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LGBTQ. We finally have their support! We can be a boy or girl and fuck all the time! Go cis daddies! We are free!

To gain world peace my mother must agree to have the women join the tribe. It's only fair that the ones who begat it, end it. 29-Mar-2021

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Fashion Designer Peter Nygard Indicted on Sex Trafficking, Racketeering Charges 


In Midtown Manhattan, a few streets down from Times Square proper, is a store lit up in blue with the name Nygard plastered across the front. I’ve walked by the place maybe a hundred times during my commuting days (remember those?) and asked myself every time, Who is Peter Nygard and why does he have this big ugly store? As it turns out, the US government was also asking some pointed questions about Mr. Nygard and on Monday, the designer was arrested in Canada for allegedly using his fashion business as a front for sex trafficking and racketeering, CNN reports. Nygard is still in Canada awaiting bail and extradition hearings.

The indictment claims that Nygard and some of his associates had been using jobs in the fashion industry to lure women “into Nygard’s orbit” since 1995. When the women were in Nygard’s grasp, the indictment alleges that they were “forcibly sexually assaulted, drugged, and/or coerced into sexual contact with Nygard.” CNN reports that many of those who were victimized by Nygard were underage at the time. In February, the FBI and NYPD raided one of Nygard’s New York offices on the heels of a civil lawsuit that had alleged sex trafficking as well. The civil suit was filed by 10 women who claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Nygard and that the designer had been trafficking women in the Bahamas where he had a private island.

Fashion Designer Peter Nygard Indicted on Sex Trafficking, Racketeering Charges

Tags: Business, Celebrity, Environment, Exploitation, Fashion, Fraud, Hate, Men In Charge, Sex, Slavery, Treatment, Women



Keke Palmer Is Facing Major Backlash After Tweeting That Food Stamps Should "Only Work On Healthy Items" 


EBT, also known as food stamps or SNAP, is a government-run program that gives individuals with low incomes a small budget every month to buy groceries. And the idea that the government should control what EBT recipients are allowed to buy is a talking point often made by conservatives who would like to see the program either reduced or cut entirely. (Trump, for example, has proposed getting rid of EBT and replacing it with preset boxes of food, in which the recipient has no choice in what they get.)

Suffice to say, Keke was ratioed pretty hard on Twitter for her suggestion — generating a lot more comments than likes.

Keke Palmer Is Facing Major Backlash After Tweeting That Food Stamps Should

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The Most Important Divide in American Politics Isn’t Race 


Two themes seem to define the 2020 election results we’ve seen so far—and also build on a decade or more of political developments: the depolarization of race and the polarization of place.

Democrats have historically won about 90 percent of the Black vote and more than 65 percent of the Latino vote. But initial returns suggest that Joe Biden might have lost ground with nonwhite voters.

The most obvious drift is happening among Latinos. In Florida, Biden underperformed in heavily Latino areas, especially Miami-Dade County, whose Cuban American population seems to have turned out for Donald Trump. Across the Southeast, majority-Latino precincts in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina swung 11.5 points toward Republicans since 2016. In southern Texas, Trump won several heavily Latino counties in the Rio Grande Valley, including Zapata, the second-most-Latino county in the country, which hadn’t voted for a Republican in 100 years. Even in the Democratic fortress of Massachusetts, cities with the highest share of Latino voters saw the starkest shifts toward Trump, according to Rich Parr, the research director for the MassINC Polling Group.

Some evidence suggests that Biden lost support among other minority groups as well. In North Carolina’s Robeson County, where Native Americans account for a majority of voters and which Barack Obama won by 20 points in 2012, Biden lost by 40 points. In Detroit, where nearly 80 percent of the population is Black, Trump’s support grew from its 2016 levels—albeit by only 5,000 votes. (Exit polls also found that Black and Latino men in particular inched toward Trump in 2020, but these surveys are unreliable.)

The Most Important Divide in American Politics Isn’t Race

Tags: Cultural, Hate, Men In Charge, Politics, Preference, Sexism, Threat, Women



’90 Day Fiancé’: Vanessa’s Ex Calls Colt ‘a Total Scumbag,’ Details How She Cheated on Him With the Reality Star 


Colt’s friendship with Vanessa was a huge point of contention in his relationship with Jess during the last season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? It caused several fights and, ultimately, pushed Jess to break up with Colt for good.

Colt finally admitted that he’d cheated on both Larissa and Jess with Vanessa. During the tell-all, he said he’d emotionally cheated on Larissa with Vanessa and that he slept with her while he was with Jess.

After the tell-all, Vanessa’s ex, True Lamaun, was interviewed by 90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates to share his side of the story.

True says he knew Vanessa would speak regularly with Colt but he thought he was just a “buddy.” But as time went on, Vanessa and Colt started to spend more and more time together, including intimate lunches and road trips.

