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Grindr and pop superstar, LGBTQ activist Pabllo Vittar partner to create and offer exclusive content to the Grindr community 


LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Grindr and Brazilian drag queen, pop superstar and activist Pabllo Vittar announced a partnership to develop and offer exclusive content to the Grindr user community.

The partnership will include exclusive Grindr and Pabllo Vittar video content and the release of new music to Grindr users before it's available to the general public. Grindr and Vittar will also work together to identify a project to support the LGBTQ community as part of the campaign. The partnership comes as Grindr celebrates a decade of helping users in virtually every country in the world to connect, thrive, and express their authentic selves.

"Arguably the most famous drag queen in the world, Pabllo is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. She stands for authenticity and empowerment through her work and her personal convictions – virtues we celebrate here at Grindr every day," said Alex Black, product marketing manager, Grindr. "Ours is a natural partnership as Grindr continues to be on the cutting edge of culture and evolve to provide our users with new and rewarding experiences.

PR Newswire

Tags: App, Entertainment, Environment, Finance, LGBTQ, Music, Pride, Representation, Social Media, Support

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Anti-gay GOP ex-congressman Aaron Schock photographed making out with another man at Coachella 


The GOP ex-congressman whose sexuality was DC’s worst-kept secret has been spotted making out with another man at Coachella. Former Representative Aaron Schock who made a splash in the nation’s capital with his clothing choices, Instagram photos, and interior decorating choices, resigned after being accused of illegally using campaign funds to finance his over-the-top lifestyle.

Schock was a reliably anti-gay vote for Republicans, despite the parade of young men who visited his DC apartment, and his outing by journalist Itay Hod in 2014. Hod claimed he had walked in on his male roommate and Schock showering together.

But the former Congressman is back on social media after moving to West Hollywood where’s he’s been spotted doing some of the most stereotypical gay things possible – hanging out in gay bars, posing shirtless with gay fitness junkies, and enjoying quiet dinners with other men.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Backlash, Employment, Entertainment, Gay, Hypocrisy, Lifestyle, Political, Self Interest, Sex Identity, Weird

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Alright - CYN 


WE Pride

Forever Crazy

Tags: Burlesque, Dance, Drag, Entertainment, Environment, LGBTQ, Music, NSFW, Nudity, Performer, Pose, Pride, Reinterpreted, Representation, Respect, Re-tooled, Sexy, Tribute, Women

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Anime Did Not Make My Son Gay


No, anime did not make my son gay. He’s bisexual, anyway. Anime didn’t “do” that to him either. I won’t link to certain places online that contain ludicrous opinions about how children can be “made” gay (or on the spectrum of LGBTQ) because of the friends they choose, the toys they play with, or the entertainment they enjoy. I won’t give those ignorant people more traffic. My son watched lots of shows, including anime. He is bisexual. My daughter watched lots of shows, including anime. She is straight. A study of n=2, but if you want to get into the latest science of why homosexuality is a natural expression of humanity, check out this article based on a TED talk by James O’Keefe. Back to anime.

When my children were young, I returned to college and befriended a group of geeks who introduced me to anime and manga. I distinctly remember seeing manga once in high school on Long Island in the ’90s: A Chinese exchange student brought in an oddly thick and small comic book. When I asked him about it, he explained that in Asia comics were books called “manga” and, even though cartoons were mostly for children in America, that wasn’t the case in Asia, where manga and “anime” were created for all age groups. I remember the cover looking a bit racy and he bashfully explained that this particular manga was definitely not for kids.

Geek Mom

Tags: Animate, Bi, Discovery, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, History, Parental Burden, Parental Pride, Parenting, Portrait, Sex, Sex Identity, Standing Up, Youth

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Time 100's LGBTQ Honorees Include Lady Gaga, Ryan Murphy, Indya Moore


Ryan Murphy — the gay producer of FX's Pose, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and more — is among those in the "titans" category. His entry was written by Jessica Lange, whose acting career experienced a revival in part due to Murphy casting her in AHS.

"He is a born storyteller, and, like the best of them, he is constantly pushing the limits. I have often marveled at his uncanny ability at capturing the zeitgeist," Lange wrote.

"Ryan is an artist of unlimited creative power and talent. But, more importantly, he has a great heart and is a dear and fiercely loyal friend. My life is better for knowing him."


