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Health/Food Posts Tagged as 'Marriage'

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People Are Sharing How They Caught Their Partners Cheating And My Mouth Is Wide-Open 


"A friend of mine was suspicious of her husband cheating, as he went to 'play soccer with friends' way too often. He always came back already showered, as he would sweat playing. One day, she sewed his soccer socks together.

People Are Sharing How They Caught Their Partners Cheating And My Mouth Is Wide-Open

Tags: Cheating, Marriage, Portrait, Relationships, Sex, Social Media



Straight man worries he’s sexist because he doesn’t care his wife is having an affair with a woman


In the letter, the man said he found out about the affair after “months of odd bank transactions, weird absences, and strange smells on her clothes”.

He finally confronted her wife, asking her if she was cheating on him, and she broke down and confessed.

Straight man said he was ‘relieved’ when he found out his wife was having an affair with a woman.
“I was upset until she revealed she was cheating on me with a female co-worker,” the man wrote.

“She apologised profusely and swore that she still loved me and wanted to make our relationship work.

“Oddly, I found myself relieved,” he said.

Straight man worries he’s sexist because he doesn’t care his wife is having an affair with a woman

Tags: Advice, Cheating, Choices, Marriage, Opinion, Sex, Sexism, Women In Charge



New Jersey Homeowner Arrested For Allegedly Hosting Pop-Up Wedding 


A Lakewood, New Jersey homeowner was arrested Friday by police for allegedly violating the state’s recently enacted ban on gatherings of 50 or more people.

Eliyohu Zaks, 49, reportedly hosted a pop-up wedding at his home that included more than 50 attendees, a violation of the ban enacted by Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy in an effort to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Daily Caller

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Celebration, Contagion, Coronavirus, Environmentalist, Etiquette, Health, Lifestyle, Marriage, Policy, Protection, Punishment, Safety, Unruly Child



I Can’t Stop Cheating On My Wife 


Dear Prudence,

I’m a man in my mid-30s with a beautiful wife. We’ve been married for 15 years and had a great kid very early on in our relationship. We both have great careers, nice friends, a very kinky and active sex life. Others generally look at us with admiration and envy. My problem is that I became a serial cheater around eight years ago. I analyzed quite a lot why I feel the need to cheat (sex with my wife is definitely better than with other women) and think that I like the challenge of “conquering” and later the romantic aspects of it. My affairs usually last a few months. I’m also very open with my relationship status (and my unwillingness to change it) to my affair partners. I even developed great friendships with two last affair partners, and the whole experience has generally been extremely enriching and positive for me.

I never fell in love with another woman, and I want to stay with my wife forever, but I can’t seem, and also don’t want, to stop seeing other women. My job involves a lot of travel, so it’s easy to get away with cheating without arousing suspicion. In the beginning I didn’t really think too hard about it, but going forward I want to be “square and fair.” My wife doesn’t have the slightest idea of my cheating and would obviously be devastated if she found out.

A year or so ago I started talking about opening up our relationship as a way to slowly “legalize” my behavior. While she isn’t totally against the idea, it’s more something she can imagine in a distant future and in a very controlled setting. I reckon that the romantic aspects and durations of my affairs would be serious no-gos for her. While the easy answer would be “stop before you blow up your perfect life,” I feel like I’m not really able to. What are your thoughts?

—Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


Tags: Advice, Cheating, Etiquette, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Marriage, Perception, Sex



Two Houses Is Better Than a Divorce 


Getting married is like voluntarily committing oneself to ride a tandem bike forever with no real destination. When one person gets tired, the other has to pedal harder or the entire operation collapses, and most divorce proceedings are just both partners yelling that if the other had pedaled hard enough then the bike would still be moving. Perhaps the appeal of living apart together (LAT) is avoiding this pressure for married couples to constantly synch up and operate in tandem rather than operating as separate entities that come together when it suits. LAT seems like an ideal solution for many of the problems that arise over the course of a marriage, affording the opportunity to be responsible for one’s own bike without having any reason to critique anyone else’s peddling.


