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Legal Sex Workers And Others In Adult Industry Denied Coronavirus Aid 


When Congress passed the massive $2 trillion bailout bill last week, it made sure that self-employed people or other independent workers could apply for loans or grants from the Small Business Administration. But there was one very specific ? and puritanical ? exception: legal sex workers and others in the adult entertainment industry.

The very first page of the online application says that in order to be an “eligible entity” that can receive monetary relief from the bill, an applicant cannot “present live performances of a prurient sexual nature or derive directly or indirectly more than de minimis gross revenue through the sale of products or services, or the presentation of any depictions or displays, of a prurient sexual nature.”

Prurient, which is defined by Oxford as “having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters,” is a vague categorization that broadly includes thousands of workers in the U.S. As stated, the clause excludes everyone who works in the legal (and, worth noting, booming) sex industry including strippers, porn performers, producers, directors, sex toy manufactures and many others. It’s unclear whether this clause includes other professions that don’t explicitly deal in the sex industry, but do cover subjects that are of a “prurient sexual nature” such as sex therapists and authors of erotica novels.


Tags: $, Aid, All Rights, Backlash, Exclusivity, Insurance, Lifestyle, Neglect, Policy, Politics, Porn, Sex, Sex Worker, Strippers



Max Konnor Is Named CAM4's First-Ever Male Ambassador 


Since some departments of health are encouraging people to go back to cyber sex, we anticipate an increase in people visiting cam sites. Well, in a pretty amazing sense of timing, one of the largest cam sites is announcing their first-ever male ambassador: say hello to Max Konnor, the new face (and body) of CAM4.

"I'm very excited to use my platform and brand to represent this company in a wonderful way," Konnor said in a release. "I started camming with CAM4 before I started making videos. I love it — it's like having sex with hundreds of people all at the same time!"


Tags: Daddy Squish, Entertainment, Hot Swatch, LGBTQ, Porn, Representation, Sex, Social Media



The adult actress Heather Vahn opens up about the emotional and physical abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of fellow porn actor Tommy Wood. And she’s not the only one. 


Vahn is seated across from me at The Daily Beast’s office in Manhattan. She appears emotionally drained, breaking down in tears several times during the course of our conversation. The popular adult actress, 31, is here to discuss the horrific cycle of psychological and physical abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Tommy Wood, a rising adult film star who recently had a feature role in the AVN award-winning Drive, and whom AVN, the adult industry’s premier trade magazine, recently branded a “fresh face.”

A little over a week ago, on March 8, Vahn tweeted out graphic images of her bruised body to her 84,000-plus followers, accompanied by a message: “this wasn’t consensual. this happened as a result of wanting to ‘talk out’ an incident and he wanted to sleep and talk in the morning. When I said no we talk now – this was my punishment. THIS MAN IS IN PORN NOW.”

The Daily Beast

Ex-MMA fighter, 45, is now charged with the murder and mutilation of the mother of his son 11 YEARS ago - one month after he was arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her friend

Tags: Abuse, Actor, Arrest, Celebrity, Employment, Environment, Marriage, Murder, Porn, Portrait, Relationships, Safety, Violence, Woman's Rights



Bruno from Bravo’s 'Below Deck' Is Doing His First Gay Porn 


The line of reality stars going into adult content continues. The latest: Bruno Duarte from Bravo’s Below Deck. If you don’t know much about Duarte, here’s the quick and dirty: he’s from Portugal, and got his start in hospitality there. Before long he was working cruise ships , where he eventually found himself as a cast member of Below Deck in season five. And for a while, no one knew he was gay, mostly because they didn’t ask.

“The thing is production didn't ever know my sexuality because they never asked,” Duarte said in an interview. “Their plan was to put me together with girls and hook me up with girls from the interior, and I wasn’t interested at all. Whether it was boys or girls, I was just not interested.”


