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D.C. Man on a Date Is Attacked with Glass Bottle in Possible Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime, Police Say 


A D.C. man was hit over the head with a glass beer bottle while walking with a date Friday in what police are investigating as a suspected LGBTQ hate crime.

D.C. Man on a Date Is Attacked with Glass Bottle in Possible Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime, Police Say

Prosecutors say Colorado father killed son because of photos

Thug shouting slurs fractures gay man’s skull as his partner screams for help

Out Singer Kristy Lee Accuses Heath Sanders of Assault, Anti-Gay Slurs

A 12-year-old boy was tortured for being gay on Instagram Live. His mom filmed & broadcast it.

Christian preacher celebrates fatal accident at Florida Pride “f*g” parade

Man charged with brutal murder and rape of young lesbian

Ill. Teen Arrested for Allegedly Using Photos of Ex-Girlfriend to Lure, Rob and Kill Male Victim

Pennsylvania State Police investigate hate crime at Adams County counseling center

Cops probing double murder of mom and son from prominent South Carolina legal dynasty reopen case into 2015 hit-and-run of gay teen whose mom believes was beaten to death

Tags: Attack, Children, Family, Gay, Hate, LGBTQ, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Relationships, Sex, Video, Violence, World, Youth



Woman dead after shootout with police at Juneteenth parade, officer appears overwrought with grief after shooting 


Witnesses sitting in a nearby vehicle who captured video of the unsettling situation appear to say that the driver fired the first shots.

The officer draws his gun and instructs the driver to put their hands up. NBC News noted that the officer screams, "Let me see your hands! Hands up!"

Suddenly, multiple gunshots are fired.

After the shots were fired, the vehicle slowly rolls down the street.

Video shows the police officer that fired the shots immediately falls to his knees.

Woman dead after shootout with police

Volunteer for NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams is stabbed with an ICE PICK and suffers punctured lung in South Bronx as city's crime continues to spiral

Six hospitalized after driver 'DELIBERATELY' plowed Jeep into family on NYC sidewalk and pinned woman, 34, under the car before he fled the scene

Gunmen fire at each other in the street but miss and hit a Bronx home and cars, as NYC crime crisis escalates

Cops release photo of person wanted over NYC sidewalk shooting after gunman fired wildly and missed hitting two kids, aged 10 and five, by INCHES

Naked intruder breaks into Bel Air mansion and refuses owner's order to leave - before 'smiling like a serial killer' and slaughtering family's pet parakeets

N.J. waitress chasing group that ran out on bill is abducted and assaulted, police say

Texas woman is held at gunpoint and robbed in her home while her coworkers watch in horror on Zoom call: Three suspects arrested

ANOTHER random NYC subway attack: Tourist is smashed in the face with a bottle as felony assaults on the subway rise to their highest level in 21 years

VIDEO: Multiple men attack off-duty NYPD cop in broad daylight

Tags: Animals, Death, Home, Invasion, Police, Policy, Privacy, Safety, Training, Video, Violence, Youth



Paris Jackson says her family thinking ‘homosexuality is taboo’ made life ‘really hard’ 


Paris, who publicly confirmed she was queer last year but said she had been out for “years”, explained that she was “still kind of figuring it out”.

But her religious family members, she said, made coming to terms with her sexuality “really hard”.

“My family is very religious, and a lot of, like, homosexuality is just very taboo, so they don’t like to talk about it,” Paris said.

“It’s not really accepted…

Paris Jackson says her family thinking ‘homosexuality is taboo’ made life ‘really hard’

Tags: Celebrity Children, Cruelty, Family, History, Interview, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parental Responsibility, Protections, Sex Identity, Support, Youth



'I Found Love At 90 With A 31-Year-Old—After Finally Coming Out' 


It had been a while since I'd been on a date so I was really anxious about how he would react to me. I'm old and everybody knows that, and I wondered what he would think when he saw my face.

At first I thought I would just say goodnight and go home, but I suggested we go out to my car and sit there to talk. Right after we got into the car John reached over and took my hand. I remember thinking, "Oh my!" and I did not pull my hand back.

When we finally said goodbye, John started towards his car, but then he came back and opened my car door: he'd forgotten his phone. He then asked if he should follow me home in his car, to spend more time together, and I couldn't turn him down. We talked and kissed and he finally left just as the sun was about to come up.

'I Found Love At 90 With A 31-Year-Old—After Finally Coming Out'

Haters be damned: I’m 23 and I love my ‘wrinkly’ 60-year-old girlfriend

Tags: $, Choices, Contract, Gay, Ignorance, LGBTQ, Self Interest, Seniors, Stereotype, Youth



Moment brazen robber fills a trash bag with goods swiped off a Walgreens shelf 


Alarming video captured the moment a brazen robber filled a garbage bag with products at a San Francisco Walgreens and bicycled out of the store after no one tried to stop him.

