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Kid Who Went Viral for Wanting to Be Mexican Meets Mexico National Soccer Team 


The original video of Zavion was also taken by his mom, where we seem him pouting in his car seat because he’s not Mexican.

When she asks what’s wrong, he says he’s mad because he wants to be Mexican.

"You're Ethiopian. You're African, you're black," she tells him. When she asks why he wants to be Mexican, he yells, "Because I eat quesadillas!"

Kid Who Went Viral for Wanting to Be Mexican

People who think they can change their race

Social media addicts want to change their RACE

Tags: Change, Children, Choices, Cultural, Funny, Race, Science, Sports, Video



While Europeans did engage in some slave raiding, the majority of people who were transported to the Americas were enslaved by other Africans 


The overwhelming majority of slaves sold to Europeans had not been slaves in Africa. They were free people who were captured in war or were victims of banditry or were enslaved as punishment for certain crimes.

Most professional slave traders, however, set up bases along the west African coast where they purchased slaves from Africans in exchange for firearms and other goods. Before the end of the seventeenth century, England, France, Denmark, Holland, and Portugal had all established slave trading posts on the west African coast.

Americas were enslaved by other Africans

Black Lives Matter mutiny

'My Nigerian great-grandfather sold slaves'

9-year-old being sold for marriage to 55-year-old man

More than 96% of modern slavery crime reports do not result in charges

San Francisco’s $5m slavery reparations payment condemned

Child migrants racially abused and threatened with violence

'People are starving'

Slavery was part of God’s plan for America

Handing $350,000 to every black American would be an 'absolute disaster' for the nation

Tags: $, Abuse, Celebrity, Children, Cruelty, Cultural, Environment, Extinction, Food, Greed, History, Hostility, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Politics, Race, Religion, Reparations, Sex, Slavery, Survival, Takeover, Threat, Video, World



I’m Never Going To Let Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Happen On My Watch 


Charles Barkley reflected on his passion for LGBTQ advocacy this week, vowing never “to sit back and let discrimination happen on my watch.”

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, the basketball legend recalled the time he convinced the NBA to move its 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte in response to North Carolina’s passage of House Bill 2.

“I think anytime you’re Black, you’ve got to stand up for other people,” he said. “Black people know what discrimination is like. If you’re in a position of power, you’ve got to always stand up against discrimination. I’ve been blessed.”

I’m Never Going To Let...

When Charles Barkley caught flak from Black community

Tags: Cultural, Interview, LGBTQ, Opinion, Race, Representation, Sports, Support



Ethnic cleansing documented in western Tigray 


A 23-year-old Tigrayan trader told investigators how he was beaten up and left for dead in Rawyan by a patrol of Amhara Special Forces, who said: "We will erase you from this land. This land is ours. This is the last time a Tigrayan will live in the area."

At this time Jamila told how some Amhara militiamen came into her hair salon in the town of Dansha early one morning as she was working. The 27-year-old was raped in front of her children, aged seven and two: "They said: 'You Tigrayans should disappear from the land west of Tekeze.'"

This refers to the River Tekeze, which splits the western zone of Tigray from the rest of the region.

Once in control of western Tigray, interviewees said the new authorities banned the speaking of Tigrinya and put in place policies to push Tigrayans out, distributing leaflets with a 24-hour or 72-hour ultimatum to leave or be killed.

Ethnic cleansing documented in western Tigray

Ukraine war will push up to 47 million people into acute hunger

Elderly Ukrainian woman says she was raped

Ukrainian woman 'is raped by Chechen soldier who slit victim's throat

Pastor Found Guilty Of Treason, Racist Plot

At Least 15 Killed In South Africa Bar Shooting

A toxic chemical found in 21 teens who died in a South Africa tavern

South Africa Islamic condemns homosexuality

Nigerian Activists Denounce Homosexual Death Sentences

70-year-attacked in broad daylight

Tags: Bar/Club, Chemicals, Children, Court, Crime, Cultural, Death, Feminism, Food, Food Shortage, Hate, Judgment, Leaders, LGBTQ, Men In Charge, Murder, Punishment, Race, Rape, Religion, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Starvation, Threat, Video, Violence, War, World



Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: I'm only granting one-on-one interviews to journalists of color 


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Wednesday that she will grant one-on-one interviews to mark the two-year anniversary of her inauguration solely to journalists of color, saying she has been struck by the “overwhelmingly” white press corps in Chicago.