Tags: Celebrity, Employment, Entertainment, Gay, Hot Swatch, Porn, Sex, TV Gay Swatch, Video Gay Swatch



Gay Men Are Getting Into Cucking 

Dan* became a cuck by accident when he discovered that his boyfriend had cheated on him. "As painful and unpleasant as the experience was, there were also some undeniable feelings of lust and curiosity," he tells me.

Afterwards, Dan found himself trying to recreate the whole scenario in his head, imagining how they would have met, what they would have spoken about, what positions they may have had sex in. "That curiosity quickly morphed into sexual gratification," he explains, "and as our relationship began to establish itself in non-monogamous ways, I plucked up the confidence to be there and watch it unfold. I derive immense sexual gratification from knowing that my boyfriend is desired by someone else."

According to Google trends, searches for the phrase "gay cuck Twitter" have increased by a staggering 400 percent percent over the last 12 months. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Pornhub told me via email that "gay searches for 'cuckold' average around 200,000 per month", making it "more popular in 2020 than it was in early 2018". The majority of gay cuck videos are amateur user uploads, which suggests this isn't merely a top-down fantasy dreamt up by porn directors.

So, while gay cucking is developing its own terminology and practices, it can still feel as though it's copying heterosexual dynamics in a way that doesn't quite translate. Maybe this is because cuckolding is at least partly based on some old-fashioned ideas of male ownership of women, along with the idea that non-monogamy is transgressive. Gay men are considerably more likely to be in open relationships than straight couples, which has been the case for a very long time. In 1977, iconic gay author Edmund White wrote that "the gay male couple inhabiting the 70s is composed of two men who love each other, share the same friends and interests, and fuck each other almost inadvertently once every six months during a particularly stoned impromptu three-way. The rest of the time they get laid with strangers."


Tags: Fetish, Gay, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Men, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Porn, Portrait, Relationships, Sex, Trending, Voyeur





When Buck Angel burst onto the porn scene in the early 2000s, he quickly rose to fame as the self-proclaimed “Man With a Pussy.” At the time, it wasn’t rare to find trans women in porn — although representation was often fetishistic and categorized by slurs — but trans men were few and far between. Things have improved gradually over the years; specifically, independent studio Pink & White has revolutionized sexy, trans-inclusive porn, and other independent productions like Bonus Hole Boys and Jockpussy have made it their mission to improve the representation of trans men.

But the men we’ve been increasingly seeing on-screen have rarely undergone bottom surgery, which begs the question: Where are all the trans guys with penises in porn?

The first, most obvious reason is that porn is tied to consumer demand. Representation is driven by what sells, and if viewers aren’t beating down the doors of studios demanding to see post-op trans male cock, they’re probably not going to break a sweat trying to cast that type of performer. Jiz Lee, Pink & White’s marketing director, points to a lack of demographic stats when it comes to identifying porn consumers, but explains that studies still show straight, cis guys as the main market. “Therefore,” Lee says, “any content that doesn’t suit their interest remains ‘niche.’”

Mel Magazine

Tags: All Rights, Anatomy, Business, Entertainment, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Porn, Representation, Sex, Sex Identity, Surgery, Trans



Former gay porn star claims his father tried to make him have sex with his adult girlfriend at the age of 12 before having a drug-fuelled meltdown in shocking BBC4 documentary 


A former gay porn star has told of how he was forced to try to have sex with his father's girlfriend at the age of 12, and was taunted by his father with homophobic insults when he failed.

Israeli Jonathan Agassi, whose real name is Yonatan Langer, burst on to the adult film scene in the late 2000s at the age of 23, after starring in 2009 landmark gay pornographic film 'Men of Israel'.

Filmmaker Tomer Heymann documented the life of the adult star for seven-years, detailing Agassi’s journey from prolific adult superstar to male escort, battling many demons, including drug addiction.

