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Nyle Dimarco Has Coronavirus Symptoms — This Is Why He Won’t Test 


There’s been a lot of people testing positive for COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus. A whole lot of people. So many that the World Health Organization has deemed it a pandemic. As a result of how rapidly things are spreading, there’s been a bit of a run on testing as there is still a lot of uncertainty around things, and you can be infected without showing symptoms for days, sometimes even weeks. But even though actor Nyle Dimarco has been showing almost all of the symptoms having contracted COVID-19, he refuses to be tested.

“I’ve been really sick and am now on the mend,” the actor wrote in an Instagram post. He also signed the entire message. “It is very possible I contracted coronavirus and I have access to get tested but I do not want to. The reason is because there is a shortage of COVID-19 test kits in the U.S. and the sick patients need it more than I do.”


Prominent 30-year-old Zimbabwe broadcaster dies of coronavirus

Nashom Wooden, Former Drag Star Mona Foot, Has Died

He tweeted about his symptoms and coronavirus diagnosis problems. His husband says he was then put on a ventilator

Gay man who contracted coronavirus at a beach party says it’s ‘the most incredible pain’ he’s ever experienced

New York Jail That Held El Chapo and Jeffrey Epstein Now Has a Coronavirus Case

5 College Students in Florida Test Positive for Coronavirus After Spring Break Celebrations

‘Genuine, warm-hearted’ LGBT+ activist tragically passes away due to coronavirus

Tags: Awareness, Celebrity, Choices, Coronavirus, Death, Environment, Illness, LGBTQ, Prison, Quarantine, Safety, Social Media, Students, World



Teenager found guilty of killing two gay men and a trans woman 


19-year-old Devon Kareem Robinson has been found guilty by a jury of first-degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to murder and felony firearm, and will be sentenced on 13 April.

He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison with possibility of no parole.

The victims, 20-year-olds Paris Cameron and Timothy Blanchard, and 21-year-old Alunte Davis, were shot to death by Robinson on 25 May 2019 at a house party in Detroit, which was attended by approximately 15 people in total.

Prosecutors said their deaths were motivated by their identity and sexual orientation.

Gay Times

The teen killer of three LGBTQ people is convicted & now faces life in prison

Tags: Court, Cowardice, Fear, Hate, Homophobia, Ignorance, Judgment, Misrepresentation, Parental Crime, Prison, Self-hatred, Threat, Violence, Youth



Trans woman Monika Diamond killed after being shot at inside an ambulance 


Trans woman Monika Diamond, 34, has become the fourth trans or gender non-conforming person to be murdered in the United States this year. Monika was killed after a man, identified as Prentice Bess, 32, entered the ambulance she was in and shot her.

Gay Times

Transgender woman, 29, awaiting trial says she was repeatedly raped by two inmates while housed with men in a federal jail

Tags: Arrest, Guns, Men In Charge, Murder, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Sex, Trans, Violence



Catholic priest bubble-wrapped a teen boy for sexual pleasure. He’s going to jail. 


A Catholic priest in Michigan has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for wrapping a teen boy in bubble wrap. Accusers said that the crime was sexual in nature because he would masturbate while they couldn’t move.

Brian Stanley, 57, was arrested last August for a 2013 incident involving a minor in Otsego, Michigan. The boy’s parents wanted Stanley to counsel their son on his addiction issues, calling him a “spiritual adviser” for their son.

But the teen said that Stanley used the counseling sessions to get him into a janitor’s closet at St. Margaret Church and wrap him with bubble wrap and tape, including over his eyes and mouth.

LGBTQ Nation

Former Evansville HC Walter McCarty Accused of Sexual Assault by Student

Man Allegedly Abducts Teen In Daylight, Films Himself Raping Her, Then Tells Her God Will Forgive Him

Priests in defunct Catholic order in Italy accused of sexual abuse

Tags: Abuse, Children, Church, Clergy, Court, Environment, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Prison, Rape, Religion, Safety, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Students, Threat, Violence, World, Youth



Woman Who Posed as a Teenage Boy to Sexually Abuse Young Girls Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison 


A British woman has been sentenced to eight years behind bars after pretending to be a 16-year-old boy in order to groom and sexually assault young girls.

Authorities suspect she groomed as many as 50 young women, The Guardian reported on Friday.

Police first became aware of Watts’ “shocking” dealings with young women in April 2018, when a 14-year-old girl reported that she had been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend Jake Waton — Watts’ alias.

In the investigation that followed, police found two other victims, both under the age of 18, and identified “Jake Waton” to be Watts. Watts used apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Yubo and Instagram to lure girls and “obtain their trust” before meeting them in person “and committing a number of serious sexual offences.”