Tags: Activism, Art, Celebrity, Entertainment, LGBTQ, List, Representation, Respect, Support, Tribute

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Actor Robert Sheehan: 'I had a couple of experiences... with dudes' 


Actor Robert Sheehan has opened up about previous same-sex sexual experiences.

The 31-year-old Irish actor is best known for playing Nathan Young in Misfits and more recently Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy.

Klaus is openly gay in the series.

Now, in a recent interview with Hot Press, straight actor Sheehan revealed he’s got more in common with Klaus than fans first thought.

He revealed: ‘I think it would be irresponsible not to question my sexuality.

‘I had a couple of experiences when I was younger with dudes where I tried it, experimented, to see if it did anything for me.

Gay Star News

Tags: Actor, Celebrity, Entertainment, Interview, Representation, Sex, TV Gay Swatch

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The Most Popular Easter Candy in Every State, According to RetailMeNot 


Each spring, supermarket candy aisles are flooded with sweet treats to fill our Easter baskets—especially with marshmallow Peeps, a holiday staple. RetailMeNot decided to investigate just how many people prefer Peeps to other Easter candy by asking over 1,000 Americans what their favorite Easter candy is—as it turns out, the marshmallow chicks and bunnies were pretty soundly beat. Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs ultimately came out on top, with 32 percent of the survey respondents preferring them; Cadbury Eggs also did pretty well, with 17 percent. That was followed by jelly beans, at 16 percent, and then chocolate bunnies, which came in at a shocking 10 percent. (Is everything we know a lie?) Finally, Peeps rolled in at just six percent, and apparently, 73 percent of the respondents said they don't like Peeps at all. RetailMeNot also pulled results to find the most popular Easter candy in every state, and again, Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs reign supreme—Tennessee and Virginia, however, are very firmly in camp Peeps.

Food and Wine

Tags: Business, Celebration, Entertainment, Finance, Food, List, Purchase, Study

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Gay adult studio Noir Male responds to allegations of “not catering” to the black community 


Last week gay adult performer Jace Zhu stated that he had stopped working for the studio Noir Male (tagline: “Showcases Black Men As They Deserve To Be Seen) because he felt he was “being used to sell a product that doesn’t cater to our community.” A popular gay adult gossip blog followed up on Zhu’s comment by alleging that the studio has a 37-to-30 black-to-white performer ratio, a count that the studio says is inaccurate.

We reached out to Noir Male for comment and they’ve refuted several of the Zhu’s and the gossip blog’s assertions.

In an official statement give to Queerty, Noir Male wrote:

“We were slightly shocked by Jacen’s comments, but respect his personal and professional choices, and wish him the best. We have loved working with him and even tried to get him involved in the creative process when he voiced concerns in the past as to representation; however there was no continued follow through on his end. We always ask performers to come to us with any ideas or concerns; we want this to be a studio that performers are proud of and represent MOC (men of color) in a positive light.”


Tags: Business, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Film, Finance, Porn, Representation, Treatment

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See All the Times Spider-Man's Tom Holland Gave Away Avengers Secrets 


Tom Holland may be in the middle of all The Avengers action but the star forced directors Joe and Anthony Russo to keep him out of the loop after a series of spoilers on Holland’s part.

Holland, 22, has a history of giving away Marvel’s secrets when it comes to several of the studio’s superhero films, albeit accidentally.

He famously revealed there would be two Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels long before the studio had announced the franchise offerings.

Holland was also the first one to share the title of the upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home, showing a photo of the logo on his Instagram account months after Infinity War dropped.


Tags: Actor, Entertainment, Film, Funny, Spoilers

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Gay adult performer quits black studio because it “doesn’t cater to our community” 


Last year, the gay adult studio Icon Male launched a new site named Noir Male whose tagline is “Showcases Black Men As They Deserve To Be Seen.” However, one of its biggest name performers, Jane Zhu, has quit the studio, stating, “We are being used to sell a product that doesn’t cater to our community.”

Before we get into it, any casual observer of gay adult videos knows that the medium generally has a poor and problematic record of handling race and performers of color.

An informal 2015 study of five mainstream studios —, Sean Cody, BelAmi Online, Randy Blue and Helix Studios — found that of each one’s roster of performers only 0.8 to 10% were black (compared to the estimated 12.1% of black men in the general U.S. population).