Daily Mail

Tags: $, Addiction, Bullying, Drugs, Employment, Entertainment, Film, Gay, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Parental Crime, Porn, Portrait, Sex, World



Steven Spielberg's Daughter Mikaela Explains Why She's Embarking on Adult Entertainment Career 


Mikaela Spielberg wants to continue the filmmaking legacy created by her father. But instead of directing and producing blockbuster hits, Mikaela is interested in created self-produced porn videos.

During a conversation with The Sun that was published on Wednesday, the young Spielberg says that she submitted an application to be a sex worker in Nashville, Tennessee. At 23-years-old, Spielberg has already battled mental health issues and alcoholism, and has come to realize that she's a "sexual creature" and that creating solo porn videos makes her feel satisfied.

"I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body," she explained. "And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn't satisfying to my soul. I feel like doing this kind of work, I'm able to 'satisfy' other people, but that feels good because it's not in a way that makes me feel violated."


Tags: $, Career, Celebrity, Entertainment, Girl Power, Lifestyle, Parenting, Porn, Portrait, Youth



Gay Porn Star Demands Bottoms Get Paid Equal to Tops 


As we continue to grapple with the issue of pay inequity and transparency across industries, one performer has kickstarted the conversation within the gay porn realm — and from the responses, it seems as if this is a discussion that was long overdue.

Last weekend, Armond Rizzo took to his Twitter to call out a studio called Blacks on Boys for allegedly underpaying bottoms in their productions. In a series of tweets and a follow-up livestream video, Rizzo said that the studio claimed the pay discrepancy was due to the fact that "the site is more top dominant."

"I don't give a fuck who are you to say that a bottom is worth less????" he wrote, before writing, "For @BlacksOnBoys if your wondering what my response is to working for you I think your [sic] smart enough to know that, it's going to be a big NO THANKS! I don't care that you even raised my fee up. It's just unjust you pay bottoms less and for that I decline working for you!"

Paper Mag

Tags: $, Actor, Business, Employment, Entertainment, Equality, Gay, Hot Swatch, Insensitivity, Porn, Respect, Sex



So, You Wanna Know About Fisting 


Taking a fist can seem daunting, but according to enthusiasts, it’s one of the most intimate and powerful sexual acts you can experience. Porn actors and vers fisting couple HungerFF and FFurryStud are beloved for their incediary JustFor.Fans videos, so we asked them some of our most pressing questions about going shoulder deep.

What are the most important steps in fisting preparation?

According to HungerFF, diet is a major factor in being fist-ready. “You want to make sure that what you ate the day before (or the day of) is something that is going to pass through your system clean and easy.” For Hunger, that means avoiding foods that look the same going out as they do going in: corn, black olives, whole blueberries. He also chases every meal with a glass of Metamucil, which helps keep everything smooth on the way out. Hunger prefers to clean out in the shower rather than the toilet, which he acknowledges isn’t for everyone. “I generally use lukewarm water and rinse and repeat over and over until the water runs clean. For me that process might be a little more involved because my hole is so deep, but it’s basically the same as for getting fucked.” When it comes to play, lube is king — you can literally never use too much. Hunger also advises tops to keep their nails filed to avoid scratches or injury. And, he advises, the most important part of fisting is patience. “Remember: it’s not a race, we’re all just here to enjoy our bodies and have fun.”


Tags: Fantasy, Fisting, Gay, Instructional, Interview, Porn, Sex



Tours canceled of Catholic priest who linked autism to homosexuality 


A Catholic priest who linked autism to homosexuality has canceled his upcoming Australian tour. Church authorities canceled his tours in Ireland and Canada also canceled his tours.

Father Dominic Valanmanal from India was scheduled to appear at a five-day retreat in the southern city of Melbourne.

Syro Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle in Melbourne had planned to host the retreat. It announced the cancellation but did not give a reason for it.

Gay Star News

Pastor said he was 'sucking demons' out of men he sexually assaulted


Christian dressmaker refuses service to lesbian couple, but offers to convert them instead

A man viciously beat a lesbian couple while calling one of women ‘a dude’

First they burn the books. Then they kill people. History has shown us this repeatedly.