Moment brazen robber fills a trash bag with goods swiped off a Walgreens shelf

Mother, 31, is accused of murdering her four-year-old daughter by forcing her to stand for three days straight before she died from exhaustion, was stuffed into trash bags and buried in backyard

Former Arizona Cardinals player and Wisconsin star Tom Burke is arrested for 'sexually assaulting his girlfriend's seven-year-old daughter'

'I don't see how he couldn't be involved': Samuel Olson's mother Sarah accuses the five-year-old's father of participating in their son's death

Texas cops FINALLY arrest and charge suspect over 2010 murder of his girlfriend's daughter, 13,

Cannibal is jailed for 15 years in Spain for killing his mother, storing parts of her in his fridge and eating her 'piece by piece' with his dog

Shocking video shows house guests trash an Airbnb rental during an all-out brawl in Dallas

Son, 26, is arrested for shooting dead his parents after luring them to an abandoned property

Jealous beautician who dropped her friend's baby girl 130ft to her death from Moscow apartment block is jailed for 17 years

Angry mob beats man to death for allegedly hitting pregnant girlfriend: report

Tags: Children, Crime, Family, Murder, No Punishment, Parental Crime, Rape, Sex, Theft, Torture, Trending, Video, Violence, Youth



Fast Food Staffers Arrested for Refusing to Give Cops Free Burgers: 'This Has Happened' Before 


Pakistani police officers detained the entire staff of a popular fast food restaurant last week, after the workers refused to give them free burgers.

Fast Food Staffers Arrested for Refusing to Give Cops Free Burgers: 'This Has Happened' Before

'I am Quitting and I Hate This Job': McDonald's Employee Sparks Debate with Sign Left on Drive Thru

Tags: Arrest, Employment, Etiquette, Food, Police, Punishment, Quit, Restaurant, World, Youth



Allegations against Bo Schembechler are devastating; so are the stories of abuse 


Three men, now in their 50s and 60s, two of them former Michigan football players, the other the son of its most famous coach, sat behind a podium table in a hotel conference room, flanked by lawyers, and recounted, in painful detail, how their young bodies were sexually abused by a former team doctor named Robert Anderson.

“He digitally raped me”…”He caressed my testicles while asking me questions about my sex life”…”They called him Dr. Anal…”

The excruciating details went on. They spoke of being too scared to speak up. Too young to know how to react. Tears formed and words choked as they related multiple accounts of the most brutal betrayal between a doctor and patient.

Allegations against Bo Schembechler are devastating; so are the stories of abuse

Student’s rape and murder puts India’s sexual violence under spotlight again

Two NYC pervs busted for groping sprees

'Happy-Go-Lucky' Girl, 13, Allegedly Killed by Man Who's Accused of Sexually Assaulting 2 Women

Tags: Children, Medical, Murder, Parental Burden, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sports, World, Youth



3 dead, including child, after shooting inside Publix in Royal Palm Beach 


Three people are dead after a shooting Thursday morning inside a Publix grocery store in Royal Palm Beach, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Barbera said when deputies arrived they found three people dead from gunshot wounds near the produce area of the store.

3 dead, including child, after shooting inside Publix in Royal Palm Beach

Juvenile injured in shooting near West Palm Beach

Detectives ID man who killed woman, toddler and himself at Publix

Tags: Children, Guns, Hate, Murder, Shopping, Suicide, Violence, Youth



'You're not even from this country, you ch**k!' Shocking moment man hurls slurs at Asian NYPD officer before yelling 'black people can't be racist' 


Disturbing video has emerged showing a black man directing a string of racial slurs at an Asian NYPD officer during unrest in Manhattan's Washington Square Park over the weekend.

You're not even from this country, you ch**k!

Columnist Fired For Tweeting Harry And Meghan Should’ve Name Baby ‘Georgina Floydina’

Principal resigns after students reenact George Floyd’s murder in racist Snapchat sendoff for graduates

Boston schools chair resigns over racially charged texts

Kid Rock filmed hurling vile homophobic slurs at fans during gig

Uzbekistan politician wants to deport all LGBT+ people: ‘We have to solve this problem’

Chief rabbi compares Pride-goers to ‘wild animals’ in seething sermon attacking ‘abomination parades’

Tags: Activism, Children, Employment, Ignorance, Journalism, Opinion, Parental Burden, Racism, Segregation, Termination, World, Youth



Professor Shared Video of Cops Strip Searching a Black Teen. Now He Faces Jail. 