Tags: Abuse, Judgment, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Minors, Prison, Privilege, Sex, Threat, Violence, World, Youth



Man Gets Prison After Confessing Sex Abuse to LDS Clergy — and Wife Sues Church for Turning Him in 


An Oregon woman claims in a lawsuit that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owes her family millions of dollars after church clergy heard her husband’s private confession to sexual abuse of a minor, and then turned his name over to police for investigation, landing him behind bars for 15 years.

At issue in the lawsuit, which names the Salt Lake City-based church as its sole defendant, is the church’s role in expecting its members to admit their transgressions in order to “get back in favor with the church,” and the members’ expectations that such confessions would be handled internally and kept confidential, Bill Brandt, an attorney for the wife, told The Oregonian.


Tags: ?, Church, Court, Lifestyle, Minors, Prison, Privacy, Punishment, Religion, Sex



“Britain’s most prolific rapist” sexually assaulted nearly 200 unconscious men & filmed it all 


A 36-year-old man named Reynhard Sinaga has been called “Britain’s most prolific rapist” and sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison after being found guilty of raping or sexually assaulting at least 48 young men in Manchester, though its thought that he raped closer to 200 men.

LGBTQ Nation

Michigan man charged in Grindr murder says he ate part of victim after killing, court docs show

Gruesome details emerge in cannibal killer’s cold-blooded slaughter of young gay man

Britain’s ‘Most Prolific Rapist’ Has Been Sentenced to Life in Prison

Tags: Cannabalism, Court, Crime, Drugs, Judgment, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Murder, Prison, Punishment, Sex, Threat, Violence



DOJ report ranks Ohio 'high' for sexual victimization in juvenile detention facilities, despite overall decline 


Ohio is the only state ranked "high" for its rate of sexual victimization in juvenile correctional facilities, according to a Department of Justice report released this week that evaluated data from 2018.

However, the report highlighted the difficulty of obtaining sufficient facility data — only about a third of the 327 facilities surveyed in the study had enough youth interviews to be ranked in the report. The report defined sexual victimization as any forced or coerced sexual acts between young people held in juvenile correctional facilities, or any sexual contact between them and facility staff.

More than 15 percent — or about one in six — of the 140 surveyed youth held in Ohio juvenile correctional facilities reported being forced or coerced into sexual activity with other youths or detention staff in 2018, compared to 7.1 percent nationally.


Ex-HGTV host gets 3 years in prison for molesting daughter’s friend during sleepover

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Celebrity, Children, Environment, Lifestyle, Minors, Prison, Protections, Safety, Sex, Study, Violence, Youth



Magnum slammed for ad comparing eating ice cream to gay men being jailed 


Magnum are facing criticism over their latest advert campaign.

The popular ice cream brand have received backlash after a new advert, which played on music streaming service Spotify in the UK, compared the “guilty pleasure” of eating an ice cream to gay people being imprisoned in countries with anti-LGBTQ laws.

“A hug for my boyfriend. That’s my guilty pleasure. Because in my country, just a simple hug with the man I love could send me to prison for more than 10 years,” says the voiceover in the controversial advert.

Gay Times

Tags: Advertising, Backlash, Business, Gay, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Prison, Representation, Treatment



Mother of boy found in Denver storage unit pleads to abuse 


A mother pleaded guilty Thursday to child abuse resulting in the death of her 7-year-old son whose body was found in a Denver storage unit, in a deal requiring her cooperation with prosecutors who have charged the boy's father with murder.

The plea agreement approved by a judge recommends that Elisha Pankey spend between 16 and 32 years in prison. Prosecutors said she will not be sentenced until after the trial of her husband, Leland Pankey.

Elisha Pankey, 43, did not speak during the brief court appearance aside from answering a judge's questions about her understanding of the agreement.

Previously released court documents revealed she began cooperating with investigators two months after she was charged. The mother told investigators in March that her husband physically abused Caden McWilliams and was not feeding the boy.

ABC News

Mom Charged After Bringing Deceased Daughter to E.R. Had Son Who Choked to Death in April

Tags: Abuse, Children, Death, Family, Hate, Inhumanity, Keep Abortion Legal, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Crime, Parents Don't Always Rule, Plea, Prison, Punishment, Relationships, Threat, Waste, Women In Charge



The Latest: Family of ex-cop convicted of rape "devastated" 


The family of a former Oklahoma City police officer convicted of rape says it's devastated that a court has rejected his appeal.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Thursday upheld the convictions of 32-year-old Daniel Holtzclaw.

A statement from Holtzclaw's sister, Jenny Holtzclaw, said Holtzclaw is also devastated, but strong, and that the family will "pursue every available avenue" to prove his innocence and win his freedom.

Prosecutors accused Holtzclaw of targeting black women and girls while on duty. He was convicted in 2015 on 18 charges involving seven women and a teenage girl. He was sentenced to 263 years in prison.

