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Tags: Celebrity, Gif, New World Order, Parody, Youth



NYPD cop resigns after he is charged with sexually abusing 11-year-old girl 


An NYPD cop accused of masturbating in front of a 10-year-old girl resigned on Monday after another arrest — this one for allegedly sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl, police and sources said.

Shaun Frazier, 40, who had been suspended without pay following his Sept. 2019 arrest, was caught in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday and extradited to New York on Monday, police sources said.

He was charged in Brooklyn with criminal sexual act, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

Frazier’s newest charges were brought following an internal affairs investigation and are alleged to have occured in 2017.

The alleged victim in that case is a family friend who was 11 at the time, sources said.

NYPD cop resigns after he is charged with sexually abusing 11-year-old girl

California man fatally stomped on girlfriend’s 3-year-old son: cops

Man Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend’s Blind, Disabled 5-Year-Old To Death While She Was At The Hospital Giving Birth

Ex-Texas teacher gets 20 years for sexually assaulting teen couple

Florida Mom Accused Of Abandoning 3-Month-Old With Family Of Her Ex's New Girlfriend

N.Y. Attorney General Sues Buffalo Catholic Diocese over Sexual Abuse Cover Up

Terrifying moment man tries to rape 14-year-old girl in hallway of Brooklyn cardiologist's office

Houston father, 34, is jailed for 30 years for torturing his wife for three days in front of their three children - including attacking the woman with his steel-toed boots, flashlight, box cutter and vinyl jump rope

Tampa Bay Rays star Randy Arozarena is arrested in Mexico after 'getting into a physical altercation with the mother and grandfather of his daughter'

Tags: Arrest, Children, Choices, Court, Cultural, Disabled, Environment, Etiquette, Hate, Horny, Inhumanity, Lifestyle, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Police, Priorities, Rejection, Religion, Safety, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Sports, Stereotype, Teacher, Threat, Unemployment, Video, World, Youth



Two people are dead and multiple others seriously wounded after stabbing spree at Baptist church in San Jose 


Two people have reportedly died and multiple others are seriously wounded following a mass stabbing at a California Baptist church on Sunday night.

The San Jose Police Department tweeted just after 8:40pm local time that officers had responded to a series stabbings at Grace Baptist Church, located on the 400 block of E San Fernando Street.

They followed up the message just under an hour later at 9:30pm, with a post confirming 'multiple stabbing victims' had been discovered at the scene, some of whom had suffered 'life threatening injuries.'

Two people are dead and multiple others seriously wounded after stabbing spree at Baptist church in San Jose

48 hours in de Blasio's NYC: Six people are gunned down in Brooklyn, man is shot dead point-blank in Harlem and ANOTHER commuter is shoved onto subway tracks as city violence spirals out of control

LA reports 300 homicides for the first time in a DECADE as cops blame the coronavirus lockdown and cuts to the police

Ex-NYC detective says surge in violent crime in city is down to BLM-inspired unrest and the $1bn cut from the NYPD - NOT school and business closures due to COVID as Mayor de Blasio claims

12-year-old Philadelphia boy fatally shot while answering front door

Tags: Attack, Children, Church, Crime, Environment, Evolving, Injury, Lifestyle, Murder, No Law, No more Heroes, No One Cares, No Protection, Racial Tension, Religion, Surge, Theft, Threat, Violence, Youth



Parents Who Locked Adopted Son In Basement For 23 Hours A Day And Starved Him Sentenced 


“They told me I was a bad child,” Ethan told the court, according to “They told me no one loved me or would ever love me.”

In November 2016, when he was 14, Kelly was brought to a local hospital by his parents. He was malnourished, unable to talk, drooling, had tremors, and Richard Kelly had used duct tape to cover a wound on his knee, police said.

“There was a chance Ethan would not make it,” medical staff told detectives, reported. The teenager reportedly weighed 55 pounds at the time.

"It all changed when I saw Ethan’s bedroom,'' Det. Sean Boczar said in court. “I had to second-guess myself that someone was actually living in that room.”

Ethan’s bathroom trips were monitored, investigators said. Sometimes he was forced to use a litterbox, and other times was provided with diapers, they added.

From age 11 until his removal from the home, Ethan Kelly spent up to 23 hours a day imprisoned in the tiny room.

“I cried every night and prayed for Jesus to end it all,” he said in court, WBMA-LD reported. “I’m not who I used to be. I’m not even who I was supposed to be. I lived the story of Cinderella with no happy ending.”

