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Why did Bobby Brady from The Brady Bunch see rockets and firecrackers when he fell in love? I was a cute idiot twink picked up by an interesting man who looked exactly like William Hurt with a curly wig and a height difference. It wasn't him but the dude was still pretending to be someone. I wanted to fuck and get it over with. I didn't want to give him reasons to kill me. I kept all answers "interview" level. Everything about daddy was nice. Nothing spectacular but very pleasant. This will be a quick release. He starts banging and all is quite pleasing. It was a rainy afternoon fuck between two strangers. Nice. The climax was a buildup. Things were happening. I was giving him things that didn't belong to him. I start convulsing and begin to see stars, firecrackers and colored lightning. Who is this fake William Hurt motherfucker? It was a feeling I expected from someone more intimate. Is he from space? I wanted to snatch that wig and unmask him but I was embarrassed for feeling like the only vagina in New York cumming at that moment. It was fucking fantastic! If I hadn't already been happily married, I would have let him stalk me. 09-May-2021

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The town handyman asked me (the town weirdo) out on a date and I sort of accepted it. I didn't want to but it was a casual appointment. "One of these days... how about you get in my truck and I show you around?" For a minute I felt like Blanche DuBois. When I realized that I was Blanche Dubois I panicked. There is no such thing as gay precoital dates. Is there? It was nice being asked but no. I will go on the date posthumously. When my ghost returns, me and him are going to have a talk. 29-Apr-2021

Tags: Aging, Dating, Environment, Gay




The thing he most likes is the first thing he retires. Use it sparingly. 03-Nov-2019
The more celibate you become, the more they want to fuck you. Irony. 05-Oct-2019
The more don'ts you include on your profile the less fun we're going to have. 15-Jul-2019
"I travel for work" = he's into "extracurricular activities." 11-Jul-2019
Everyone wants me to be the man. How can I ever accomplish that when they treat me like a boy? 06-Jul-2019
If you fall in love with the picture before the greet, we will all be disappointed. 27-Jun-2019
No baggage = no emotions, erasing your history and being a "yes man." Even the homeless have baggage. How are we supposed to change into our serious outfits? 27-Jun-2019

Tags: Dating, Gay




If you want the honest answer of how I feel about you... wait until I come. 13-Jul-2019

Tags: Dating, Relationships, Sex