“I ran to break up the status quo that was failing so many,” Lightfoot, who is Black, tweeted, also issuing a detailed letter to City Hall reporters on her decision. “That isn’t just in City Hall. It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American.”

While the move isn’t unprecedented in recent years, it drew fierce scrutiny among the city’s press corps and beyond with members of the media quickly taking Lightfoot to task for her decision.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Why Aren't Media Calling Lori Lightfoot a Racist?

Chicago cops turn their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot at hospital where one officer was being treated and another died after shooting

Black Lives Matter Utah chapter president steps down

Chicago mayor to boost police budget following cop murder

'We're a state of refuge': Governor Newsom to welcome Afghan refugees to California

Lightfoot says city will sue gang members to ‘take their assets’

Cook County breaks 1,000 homicide mark for the first time in 27 years

I have the biggest dick in Chicago'

Lori Lightfoot's book banning tweet lampooned

Tags: Ban, Books, Court, Crime, Cultural, Etiquette, Funding, Investment, It Does Not Compute, Journalism, Leaders, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Neglect, Police, Politics, Preference, Preservation, Race, Rebellion, Rejection, Revolt, Segregation, Violence, Women In Charge, Wrong



Coronavirus hits poor, minority communities harder 


The coronavirus doesn't discriminate, but minorities and low-income families are bearing the brunt.

Why it matters: The impact of the coronavirus is reflecting the racial and socioeconomic disparities of the cities where it’s spreading and the health care system that’s struggling to contain it.

The big picture: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week called the virus “the great equalizer,” because anyone can get it. And while it’s true everyone’s at risk, New York itself is a stark illustration of just how unequal the virus’ toll really is.

The highest concentration of cases in New York City are in neighborhoods in Queens with large immigrant populations and low average incomes, according to city data analyzed by the Wall Street Journal.

And New York is not alone.

By the numbers: Nationwide demographic data aren’t available, and the quality of state and local recordkeeping varies widely. But the clear trend in preliminary data from multiple metro areas is hard to ignore.

The county that contains Charlotte, N.C. is about 33% black, but black residents make up roughly 44% of its coronavirus cases, according to the Charlotte Observer.


Tags: All Rights, Americans, Children, Community, Coronavirus, Death, Environment, Lifestyle, Neglect, Parental Burden, Politics, Population Control, Poverty, Preservation, Privilege, Race, Representation, Sad, Safety, Statistics, Survival, Threat, Tragedy, Treatment, Vulnerable, World



Dismantling the Myth of the “Black Confederate” 


Spend any amount of time talking about slavery on the internet, and you’ll eventually encounter the claim that there were “black Confederates” that fought for the South. “Over the past few decades, claims to the existence of anywhere between 500 and 100,000 black Confederate soldiers, fighting in racially integrated units, have become increasingly common,” writes historian Kevin Levin in his new book, Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth.

“Proponents assert that entire companies and regiments served under Robert E. Lee’s command, as well as in other theaters of war.” Look, believers say (directly or subtextually): The Confederacy can’t have been so bad for black people. Otherwise, why would they have defended it?

Levin’s book explains how this myth came about—while neatly dismantling it. We spoke recently about actual Confederates’ perspectives on black soldiers; why former “body servants” attended Confederate reunions during Jim Crow; and how the World Wide Web gave this story legs.


Tags: Book, History, Race, War, Writing



Man claims discrimination in lawsuit filed over breakfast 


A North Carolina man has filed a handwritten lawsuit against a fast food chain, saying he was discriminated against because he had too few hash browns with his breakfast order.