Parents Who Locked Adopted Son In Basement For 23 Hours A Day And Starved Him Sentenced

Tags: Adoption, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Hate, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Injury, Keep Abortion Legal, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Threat, Women In Charge, Youth



Christian girl, 14, is being threatened by Islamist death squads in Pakistan for fleeing forced marriage to Muslim man, 45 - as thousands sign petition to give her asylum 


Campaigners are urging Boris Johnson to offer asylum to a 14-year-old Christian girl being hunted by Islamist death squads in Pakistan after fleeing her forced marriage to a Muslim man 30 years her senior.

Catholic altar server Maira Shahbaz, who was abducted at gunpoint and gang-raped before her wedding, is in hiding after being accused of apostasy for breaking off the marriage – an offence punishable by death in Islam.

More than 9,000 people have signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to grant the teenager and her family asylum in Britain to save her from ‘certain death’. Her supporters cite parallels with the case of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian who was hounded by Islamic vigilantes on her release from prison after bogus blasphemy charges.

Christian girl, 14, is being threatened by Islamist death squads

Tags: Children, Crime, Cruelty, Cultural, Enforcement, Hate, Horny, Hostility, Humiliation, Inhumanity, Injury, Marriage, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Pederasty, Rape, Religion, Sex, Slavery, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



Gunman shoots and injures multiple people at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska after a U-Haul filled with fireworks exploded in the drive-thru 


Multiple people have been injured and one person has been arrested following an active shooting and explosion at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska as flames engulfed a vehicle outside.

In a media briefing Sgt. Andy Jashinske with Bellevue Police said the bomb squad is at the scene as of 12.30am Sunday and checking for more potential devices after the blast inside a U-Haul outside the eatery.

'There was a truck with some fireworks or some type of device,' he said.

Gunman shoots and injures multiple people

Tags: Arson, Attack, Business, Crime, Destruction, Environment, Hate, Investigation, Restaurant, Safety, Violence, Youth



A British teenager jailed for belonging to a far-right, neo-Nazi terrorist group that plotted to wage a “holy war” against Black people, Jews and the LGBT+ community and Jewish people had his sentence halved Friday 


Scothern, a member of its Midland Chapter, was handed an 18-month sentence at a young offenders institution at Birmingham Crown Court earlier this year.

But his lawyers have successfully argued that he should not have received the adult term for a crime committed as a youth, the Nottinghamshire Post reported. To not do so, they said, “was not only wrong in principle but was also unlawful.”

Justice Jeremy Baker withdrew the original sentence, swapping it for a nine-month stint in a young offenders institution.

He nevertheless expressed “scepticism” at Scothern’s claim that he had begun to lose interest prior to National Action being proscribed by the Terrorism Act 2000 in 2016.

A British teenager jailed for belonging to a far-right

Tags: Arrest, Court, Judgment, Supremacy, Treatment, World, Youth



Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet 


In Greensboro, N.C., the violence has gotten so extreme that a shootout erupted in front of the county courthouse the other day, across the street from the sheriff’s office, leaving a 20-year-old man dead. Greensboro set a city record with 45 homicides last year, and, as of Friday, already had 54 this year.

“We’ve always had a level of gang activity,” Greensboro Police Chief Brian James said in an interview, “but it’s more prolific now. I’m not sure what’s changed, but the offenders are more bold than they’ve ever been.”

Some police commanders say the twin impacts of the coronavirus and civil uprisings against police violence caused them to redirect their officers away from proactive anti-crime programs, whether due to virus-related budget cuts or strategic redeployment of forces to handle the unrest. Other officials point to job loss and other stresses of the pandemic as fueling tension and leading to violence. And with many schools shuttered, police say, many areas have seen a rise in violence involving juveniles.

“We haven’t seen numbers like this since the ’90s,” said PERF Executive Director Chuck Wexler. “We’ve had 20 years of steady declines in crime. Is this just an aberration, or does this portend something for the future? This has been under the radar because of the pandemic, but something’s happening across the country in the most serious crimes. The next administration, they’re going to have to pay serious attention to this.”

Just sitting idle, and like my grandmother used to say, ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.’ We’re seeing people dying of silliness, for no reason. A year ago, we weren’t seeing that.”

Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet

Children mimic street brutality in the playgrounds of Belarus

Tags: Chaos, Children, Choices, Crime, Cultural, Enforcement, Exploitation, Hate, Murder, Neglect, No Law, No more Heroes, No One Cares, Parental Crime, Police, Politics, Priorities, Racial Tension, Reckless, Revenge, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Statistics, Surge, Unruly Child, World, Worship, Youth



'REIMAGINE JUSTICE' BLM calls on Biden and Dems to back bill that could lead to prisons being ABOLISHED dubbed ‘love letter to black people’ 


The proposed bill – titled the Breathe Act – is described by Cullors as a "legislative love letter to Black people" in the op-ed.

She explained: "Practically speaking, the BREATHE Act is a landmark civil rights bill.

"It takes bold, progressive steps to build public safety systems that work for all of us, no matter what community we come from."

The legislation will provide organizations with "funds to create public safety systems uniquely tailored to their community’s needs and incentivize states to decarcerate and defund."

'REIMAGINE JUSTICE' BLM calls on Biden and Dems to back bill that could lead to prisons being ABOLISHED dubbed ‘love letter to black people’

NYPD police union chief says commuters have to defend themselves because city is doing nothing to stop violent thugs as woman who was shoved onto a subway track and run over by a train is identified

AG Barr schedules three more federal lethal injections before the Trump Administration leaves office - including a father who molested and murdered his daughter, 2, and a crack dealer who killed seven

‘Whites only’ graduation party in South Africa sparks mass protests

Tags: Activism, BLM, Cancellation, Crime, Cultural, Fail, Hate, Idiocy, Interference, No One Cares, Politics, Protest, Stunt, Termination, Terror, Torture, Violence, Why, Youth





I’m a gay male who has fallen in love with my best friend, who is straight. After months of feeling dishonest in our friendship, I told him how I felt. At first he seemed OK with it. He told me he couldn’t reciprocate those feelings, but he still loved me as his friend and asked me not to make it “weird.”

A month later, he said if I can’t find a way to fall out of love with him, we could no longer be friends. I didn’t change anything about my relationship with him. I maintained the status quo, and he seemed good with it. I don’t know what to do.

I am extremely sad because I don’t want to lose my best friend. We had a great relationship, which is why I thought he would appreciate my honesty and we could work through the issue. What’s your advice? — TURNED DOWN IN TENNESSEE


Tags: Advice, Choices, Coming Out, Denied, Desperation, Disband, Emotional, Get Over It, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Sex, Stereotype, Youth



Two boys describe how they were abducted by men then tortured for ten hours, raped and buried alive in a Swedish cemetery looking like they’d 'showered in blood' before finally escaping 


Two boys who claim to have been kidnapped, beaten, raped and buried alive in a ten-hour ordeal have given their terrifying account of the attack to Swedish police.

The pair described a night of terror that unfolded in a cemetery in the Solna region, north of Stockholm, on August 22 - beginning with an offer of drugs, and ending with them looking like they'd 'showered in blood'.

During the assault, the pair say they were kicked and punched countless times, stabbed, burned, stripped naked and forced to dig their own graves.

Two boys describe how they were abducted by men then tortured for ten hours, raped and buried alive in a Swedish cemetery looking like they’d 'showered in blood' before finally escaping

Georgia high school teacher, coach arrested on sexual assault charges

Man who kidnapped, raped, buried Texas teen alive is executed

Notorious Pedophile Killed In Prison By Inmate Who Wanted Him To ‘Feel What Those Children Felt,’ Prosecutor Says

Tags: Crime, Cruelty, Death, Education, Gay, Hate, Injury, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Minors, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Prison, Punishment, Rape, Revenge, Sports, Teacher, Terror, Torture, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



Woman attacked after argument over face masks in NYC subway station 


A 60-year-old woman was assaulted by two suspects at a Brooklyn subway station last Friday after she told the pair to wear face masks, police said.

The beatdown occurred just outside an elevator at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway station at about 12:20 p.m., cops said.

Before entering the elevator, the victim told the assailants — a man and a woman — that they could not ride with her unless they used face coverings, authorities said.

