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This History of Gay Bars Is Also a Tale of LGBTQ Liberation 


The new documentary San Diego's Gay Bar History surveys some of the 135 bars that have existed in the city and chronicles the various aspects of the LGBTQ community that have grown within them. Directed and produced by Paul Detwiler, the film has been released on the city's PBS station, KPBS.

The earliest example of a gay bar in San Diego came in the 1957, when straight ally Lou Arko bought the popular lunch club of the 1930's, the Brass Rail, and extended it into a meeting spot for gay people at night.

The post-World War II era heralded the opening of many more bars, catering to the independent men and women who had moved to the bustling port city for military jobs. During this time, when homosexuality was criminalized and it was even against the law for two men to dance together, the bars provided a meeting place for LGBTQ people who were otherwise isolated.


Tags: Celebrity, Club/Bar, Community, Drag, Entertainment, Environment, Film, History, LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation, Sex Identity, Video Gay Swatch



Are YOUR children at risk? Child abuse charity reveals the five simple questions EVERY parent needs to ask before signing up youngsters to after-school activities 


A national charity is urging parents to ask five simple questions to make sure their children are safe when they attend out-of-school clubs.

Thousands of parents across the country use after-school and holiday clubs to help with childcare, but many do not realise these groups can be unregulated.

Now, Derby-based charity NWG Network, which supports survivors of child sex abuse, has started a campaign to get parents and clubs talking openly about safeguarding.

Daily Mail

Prosecutor: Exam of 'Ravenously Hungry' Children Reveals Disturbing Child Abuse Case

Defrocked Jersey priest who molested boys now teaches kids English in Dominican Republic

West Virginia man convicted in baby's death, sex abuse

Man Sentenced to Life After Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child

Machelle Hobson: YouTube Star, 48, Arrested & Accused Of Abusing Her Adoptive Children

Daughter of 90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Molestation

Michigan woman who 'turned a blind eye to her husband raping two teenage female relatives' he was supposed to be caring for accepts plea deal meaning she'll only get a maximum of ONE YEAR in jail

Tags: Abuse, Arrest, Child Abuse, Children, Death, Education, Employment, Environment, Inspired, Instructional, Opinion, Parental Crime, Parenting, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Religion, Safety, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Violence, World, Youth



Woman Gives Suspect Black Eye While Fighting Him Off During Alleged Sexual Assault Attempt 


A teen who allegedly tried to physically and sexually assault a woman on St. Patrick’s Day got a prominent shiner after the woman fought back.

The woman was standing outside El Reventon Sports Bar & Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida when she was approached by 18-year-old Henrry Gonzalez-Thomas, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel. He allegedly solicited her for sex.

“The victim repeatedly told the defendant that she was not a prostitute and attempted to walk around the defendant to approach the nightclub,” a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest report states, according to the Sun-Sentinel.


Tags: Abuse, Environment, Fear, Hostility, Mama Wrecks!, Mental Health, Privilege, Reckless, Respect, Safety, Sex, Threat, Treatment, Victims, Violence, Woman's Rights





The owner of a construction companies in California was convicted of committing forced labor, according to a Monday press release from the United States Attorney's Office from the Northern District of California.

Job Torres Hernandez, 38, was convicted on one count of "forced labor" and one count of "harboring illegal aliens for commercial advantage or private financial gain," according to the press release.

Job Torres recruited workers from Mexico, who he forced to live in poor conditions and did not pay, the statement said. Undocumented immigrants, identified in court documents by their initials, testified at trial about the conditions. They said they were forced to work 24-hour shifts, lived in a commercial warehouse and a garage in Hayward and were restricted in using bathrooms and showers.

A superseding indictment, filed in December, said Hernandez obtained the labor of his employees by "physical restraint and threats of force, threats of serious harm, means of abuse and threatened abuse of law and legal process and means of a scheme, plan and pattern intended to cause his employees to believe that if they did not perform such labor or services, they would suffer serious harm."


Tags: Crime, Employment, Environment, Finance, Immigrants, Inhumanity, Justice, Prison, Slave Labor, Slavery, Supremacy



Hate Endures in America, and With It Our Effort to Document the Damage 


Since the start of 2019, in places across the United States, there have been no fewer than five killings in which victims’ race, ethnicity or national origin appears to have been a factor.

Arthur Martunovich allegedly walked into a Chinese restaurant in New York City in January and killed three men with a hammer. Police said he later explained his motive: “Chinese men are awful.”

On Feb. 23, José Muñoz, 25, was shot and killed in the lobby of an Olive Garden in Louisville, Kentucky. The suspect in the killing allegedly used racial slurs when a child in Muñoz’s party at the restaurant bumped into him twice. Muñoz’s family insists he was targeted because of his ethnicity as a Mexican immigrant.

