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House committee in Florida passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill 


The bill would bar educators from talking about LGBTQ+ topics that are not “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” An identical bill has also been introduced in Florida’s state Senate.

House committee in Florida passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Mom accuses teachers of manipulating daughter to be transgender

Tags: $, Consequences, Court, Education, Laws, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Sex Identity, Trans, Youth



Transgender TikTok user accuses baby of being transphobic 

The person in the video accuses a baby of liking them more with long hair

Transgender TikTok user accuses baby

Armando & Kenneth Accused Of Promoting Scam

'Just Having Some New Year's Day Fun'

Jeff Lewis' Daughter Begged Him to Stop Talking About Her

Tristan Thompson reveals paternity test

Unemployed Son Mooched Off Parents He Killed and Dismembered

Child with lighter may have started deadly Philadelphia fire

Mother is charged after 14-year-old child is found in the trunk of her car at drive-thru

Mom who fell to the ground sobbing when told her two-year-old daughter was dead pleads guilty

Conspiracy theory pretends to choke and spits out his drink in revolting live TV

Tags: $, Accusation, Arson, Celebration, Celebrity, Cheating, Children, Death, Fraud, Gay, Greed, Holiday, Ignorance, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Priorities, Privacy, Reality, Relationships, Safety, Training, Trans, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence, Women In Charge



Paramedics Reportedly Called to JoJo Siwa’s Pride Party for Guest’s Possible Overdose 


According to E! Online, officers were called to Siwa’s Los Angeles home shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday when one of the guests began experiencing a medical emergency. A spokesperson for the L.A. Fire Department confirmed an unidentified 30-year-old man was transported to the hospital after he suffered a suspected overdose on LSD. The spokesperson could not provide details on the party-goers current condition but said no arrests were made in connection to the incident.

Paramedics Reportedly Called to JoJo Siwa’s Pride Party for Guest’s Possible Overdose

JoJo Siwa’s girl apologises for anti-trans and pro-Trump tweets

BJP MLA makes queerphobic remarks

Uncle Murda: lil-nas-x will die of aids


‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Amy Schneider Robbed at Gunpoint

Tags: $, Apology, Celebrity, Drugs, Gay, Greed, Illness, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Opinion, Parties, Politics, Rap, Safety, Theft, Threat, Trans, TV Gay Swatch, Women In Charge, World



Lesbian Host Slams Biden for Saying Women and Men Are Equal 


“We say, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’ that all women and men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

To Bruce, this was not a progressive step toward inclusion — women had basically no legal rights when the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776 — but tampering with the “sacred words” of the men who founded the United States.

Lesbian Host Slams

Lesbian cop faces demotion after she complained

...speak out

Why are so many lesbian, bi and trans women in prison?

Women account for two-thirds of HIV-related arrests

Governor Introduces Ban on Transgender Student-Athletes

'I can't participate in a sport that allows biological men to compete against women'

School teacher admitted she 'totally stalked' students' so she could recruit them to an LGBTQ+ club

UPenn swimmers wanted to boycott final home meet over transgender teammate

Transgender rioter has federal case for assaulting cops dropped

Tags: All Rights, Arrest, Ban, Children, Crime, Criticism, Disease, Education, Journalism, Laws, Leaders, Lesbian, LGBTQ, News, Policy, Prison, Privacy, Protest, Sports, Teacher, Termination, Trans, TV, Video Gay Swatch, Woman's Rights



California Court Strikes Down Part of Law Protecting LGBTQ+ Seniors 


Associate Judge Elena Duarte wrote on behalf of the court, “We recognize that misgendering may be disrespectful, discourteous, and insulting.” But Duarte wrote that misgendering “does indeed convey an ideological message,” making it protected speech. The “pronoun provision” of the law “is a content-based restriction of speech that does not survive strict scrunity,” she said.

California Court Strikes Down Part of Law Protecting LGBTQ+ Seniors

US Catholic official resigns over 'improper behavior' claim

Trans woman attacked while walking her dog in her apartment complex

Four men arrested for breaking sodomy law in Maryland police raid

Horrific book calling for gay people to be murdered found in faith school library

50 Cent says it ‘stings’ when people call him a homophobe: ‘My mom’s gay!’

Gay teen told ‘God would kill his family’ unless he renounced his sexuality

Gay and trans people can't be baptized or receive communion

Choreographer accused of ‘asking trans dancers to confirm genitalia’

Tags: Aging, Book, Celebrity, Dance, Education, Gay, Judgment, Laws, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Privacy, Religion, Seniors, Sex, Sex Identity, Trans, Violence



Police Arrest Woman Over Fatal Stabbing of Her Girlfriend 


Authorities say Karen Abigail Delacruz Reyes, 21, had stabbed her partner Marta Esmeralda Ramirez Carbajal, 20.

