Fear the Walking Dead (2015 -) Woof

It almost sank but good actors and some able writing pulled it through. Rocking steady. 01-Oct-2018
You turned inwards for the "big bad" and it was brilliant.

Tip of the hat for how much more beautiful Alicia has become since kickass has been introduced as her attitude.

Ruben Blades has become what Locke was to Lost... "love to hate." 26-Oct-2017
The family dynamic became tighter and the show confronted racial dissension. That history goes around and reparations must be met only added to the chill. Dayton Callie erupted resolutely. 11-Jul-2017
Action trumps character and shock trumps story and I think I'm okay with that. 14-Oct-2016
The writers need to find a way for their words and storylines to dignify these characters so we can comprehend why we are obliged to view them. 21-Sep-2016
It is very difficult to get into this show as quickly as the original because the families are tough to empathize with. As usual, the action pieces continue to be creative and nail biting. The second season allows the kids to take over and they have our attention for now. Frank Dillane thrills as a Johnny Depp clone and Alycia Debnam-Carey has the beauty and the sympathy (though her hair looks too fabulous for the apocalypse.) Lorenzo James Henrie is our new "love to hate." 22-May-2016

Tags: 2010s, Brutal, Comic Book, Decent FX, Director's Slice, Drama, Gay Swatch, Horror, Squish, Suspense, Sweet



Jersey Shore Family Vacation Pt. 2 (2018) ArfDowngradeBitesEarly Exit

Last week they introduced an ill conceived gay to relate gay panic and this week Pauly and Vinny decided to make a mockery out of gay marriage. The women were ousted so the boys could free themselves to shop for baby crap and cast a shield of privilege on Ronnie against the woman he chose to carry his baby. We had to endure rape huts and women bashing never once acknowledging the time we live in. Part of being hip is embracing maturity. Their misery will always follow them. I no longer want to witness it. I'm out. 30-Sep-2018
I don't understand how people who subscribe to emphasizing and cutting each other's insecurities are so sensitive. 04-Sep-2018

Tags: 2010s, Brutal, Camp, Drama, Fake, Fatigue, From Another Planet, Funny, Gay Swatch, Mean Spirited, Overcooked, Predictable, Repetitive, Shrill Act, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Tacky, Talk, Tedium, Twisty, Wit Crack, Wit Snit



Emmy Awards (2018) Woof

Game of Thrones won Best Drama. We still like horny fire breathing dragons? 17-Sep-2018
Aretha makes everything look good. 17-Sep-2018
There were only two competitors for Best Actress in a Drama. Elizabeth Moss earned it and Keri Russell deserved it. 17-Sep-2018
The engagement almost made me believe in mom and pops again. 17-Sep-2018
Betty White was a beautiful surprise. 17-Sep-2018
The jokesters (Colin Jost & Michael Che) made us uncomfortable while appearing rude. When you let hostility rule it spills over to the land of magic. You may not want to celebrate them but we deserve them. 17-Sep-2018

Tags: 2010s, Art, Awards, Comedy, Costume, Drama, Elegance, Fantasy, Fatigue, Funny, Gay Swatch, History, Hot Swatch, Magic, Mystery, Sentimental, Special, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Wit Snit



25,0000 Pyramid, The (1974-1991) Howl

Shelley Smith was a gorgeous brain and the vampire was condescending. 17-Sep-2018
It's a documentation of history. I am awe-struck by how quick witted and intelligent we once were. 09-Aug-2018

Tags: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, Classic, Daddy Squish, Elegance, Funny, Game Show, Gay Swatch, History, Hot Swatch, Special, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Unity, Wit Snit



Below Deck: Mediterranean (2016 -) Woof

Wet snouts all season. 12-Sep-2018
I guess its okay to present a woman with an unknown penis if it has vodka in it. 18-Jul-2018
The client reference sheet for food exemplifies how the rich can add waste to the environment. 13-Jun-2018
Rules and liability specifications are locked, there's room for us to guess which crew member will fuck up the hardest and the first clients were "Plantation Rich" (they think having money means they pay for enslavement.) 16-May-2018
Highlights include a lady captain and a lamentable pup, love-thrashed by a pocket siren that exhumes growls and sniffs from the male crew. Hannah quips her way through most of it but then succumbs to the lunacy that all are indulging in. Kate, your turn. 16-Aug-2017
It's everything the initial is yet augmented in the unbalanced crew department. The commander seems perplexed by his spiky helpmates and we shall be banqueted until our brains too become unhinged. It's a preferable fix to the housewives and it fulfills AHS: Asylum munchies. The hottest is the most baked. 30-Jun-2016

