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To avoid exploding in a land mine, I'd masturbate before hunting. 09-Mar-2019

Tags: Assholes, Empowerment, Environment, Gay, Sex




A good rule for sex...try to make each other feel good. 03-Mar-2019

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Porn is a necessity to quell the appetite that percolates in men. Men articulate sex through experience (good or bad,) societal etiquette and pressure. Porn doesn't find us, we look for it. The desire is built-in, control is an option. Release (physical or mental) is the break. Porn accommodates the climate but it doesn't precipitate the man.


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The boy who defined my sex was a Jehovah's Witness and my cousin. I was his sex obedient from age 8 to 18 (when he bored of me.) He took my sex while I was asleep as I woke to a dry and cold orgasm.

I gave him a hickey the night before he wed his first 12 year old bride. When I came out to him at 16 he used the moment to remind me that I should never mention having sex with him and his brother (they were straight) and that he had a penchant for children. It was a chilling moment. Five wives under the age of 13, countless children, countless cover-ups from the family and the church and innumerate weddings that my cousins and I forced smiles for. I was a Jehovah's Witness too but I quit because they couldn't cohesively answer "why I couldn't celebrate my birthday."

The monster tired of his wives at the age of 18. The family joke was that they woke up. The reality was that he violently possessed them. He gained sympathy and property of his children and was regarded as a great father because the children seemed overly physically attached to him. He carried them around like monkeys. He was the only one allowed to touch them. The family celebrated every child marriage and birth like it was holy. He was a beloved violent boxer.

When I told my mother, she was flabbergasted. All boys do that. I snitched on the family. Bullshit! Get over it! Family first! Do not discuss this with your sister (the saint?)

My cousin was a teen heartthrob. The mothers gushed, the women flirted and the girls were overcome. He was a Puerto Rican with blue eyes, freckles and red hair that cascaded in the wind. What I saw was the guy from Mad Magazine with a diabolical edge. Women are funny. 06-Feb-2019

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Father, Gay, Machismo, MeToo, Myself, Parenting, Religion, Respect, Sacrifice, Sex, Superiority, Survival, Violence




What is Semen?

Vegans don't swallow. 01-Feb-2019

Tags: Diets (fake news), Hypocrisy, Sex




It broke my heart. 02-Feb-2019
Whenever I've complained to a "woman in charge" about a "me too" incident from another, I've been politely ignored and they've joined their sisters in covering it up. Why? Does "me too" only work for Hollywood women? I see no change in the real world. 31-Jan-2019

Tags: Girl Power, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Sex




Jayme Closs' Mom Tried to Protect Her with 'Bear Hug' During Kidnapping and Murder

A Missing Teen Boy Was Allegedly Used As A “Sex Slave” By Several Men In Florida

Baltimore church leaders handing over files amid abuse probe

Police: 4 boys charged with kidnapping, raping girl

Slain 2-Year-Old Suffered ‘Horrific’ Sex Abuse — and Pregnant Mom and Boyfriend Are Charged

10-Year-Old Kentucky Boy Kills Himself Because Of Bullying Over His Colostomy Bag, Parents Say

Suburban man sentenced to 181 years for child sex abuse


Iowa 2-Month-Old Died of Starvation Weighing 2 lbs. Less than When He Was Born

Catholic Church Begins Releasing Names of Texas-Based Clergy Accused of Sexually Assaulting Minors

We shouldn't even discuss the environment until we save them first. 15-Jan-2019

Tags: Abuse, Bullying, Environment, Humanity, Hypocrisy, Parenting, Religion, Respect, Sex, Suicide, Youth




Why do we infer that God is offended by sex when he created it? (We could have had babies without the crippling desire.) 04-Dec-2018

Tags: Hypocrisy, Religion, Sex




My "me too" responded. It got lost in the Google e-mail mess. She validated my concerns and apologized for causing me such distress over an insignificant matter that happened eons ago. She stated that we are all sinners and that God had already granted her forgiveness. Does she think that God has a special prison for minor infractions (violent sexual offenders?) My "me too" and my family of amazons have announced themselves to be my biggest threat. Nobody cares! 09-Oct-2018
My "me too" never responded and I never got my family back. 07-Aug-2018
I spill my feelings on this platform because even though there is no feedback it allows me to see the situation from another angle so I can be sensitive and not cause greater hurt. If I don't find any social value to my share I will delete it.