Black performers are typically used in scenes far less often than white ones, and many scenes in gay adult videos showcase black men as submissive arrestees or hung thugs. Black performers are also siloed into low-production niche sites catering specifically to black men.

That’s why it seemed like such a breath of fresh air when Noir Male appeared, promising some long overdue representation with decent production quality.


Tags: Business, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, Hot Swatch, Porn, Race, Representation, Resignation, Sex

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Two children killed as bouncy castle swept into air by whirlwind 


Two children are dead and another 20 people are injured after a "dust devil" lifted an inflatable playhouse and other debris into the air in central China.

Chinese state media said the incident had taken place at a "scenic spot" in Henan province at about 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.
Shocking videos of the incident were shared widely on Chinese social media, showing a large, colorful, inflatable playhouse being picked up and carried high into the air as dust swirled through the area.


Tags: Chaos, Children, Death, Entertainment, Environment, Injury, Parental Burden, Toys, Tragedy, Weather, World

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Porn is being blocked across all of the UK. Here's why people think it's a terrible idea. 


Some of the world's biggest porn sites are about to go dark in the UK.

The government is going to introduce new a law that will require sites, like PornHub, to introduce effective age verification blocks, making sure people under the age of 18 cannot access them.

The law which has come to be known as the "porn block" was introduced as part of the Digital Economy Act in 2017. Quite when it will be formally rolled out is unclear, with the government denying reports it will be next month.

The regulation has been backed by Britain's largest children's charity the NSPCC, but has also sharply criticised for being poorly-thought-out and potentially damaging to privacy and freedom of speech.

"It would appear the government thought this was a cost-neutral freebie that they could get away with very easily without realising the potential impact it would have on privacy and data security," said Myles Jackman, a UK obscenity lawyer.

Business Insider

Tags: All Rights, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Free Speech, Laws, Porn, Sex, Social Media, Threat, World, Youth

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'Baby Shark' Drag Queen Is Back With a Video to Support LGBTQ Youth 

The drag queen who went viral for her performance of “Baby Shark” by request of a toddler at brunch a couple weekends ago is using her moment to support LGBTQ youth.

Marti Gould Cummings got together with a bunch of New York queens to film their version of an actual “Baby Shark” video for little kiddos.

“The team behind Shade: Queens of NYC and I decided to make a music video for kids with the song and use the video as a way for the grown ups watching to find ways to help LGBTQ youth,” she told NewNowNext, citing the links for the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBTQ Youth and the Hetrick Martin Institute below the video.


Tags: Activism, All Rights, Children, Cute, Drag, Education, Entertainment, LGBTQ, Representation, Support, Tribute, Video Gay Swatch, Youth

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Kids and parents are freaking out over no-gift birthday parties 


For her daughter’s first birthday party at a bright indoor playspace, Melanie Okadigwe asked guests to pass on the piles of presents.

“We just have a lot of stuff,” says the school learning specialist from Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Besides, her daughter Twyla, now 2, “wasn’t playing with a lot of toys” at that point, anyway.

Children’s birthday presents are joining chain restaurants, American cheese and diamond engagement rings on the growing list of millennial casualties. Space-starved moms and dads are saying “thank you, next” to physical gifts, requesting their guests make charitable donations, give money or simply offer nothing at all. These proud, party-pooper parents say it helps them cut down on clutter and keeps their kids grateful for the toys they do have.

NY Post

Tags: Celebration, Children, Choices, Entertainment, Environment, Finance, Mental Health, Parties, Trending

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This History of Gay Bars Is Also a Tale of LGBTQ Liberation 


The new documentary San Diego's Gay Bar History surveys some of the 135 bars that have existed in the city and chronicles the various aspects of the LGBTQ community that have grown within them. Directed and produced by Paul Detwiler, the film has been released on the city's PBS station, KPBS.

The earliest example of a gay bar in San Diego came in the 1957, when straight ally Lou Arko bought the popular lunch club of the 1930's, the Brass Rail, and extended it into a meeting spot for gay people at night.

The post-World War II era heralded the opening of many more bars, catering to the independent men and women who had moved to the bustling port city for military jobs. During this time, when homosexuality was criminalized and it was even against the law for two men to dance together, the bars provided a meeting place for LGBTQ people who were otherwise isolated.


Tags: Celebrity, Club/Bar, Community, Drag, Entertainment, Environment, Film, History, LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation, Sex Identity, Video Gay Swatch

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