Police Arrest Woman Over Fatal Stabbing of Her Girlfriend

Hugh Sheridan reveals that he tried to commit suicide TWICE after transgender activists targeted him

Thug hurls homophobic slurs at café staff

Michigan teacher resigns after being told to take down pride flag

British Airways drops ‘ladies and gentleman’

Rape victim is forced to quit her therapy sessions because she feels threatened by a trans woman in men's clothes

Hate crimes motivated by race, gender, sexuality spike in Maine

Trans Man Beaten With Chain After Getting Off Bus

Teen can’t be homophobic because he has a bisexual friend's support for her is 'FAKE'

Tags: Activism, Bullying, Celebrity, Crime, Flag, Fraud, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Murder, Pride, Quit, Relationships, Resignation, Restaurant, Sports, Suicide, Support, Surge, Trans, Travel, Violence, Words, World



Trans campaign 'is sabotaging bid to help women 


A flagship scheme to promote women in academia has been destroyed by the trans lobby, feminist professors said last night.

The Athena Swan charter was set up in 2005 to help universities address gender equality issues such as the pay gap and barriers to women's careers.

It is used across the world to advance the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine.

Trans campaign 'is sabotaging bid to help women

Idaho professor sparks outrage after saying women should be kept out of engineering, medical school and law

Trans Boy Suddenly Banned From Restrooms

Free speech is protected by Constitution, preferred pronouns are not

Tags: Ban, Competition, Education, History, Hostility, Laws, LGBTQ, Parental Crime, Sex, Trans, Women



New “holiday” honors day J.K. Rowling “came out” 


The event – which they’re calling Gender Critical Coming Out Day – is close enough to Christmas that some of them are calling it “TERFmas,” complete with a “12 days of peaking” advent calendar.

New “holiday” honors day J.K. Rowling “came out”

Dave Chappelle’s alma mater move forwards with naming theater after him reveals she's received so many death threats

Barnes & Noble displays wizarding books’ without Harry Potter

Dave Chappelle launches fundraising challenge to let public decide whether his school names its theater after him

Andrew Yang defends Dave Chappelle as the victim of “hit job”

Google literally erases bisexuals and pansexuals

Anti-Mask Parents Outed Trans Kid Of School Board Chair

Bollywood star sparks LGBT+ backlash with ‘gender fluid’ post

Trans swimmer, 22, sparks outrage by SMASHING women's competition records

Tags: $, Awareness, Books, Celebration, Celebrity, Children, Comics, Fans, Holiday, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Sports, Support, Trans, Voting, Whine, World



Jay-Z defends pal Dave Chappelle 


'Some people like it, some people hate it. When you making great art, you have to be fearless and you have to create something that you believe in. That's what it's about.'

Jay-Z defends pal Dave Chappelle

Skirt-wearing teenage boy who was found guilty of raping female classmate

Student suspended for saying there are only two genders

LGBTQ+ staff told to ‘get used to hearing things they don’t like’

Bill Maher, Chris Cuomo clash

Tags: Celebrity, Comedy, Court, Education, Etiquette, Freedom, Friendship, LGBTQ, Music, Opinion, Rape, Support, Trans, World, Youth



Lily Cade, lesbian porn star has called for trans women to be “lynched” and “executed”


One of the people actually interviewed by BBC journalist Caroline Lowbridge was lesbian porn star Lily Cade. Cade’s entire contribution to the story was that she once declined to shoot a porn scene with a trans woman.

Over the last week or so, since the publication of the BBC article, Cade has begun posting extreme calls to violence against trans women on her blog, as well as sharing the same thoughts on Twitter.

Lily Cade

Actor Slammed for Transphobic Social Media Post

“Rising star” accused of abusing 14-year-old girl with mental health issues

...girl KO'd during basketball match

Shippensburg police seek woman wanted in child sexual assault case

Woman is slapped

Corey Benjamin reveals it was his daughter 14, who was caught on viral video

Women 'groped and molested'

Southwest employee hospitalized after being assaulted by female

Iranian women's soccer team are accused of playing a MAN as a goalkeeper

Tags: Celebrity, Children, Employment, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion, Parental Burden, Porn, Preference, Sex, Sex Identity, Sports, Trans, Travel, TV, Video, Violence, Youth



17-year-old rejects all things woke for the hero's path 


When I asked Daniel Idfresne, a 17-year-old student at Brooklyn Technical High School, if he would have received the same national attention had his skin been white, he did not hesitate: "Of course not." Daniel wrote an essay titled, "I’m 17. And I’m immunized from Woke Politics."

I asked Daniel who he saw as a hero and he named Thomas Sowell. What made Sowell heroic for Daniel was how hard he labored every day without regard for the opinions of others. Fame and glory meant nothing to him. He worked relentlessly, publishing one book after another, creating an unparalleled body of work. He pushed his talents to the extremes, beyond the reach of identity politics, and nobody owned him.

