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Women in the Bible 


Compared to the number of men, few women are mentioned in the Bible by name. The exact number of named and unnamed women in the Bible is somewhat uncertain because of a number of difficulties involved in calculating the total. For example, the Bible sometimes uses different names for the same woman, names in different languages can be translated differently, and some names can be used for either men or women. Professor Karla Bombach says one study produced a total of 3000-3100 names, 2900 of which are men with 170 of the total being women. However, the possibility of duplication produced the recalculation of a total of 1700 distinct personal names in the Bible with 137 of them being women. In yet another study of the Hebrew Bible only, there were a total of 1426 names with 1315 belonging to men and 111 to women. Seventy percent of the named and unnamed women in the Bible come from the Hebrew Bible.[26]:33,34 "Despite the disparities among these different calculations, ... [it remains true that] women or women's names represent between 5.5 and 8 percent of the total [names in the Bible], a stunning reflection of the androcentric character of the Bible."[26]:34 A study of women whose spoken words are recorded found 93, of which 49 women are named.[27]

All Ancient Near Eastern societies were patriarchal, and the Bible is a patriarchal document, written by men from a patriarchal age. Many scholars see the primary emphasis of the Bible as reinforcing women's subordinate status. However, there are also scholars who claim there is a kind of gender blindness in the Bible as well as patriarchy. Marital laws in the Bible favored men, as did inheritance laws. There were strict laws of sexual behavior with adultery a crime punishable by stoning. A woman in ancient biblical times was always under the authority of a man and was subject to strict purity laws, both ritual and moral. However, women such as Deborah, the Shunnemite woman, and the prophetess Huldah, rise above societal limitations in their stories. The Bible contains many noted narratives of women as both victors and victims, women who change the course of events, and women who are powerless and unable to affect their own destinies.

In all three synoptic gospels, Mark, Matthew and Luke, Mary and Jesus' brothers are disowned by Jesus. The Matthew version has it as "Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." [84] In Luke the repudiation is even stronger, there Jesus says his disciples have to hate their mothers. "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."[85]

There are hundreds of examples of women from the Bible as characters in painting, sculpture, opera and film. Historically, artistic renderings tend to reflect the changing views on women from within society more than the biblical account that mentions them.

Eve is a common subject. Art historian Mati Meyer says society's views of women are observable in the differing renderings of Eve in art over the centuries. Meyer explains: "Genesis 2–3 recounts the creation of man and the origins of evil and death; Eve, the temptress who disobeys God’s commandment, is probably the most widely discussed and portrayed figure in art."[100] According to Mati Meyer, Eve is historically portrayed in a favorable light up through the Early Middle Ages (AD 800's), but by the Late Middle Ages (1400s) artistic interpretation of Eve becomes heavily misogynistic. Meyer sees this change as influenced by the writings of the 4th century theologian Augustine of Hippo, "who sees Eve’s sexuality as destructive to male rationality".[100] By the seventeenth century, the Fall of man as a male-female struggle emerges, and in the eighteenth century, the perception of Eve is influenced by John Miltons Paradise Lost where Adam's free will is emphasized along with Eve's beauty. Thereafter a secular view of Eve emerges "through her transformation into a femme fatale—a compound of beauty, seductiveness and independence set to destroy the man."[100]


Here's What Nobody Told You About Adam And Eve

Tags: History, Religion, Women



Listen: Carol Burnett on Her ‘Unbelievable’ Emmy Nod, ‘Ridiculous’ Network Notes 


Welcome to “Remote Controlled,” a podcast from Variety featuring the best and brightest in television, both in front of and behind the camera.

In this week’s episode, Variety’s executive editor of TV, Debra Birnbaum, talks with comedy legend Carol Burnett, who scored her 23rd Emmy nomination for “The Carol Burnett Show 50th Anniversary Special.”

Even with six Emmy Awards under her belt, Burnett is still immensely grateful at the recognition by the TV Academy, as well as audiences. “To have this happen now, it’s kind of unbelievable,” Burnett says. “I was happily surprised.”

The program, which is in contention for variety special, celebrated the 50th anniversary of “The Carol Burnett Show,” the variety series which ran from 1967 to 1978, and won 25 Emmys over the course of its run.


Hilarity and bear hugs 20-Jul-2019
Carol Burnett 20-Jul-2019

Tags: Celebration, Celebrity, Comedy, Entertainment, Gift of Art, Legend, Tribute, TV Swatch, TV Trivia, Women



Men and Abortion


Emboldened by the placement of two Conservative justices on the Supreme Court, state legislatures have begun racing to become the test case for overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade case. Alabama has passed perhaps the most extreme of these laws, effectively banning all abortions without exception. Georgia’s law appears to cover miscarriages as well as abortions. Quite a few other states have passed or are working on legislation that appear to be on-their-face violations of the Roe v. Wade decision.

I’ve noticed that, on my social media stream, so many men are as silent as they were during the peak of #MeToo. It’s understandable that men would want to step aside and let women do most of the talking, and we should. However, we shouldn’t be completely silent.

