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 I’m gay, not “queer” and Pride has gone too far 


I personally started to see the switch in 2016 when I was informed I didn’t deserve a seat at the Pride table for fighting back against the Toronto Pride parade’s efforts to deny the shooter in the Orlando nightclub mass killing was a self-loathing Muslim extremist. (Funny how things come full circle.)

But that was just the start.

Desperate to find a cause to replace the fight for gay rights, the radical activists turned to gender identity and trans rights.

Suddenly all those who fancied themselves woke started using preferred pronouns in their correspondence. It was absurd.

I’m gay, not “queer”

Tags: Choices, Criticism, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion, Politics

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LGBTQ+ Senator Proposes Ban on 'Religious Indoctrination' of Kids 


“There is a well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy people upon children,” according to the amendment. “Abusers within churches and other religious institutions often use events like church or youth-group-sponsored camps and retreats to earn children’s trust and gain unsupervised access to such children in order to commit such abuse.”

LGBTQ+ Senator Proposes Ban

LGBTQ-Affirming School Closing After Churches Stop Funding

Gay fathers confronted at Arizona religious school


How a vicious gay-bashing ring unfolded in Christchurch

Pope Francis says Italian seminaries should reject gay applicants

Catholic Diocese refuses to host concert over performance by Gay Men’s Chorus

Florida gets ‘F’ rating for treatment of LGBTQ community

Lifeguard files lawsuit because he was offended by the Pride flags

Pope Francis allegedly repeats gay slur

Tags: $, Activism, All Rights, Ban, Books, Celebrity, Charity, Children, Church, Court, Criticism, Education, Employment, Environment, Etiquette, Fail, Family, Flag, Funding, Gay, Interview, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Neglect, Opinion, Parental Confusion, Parental Crime, Parenting 101, Policy, Politics, Priorities, Religion, Shutdown, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth

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‘Fucking Sick Of It’: Rock Legend Roger Daltrey Goes Off On What’s ‘Ruined’ Concerts 


Setlists are often posted on social media and websites such as As a result, many fans often know most, if not all, of the songs to expect at a concert.
And Daltrey hates it.

‘Fucking Sick Of It’

Tags: Celebrity, Concert, Criticism, Enforcement, Music, Opinion

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Seinfeld's 'J. Peterman' scorns woke culture for ruining comedy

DJ Akademiks tells Diddy to come out as gay or trans to 'get out of this situation'

Man punches comedian on stage after he made 'sexualised' comment about his child

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says Complaining About Political Correctness In Comedy Is A Red Flag

Tags: Advice, Celebrity, Comedy, Criticism, Extinction, Gay, Gif, LGBTQ, Opinion, Trans, TV, Violence

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Lesbian Legend Scoffs at Transgender Men, Gets Fired by Gay Group 


The organizers of the Milwaukee Pride Parade have fired this year’s lesbian Grand Marshall because she is critical of so-called “trans-women,” that is, men who wear female clothes and think they are women.

Lesbian Legend Scoffs at Transgender Men

Caitlin Clark Olympics snub down to the 'black gay mafia'

Tags: Activism, Discrimination, Disruption, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion, Politics, Rejection, Sports, Trans

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Chicago officials unveil plan for slowing robbery spree

Omaha police, federal agencies investigating brazen ATM attacks

Two teens the first to be charged under new 'post and boast' laws

Juveniles among suspects arrested for crime spree

Duo sought in string of at least 7 robberies

Police bust ‘very sophisticated ring of homebreakers' that targeted South Asians'

Sean Kingston arrested in California on fraud and theft

Johnny Wactor’s slaying during L.A. robbery sparks shock, anger, mourning

Nearly 3,000 Boxes Of Legos Seized

The only reason that theft is so popular is because Oprah made everybody greedy. 20-Apr-2024

Tags: $, Celebrity, Crime, Education, Greed, Opinion, Stereotype, Tradition, Women In Charge, Youth

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Younger LGBTQ people have a problem with kink at pride... 


Julian says he doesn’t think kink should be allowed at Pride: “Just because I’m at a Pride event doesn’t mean I’m consenting to see your naked, hairy ass flapping out of your leather pup costume.”

He goes on to state, “Pride should be for everyone: kids, teens, allies, my nana. Live out your horny fetish fantasies in private.”

Younger LGBTQ people have a problem

I’m a side

Pride revelers run screaming...

Schools roll out LGBTQ restrictions

LGBTQ references removed from classrooms

Teachers at high school told to remove Pride flags

School board votes in favor of pride flag ban

This Pride month, fellow gays, keep your kinks at home

Buenos Aires Gay Community warns of dangers under Milei

Tags: Activism, Backlash, Ban, Celebration, Change, Children, Choices, Classless, Community, Education, Etiquette, Fighting Back, Flag, Laws, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Misconduct, Misrepresentation, NSFW, Opinion, Parental Burden, Politics, Pride, Safety, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Travel, Video, Warning, World, Youth

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Benedict Cumberbatch defends straight actors playing gay characters 


In new movie The Power of the Dog, the 45-year-old plays Phil Burbank, a “sadistic rancher” who gets into a relationship with Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

“It wasn’t done without thought. I also feel slightly like, is this a thing where our dance card has to be public? Do we have to explain all our private moments in our sexual history? I don’t think so.”

The Doctor Strange star went on to state that director Jane Champion “chose us as actors to play those roles. That’s her question to answer.”