Tags: 2010s, Brutal, Camp, Comedy, Cooking, Ear Prick, Eye Gouge, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Inappropriate, Mat, Real, Shrill Act, Special, Squish Alert, Suspense, Tacky, Twisty, Wit Snit



Watch What Happens Live: (2018)

Below Deck Med. Reunion

Andy used the leftover sticks from The Americans to prod his guests but the staff was well-rehearsed. We learned never to bother the captain with "me too" crap (she doesn't care), Joao's act earmarks his cad card and the women aren't empowered enough to subsist past a man's speculation of them. 12-Sep-2018

Tags: 2010s, Drama, Fatigue, Gay Swatch, Predictable, Romance, Sexist, Special, Talk, Weird, Wit Snit



Million Dollar Listing NY (2012 - ) WoofEarly Exit

Gaybies and greed. Out. 08-Sep-2018
Kudos to Frederich for introducing gentrification to ego and greed. Steve Gold keeps the heart pumping as well as the mind confused. Luis is WTF and daddy Ryan's beard doesn't let us enjoy his emote as much, because art needs a blank canvas to fully appreciate. 17-Sep-2017
They kind of broke my heart at end of this season, esp. Luis. 15-Jul-2016
I can find myself quitting them at any moment and not in the next. Someone has to document how greed and overindulgence will eradicate the classic in NY and this is historical proof. No one is redeemable because they all work against the state. Who do the rich think is going to serve them when they drive all the poor away? They will suffer attempting self implementation. There's only one favorite amongst the amusing sock puppets and his name is Ryan. 13-May-2016

Tags: 2010s, Camp, Comedy, Early Exit, Fake, Funny, Gay Swatch, Inappropriate, Overcooked, Political, Real, Repetitive, Shrill Act, Silly, Squish, Star Watt, Tacky, Weird, Wit Snit



Dietland (2018-) WoofDowngradeArf

The music in my ear stopped playing as soon as the show left an identifiable environment to explore a terrorist one. If the only way a woman can conquer is through male intimidation tactics then all we're doing is switching the face of the problem. I expected smarter. 01-Aug-2018
It scared the blog out of me. 17-Jul-2018
Whenever I start to unplug the writing reels me in. 22-Jun-2018
Striving for re-education on body expectations and societal discomfort. Joy Nash's character elicits hugs. 18-Jun-2018

Tags: 2010s, Comedy, Drama, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Heart Writ, Hot Swatch, Mean Spirited, Overcooked, Political, Sentimental, Star Watt, Touching, Wit Snit, Writ Tight



Riverdale (2017-) Arf

The mystery is basic math, the idea of Betty and Veronica is where its at, the color tinting is distracting, fun is mute and the teenagers appear older. 27-Jul-2018

Tags: 2010s, By the Numbers, Cliche, Drama, Fake, Gay Swatch, Hot Swatch, Juvenile, Mystery, Predictable, Repetitive, Silly, Twinkie, Weird



Grace & Frankie (2015 -) Woof

The characters were allowed to age in disgrace and we felt for them. 11-Jul-2018
Jane steps up to Lilly's pedestal and the gay daddies are finally getting storylines worthy of their aptitude and our senior representation. The adorableness takes away some of the fear of getting older and the girls supply a comfortable environment to bask in. 16-Jun-2017
We can totally do without the stereotypical husbands. All we need is Fonda and Tomlin and a phone book. The only thing that can make it better is Dolly. Legends. 31-Dec-2015

Tags: 2010s, Comedy, Cute, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Mat, Star Power, Star Watt, Sweet, Touching, Wit Snit



Handmaid's Tale, The (2017-) HowlUpgradeFull Moon

The choice was maddening but the show was brilliant. 11-Jul-2018
I felt every contraction. 28-Jun-2018
It seems every time a suppressed group is emblazoned for freedom and equality the misinterpretation of spirituality return us to the beginning. Harrowing. 21-Jun-2018
Season 2, episode 7 allowed all the women performers to convey loveliness and unity in their art. 14-Jun-2018
Masterpiece of prick, torment and durability. The performers harmonize beautifully engaging us in the despicable and the championed. Moss resounds hardest because her character's zest for life is dictated intensively. 19-Jun-2017
This is what happens when you take the word of the "book" seriously without weighing the morality or the consequences of a privileged and archaic life. Elizabeth Moss heroically endures much so we can understand the sacrifices the underprivileged must make to survive in a new world that constantly spits in her face, without exploitation. It's scary because even though its fiction, it fits our current mentality like a glove. 16-Jun-2017

Tags: 2010s, Best In Drama, Brutal, Conspiracy Theory, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Great Acting, Horror, Hot Swatch, Political, Real, Sci-Fi, Special, Star Power, Star Watt, Suspense, Thriller, Touching, Twisty, Unity, Wit Snit, Writing Reigns



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