So what should we say?

The Good Men Project

Recent abortion bans will impact poor people and people of color most

Why So Many Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption

Tags: Abortion, Children, Environment, Health, Hostility, Judgement, Keep Abortion Legal, Laws, Mental Health, Opinion, Parenting, Perception, Politics, Punishment, Race, Safety, Support, Women



Police Warn Public To Avoid Sex Offender Who Vowed To ‘Rape First Woman He Sees’ 


John Mark West, 38, was convicted in 1996 for raping a 4-year-old girl in his home, Hempstead County sheriff’s office confirmed on social media earlier this week.

West was arrested again last month on suspicion of disorderly conduct, and was transferred to hospital shortly afterwards for an evaluation.

As the sex offender was scheduled to be released from hospital on Monday (May 6), police took to Facebook to warn members of the public of threats West had made.


Man charged with sexually assaulting 3 teens at YMCA pool

Documentary about pedophile priests shakes up Poland

Married Gym Teacher Accused of Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Boy

'Our community is safer now': Rape survivor targeted by former Liberal candidate responds

Utah teens in polygamous group travel to Colorado to marry their cousins

Tags: Arrest, Children, Documentary, Education, Employment, Environment, Family, Politics, Rape, Religion, Sex, Threat, Victims, Violence, Warning, Women, Youth



U.S. Military Sees Dramatic Rise in Sexual Assaults 


There were 20,500 reported sexual assaults in the military in 2018, according to a new Pentagon report, a 38% increase in the number of assaults since 2016. The results, as ABC News reports, represent “a setback for the U.S. military’s efforts to reduce sexual assault in the military.”

These numbers come from an anonymous survey the Pentagon conducts every two years. Respondents include Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel. The survey defines assault as “rape, sexual assault, forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual contact, abusive sexual contact and attempts to commit those offenses,” according to ABC News.

Over 85% of the victims reported knowing the perpetrators.


With her or with him? How the sexual attack of an Indian actor inspired a powerful feminist movement

‘Monster’ abducted 4-year-old girl from bed, hid her in chest: cops

Harlem teacher accused of lewd conversations with 18 students

‘Winnie the Pooh’ voice star accused of rape and animal abuse

Airline Passenger Allegedly Kissed Woman, Spat On Her Chest During Flight


Tags: Abuse, Activism, Actor, All Rights, Animals, Arrest, Awareness, Backlash, Children, Divorce, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Inclusion, Kidnap, Military, Parental Burden, Policy, Politics, Privacy, Privilege, Rape, Religion, Respect, Safety, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Threat, Travel, Victims, Woman's Rights, Women, World, Youth



The rise in Americans saying they are bisexual is driven by women 


The number of Americans who identify as bisexual is on the rise. According to recently released data from the 2018 General Social Survey (GSS), a nationally representative survey of people in the US collected every two years, over 3% of US adults say they are bisexual (a sexual identity in which someone is attracted to people of their gender or other genders). This is up from just over 1% in 2008. (The GSS allowed individuals to self-classify as “heterosexual or straight,” “gay, lesbian, homosexual,” “bisexual,” or “don’t know.”)

An analysis of the GSS data by the sociologists D’Lane Compton and Tristan Bridges shows that the change has been almost entirely due to an increase in the number of bisexual women—the population of men who identify as bisexual has barely budged. Even more specifically, they find that the upswing in bisexuality among women has been concentrated among young women of color, specifically black women. Compton and Bridges note that the GSS data mirrors findings from a Gallup survey that found that “women, college-educated people, people of color, and those who are not religious” accounted for the steepest rise in LGB self-identification, in the period between 2012 and 2016.


Tags: Bi-sexual, Environment, LGBTQ, Politics, Sex Identity, Study, Women



Chart shows US men aged 18-30 are having less sex, women... not so much 


Young men between the age of 18 and 30 are having significantly less sex, a new study shows.

A study from General Social Survey has tackled the sexual habits of Americans.

It has revealed that the share of US residents not having sex has reached a record high, with young men at the forefront of this new trend.

Many don’t have a live-in partner

Overall, the portion of Americans 18 to 29 reporting no sex in the past year more than doubled between 2008 and 2018, reaching 23%.

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, has a theory.

Gay Star News

Tags: Men, Sex, Study, Women



A Bunch of Lesbians Won Their Elections Last Night 


Lori Lightfoot won her election on Tuesday, but not everyone is celebrating.

The former federal prosecutor beat Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle in Chicago’s mayoral runoff election, securing nearly 75 percent of the vote, The Washington Blade reports. Lightfoot’s win makes her the first Black woman and the first openly gay person of any gender to serve as Chicago’s mayor. Chicago is now the largest city in the United States to have had an openly gay executive leading its government.