I was my mother's favorite as my sister was my father's. They set us up to compete, to cling to one parent against the other. I was always my sister's annoying baby brother and that restrained us from getting closer. There is no respect for a boy too precious and shielded (mother) for a girl that was going to rule the world.

When she suggested doing oral sex on her, I slammed the idea down because I didn't know what it was, I wasn't sexual yet and it sounded shameful. My sister was persistent, either I go down on her or she'll tell mother my secrets. Was it that I dragged the butchiest of my G.I. Joes? I never really found out what she was holding over my head. I didn't need mother's wrath to be jostled so I acquiesced. It was uncomfortable to be so intimate with someone who only conveyed rancor to me. I felt dirty and bad and it further confused my sexuality. I see women as mothers or sisters and I can only sexualize the "bad" girl. My straight attempts had an automatic off switch.

I can be very accommodating but my mind always triggers a rebellion when I feel wronged. Before the week was over I killed the satiation machine by telling her that I hated the act and I wasn't going to do it anymore and that whatever secret she was holding over me she could convey because nothing could be worst. She was angry for a while, she never spoke my secret and I put it away as the first sexual scratch.

I don't want to shame my sister for the abuse because she was also a child who must have had her own perpetrator that introduced her early to sex. I don't know.

My adult sister hates the mention of sex, doesn't drink or drug (not even aspirin) and like all people with a shameful past has found that the spirituality of God will vanquish all sins. My mother calls her a saint and has always instructed me on how to appropriately act between myself and her family. My mother nagged me so hard about why my sister and I weren't affectionate or communicative that I outed the experience. Mother had nothing to say except to insinuate I was ridiculous and a sinful liar. The conversation was cut short and never revisited.

I tried renewing a relationship with my sister by joining our families and enjoying the best that support can bring but it was short lived. The problems, the competition, the parenting and the pop-up walls didn't allow us to trust each other and we found ourselves on different sides, in different states with hurtful words, little understanding then silence. I haven't spoken to her in years.

She has reached out. We don't mend because we never expose the problem and because she needs to know I forgave her a long time ago. It's a gamble but I need to know if she can accept it. 12-Mar-2018
I have to face my second "me too" and I'm scared because I don't want to hurt my sister's feelings.

My lover thinks I need to put it out there so I can challenge myself to face it. 12-Mar-2018

Tags: Sex, Sister




What are we actually going to do when we catch 'em all (predators?) Do we depose them and grant them exit from superiority? Do we constrain them to unleash their monsters on the poor and susceptible? Do we send them to the White House? They have to land somewhere. 07-Oct-2018

Tags: Abuse, Environment, Humanity, Sex, Society




The presumption seems that having openly gay representation will form the sexual being children will become. I've been having sex with men since I was six or younger. I didn't hook up with a gay man until my early 20s. They all affirmed a straight lifestyle. I liked my Uncle Arthurs, my Dr. Smiths and my Charles Nelson Reilly. They were responsible for clicking my wit and supplying me comfort but it was the het brethren that awoke my sexuality. 27-Sep-2018

Tags: Attraction, Gay, History, Hypocrisy, Life, Love, Representation, Respect, Sex, Strait Men, Youth




Made in his image... horny as fuck. 14-Aug-2018

Tags: Life, Religion, Sex




I wonder if my sister clutches her bible differently now that's she's been outed as a "me too" enforcer and enabler. 09-Aug-2018

Tags: Family, Parenting, Religion, Sex, Sister, Violence




Ladies. The reason your men can afford to hate you is because they have us. 07-Aug-2018

Tags: Environment, Machismo, Representation, Sex, Strait Men, Wake Up!, Women, Youth




To earn his respect he needs to kiss the body part he wants to touch or insert himself in. 07-Jun-2018

Tags: Relationships, Respect, Sex



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