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I asked my mother why she didn't gloat to her senior compatriots about her son having served the President and she said never. They would kill her while doing the laundry. (Give me a break. She's in Florida surrounded by Cubans.) 01-Sep-2020

Tags: Celebrity, Environment, Mother




Laugh bitches, we're all gonna die soon. 18-Aug-2020

Tags: Environment, Life, Nobody Cares




I destroyed a privileged housewife's party by suggesting a truth game. The couples wrote down questions they wanted to ask each other to become better acquainted. The hostess with the mostest agreed to it, accepted the handwritten questions and unbeknownst to us, burnt them in the fire pit. The group kept wondering when we were going to play but a friend suggested that it was over. She burnt the questions because she found them offensive and didn't want her husband answering them. The truth does not, a happy marriage make. Party down. 29-Apr-2020

Tags: Environment, Hostility




White savior narrative in film

This is the time for our brothers and sisters (of equality or not) to stand together and help however we can. Because I want the future Hollywood film to celebrate how not only we managed to protect ourselves but how we saved others. It's time to stop whining about a punishment that my generation and beyond suffered and move forward and trust people again. Go out there and prove you're equal! 06-Apr-2020

Tags: Community, Empowerment, Environment, Equality, Future, God's Plan, Humanity, Let's Get Over It, LGBT, Life Is Too Short, Race, Respect, Responsibility, Sacrifice, Saving The Environment!, Success, Survival, Treatment, Unity, World Peace




Isaiah 51:6
"Lift up your eyes to the sky, Then look to the earth beneath; For the sky will vanish like smoke, And the earth will wear out like a garment And its inhabitants will die in like manner; But My salvation will be forever, And My righteousness will not wane."

We pray to God to protect us from this dark period that he obviously set upon us for enlightenment.

We plunder the earth with our giant feet pounding the globe and disrespecting its culture and resources and expect nothing bad to happen.

We drop babies like missiles because we think we can and because idiots in the media keep telling us what miracles they are.

We carry human trash on our shoulders in celebration, absolving them and their followers of all atrocities committed. (see Tiger dick)

We terraform the earth, turning homes into hideous forests generating mousetraps for environmental revenge so we can blame it on someone else. (see Trump)

We make excuses and invent cute baby phrases to legitimize rampant sex. (see pansexual)

I love animals but the delusion that they have priority over man is not God's plan and should never take precedence over us.

Parents no longer parent, dispatching mentally undeveloped, selfish and sour adults into the world. These beings are sensitive to almost every word in the dictionary and inherited no balls to save a planet.

Post pandemic will originate a race war that will grant true supremacy to its victor and I don't think we're in the running. 03-Apr-2020

Tags: Environment




"I felt more freedom when I was a baby." 26-Feb-2020

Tags: Environment, Future, Hate, Hope, Hostility, Humanity, Hypocrisy, Life, Mental Health, Representation, Respect, Responsibility, Segregation, Treatment, Violence




It's a pity the message didn't get here sooner. (Blasted e-mails from our past.) 16-Jan-2020
I spent a lifetime trying to understand and complement my life with others. While cruising through the last of my hurrahs, I realized that it's only ours that really matters. 16-Jan-2020

Tags: Aging, Environment, Life




After the 136th failed and waste of attempt to establish a LTR with a man, my mother exclaimed that it doesn't seem boy on boy relationships work. After more than 30 years of fighting it, I gave up and concurred. Every gay man wants one, few achieve it and many of us have no fucking idea how to score it. Sometimes I feel our legacy is just loving puppies and swallowing dick. 14-Jan-2020

Tags: Disappointment, Environment, Gay, Men, Mother, Sex, Stereotype




I am sorry I didn't partake of all the depraved things I was invited to. I'd be immune like everyone else. 30-Dec-2019

Tags: Environment, Gay, Life, NSFW



If God Is A Woman...  

why didn't she turn the wine white? 01-Dec-2019
in what century did the sex change occur? 01-Dec-2019
why didn't she punish the snake? 01-Dec-2019
why'd she let Eve eat that fucking apple? 01-Dec-2019
why'd she let Satan get away? A woman would have killed him. Is he her ex? 01-Dec-2019
why so homophobic? (Never mind, it's the only one that makes sense) 01-Dec-2019
why the favoritism towards white cis men? 01-Dec-2019
why did she let man enslave her? 01-Dec-2019
why didn't she give herself a preferred orgasm? 01-Dec-2019
why is she so self-loathing? 01-Dec-2019
why is she so quiet? 01-Dec-2019

Tags: Environment




I miss having depressed friends I can share feelings with. They would invigorate my mental health to allow me to fight another day. Laying out our depression was considered cool in my gay day but today, it's a "Debbie Downer Syndrome" to avoid. We are spastic, trying not to hurt anyone's sensitive feelings whilst trumpeting tired cliches that are supposed to uplift. We don't dive deep for fear of drowning . "DDS" isn't about the headline propaganda we all sputter but how she fits in the world. We are too busy in the world to look at our friends, to be mindful of signals and to notice we've been programmed. We have become the robots we couldn't create. We all want to think we are making a difference but not acknowledging that "DD" is screaming for help is not going to certify the campaign for a better world.

Suicidal people don't want to die but society never shuts their blowhard long enough to let anyone think. 20-Nov-2019

Tags: Environment, World




We are getting very close to becoming the burp nation. 04-Nov-2019

Tags: Americans, Assholes, Bullying, Confusion, Environment, Hope, Humanity, Mental Health, Politics, Quackery, Respect, Responsibility, Society, Stereotype, Treatment, World Peace




I think that they think that when we ask them for acceptance, we are asking them to be hypocrites.

It indicates it's not resolvable. 30-Jul-2019

Tags: Environment, Family, Gay, Politics, Religion, Treatment




The only thing we are successfully cleansing is social media. Who's going to talk for the environment? 14-Jul-2019

Tags: Confusion, Environment




I spent a lifetime changing to accommodate others, yet they all remain the same. 06-Jun-2019

Tags: Environment, Hypocrisy, Life, Relationships, Society



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