On March 6, scores of mourners gathered on the campus of Indiana University to protest the killing of Mustafa Ayoubi, a 32-year-old graduate of the school.

He’d been shot and killed in February in Indianapolis, following a road rage incident. Witnesses told police the suspect yelled slurs about Islam and told Ayoubi to “go back to your country.”


Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists

Tags: All Rights, Crime, Death, Environment, Hate, Justice, Laws, Protections, Study, Supremacy, Terror, Threat, Violence



'Horrible attack': Catholic priest stabbed during live-streamed church service in Canada as stunned parishioners look on 


A Catholic priest was stabbed while celebrating Mass in Montreal Friday morning as stunned parishioners looked on, according to officials and video footage.

The horrifying incident, which authorities said was not terror-related, unfolded just before 9 a.m. at the historic St. Joseph's Oratory, leaving Father Claude Grou, 77, with lacerations to his upper body., according to Montreal police spokeswoman Caroline Chevrefils. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition, according to the Montreal Diocese.

ABC News

Tags: All Rights, Attack Alert, Church, Crime, Environment, Fear, Hostility, Threat, Video, Violence, Weapon



Judge sends teen's locker-room rape case to juvenile court 


A judge has ruled that a 15-year-old accused of instigating the rape of fellow members of his Maryland high school football team will be tried as a juvenile.

NBC Washington reported Thursday that the teen is one of five boys charged with rape last fall. He is also the last of four teens whose case has been moved from adult court to juvenile court.

ABC News

Catholic priest accused of groping woman during last rites

About 390 Catholic priests, 6 nuns in Ill. named as alleged sexual abusers on massive list

Arizona healthcare worker charged with sexually assaulting sedated patient

Tags: Children, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Judgement, Medical, Punishment, Rape, Religion, Seniors, Service, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Violence, Woman's Rights, Youth



This man has been harassing his gay & lesbian neighbors for years. Now he’s being held accountable. 


A San Francisco man accused of violently harassing at least three gay and lesbian people is facing several charges – including hate crimes charges – in court.

Benjamin Waters, 58, has been accused multiple times of shouting anti-gay slurs at neighbors and even attacking them.

He is now facing charges of battery, vandalism under $400, multiple counts of violating a restraining order, illegally possessing a firearm, and hate crimes enhancements.

LGBTQ Nation

Simply 9 brilliant responses to parents complaining about LGBT lessons in schools

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Children, Choices, Education, Environment, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Fighting Back, Harassment, Hate, Justice, LGBTQ, Privilege, Social Media, Violence



Fewer Americans Think LGBT People Face Discrimination 


Over the past decade, the gay rights movement has had a lot to celebrate. Within a single generation, a politically divided country appeared to reach a consensus in support of same-sex marriage and acceptance of gay and lesbian people. Today, two-thirds of Americans support allowing gay and lesbian people to marry, nearly the mirror opposite of where things stood in 1996, the first year Gallup polled on the question.

But the rapid rise in support and the corresponding changes in American culture have led to a growing disconnect between public perceptions and the actual experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the U.S.

Perceptions of discrimination against gay and lesbian people have plummeted over the past few years, particularly among young people. Only 55 percent of Americans believe that gay and lesbian people face a lot of discrimination in the U.S., down from 68 percent in 2013. Among young adults, historically some of the strongest supporters of gay rights, perceptions of discrimination against gay and lesbian people dropped by 16 points. What’s more, a Pew Research Center study suggests that Americans surveyed by phone may be overstating the extent to which they believe gay and lesbian people face discrimination. A 2014 report found that Americans were 14 points less likely to say gays and lesbians experience a lot of discrimination when responding to an online survey than when a pollster called them.

Five Thirty Eight

“Stand up for equality”: Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds calls on religious leaders to condemn conversion therapy

Google resists pressure to pull LGBT

Christian mother under fire for saying being gay is a 'choice' on live TV

Boxer Adrien Broner threatens to 'shoot gay people in the face' on Instagram

Top Tennessee Dem Sorry for Telling LGBTQ People Not to Run for Office

West Va. Pol: Drown Gay Kids? No, I Was Quoting Mel Gibson Movie

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Americans, Apology, Backlash, Celebrity, Conversion Therapy, Environment, Harassment, Homophobia, Inciting Violence, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Politics, Racism, Religion, Respect, Social Media, Study, Support



Senior safety in focus in wake of Palm Springs home invasion and sexual assault 


"It is a concern, it is my age bracket, it is a very serious matter," said Frobish.

86-year-old Chuck Miller of Yucca Valley says Monday's incident should serve as a "wake up call".

