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We are the most swingingest and the most jealous.

Tags: Gay, Irony, Mental Health, Relationships, Sex




After the 136th failed and waste of attempt to establish a LTR with a man, my mother exclaimed that it doesn't seem boy on boy relationships work. After more than 30 years of fighting it, I gave up and concurred. Every gay man wants one, few achieve it and many of us have no fucking idea how to score it. Sometimes I feel our legacy is just loving puppies and swallowing dick. 14-Jan-2020

Tags: Disappointment, Environment, Gay, Men, Mother, Sex, Stereotype




To the society that thought the gays could survive on only kale and Beyonce..."I'm not fucking you." 08-Aug-2019

Tags: Dating, Gay, Hypocrisy, Life Is Too Short, Representation, Saving The Environment!, Sex, Stereotype, Treatment




It has come to my attention that my mother may have perpetrated my molestation by my sister because she was afraid I might be gay. Amazons no more. 07-Aug-2019

Tags: Abuse, Enablers, Hate, Mother, Sex, Sister, Witches




The longer the assfuck, the more absorbent your future diaper tends to be. 20-Jul-2019

Tags: Gay, Sex




If you want the honest answer of how I feel about you... wait until I come. 13-Jul-2019

Tags: Dating, Relationships, Sex




If you put me in a box, you can't play with me. 11-Jul-2019

Tags: Relationships, Sex




Editing porn granted me power over sex. 11-May-2019

Tags: Porn, Psychology, Sex




If you can’t predict the future ramifications of advice dispensed to your client you shouldn’t give it. Therapy, Psychology and Psychiatry should never be based on the trustee's personal beliefs. As a gay man in a relationship the go to at the slightest hint of a problem is to dispense with it and adopt another so you can empower yourself. You get to repeat the cycle again and again in every future relationship without ever resolving the problem. Causing chaos to an existing relationship is not betterment. We would never disrupt a straight marriage without pushback. All gays are not drawn the same. I don't care what anyone does in their relationships but forcing us into the web of revolving sex to end up lonely and suicidal is not what I'm striving for. Our community will never thrive if all we recommend is another mouth that bites.

When I came out I had romantic notions. The first thing our daddies teach is to share sex with multiple partners to the point of isolation and disrespect. I don't want to be a gaybot stereotype and I wish that we could recognize another form to communicate life satisfaction to each other. It offends me highly and we all end up miserable.

You might hold the pencil but I have an eraser.

Tags: Empowerment, Gay, Mental Health, Psychology, Quackery, Relationships, Respect, Sacrifice, Science, Sex, Society, Stereotype, Superiority, Support, Treatment, Youth




To avoid exploding in a land mine, I'd masturbate before hunting. 09-Mar-2019

Tags: Assholes, Empowerment, Environment, Gay, Sex




A good rule for sex...try to make each other feel good. 03-Mar-2019

Tags: Sex




Porn is a necessity to quell the appetite that percolates in men. Men articulate sex through experience (good or bad,) societal etiquette and pressure. Porn doesn't find us, we look for it. The desire is built-in, control is an option. Release (physical or mental) is the break. Porn accommodates the climate but it doesn't precipitate the man.


Tags: Masturbation, Men, Porn, Sex




The boy who defined my sex was a Jehovah's Witness and my cousin. I was his sex obedient from age 8 to 18 (when he bored of me.) He took my sex while I was asleep as I woke to a dry and cold orgasm.

I gave him a hickey the night before he wed his first 12 year old bride. When I came out to him at 16 he used the moment to remind me that I should never mention having sex with him and his brother (they were straight) and that he had a penchant for children. It was a chilling moment. Five wives under the age of 13, countless children, countless cover-ups from the family and the church and innumerate weddings that my cousins and I forced smiles for. I was a Jehovah's Witness too but I quit because they couldn't cohesively answer "why I couldn't celebrate my birthday."

The monster tired of his wives at the age of 18. The family joke was that they woke up. The reality was that he violently possessed them. He gained sympathy and property of his children and was regarded as a great father because the children seemed overly physically attached to him. He carried them around like monkeys. He was the only one allowed to touch them. The family celebrated every child marriage and birth like it was holy. He was a beloved violent boxer.

When I told my mother, she was flabbergasted. All boys do that. I snitched on the family. Bullshit! Get over it! Family first! Do not discuss this with your sister (the saint?)

My cousin was a teen heartthrob. The mothers gushed, the women flirted and the girls were overcome. He was a Puerto Rican with blue eyes, freckles and red hair that cascaded in the wind. What I saw was the guy from Mad Magazine with a diabolical edge. Women are funny. 06-Feb-2019

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Father, Gay, Machismo, MeToo, Myself, Parenting, Religion, Respect, Sacrifice, Sex, Superiority, Survival, Violence




What is Semen?

Vegans don't swallow. 01-Feb-2019

Tags: Diets (fake news), Hypocrisy, Sex




It broke my heart. 02-Feb-2019
Whenever I've complained to a "woman in charge" about a "me too" incident from another, I've been politely ignored and they've joined their sisters in covering it up. Why? Does "me too" only work for Hollywood women? I see no change in the real world. 31-Jan-2019

Tags: Girl Power, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Sex



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