Tags: $, Cheating, Choices, Dedication, Environment, Marriage, Men, Nature, Opinion, Perception, Portrait, Relationships, Responsibility, Sex, Substitute, Treatment, Women



What Happens When Your Sexual Awakening Hits — and You're Already Married 


When I told my husband about the time I almost slept with a woman before we met, he got an intrigued look in his eyes, probably imagining threesomes in our future. And sure, we might try that someday — but I'm less interested in whether the possibility turns him on than what it means for me. At 32, with only straight relationship experience and less than a year of marriage under my belt, I've grown resistant to the idea of clinging to a certain sexual identity for the rest of my life. The prospect leaves me with a specific kind of FOMO: a fear of missing out on the sex I haven’t had, but might still want to. Though my husband and I are currently happy in our hetero, monogamous marriage, how could we know if that format will continue to meet our needs for the next several decades? (It seems presumptuous to pretend to know what my vagina will want at, say, age 64.)

I’m part of a wave of women seeing their sexuality through a new lens, one that renders it increasingly fluid and shame-free as we shed culturally imposed roles and explore new kinks and curiosities. But what if you’re already married when you do that internal accounting? Rather than begrudgingly accept a limited sex life as a condition of long-term partnership, a rising number of women are acting on a feeling of FOMO about sexual experiences we might not have had before (or after) marriage.

In Style

Tags: All Rights, Awareness, Exploration, Marriage, Mental Health, Portrait, Relationships, Sex



We need to be more honest about what tech culture is doing to our mental health 


My dad was a psychiatrist and my mom was a civil rights activist, so I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where mental and emotional wellness was openly discussed on a regular basis. Still, when I became the cofounder and CEO of Starcity, a venture-backed startup trying to solve housing affordability in cities, I fell victim to a true entrepreneur’s dilemma—the internal pressure to run myself ragged.

This pressure strained my relationship with my family and made me stressed out all the time. At the time, my daughter Charlie was a few months old, and she would often wake up in the middle of the night and need some love. Because I was so sleep-deprived, when she did wake up, I would jolt out of bed and either be angry and confused that she was affecting my limited sleep schedule. When I would reluctantly help out, I was never able to fall back to sleep. This was a painful cycle, and my wife made it clear that this behavior was not sustainable for everyone. I was disappointed in myself and knew this was not the type of father and husband I wanted to be.

Fast Company

Tags: Advice, Business, Employment, Environment, Health, Instructional, Marriage, Mental Health, Portrait, Psychology, Relationships, Support, Tech, Tips, Treatment



The Unwritten Sex Rule My Husband and I Have: Once a Week Is Good 


Sex once a week — this is the unwritten and unsaid rule my husband and I have stood by pretty much since the "I've gotta have you right now" phase fizzled. And let's be honest, that fire often dwindles after those first few years of newlywed bliss and comes dangerously close to being put out altogether when you have kids. But as long as you make an effort, a flame will always be there — sometimes small, sometimes big. For my husband and I, that effort happens once a week. And after talking with many of my friends about this unwritten sex rule, it turns out we're not alone.


Tags: Children, Choices, Dedication, Environment, Family, Intimacy, Lifestyle, Marriage, Portrait, Relationships, Sex



From the Straight Spouse’s Perspective of a Gay Man Having an Affair 


My husband is having an affair with a man. We have four young children. He moved out quickly after I discovered the relationship. I am worried about him and I don’t know how to make this better for him and for us. His kids miss him. I honestly thought we had a happy and loving marriage. Do you have any advice for me? Or for him?

Thank you for sending your question, and I’ve written a lot about how the gay spouse proceeds through this process. I only occasionally hear from women or men who have been left behind. So in this response, I’m going to focus on you and them.

The Good Men Project

Tags: Advice, All Rights, Children, Choices, Gay, Lifestyle, Marriage, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Support, Therapy, Treatment



How Sex Robots Could Revolutionize Marriage—for the Better 


With sexual needs outsourced to robots, marriages could become stronger than ever.

Technological change invariably brings social change. We know this to be true, but rarely can we make accurate predictions about how social behavior will evolve when new technologies are introduced. For example, no one should have been surprised that improvements in birth control technologies spawned more sexually permissive societies. But could anyone really have predicted that making it easier for women to control their fertility would lead to dramatic increases in births to unmarried women as a direct result of the loosening sexual mores that new birth control methods brought on? Likewise, early adopters probably knew that improvement in home production technologies would liberate women from household drudgery. But could they have known that the microwave oven would eventually contribute to societies’ more accepting attitudes toward same-sex marriage? Just as these technologies were catalysts for unintended social consequences, we should expect that the proliferation of robots designed specifically for human sexual gratification means that sexbot-induced social change is on the horizon.