"My reaction is seniors hopefully will be more alert and more astute to their surroundings," said Miller.

The Palm Springs Police Department revealed some details of the crime during a press conference Tuesday.


Tags: Aging, Attack Alert, Crime, Environment, Fear, Injury, Invasion, Protections, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Video, Violence



West Virginia accuses Catholic diocese and former bishops of sex abuse cover-up in unusual consumer protection lawsuit 


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey sued the Catholic diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and its former bishop Michael J. Bransfield on Tuesday, charging that they “knowingly employed pedophiles and failed to conduct adequate background checks” for people working in Catholic schools and camps, a news release from Morrisey’s office says.

The lawsuit, the latest dramatic civil action against the American church in the past year, alleges violations of the state’s consumer protection laws. It accuses the diocese of advertising safe environments for children while at the same time, the complaint says, choosing “to cover up and conceal arguably criminal behavior of child sexual abuse.”

Washington Post

Tags: Abuse, Children, Church, Court, Employment, Environment, Investigation, Pederasty, Perception, Safety, Sex, Victims, Violence, Youth



Lesbians are also being killed in Chechnya and 'no-one seems to care' 


A lesbian who escaped the ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya has bravely shared her story, even though it could get her killed.

The woman – who remains anonymous for her safety – shared the horrors of growing up LGBTI in Chechnya and how she wasn’t even safe from her own family.

In early 2017 the world started learning how Chechnya – a region in the north Caucasus of Russia – had started rounding up, detaining, torturing and executing men because of their real or perceived sexual identity.

But in 2018 Chechen authorities turned their sights onto lesbians and trans people.

‘In two years, we were approached by 37 girls who position themselves as lesbians, and two transgender women from the republics of the North Caucasus,’ said Igor Kochetkov, head of the Russian LGBTI Network.

‘Also in 2018, we began to receive reports of girls being detained by the police on suspicion of homosexuality. According to reports from Chechnya, there are girls among those detained in December to January.’

Chechen authorities denied the claims, saying gay people don’t exist in Chechnya.

Gay Star News

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Environment, Exclusivity, Govt, Homophobia, Lesbian, Politics, Privilege, Protections, Punishment, Safety, Treatment, Violence, Woman's Rights, World



Malaysian politician calls LGBT population 'dirty and smelly' 


A Malaysian politician in parliament on Monday (18 March) described LGBT ‘phenomenon’ as ‘unnatural lust’ that ‘should never be accepted’.

Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali demanded to know what the government was doing to ‘curb LGBT practices’ after the Women’s March earlier this month included demands for LGBTI rights.

He also blamed LGBTI for rising HIV infections in the country.

‘This is unnatural lust and should never be accepted’ he said of the LGBTI community.

‘We want to know the actions taken by the government to curb LGBT practices’.

‘I liken it to building a house’ the politician said.

‘We make a door at the front, we make sure the door is beautiful, we paint it, carve it and spray it with air freshener.’

‘Why would we then want to go through the back door? The back door is dirty, it is not appropriate and smelly’.

Gay Star News

The Color Purple star: 'I do not believe homosexuality is right'

Tags: Actor, All Rights, Environment, Hate, Ignorance, Leaders, LGBTQ, Politics, Religion, Social Media, Supremacy, World



How the politics of racial resentment is killing white people 


Why do many working-class white Americans support politicians whose policies are literally killing them?

This is the question sociologist and psychiatrist Jonathan Metzl tries to answer in his new book, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland. The book is a serious look at how cultural attitudes associated with “whiteness” encourage white people to adopt political views — like opposition to gun laws or the Affordable Care Act — that undercut their own health.

The book is not about racism at the individual level, though you can certainly read that into it. For Metzl, the key question is how did a politics of racial resentment become so powerful that it overwhelmed even the basic instinct for self-preservation? To get answers, he spent years talking to voters in Southern and Midwestern states, asking them to explain their political choices. The answers aren’t terribly satisfying, but they are instructive.

I spoke to Metzl about what he learned and what he thinks we can do to solve this problem. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.


Tags: Americans, Book, Environment, Fighting Back, Govt, History, Interview, Lifestyle, Policy, Politics, Privilege, Reckless, Self-hatred, Study, Writing



Police investigating after video shows officer punching woman at St. Patrick's Day 'riot' 


Police are investigating after a posted video showed an officer punching a young woman in the face while responding to an incident at a St. Patrick's Day party in Chester, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

Authorities were called to the scene of the party "for what was described to them as a riot" and found a group of people fighting in the street, police said.

A group of people attempted to go into the house and then tried to kick down the door when they were turned away, Chester police said.

NBC News

Tags: Employment, Environment, Fear, Lifestyle, Police, Violence, Woman's Rights



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