Woman attacked after argument over face masks in NYC subway station

Connecticut mom charged with shooting kids was ‘depressed’ amid COVID-19

Delaware teen allegedly beaten to death by ex-boyfriend, classmate

Terrifying moment woman, 40, is shoved onto subway tracks and run over by a train in an 'unprovoked' attack at a NYC station

Broadway actor, 33, who starred in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is sucker-punched on a NYC subway platform

Tags: Activism, Anguish, Celebrity, Crazy, Enforcement, Etiquette, Hate, Masks, Mental Health, Murder, Neighbor, Parental Crime, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Sensitivity, Social Distancing, Unruly Child, Video, World, Youth



'Sugar daddy' Virginia lawyer, 45, faces sex-trafficking charge for 'coercing six teens to have sex with him in exchange for money, drugs and gifts like Tiffany bags and cameras' 


A Virginia lawyer faces a sex-trafficking charge for coercing six teenage girls into sex by acting as a 'sugar daddy' who offered them money and expensive gifts like Tiffany's bags, according to a new report.

Matthew Erausquin, a 45-year-old founding partner of Consumer Litigation Associations and an Air Force veteran based in Northern Virginia, is accused of paying at least six girls to engage in sexual acts with him since 2017.

'Sugar daddy' Virginia lawyer, 45

Tags: $, Crime, Employment, Greed, Ignorance, Men In Charge, Parental Crime, Sex, Trafficking, Training, Woman's Rights, Youth



Sex trafficking ring of 178 people are arrested in Florida for trafficking ONE teenage girl who was 13 when the abuse began 


Nearly 200 people have been arrested in a shocking child sex trafficking case centered on one teenage girl whose own mother allegedly sold her for sex or drugs in Florida.

Officials say the victim was 13 and 14 when most of the alleged offenses occurred but the abuse may have started before her 13th birthday.

Overall 106 people face felony charges including human trafficking and lewd and lascivious battery on a child under 16, and 18 of those are being charged federally. Meanwhile, 72 face misdemeanor charges, including solicitation of prostitution, and notices to appear.

Some of the people linked to the case include a grade school physical education teacher and a high-profile booster for Florida State University, as per the Tallahassee Democrat.

'The sheer number. The all-day, everyday, all-the-time solicitation and sexual activity and talk about cash for money and clearly meeting. I had never seen something just that prolific,' Tallahassee Police Department Investigator Elizabeth Bascom, who first uncovered the victim being sold online, said.

'When you can go online and order a pizza and a girl at the same time, and the girl shows up to your door before the pizza, our society is in trouble. OK, that’s where we are. It is unbelievably accessible,' she said, calling the abuse 'horrific'.

Sex trafficking ring of 178 people are arrested in Florida for trafficking ONE teenage girl who was 13 when the abuse began

National Guard soldier, 29, killed herself after she was 'sexually assaulted and gang raped by fellow soldiers in Kuwait and Afghanistan' - as her mom blames the Army for failing to stop the abuse

Man accused of beating Atlanta woman he met on Hinge and 'was set on killing because she wasn't worth what the date cost' is arrested in New York

Tags: $, Children, Choices, Crime, Cruelty, Dating, Education, Employment, Environment, Hate, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Military, No One Cares, Parental Burden, Rape, Sex, Suicide, Teacher, Trade, Trafficking, Violence, World, Youth



Two More Trans or Gender-Nonconforming People Killed in U.S. 


The number of transgender and gender-nonconforming people who’ve died by violence in the U.S. this year has increased to at least 36.

The figure reflects two deaths that occurred several months ago but have just come to the attention of national activists. Lea Rayshon Daye, a 28-year-old Black trans woman, was found unresponsive in the Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland August 30 and died shortly thereafter. She had been held in the jail since mid-May. While her death remains under investigation, the Human Rights Campaign has added her to its list of those who’ve died due to violence.

Daye was initially misgendered by jail officials. Her death was the second one at the jail in two months over the summer, Cleveland Scene reports, and activists consider the facility a dangerous place, especially for members of marginalized populations.

“Transgender people are being murdered across the United States, and the City of Cleveland has one of the highest rates based on our population,” Maya Simek of Equality Ohio said in a statement to the Scene and other local media. “The system that continues to fail Black, brown, and LGBTQ+ Ohioans is completely inept when interacting with those at the intersection of race and LGBTQ+ identity.”

Two More Trans or Gender-Nonconforming People Killed in U.S.

Well-Known South Florida Transgender Woman Stabbed to Death by Husband in Miami High-Rise: Police

Tags: Community, Crime, Hate, Murder, No One Cares, Politics, Relationships, Sex, Trans, Youth



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