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Addams Family, The (2019) Bites

Morticia was lacking the sultriness Gomez used to devour. Gomez was lacking the passion he exhibited at the most ludicrous and divine things. Wednesday could have used a little less rich girl in her voice and a lot more bitch. Uncle Fester was destroyed. Bette Midler was the only one of the group to have seen more than one episode of the tv series and gave Grandmama her unique flair. The family is constantly trying to kill or destroy each other, ad nauseam. Somebody missed the point of The Addams Family and what they constituted. They were us fighting for our place in the world from the imagination of a mad man. The writers need to apologize to the artists for making them create the angriest animated film ever. Dude, that's coming from me. 01-Oct-2020

Tags: 2010s, Action, Action Stomper, Animate, Bad Acting, Brutal, Camp, Director Insanity, Fantasy, Fatigue, Grating, Mean Spirited, Over the Top, Physical Humor, Porn Violence, Preposterous, Pretty, Shrill Act, Silly, Tacky, Violent, Writer Humiliation



Desiree (1954) Woof

Napoleon was so thirsty for power he siphoned it from women. Engaged to be married then dumped to marry someone else, Desiree is the woman whose might didn't impress him. Jean Simmons keeps us following but she doesn't grip the strength of the character until the end. Marlon Brando refused to depict the emperor as a short, hand in pocket, general bore. Brando concocts a Venom accent, swags in unforgiving outfits and mandates media attention. The film is beautiful with impeccable costumes, empirical sets and daddy galleries. Watching is as easy as hating social media. I was curious and enrapt but I had to search on Wiki what wasn't explained in the script. The bombast was great but who are these people? What I read was absolutely fucked up. I would have filmed that. 10-Aug-2020

Tags: 1950s, Big, Chemistry, Cultural, Director's Touch, Funny, Sort of, Gay Swatch, Hoofer's Delight, Hot Swatch, Music Swings, Over the Top, Political, Pretty, Relationships, Romance, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Vague, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Howl

As I drowned in amazement the thought of giving Pinocchio this treatment became intriguing...and then it was.

Alita is the child built from dreams of regret, facing a life with limited power in the casings of a girl. She is constantly hounded for parts, in competition, fluttering, fighting and tasting what a child's life has to offer. She'd rather be a woman.

Christoph Waltz is his own animation. His Gepetto flourishes with worry and celebration. Alita's need to grow up is his dissatisfaction and his burden. The doctor brandishes enormous tools protecting a future creation that matters too much.

Creative ideas constantly bounce, widening the eye and accepting the beauty of art.

The pandemic should determine if this is how future movies will look.

Tags: 2010s, Action, Action Fun, Action Stomper, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Elegance, Enthusiastic, Fantasy, Fresh, Funny, Heart Writ, Hot Swatch, Kool Effects, Music Swings, Pretty, SciFi, Star Watt, Suspense, Touching, Tough, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Little Women (2019) Howl

I sat down prepared to hate. New feminism interjected to classic "girl power." That was going to be offensive to me. An hour in, I asked myself, are they still playing music underneath the act and then a few minutes later I gave up and enjoyment crept in. When Saoirse Ronan's perfection subsides and we see a deeper core of the character, I rejoiced and asked discrepancies.

Emma Watson is asked to bank on likability instead of relying on bits of herself that can make a character great. Stop hiding and come forth. Be whatever you are. It will be great.

Timothee Chalamet almost made me believe in romance. Florence Pugh pushed the thought further.

Laura Dern makes it as easy as inhaling a line of coke in the 80s. Good for her.

A woman that frees herself has broader opportunities than anyone.

Greta Gerwig's force is in it. The errors that I caught will be her art. The special place she created was a safe place to visit. That is not an easy world to create. 24-Jul-2020

Tags: 2010s, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director Movement, Director's Achievement, Drama, Elegance, Enthusiastic, Funny, Good Acting, Heart Writ, Hot Swatch, Magnetism, Music Swings, Political Satire, Pretty, Relationships, Romance, Star Watt, Suspense, Sweet, Touching, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Others, The (2001) Howl

Children and the help, quarantined with a compulsive mother obsessed with the idea of being as great as God. It's made of Hitchcock walls, star quality is legend of old and the understated score unnerves. It's refined spookery. Nic is powerhouse mama alleviator and authoritarian, putting the kids sweetly to bed, one minute and wanting to chop their heads off, the next. The ending is ruined once you know it but the lesson still rings true. Nothing ever is as it seems. 27-Apr-2020

Tags: 2000s, Best In Drama, Best In Horror, Classic, Creepy, Director's Art, Drama, Elegance, Enthusiastic, Funny, Great Acting, Horror, Music Swings, Mystery, Pretty, Scary, Sentimental, Star Watt, Suspense, Tough, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ Tight, Writer's Peak



Love Witch, The (2016) Whimper

I did a double take when I realized the film wasn't set in the cheesy 60's gothic era. The women are dead ringers for the pristine beauty of that time and the daddies are porn succulence. The witch is a backwards feminist, desperate for love and domination, except her potions and sex stratagems only work precoital. Love turns men into quivering slobbering mush and she becomes vexed and resentful. The film is experimental, nonsensical and devoid of magic. 15-Mar-2020

Tags: 2010s, Accidental Watch, Camp, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director's Touch, Drama, Elegance, Fantasy, Fatigue, Funny, Horror, Hot Swatch, Mystery, Preposterous, Pretty, Relationships, Revenge, Silly, Vague, Weird



Best Friends (1982) Arf

Independent woman reaches high anxiety whilst reluctantly marrying her partner of five years. She believes marriage kills love and he's too venerable to start over. After a quickie marriage they embark on an in-law and family tour which reflect the weirdly mechanical influences the villagers brandish.