ABC News

Thorbjorn Olesen Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault, Being Drunk on Plane

Ashley Wagner Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Another Skater

Five Ohio police officers face disciplinary action over Stormy Daniels strip club arrest

Tags: Abuse, Alcohol, Arrest, Celebrity, Court, Environment, Family, Judgment, Lifestyle, Men In Charge, Minors, Police, Politics, Prison, Privilege, Racism, Rape, Sentence, Sex, Sports, Supremacy, Travel, Unruly Child, Violence



NDAs: Millionaire given secrecy order over sex assault claims 


A senior British establishment figure was given anonymity after accusations of sexual harassment and assault in an employment case, it has been reported.

The Times reported that one woman said she was groped at his country house and another that she was sexually assaulted in his private office.

The women signed "gagging orders" in return for large payouts.

It means the man, who denies the claims, cannot be named and his identity was concealed in court papers.

The Times said it had been fighting for a year to be allowed to name the multi-millionaire businessman, who is described by the paper as having extensive connections in British politics and society.


French priest defrocked for abusing Scouts in landmark case

Indonesia’s top court jails woman who reported sexual harassment

Youth group leader, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl several times - as his cars are taken by police for examination

Brooklyn teacher admits to sexually abusing 14-year-old student

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges

An anti-gay church pastor confessed to sexually abusing underage boys

Shocking video captures 'brave' 13-year-old girl fighting off, escaping attempted kidnapping

Tags: ?, Abuse, Attack, Backlash, Business, Child Abuse, Children, Clergy, Court, Employment, Exclusivity, Fighting Back, Hypocrisy, Kidnap, Men In Charge, Prison, Privilege, Punishment, Rape, Safety, Settlement, Sex, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Teacher, Termination, Threat, Trafficking, Victims, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



Oxfam boss accused of covering up a sex scandal in a previous job 'knew the man who quit since they were students together at Oxford', leaked document reveals 


The Oxfam boss accused of covering up a sex scandal at a charity he previously led had known the senior figure who quit over the affair since his ‘student days’ at Oxford, according to a letter leaked to The Mail on Sunday.

Danny Sriskandarajah was director of the Royal Commonwealth Society when the man was allowed to ‘quietly resign’ after being confronted with a secret dossier detailing his encounters with sex workers.

According to a whistleblower, Dr Sriskandarajah helped brush the resignation ‘under the carpet’, raising possible questions about his suitability to lead Oxfam.

Daily Mail

Ex-Rikers inmate who says she was raped by guards gets $1.2M

Man Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old He Met On Dating App Skout

Rhode Island diocese lists Catholic officials 'credibly' accused of sexual abuse

A Cop Is Facing 40 Years in Prison for Allegedly Raping a Homeless 16-Year-Old In Her Tent

Rep. Duncan Hunter’s affairs with congressional staff raise sexual harassment concerns

Tags: $, Abuse, Alleged, App, Charity, Clergy, Complaint, Court, Employment, Exclusivity, Homeless, Investigation, Minors, Police, Politics, Prison, Rape, Religion, Settlement, Sex, Termination, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



Abused Teen Girl — Wife Wanted Him to 'Get It Out of His System' 


A married Pennsylvania couple who were both teachers were convicted of sexually assaulting a female teenage student who came forward in 2018 about her years of abuse.

PEOPLE confirms with prosecutors that on Wednesday, Nick and Ruth Baggetta were convicted of single counts of institutional sexual assault, endangering a welfare of a child, corruption of minor and furnishing alcohol to minors.


Spain women: Top court rules Wolf Pack gang were rapists

Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Sexual Assault by Blogger Claudia Oshry When She Was 16

Tags: Abuse, Alleged, Celebrity, Court, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Judgment, Parental Burden, Prison, Punishment, Relationships, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Treatment, Violence, Woman's Rights



Restaurant owner is accused of KIDNAPPING a black 13-year-old boy at gunpoint and forcing him back to his eatery where the teen had reportedly been causing trouble and threw a bottle 


A Kentucky restaurant owner has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a black teen from a local grocery store and threatened him with a BB gun.

Fabao Chen, 58, was detained on Tuesday at the Double Dragon restaurant on West Broadway after he took the 13-year-old from a nearby Kroger at 27th and Broadway in Louisville.

An arrest report states that at approximately 4.30pm, Chen forcibly snatched the boy from the store against his will. He can be seen surveillance in footage pulling the boy to his restaurant.

Daily Mail

Utah Police Draws Gun On 10-Year-Old Boy Playing In Family’s Yard

Videos show shocking abuse at Ohio jail

Tags: All Rights, Attack, Children, Choices, Crime, Environment, Guns, Hate, Inhumanity, Investigation, Kidnap, Minors, Police, Prison, Protections, Race, Safety, Training, Treatment, Video, Violence, Youth



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