The Woke feed off the dopamine rush that they get from the likes, retweets and follows. They get sucked into a vicious cycle where their postings become more and more extreme while they delude themselves into believing they are making a difference. But there is no virtue in posting woke cliches.

"It’s false heroism," Daniel said. "They are false heroes."

17-year-old rejects all things woke

Transgender comedian BACKS Dave Chappelle

Tags: Activism, Comedy, Effect, Environmentalist, Hard Work, Heroism, LGBTQ, Minors, Opinion, Politics, Standing Up, Support, Survival, Trans, Video



What will it take to get the woke folks to 'jump the shark'? 


“Jumping the shark” came to mean that there are limits — that when you go too far, people will notice and send you on your way.

So I’m wondering what it would take for the woke folks to finally jump the shark. Is there anything they can say or do that would get the rest of us to scream, “Enough! Go away! You have jumped the shark!”

After canceling all their enemies, they have been known to go after their friends.

'jump the shark'

The false religion of wokeness

Woke Pronoun Madness Hits An Absolute Peak

Americans Support Pro-LGBT Policies, But Fall Short on Trans Rights

White volunteers at Art Institute of Chicago are FIRED

Woke is the roar of smug, entitled mediocrities everywhere

Math teacher is placed on leave for wearing feather headdress

Lawmaker wants TX to allow people the option not to recognize marriage equality

Glenn Youngkin finally admits he opposes marriage equality

Boosie BadAzz Sends Violent Tweet About Lil Nas X

Tags: Activism, Americans, Discrimination, Employment, Gay Rights, History, LGBTQ, Museum, Opinion, Politics, Priorities, Religion, Termination, Trans, Voting, World



Five charged with public sex acts after M&S bathroom turns into gay cruising spot 


While the UK supermarket is famed among the LGBT+ community for its yumnuts and LGBT sandwiches, one Marks and Spencer store has become especially well-loved by cruisers.

According to the Irish Examiner, the toilets at the Marks and Spencer on Mary Street, Dublin, have become known in the local gay community as a go-to spot for public sex acts, a court heard on Monday (19 July).

So well-known in fact, that they had to be put under police surveillance.

Five charged with public sex acts

18-year-old arrested after non-fatal shooting on Sunrise Way

Transgender man, 22, boasts that he can steal a girlfriend from ANY other guy

“Homosexuals Proud of Deviancy”

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor refuses to resign after calling LGBTQ people “filth”

Dan Savage defends straight men trolling gays on Grindr

Archbishop apologizes for raunchy video filmed inside cathedral

Father is SUING woke Loudoun County after his 15-year-old daughter was 'raped' in 'gender-fluid' girls' bathroom

Eagles fan couple busted by cops after woman caught in men’s room stall

...rape by 'boy in a skirt' in the girls' bathroom.

Tags: $, Apology, App, Arrest, Backlash, Celebrity, Clergy, Community, Court, Crime, Dating, Education, Effect, Etiquette, Gay, Guns, History, Journalism, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Misconduct, Music, NSFW, Opinion, Parental Burden, Politics, Rape, Relationships, Release, Safety, Self Interest, Sex, Trans, Video, Violence, World



LGBTQ newspaper publisher proclaims “no one gives a hoot” about “woke” gender identity 


“There is no place in school where this should be,” Montemer wrote in a comment from his Facebook page, “… In the real world, no one gives a hoot about your gender identity. Woke kids equal soft kids which equal soft adults.”

Montemer further said that it’s not “a teacher’s place to let kids in middle school decide anything without [their] parents” and that he “hopes this changes in the right direction before my kids get there.”

“no one gives a hoot” about “woke” gender identity

Defiant wave of LGBT+ student walkouts are hitting schools

100 students walk out after girl gets suspended for defending gay friend

LGBT advocacy groups blast Dave Chappelle

'If this is what being canceled is like, I love it'

Jimmie Walker Doesn’t Believe in Cancel Culture

'Dave loved my sister and is an LGBTQ ally'

Netflix Suspends Three Employees, Including Trans Person

An attacker punched a woman in the face for holding hands with her girlfriend

...'coming out' is not an option...

Tags: Adoption, Backlash, Business, Celebration, Celebrity, Children, Comedy, Coming Out, Danger, Disruption, Education, Employment, Fighting Back, Gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Politics, Poverty, Protest, Sex, Sex Identity, Students, Support, Survival, Trans, TV, Violence, Youth



Officer dressed as a woman was pistol whipped 


“I drove down Peachtree and he was walking down Peachtree. He flagged me down and I pulled over,” the officer recalled. “I thought I knew him, but I didn’t. Then we got into conversation.”

The officer and the eventual robber returned to the officer’s home, where the robber excused himself to go into the bathroom, but then came out with a gun pointed at the officer’s head.

Officer dressed as a woman was pistol whipped

Man launches support group after being viciously assaulted

Tags: Crime, Dating, LGBTQ, Sex, Support, Theft, Trans, Violence



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