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Job applicant outs boss for calling her ‘not that cute’ in accidental email 

A Michigan woman was shocked after accidentally receiving a hurtful message from her prospective employer, in which he described her as “not that cute.” A now-viral video detailing the incendiary application review — posted Thursday on TikTok — has amassed more than 1.3 million views on the streaming platform as of Friday morning.

Job applicant outs boss for calling her ‘not that cute’ in accidental email

I Was On A Perfect Date Until His Comment About My Face Caused Everything To Unravel

Tarek El Moussa Reportedly Verbally Assaulted Ex-Wife Christina Haack on HGTV Show Set


Woman slams auto shop after employee allegedly kicked her out over her 'inappropriate' top

Critics said Eric Stonestreet looks ‘too old’ for his fiancée, so he ‘fixed it’

Woman calls out her boyfriend on TikTok after finding a video of him MOCKING her breakfast

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Reparations! For every Taco Bell there needs to be a Popeye's Chicken around the corner. I've suffered enough. 22-Jun-2021

Tags: Cultural, Food, Old Man Dying Wish, Reparations




The idea of sharing neighborly grief and sentimentality with food is a common tradition that our family never followed. Dished food was constantly being brought to our home with gestures of warmth and or greetings yet remained untasted. At funeral gatherings my mother would throw out the stranger's food and keep only the family's. When the strangers inquired about their food my mother showed them the empty dishes. "It was so good the people gobbled it up." There was always an excuse. She didn't like what they said, they appeared unclean, smelled, had cats, were old, of another race or white. Mrs. Brady would have no chance at delivering "other food" to our mouths.

Our mother turned eating out into shopping for a restaurant. She wanted to make sure it was clean and comfortable and that more than two people were eating there. She didn't want to appear uncool.

Before she died, my stepfather's mother made some of his favorite dishes. We drove to pick them up. They were neatly packed in containers and my stepfather was excited to bring the food home and share it with us but mother smelled something foul in the car on our way home. I smelled nothing. Is it coming from those containers?! Throw them out! Those containers are not coming inside my house! They're poison. Throw them out or you're not getting back in the car! My stepdad deflated as he dumped the last taste of home and I felt so bad for him. It's his mother's food and he's the only one obligated to eat it and if he wants to relive a fond memory, he should goddam be able to. Mother! Go into another room while he gobbles it down. I'll clean it up. I told her that and she yells at me "yeah, but you don't know these people." (Spells and shit.)

I've never held to her philosophy and as an adult enjoyed much food by hospitable strangers and neighbors and obviously never died. My mother was afraid someone else would usurp her talent. 01-May-2021

Tags: Family, Food, Mental Health, Mother, Myself, Women In Charge




I lost 15 lbs. on the California spoiled food diet. 01-Feb-2019

Tags: Diets (fake news), Environment, Food, Hypocrisy, Survival




Do you think that if we had stuck with grandma's diet that we would have become immune to poison? 17-Dec-2018

Tags: Diets (fake news), Environment, Food, Health, Heritage, History, Sabor, Survival, World, Youth




Allow kids to eat everything so they can be considered survivors in a future tragedy. (Tasting not gorging.) 13-Jun-2018

Tags: Empowerment, Environment, Food, Life, Parenting, Respect




The nation is so proud about abolishing chemicals and preservatives from food without regarding the ill effects it poses. Without preservatives foods tend to spoil at a faster rate which means gamier meat products, dryer breads, stale crackers, rubbery nachos, and locker room matching frozen foods. No food lasts past a week and the supermarkets and restaurants are realizing it. The markets cash in by not stocking until everything has been purchased and the restaurants partake by trying to hide it in hot peppers (remember Chipotle?) side sauces, and colder temperatures. I used to depend on expiration dates but that no longer applies. Half of the produce we buy is already corrupted before it makes it to the fridge. I'm a cook who hates wasting food and it breaks me that when I concoct a sure meal it's ruined by shifty product which invites nausea and upset stomachs.

Panera Bread serves frozen sandwiches. Why? To hide the fact that ingredients are marred?

Our life expectancy is shorter now. When are we going to realize that thoughtless food fads don't work. I agree, food will kill us, because you chose it to. We need to go back to basics and make food edible and safe again.


Tags: Food




I have to ponder. If rice is so unhealthy why do nationalities thrive on it? 28-Feb-2018

Tags: Food, Health