ABC News

Tags: Court, Discrimination, Environmentalist, Food, New World Order, Race, Treatment, Weird



Gay man shot by twink he met on Facebook  


In Detroit's third serious anti-LGBT assault since July, a gay man was shot and nearly killed after a teen lured him to quiet meeting spot.

The 19-year-old shooter, Kaleel Williams, is currently in police custody and has been charged with assault with intent to murder. According to local news station WXYZ, police say Williams met his gay victim on Facebook in late August, then invited him to meet in person.

When the victim showed up at the corner of Appoline and Grove in a quiet residential area of Detroit's west side, he reportedly noticed that the guy he was there to meet was wearing white latex gloves on his hands. Police say the LGBT victim became alarmed immediately and started to back away. Then Williams pulled out a gun and began shooting while yelling homophobic slurs.

The victim was hit by two bullets as he ran away, and collapsed in the street—where a neighbor called 911.

Daily Dot

Tags: Abuse, Crime, Fear, Hate, Homophobia, Mental Health, Parenting, Political, Race, Sex, Threat, Toxic, Violence, Youth



Gay Toronto cop writes open letter to Pride after Black Lives Matter protestors called for police 


A gay Toronto cop has written an open letter to Pride Toronto after Black Lives Matter were successful in getting organizers to agree to future police ban.

BML protestors blocked the parade from continuing midway during Saturday’s event, and it ended with executive director Mathieu Chantelois signing a document agreeing to their demands.

He later said his signature was not binding on Pride.

Many Pride parades around the world, including in San Francisco, London and
New York City, saw an increased police presence due to the shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people and injured 53.

Black Lives Matter protestors said the ban on police floats, booths and uniforms was because their presence can make some – including members of the black and trans community – feel unsafe. And their involvement in Pride does not erase decades of police brutality, according to leader Janaya Khan.

But cop Chuck Krangle, who is gay, has written a heartfelt message that said he hopes he will not be banned from participating in Pride.

Gay Star News

Tags: Celebration, Entertainment, Gay Rights, Ignorance, Inclusion, Lifestyle, Opinion, Out, Police, Political, Protest, Race, Support



Declaring independence from #BLM as group shuts down gay pride parade 

The “we are more important than you” demands of Black Lives Matter has gone global as activists shut down Canada’s largest gay pride parade on Sunday. Demands of the BLM group including more funding to the group (see item 3 below), the hiring of BLM members to the Toronto Pride organization and the exclusion of Toronto police, which is openly accepting of gay police offers, from future events.

The group was invited to march in the annual gay-rights parade, but still felt they needed to “shut it down”, starting the chant about two-thirds into the route, lighting several flares and presenting their demands..

The parade didn’t re-start until Mathieu Chantelois, organizer of the parade and executive director of Pride Toronto, signed off on BLM’s demands that included excluding police floats in future parades despite police support for the parade and allowing a more prominent representation of LBGQT people of color.


Tags: Abuse, Celebration, Discrimination, Entertainment, Hypocrisy, Political, Race, Shame, Threat, Toxic



Orlando Massacre: ‘Ashamed’ Father Reportedly Refused to Claim Gay Son’s Body 

Nearly 90 percent of the people killed in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history were of Hispanic descent.

The Puerto Rican community was hit especially hard: almost half of all Pulse casualties — 23 of them — were from the island.

But for one young latin man, the sad reality of homophobia reportedly made the circumstances surrounding his death even more appalling.

Local news blog The Orlando Latino reported that a father refused to claim his son’s body because the son was gay, and the father was ashamed. “The tale is part of the untold stories of the Latino victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre,” the blog wrote.

As heartbreaking as it sounds, the episode illustrates how the stigma of being gay is still very alive in the socially conservative island. Among Puerto Rican residents ages 35 and older, only 26 percent of the population favored the legalization of same-sex marriage, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center poll.


Tags: Fear, Guilt, Hate, Heartbreak, Idiocy, Ignorance, Parenting, Political, Race, Religion, Shame, Toxic, Tragedy