As much as Goldie and Burt appeared incompatible, their individual magnetism blind us into believing. Ron Silver delivers enthusiastic squishiness to the funniest bits.

It's a good companion to "Marriage Story."

It focused mainly on the topic of marriage which wears out.

The dialogue is written so we can understand them but not them, each other.

It refuses to answer its question.

It's breezy to watch. 29-Feb-2020

Tags: 1980s, Accidental Watch, Adorable, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director Movement, Drama, Funny, Hot Swatch, Magnetism, Music Swings, Pretty, Sentimental, Sexy, Star Watt, Timid, Wit Snit, Words Spoke, Writ w/Possibilities



To All The Boys I Loved Before 2 (2020) Woof

The protagonists ease us in, the rehash disappoints and I wish the support could do more than hold the leads' walls. I wanted to engage in Lara Jean's and Peter's commitment. The fragility that Lara Jean exposed would, in the real world, bring her hurt. Cheating cannot be the only reason couples break up. I will continue to watch but it needs to consummate (not talking about sex.) 29-Feb-2020

Tags: 2020s, Adorable, Chemistry, Comedy, Director's Touch, Drama, Elegance, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Heart Writ, Hot Swatch, Pretty, Relationships, Romance, Sentimental, Sweet, Touching, Words Spoke, Writ Tight



Fountain, The (2006) Arf

In every corner hangs beautiful art and on every wall there is a story...and a story...and a story. I wanted to hang onto the modern fable that was going to rip into our hearts not the cloak and dagger fantasy that could have been its own film. Hugh Jackman was most guttural. The film's complexity overshadowed the simplicity of life. 14-Jan-2020

Tags: 2000s, Beautiful, Chemistry, Daddy Squish, Director's Art, Drama, Fantasy, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Kool Effects, Music Swings, Mystery, Pretty, Romance, Sentimental, Star Watt, Timid, Words Spoke, Writ w/Possibilities



Beach Rats (2017) Arf

The lengths gay boys will meander to discharge closeted sex and remain doped. A waste of pretty with nothing relevant to say. 29-Dec-2019

Tags: Accidental Watch, Chemistry, Cultural, Daddy Squish, Director's Touch, Disappointment, Drama, Fatigue, Gay, Hot Swatch, Life, Pretty, Sexy, Timid, Vague, Writ w/Possibilities



Favourite, The (2018) Howl

Filching the power of a doddering and enraged queen for self preservation. The lead trio combine with the word to exact the wit, scandal and one-upmanship that exists between women. Emma Stone's ambition cuts like a hurling knife, Rachel Weisz is all-business, running from said knife and the glorious and hilarious Olivia Colman covertly catches the knife to use against whom she pleases. Olivia opens up like the wounds that appear during her illness. 16-Dec-2019

Tags: 2010s, Chemistry, Director's Art, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Gay Swatch, Great Acting, Hot Swatch, Mystery, Political Satire, Pretty, Revenge, Romance, Squish Alert, Star Watt, Suspense, Tough, Twisty, Wit Snit, Writ Tight, Writer's Peak



Winter Meeting (1948) Arf

Hulkean war hero has a hard time relinquishing his power to serve God but Bette's there to help. There are reflective moments on mental health when the characters spill and expound. Bette gives the character her established perfection and James Davis is the right giant to pound the rigidity out of her but it defined without comprehensive deduction. 09-Dec-2019

Tags: 1940s, Daddy Squish, Drama, Funny, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Life, Pretty, Romance, Sentimental, Star Watt, Touching, Wit Snit



Neon Demon, The (2016) Whimper

The art of devouring beauty. The film is stuck on carving striking visuals to move itself along, never defining its purpose or giving a well cast tenacity. We tend to fear beauty but it's our reaction that stirs it. 08-Dec-2019

Tags: 2010s, Accidental Watch, Director's Touch, Drama, Fatigue, Hot Swatch, Indecipherable, Manipulation, Mean Spirited, Over the Top, Preposterous, Pretty, Silly, Star Watt, Suspense, Tedium, Timid, Weird



Kissing Booth, The (2018) Arf

Violent dream pole invigorates virgin queen to the consternation of his brother and her bestie. It's an odd concoction of disbelief. A bad boy gets rehabilitated by purity, something the girl loses as soon as he smells her. The parents are of the Charlie Brown variety, they're there but you cant really understand them and they really can't be bothered. The bestie should have been gay because watching porn together and never kissing, is weird. There are two gays that pop-up but all they do is desire, deny and dance. I'm torn. We should have family fare that looks and tastes like bubblegum (with sugar) but I think the teens could use a little cement (for their foundation.) The ending played it safe for everyone but I applaud it because it was the only choice for the genre. 03-Dec-2019

Tags: 2010s, Adorable, Camp, Chemistry, Comedy, Cute, Director's Touch, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Gay Swatch, Good Acting, Hot Swatch, Pretty, Romance, Sentimental, Sweet, Words Spoke



House Arrest (2019) Woof

Daddy mass resigns from societal distress by home imprisonment. It's a phenomenon worth exploring. The cast is pleasing and energetic, the sets are envy inducing but the comedy sways towards buffoonery. Daddy, Rambo and a cell phone trick clinch it. 01-Dec-2019

Tags: 2010s, Accidental Watch, Camp, Chemistry, Comedy, Daddy Squish, Director's Slice, Drama, Enthusiastic, Funny, Hot Swatch, Pretty, Romance, Sexy, Squish Alert, Wit Snit



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