Tags: Employment, Equality, Inclusion, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Politics, Representation, Women



Teens ranked by male peers fight back 


CBS News

Tags: Education, Environment, Fighting Back, Insensitivity, Respect, Sexism, Video, Woman's Rights, Women, Youth



Sally Field and Gay Son Sam Greisman Come Out for Equality Act 


Multiple Academy Award and Emmy winner Sally Field has been a fierce advocate for LGBTQ rights, especially since she spoke publicly about her gay son Sam Greisman at a Human Rights Campaign event in 2012. Now she and Greisman appearing in a video together extolling the virtues of the Equality Act and just why the country needs it.

In a video for HRC, Field and Greisman chat back and forth via a video call about his being gay and how the Equality Act could impact so many American lives if Congress were to pass it.

The legislation, introduced in Congress earlier this month, would amend federal law to provide a wide range of protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It would ban discrimination not only in employment but in housing, credit, public accommodations, education, federal financial assistance, and federal jury service.


Tags: All Rights, Celebrity, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Gay, Gaycon, Gift of Art, Laws, Parental Pride, Political, Protections, Representation, Support, Women



Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among 50 charged in college admissions scam for unworthy kids, prosecutors say 


Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been charged in a nationwide college-entrance cheating scam, according to federal court records unsealed on Tuesday.

Huffman, Loughlin, and 48 other individuals — including a slew of wealthy executives and attorneys — engaged in “large-scale, elaborate fraud” to create a “rigged system” at elite American universities like Yale, Stanford, USC, and UCLA, according to prosecutors. In some cases, they allegedly used imposters to stand in for the children at exams or bribed athletic recruiters to recruit their children, even if they didn’t end up playing that sport in college.

Federal prosecutors cited one example where parents paid a $400,000 bribe to Yale’s women’s soccer coach so that their daughter could attend the school. She didn't play soccer.

The investigation is ongoing, and more parents and coaches are believed to be involved.


Tags: Arrest, Backlash, Celebrity, College, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Finance, Greed, Privilege, Scam, Self Interest, Supremacy, Women



Showtime’s SMILF Canceled Amid Probe of Frankie Shaw’s Misconduct 


After two seasons and a campaign to rehabilitate the image of its creator-star, SMILF has been given walking papers at Showtime. The network confirmed that the Frankie Shaw-led series will air the remainder of its Season 2 episodes, but will otherwise shutter production. Shaw herself has had her creative deal with ABC Studios suspended amid an investigation into her conduct.

Additionally, ABC Studios confirmed in its own statement that “Frankie Shaw’s overall deal with ABC Studios has been suspended without pay while we review our options.” The two-year deal was announced last summer, and The Hollywood Reporter notes Showtime was looking to place Shaw behind the camera for a limited series based on Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.

Vanity Fair

Tags: Abuse, Cancellation, Celebrity, Employment, Racism, Self Interest, Sexism, Stereotype, Supremacy, TV Swatch, Women



A Woman Began Requesting Money From A Man To Respond To His DMs And His Reaction Was Priceless (Badum-Ch) 


The man took us on a journey that began with him bragging about being "a real gangster and pimp," to a reminder that he belonged to a family of attorneys, to then entertaining a monetary deal where they could continue to converse and potentially have sexual intercourse.

Buzzfeed News

Tags: Backlash, Fighting Back, Hate, Men, Relationships, Representation, Sex, Social Media, Threat, Women



Former Special Ed Teacher Accused of Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting Boy, Starting When He Was 11 


A former Michigan special education teacher allegedly sexually assaulted a boy for about three years, beginning when the boy was 11.

PEOPLE learns from online records that the January arrest of Heather Winfield, 38, followed an investigation that began in 2016, soon after the teacher resigned from her position at Thunder Bay Junior High School in Alpena after district officials first learned of the allegations.

Winfield has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13 and single counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct during the commission of a felony, third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child aged 13 to 15, second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13, accosting a minor for immoral purposes, and using a computer to commit a crime.


Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Children, Education, Employment, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Privilege, Sex, Violence, Women, Youth



Man Sues 3 White Women Who Accused Him Of Stalking, Being A Pedophile In 'Gardening While Black' Case 


A Detroit man is planning to sue three white women who repeatedly called the cops on him and fabricated stories of stalking, threatening and even being a pedophile, all because he was working on constructing a community garden at a vacant playground in his community.

Marc Peeples, who is Black, and his attorney Robert Burton-Harris are accusing the women of making up increasingly alarming stories about him throughout 2017 and early 2018 as part of their ploy to “take control” of Hunt Park and have Peeples removed from the park where he was trying to build out an urban garden, the Detroit Metro Times reports.

The three women – Deborah Nash, Martha Callahan, and Jennifer Morris – all live near the park. The first began calling the police about Peeples, accusing him of “illegal gardening,” but when police declined to respond, they escalated their behavior.

At one point, they accused Peeples of threatening Nash with a gun in the park. In another incident, they accused him of being a part of a drive-by shooting. In one of the more horrifying cases, the women waited until Peeples was with children – who were working with him in the garden – and accused him of being a pedophile.


Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Alleged, Backlash, Bullying, Environment, Exclusivity, Fighting Back, Gladys Kravitz, Hate, Hostility, Inhumanity, Investigation, Mental Health, Politics, Privilege, Racism, Supremacy, Women



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