Tags: Entertainment, Environment, Family, Humanity, Marriage, Modernization, Nature, Parenting, Privilege, Relationships, Science, Self Interest, Sex, Survival, Tech



You And Your Partner Will Never Say “I Do” If You Aren't Honest About These 9 Things 


If you think you've finally found your forever person, you may be excited to start thinking about getting married. After all, being in love with someone whom you know will be a great partner is one of the best feelings in the world. My husband and I got married within two months of our first date because the old, tired cliche sometimes is not so old and tired: When you know, you really do just know.

That said, getting married isn't just about the fun and excitement of planning a wedding or thinking about your honeymoon. The truth is, marriage is a serious endeavor that involves meshing two distinct lives.

Before you take such a big leap, you should be ready to tackle the hard topics with your future spouse in a way that's honest, healthy, and open.

In that vein, here's a list of nine things to honestly discuss before getting married.

1. Your Finances

Elite Daily

Tags: Choices, Dedication, Instructional, Marriage, Relationships, Treatment



Married People Used to Be Healthier — But Not Anymore 


There are upsides and downsides to getting married, but at least one of the perks has remained pretty consistent over time: People who tie the knot tend to be healthier than their unmarried counterparts. As recently as last month, research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society conference reported that single people with “modifiable risk factors” like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure have significantly higher mortality rates than married people with the same conditions. Marriage has been linked to a longer life span, fewer heart attacks and strokes, and a lower risk of depression.

Of course, the stats aren’t 100 percent positive: Marriage has also been linked to an increased risk of weight gain. And not all studies have come to the same conclusions, especially those where participants self-report on their own health. While older research in this vein has generally shown a strong association between good health and marriage, more recent work has suggests that this protective effect is weakening — and a new study published earlier this month in the journal Social Science Quarterly suggests that it no longer exists at all.

NY Mag

Tags: Aging, Choices, Disease, Environment, Health, Marriage, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Population, Relationships, Science, Study, Treatment



Estate planning is more complicated for same-sex couples 


Most couples can benefit from estate planning to ensure their assets land in the right hands after they die and their health care wishes are followed. But same-sex couples often have special situations that require extra planning. Here are five steps that pros say same-sex couples can take to get started with estate plans.

USA Today

Tags: Advice, Aging, All Rights, Children, Choices, Finance, Gay, Laws, LGBTI Protections, Marriage, Passing, Real Estate, Relationships, Support, Treatment



‘Sologamy’ is a growing trend for singles who want to marry themselves 


Opponents of same-sex marriage warned us that if gay people were ever allowed to marry, it would open the floodgates and pretty soon people would start marrying everything from their pets to their family members to inanimate objects.

Well, it looks like that self-fulfilling prophecy is finally coming true.

Sologamy is growing trend among people who are happy being single but who also yearn to be married, so they wed themselves.

37-year-old Erika Anderson considers herself a “sologamist.” She says sologamy is all about saying “yes” to oneself and not giving into the pressure society places on single people to pair up.

“It means that we are enough,” she tells WUSA-9 news, “even if we are not partnered with someone else.”


Tags: Choices, Dating, Environment, Marriage, Protest, Relationships, Treatment



United Barred a Gay Man From Taking His Mobility Device on His Honeymoon 


United Airlines is in freefall after video of a passenger being violently dragged off of the plane because it was overbooked went viral. Since then, stories about United’s transgressions have proliferated, included a bizarre tale of a man who was bitten by a scorpion on a United flight, but this story of a gay man being forced to leave behind his “previously-approved, DOT & TSA-allowed mobility device” on his honeymoon, is making the rounds of United horror stories.

The alleged victim of another of United’s despicable customer service policies, Trey Harris, wrote on Medium about how United forced him to abandon his Segway mini-pro at the gate in Newark, N.J., for his flight to San Diego for his honeymoon cruise, according to Mashable. He wrote that he uses the device as a mobility aid due to his spondylitis, which he explained is a type of autoimmune spinal arthritis that makes it difficult for him to walk.

Although Harris did his due diligence to land authorization for the Segway mini-pro, he was barred from taking it with him on his honeymoon.


Tags: Abuse, Community, Environment, Gay, Health, Marriage, Program, Protest, Service, Treatment



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