90 Day Fiancé’: Vanessa’s Ex Calls Colt ‘a Total Scumbag

Tags: Celebrity, Cheating, Dating, Eek, Hate, Marriage, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Reality, Relationships, Revenge, Sex, Swagerer, Treatment, Women



A gay man and his straight, female friend can be in a “conjugal relationship” that is legally recognised by Canadian courts thanks to a groundbreaking new ruling. 


The decision, which involves a gay refugee to Canada and a straight woman he met at university overseas, expands the legal definition of what a loving couple can look like.

The two close friends, identified as AP and AM, had unprotected sex on a trip and the woman became pregnant. When the baby was born they decided to commit to each other and raise their child as a family unit, in spite of their sexualities.

However, when the gay man tried to sponsor the woman and their child to join him in Canada, their case was blocked by immigration officials who said their bond didn’t meet the definition of a conjugal relationship.

Gay man and straight woman

Tags: ?, All Rights, Entertainment, Equality, Policy, Prison, Sex, Women



Sharon Stone: It’s a ‘big, fat, stupid lie’ if anyone says looks don’t matter 


Sharon Stone says that looks matter.

“You don’t even realize how much [looks] matter until they start to go,” Stone, who stars in the new Netflix drama “Ratched,” a prequel to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” told the Telegraph in a newly released interview.

It’s a “big, fat stupid lie if anyone says that they don’t,” the Beverly Hills resident says.

She recalled one director who, “asked me to sit on his lap every day to receive direction.” Stone also remembered a male actor in the cast of the 1984 film “Irreconcilable Differences,” who once yelled in reference to her on a crowded set, “‘Would you get out of the fucking way? I can’t even see her tits!”

Sharon Stone: It’s a ‘big, fat, stupid lie’ if anyone says looks don’t matter

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National Sexual Assault Hotline sees record demand during pandemic. Many reaching out are children. 


Many of them call when they feel there is nowhere else to turn.

The girl whose brother was brought home by the pandemic and began to abuse her again. The victim separated from her favorite teacher after a coronavirus-related school closure. The child who urgently needed help calling 911.

As the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the country, more children are reaching out to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network's National Sexual Assault Hotline, which said this week it's experiencing its highest demand for services in its 26-year history. In May and June, half of visitors to RAINN's online hotline, which sees some of the most urgent cases, were minors.

"Their safety net collapsed during this period," said RAINN president Scott Berkowitz. "Normally the first people to spot signs of abuse are adults outside the immediate family. Teachers and guidance counselors and the parents of friends. Once kids were cut off from that support group, we've seen in a lot of states that reports to child abuse authorities have declined."

USA Today

Simple Plan Bassist Quits Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

St Andrews University is hit by wave of sexual assault claims: Fraternity 'suspends two members' after 'multiple' allegations

Mass. Gymnastics Coach Charged With Rape of Teen in Stow

Man Charged With Murdering 13-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted Her Corpse Before Burning Her Body, Police Say

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Mexican president slammed after comments on women staying at home 


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday suggested the tradition of women staying at home to take care of older family members was key to battling the coronavirus pandemic, sparking criticism his comments were sexist.

“People want to change women’s role and that is one of the just causes of feminism, but the tradition in Mexico is that daughters are the ones who care the most for parents. We men are more detached,” Lopez Obrador said.

Whereas seniors in nursing homes in Europe had suffered with the pandemic, Mexico’s elders were helped by the custom of being cared for at home, he said, adding that the “Mexican family is the most important social security institution” in the country.


Tags: Backlash, Family, Illness, Leaders, Lifestyle, Parenting, Seniors, Women, World



American women are more prejudiced than men against lesbians 


A landmark study has revealed some startling information about people’s perceptions of homosexuality.

The team of researchers tested people from 23 countries on their attitudes about gays and lesbians. In America, men and women “did not significantly differ in their attitudes toward gay men,” but women were significantly more likely to be prejudiced against lesbians.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Environment, Hate, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Nature, Privilege, Sex, Study, Treatment, Women, World



Women in the Bible 


Compared to the number of men, few women are mentioned in the Bible by name. The exact number of named and unnamed women in the Bible is somewhat uncertain because of a number of difficulties involved in calculating the total. For example, the Bible sometimes uses different names for the same woman, names in different languages can be translated differently, and some names can be used for either men or women. Professor Karla Bombach says one study produced a total of 3000-3100 names, 2900 of which are men with 170 of the total being women. However, the possibility of duplication produced the recalculation of a total of 1700 distinct personal names in the Bible with 137 of them being women. In yet another study of the Hebrew Bible only, there were a total of 1426 names with 1315 belonging to men and 111 to women. Seventy percent of the named and unnamed women in the Bible come from the Hebrew Bible.[26]:33,34 "Despite the disparities among these different calculations, ... [it remains true that] women or women's names represent between 5.5 and 8 percent of the total [names in the Bible], a stunning reflection of the androcentric character of the Bible."[26]:34 A study of women whose spoken words are recorded found 93, of which 49 women are named.[27]