Magazine to give out 'LGBT-free zone' stickers to readers

Tags: $, Activism, All Rights, Attack, Backlash, Books, Bullying, Business, Cancellation, Church, Conversion Therapy, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Fight a Real Enemy, Fighting Back, Hate, History, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Inciting Violence, Inhumanity, Interference, Leaders, LGBTQ, Magic Splatter, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Politics, Porn, Privilege, Religion, Sex, Threat, Violence, Waste, World



Gay-Supportive Priest Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Suspended 


An LGBTQ-supportive Roman Catholic priest in New York City has been suspended from his ministry due to an allegation of sexual misconduct.

The Rev. John Duffell “has been directed not to publicly exercise his priestly ministry due to an allegation from the past that he abused his position of authority in a violation of his promise of celibacy,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, wrote in a July 1 letter to Duffell’s parishioners at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, the Catholic News Agency reports.


Court sides with student expelled from university over homophobia

Christian school teacher who scolded girls to be modest was molesting male students

Archdiocese removes prominent Detroit priest from pulpit

Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese places deacon on leave over allegation

Tags: All Rights, Child Abuse, Church, Clergy, Court, Education, Employment, Exclusivity, Hate, Hypocrisy, Judgment, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Policy, Politics, Porn, Relationships, Religion, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Stereotype, Teacher, Termination, Youth



Porn Habits of Average Teen Aren’t Dangerous, Says Study 


Whether it was the thrill of finding your parents’ Playboy stash or locked-down cable TV channel, a lot of people can agree that porn was a major theme of approaching adulthood. Fortunately, a new study suggests that watching porn as a teen didn’t mess you up as much as you might have thought.

In fact, a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research suggests that the porn-watching habits of teenagers – both male and female – are not harmful to their eventual sexual health. Contrary to what so many parents and preachers would have one believe, this recent bit of research seems to suggest that it's perfectly fine for Tom, Dick, Anna, or Jane to indulge in some porn every once in a while.


Tags: All Rights, Awareness, Education, Environment, Freedom, Mental Health, Parenting, Porn, Sex, Sex Identity, Youth



Gay porn performer Jay Dymel dies at just 27 years old 


A gay porn star Jay Dymel has reportedly died at just 27 years old.

Julian Pereza, his real name, has appeared to have suddenly died today (13 June).

Falcon Studios, the company he primarily worked with, posted the news on Twitter.

‘It is with great sadness to inform the passing of Jay Dymel today,’ they said.

‘Our thoughts go out to Jay’s family, friends and partner Ryan Stone.’

Earlier today, fellow porn performer Stone said his ‘lovely Jay’ was on life support in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

Gay Star News

Tags: Celebrity, Death, Entertainment, Health, Hot Swatch, LGBTQ, Porn, RIP, Youth



Porn deemed a public health crisis by Arizona politicians 


Some legislators gave pornography a new title: public health crisis.

The Arizona State Senate voted Monday to declare pornography a public health crisis, but beyond stating such on their resolution, no further action is set to be taken.

The bill states that "pornography perpetuates a sexually toxic environment that damages all areas of our society," proceeding to list that "potential detrimental effects on pornography users include toxic sexual behaviors, emotional, mental and medical illnesses and difficulty forming or maintaining intimate relationships."

ABC News

More Than 300 Catholic Clergy in New Jersey Have Been Accused of Sex Abuse, Report Says

Delaware man accused of raping woman after posing as ride-share driver, police say

Man filmed himself sexually assaulting 16-year-old several times, plotted to kill girl

Tags: Abuse, Americans, Arrest, Children, Environment, Exclusivity, Fight a Real Enemy, Freedom, Hypocrisy, Idiocy, Interference, Irony, Judgment, Perception, Porn, Psychology, Rape, Religion, Ridiculous, Self-hatred, Sex, Supremacy, Threat, Travel, Treatment, Victims, Violence, Weird, Woman's Rights, Youth



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