Baton Rouge prosecutors are hoping to put a college professor in jail for sharing bodycam footage, which had already been made public, of local police strip-searching a Black teen in broad daylight.

Professor Shared Video of Cops Strip Searching a Black Teen. Now He Faces Jail.

Trans woman cornered and stabbed by gang in possible hate crime. She was just trying to use a laundrette

Trans Man Poe Black Fatally Stabbed in California Desert Community

Tags: Court, Crime, Investigation, LGBTQ, Misconduct, Murder, Sex, Trash, Video, Violence, Youth



Queens boy, 10, shot dead by gunman who 'fired into house from outside during argument  


'Can you imagine that, man? Three days before his birthday,' the boy’s father, Albert Wallace, who witnessed killing, told the Daily News. 'I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this .... For a driveway? You’re gonna kill my son over stupid things?'

Justin was going to turn 11 on Tuesday.

Video of the shooting released by police on Sunday begins with a dark-colored SUV that police believe is connected to the crime.

Police are looking for this vehicle, but it's unclear if the suspect drove it to the crime scene or if there was a getaway driver.

Queens boy, 10, shot dead

Dad-of-three, 41, is shot twice by mentally ill man while out jogging in Atlanta's richest neighborhood

Student, 18, is killed and another is injured in shooting at New Jersey high school athletic field

'Shot in the back by cowards': Uncle's fury as boy, 14, is gunned down and killed as he left a graduation party in Minnesota with his brother, 16

Famous Washington Square Arch is vandalized with defund the police and BLM graffiti

Gun violence has Miami-Dade under national microscope

Woman accused of abusing 5-week-old daughter, sending videos to baby’s father

Tags: Child Abuse, Children, Family, Guns, Hate, Investigation, Mental Health, Murder, Neighbor, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Torture, Vandalism, Vengeance, Video, Violence, Women In Charge, Youth



Gay Man Exposes His Parents For Telling People He Has A Fiancée To Hide His Sexuality 


I (21M) have a strained relationship with my parents. They are involved in pretty much every social event/circle in our city be it church, school, clubs etc.”

“For them, what over people think is the most important thing. For that, they will lie about pretty much any ‘bad’ thing that could potentially tarnish their standing and have forced my sister (24 F[emale]) and I to behave in certain ways or follow specific rules.”

“Some examples:”

“My sister came home one day introducing her Spanish boyfriend to my parents. They didn’t like that so they told everyone the boyfriend is an exchange student that we are housing.”

“They only have themselves to blame for building their castle on sand.”

Gay Man Exposes His Parents

Tags: Family, Gay, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Nature, Parental Burden, Youth



Moment Texas mom accidentally shoots her son, 5, in the stomach 


A Texas mother has been arrested for allegedly shooting her five-year-old son in the stomach while trying to hit a neighbor's loose boxer puppy that had run out of its owner's home.

Moment Texas mom accidentally shoots her son

Husband is jailed for 30 years after punching wife to death in front of their three kids on cruise

Mass shooting death toll rises: Mother with bullet lodged in head dies in Miami-Dade

Police investigating fatal crash in Northwest Miami-Dade

Mother begs for answers one month after Miami TSA employee murdered in front of 3-year-old daughter

Tags: Animals, Children, Cultural, Environment, Etiquette, Family, Guns, Murder, Neighbor, Parental Crime, Reaction, Relationships, Travel, Video, Youth



TikTok's Sienna Mae Denies Sexually Assaulting Netflix Co-Star Jack Wright 


Jack replied to Sienna's denial on social media, writing, "While I love sharing my life with all of you, some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share for my on emotional and mental wellbeing. But I will say this. Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences that has real consequences."

TikTok's Sienna Mae Denies Sexually Assaulting Netflix Co-Star Jack Wright

Former nanny for Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz accuses him of sexually assaulting her when she was driving

Tags: Celebrity, Sexual Abuse, TikTok, Youth



Gay Middle School Student Attacked, Choked With Pride Flag at School 


14-year-old Tristen Torrez told local CBS affiliate WTOL 11 that while he expected some rude comments when he wore the Pride flag to classes at Defiance Middle School in Defiance last Thursday, he never thought he would be the victim of a violent attack by one of his peers.

Gay Middle School Student Attacked, Choked With Pride Flag at School

Men Are Pretending to Be Trans in Mexico to Sidestep Gender Equity Laws

RuPaul's Drag Race star Widow Von'Du 'drunkenly beat and throttled boyfriend until he passed out, then bragged about attacking

Ungrateful Homophobe Soils Pants After Exploding Boat Rescue

Virginia teacher put on paid leave after speaking against student pronoun, gender identity policy

Tags: Drag, Education, Fraud, Gay, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Politics, Trans, Video, Violence, World, Youth



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