All Ancient Near Eastern societies were patriarchal, and the Bible is a patriarchal document, written by men from a patriarchal age. Many scholars see the primary emphasis of the Bible as reinforcing women's subordinate status. However, there are also scholars who claim there is a kind of gender blindness in the Bible as well as patriarchy. Marital laws in the Bible favored men, as did inheritance laws. There were strict laws of sexual behavior with adultery a crime punishable by stoning. A woman in ancient biblical times was always under the authority of a man and was subject to strict purity laws, both ritual and moral. However, women such as Deborah, the Shunnemite woman, and the prophetess Huldah, rise above societal limitations in their stories. The Bible contains many noted narratives of women as both victors and victims, women who change the course of events, and women who are powerless and unable to affect their own destinies.

In all three synoptic gospels, Mark, Matthew and Luke, Mary and Jesus' brothers are disowned by Jesus. The Matthew version has it as "Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." [84] In Luke the repudiation is even stronger, there Jesus says his disciples have to hate their mothers. "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."[85]

There are hundreds of examples of women from the Bible as characters in painting, sculpture, opera and film. Historically, artistic renderings tend to reflect the changing views on women from within society more than the biblical account that mentions them.

Eve is a common subject. Art historian Mati Meyer says society's views of women are observable in the differing renderings of Eve in art over the centuries. Meyer explains: "Genesis 2–3 recounts the creation of man and the origins of evil and death; Eve, the temptress who disobeys God’s commandment, is probably the most widely discussed and portrayed figure in art."[100] According to Mati Meyer, Eve is historically portrayed in a favorable light up through the Early Middle Ages (AD 800's), but by the Late Middle Ages (1400s) artistic interpretation of Eve becomes heavily misogynistic. Meyer sees this change as influenced by the writings of the 4th century theologian Augustine of Hippo, "who sees Eve’s sexuality as destructive to male rationality".[100] By the seventeenth century, the Fall of man as a male-female struggle emerges, and in the eighteenth century, the perception of Eve is influenced by John Miltons Paradise Lost where Adam's free will is emphasized along with Eve's beauty. Thereafter a secular view of Eve emerges "through her transformation into a femme fatale—a compound of beauty, seductiveness and independence set to destroy the man."[100]


Here's What Nobody Told You About Adam And Eve

Tags: History, Religion, Women



Chart shows US men aged 18-30 are having less sex, women... not so much 


Young men between the age of 18 and 30 are having significantly less sex, a new study shows.

A study from General Social Survey has tackled the sexual habits of Americans.

It has revealed that the share of US residents not having sex has reached a record high, with young men at the forefront of this new trend.

Many don’t have a live-in partner

Overall, the portion of Americans 18 to 29 reporting no sex in the past year more than doubled between 2008 and 2018, reaching 23%.

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, has a theory.

Gay Star News

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One Texas woman may have been arrested for public masturbation, but she won't be found guilty of lacking persistence.

Dovie Nickels, 26, is accused of touching herself on the street-level patio of two Austin businesses Tuesday: first at a JW Marriott Austin hotel and then again at an establishment called Second Bar + Kitchen, according to the Austin Statesman. A witness, reportedly a hotel worker, called police after they allegedly spotted the woman “holding a silver object” against her crotch “with her legs straight up in the air, spread open” and “making moaning noises,” at the hotel, according to an arrest affidavit cited by the New York Post. The woman allegedly told that witness to get lost.

Nickels allegedly spent about eight minutes at the first location before moving on to the next.


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Woman kicked off flight for rant about sitting between ‘two big pigs’ 


An unhinged woman was kicked off a recent United Airlines flight after going on a fat-shaming tirade about her two seatmates – calling the passengers on either side of her “two big pigs.”

“Oh my goodness! I don’t know how I’m going to do this for the next four hours!” the woman barks into her cellphone on the Las Vegas-to-Newark flight.

“This is just impossible ’cause they’re squishing me. Like, just unbelievable. At least they’ll keep me warm,” she fumes. “I can’t sit here because they’re both so big on left and right. I can’t even sit here.”

Norma Rodgers, an award-winning nurse from New Jersey sitting next to the obnoxious woman, captures her on video as she continues her rant.

“Bitch, please! OK?” Rodgers finally says.

NY Post

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I was fired for refusing to cheat on my wife: suit 


His good looks got him a pink slip.

Real estate broker Regis Roumila claims he was kicked to the curb four months into his job at Christie’s International Real Estate because he refused to cheat on his wife.

Roumila repeatedly spurned the advances of a sexually aggressive female colleague and was later terminated, he charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

NY Post

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