Benedict Cumberbatch defends straight actors

Aaron Sorkin says casting only gay actors in gay roles is an “empty gesture”

Darren Criss: 'I've Been Shit On' for Talking about Straight Actors in LGTBQ+ Roles

‘Not Sure’ That Only Gay Actors Should Play LGBTQ+

Daniel Mays says he was ‘really shocked’

Rebel Wilson says idea only gay actors can play gay roles ‘is total nonsense

Everybody knows Hollywood is gay. Who are we to judge. 01-Jun-2024
If its realism in entertainment we seek, I want to see Melissa McCarthy take a dump and smear it on her co-star's face, a supermodel vomit on Tyra, Michael Fassbender and Henry Cavill tag teaming The Chalamet, full explicit sex, Kristen Stewart sleeping, actors croaking and Armie Hammer eating. If you want a job, train to be the best. If you won't or can't train, find another profession because you suck. 22-Dec-2021

Tags: Actor, Art, Celebration, Celebrity, Employment, Film, Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion

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Tampa Bay Rays players refused to wear a Pride rainbow 


Can you imagine the club that would allow a player to opt out of wearing a 42 on his jersey for Jackie Robinson Day? Or refuse to wear some camo for a Military Appreciation Day? Complete disaster.

Unfortunately, the Rays management approached this differently, allowing homophobia amongst a handful of 20-somethings to drive the uniforms that some of the players wore.

Tampa Bay Rays players refused to wear a Pride rainbow

Most Americans oppose biological men competing in women's sports

Twitter debates banning Libs of TikTok

Gay pride jersey sparks player boycott

MLB more pro-gay than Target

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Americans, Ban, Choices, Competition, Employment, Interference, LGBTQ, Men In Charge, NSFW, Opinion, Politics, Protest, Rejection, Representation, Sex Identity, Sports, World

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I secretly had sex with a bunch of 'straight' guys 


I started hooking up with a guy on my brother's soccer team when I was 13 years old.

I secretly hooked up with a few other players and fell in love with one of them.

I secretly had sex

Grant Coulson Gets Cheated On Days After Coming Out As Gay

NFL's 1st Gay Cheer Captains

What hard truths do gay men need to hear?

Tags: Addiction, Choices, Education, Environment, Gay, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Men, Mental Health, Minors, NSFW, Opinion, Portrait, Relationships, Replacement, Sex, Sports, Study, Vulnerable, Youth

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Idris Elba No Longer Labels Himself as a ‘Black Actor’ 


“Racism should be a topic for discussion, sure. Racism is very real. But from my perspective, it’s only as powerful as you allow it to be. We’ve got to grow. We’ve got to. Our skin is no more than that: It’s just skin. Rant over.”

Idris Elba No Longer Labels

Idris Elba Says Backlash Is ‘Stupid’

'The haters have won'

“Black History Month Is an Insult”

Idris Elba Reveals He's in Therapy to Break an “Unhealthy Habit”

Billy Dee Williams Says Actors Shouldn't Get In Trouble For Doing Blackface

David Harewood says white actors should be able to play Othello in Blackface

Writer self-publishes book about traveling US ‘disguised as black man’

Tags: $, Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Employment, Interview, Mental Health, Opinion, Resignation, Respect, Writer

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Dawn French hits back after podcast host told her to “catch up” on trans issues 


The Vicar Of Dibley star shared her thoughts on what she perceives as society’s quickness to cancel people, saying “we are expected to present ourselves as perfect”.

This follows French being told to “catch up” in a conversation surrounding JK Rowling’s controversial comments about the trans community.

Dawn French hits back

Jillian Michaels reveals 'irrefutable' reason why trans athletes should be banned

Mass. stabbing spree suspect in pics with lip gloss, nail polish

Tags: Attack, Celebrity, LGBTQ, Murder, Nuts, Opinion, Science, Sports, Trans, World

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Andrew Scott is tired of talking about being gay 


It’s wonderful to be able to talk about sexuality in an open way. But I do feel sometimes, other people — and by other people, I mean straight people — don’t have to explain or talk about their sexuality every time they go to work.

Andrew Scott is tired of talking about being gay

Louisiana Legislature passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Tags: Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Gay, Interview, Laws, LGBTQ, Opinion, Respect

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The Golden Bachelor’s Not-So-Golden Past 


She arrived the last weekend of July 2018. (THR has viewed mail that was sent to her at his house, and a background check listed his address as her primary residence for that period.) Then, the surprises started. Gerry told Carolyn that her share of the expenses would be about $1,000 a month, which Carolyn negotiated down to $850. They would go Dutch on all meals except on special occasions, she remembers him telling her. At restaurants, Carolyn paid her half in advance, and then when the check came, Gerry paid the whole tab, like the big man.

But Carolyn’s Big Long Lake idyll with Gerry was about to end.

She was packing for Gerry’s high school reunion, set to take place in October 2019. “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that,” Carolyn recalls him saying as he pointed to her body. She’d put on 10 pounds — from stress, she says — but certainly wasn’t fat.

The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner's True Intentions

MP writing to Netflix over Baby Reindeer evidence

Piers Morgan reveals if Fiona Harvey has “stalked” producers

Richard Gadd’s Former Coworker Claims Both He And Fiona Harvey Are Liars

There’s yet another exposé on Love Is Blind's toxic environment

Tags: Accusation, Celebrity, Court, Dating, Divorce, Experience, Heartbreak, Men In Charge, Misrepresentation, Opinion, Portrait, Reality, Seniors, TV

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Well, I wasn't going to learn how to read or write from gangsters. 16-May-2024
Having reading and writing skills allowed me to relax when I started kindergarten. I spent my extra time eating paste and drawing pictures that disturbed my teacher. I would proudly show her my work and she always said the same thing. The art was good but the atmosphere was depressing. Couldn't I add a sun somewhere? I added the sun once and it looked more depressed than the scary atmosphere. Adding a sun didn't add any to my personal life. The teacher wouldn't let it go and involved Pazuzu. She attended and I had to translate. I basically had to repeat an insult to myself in two languages. Mother made it worst. She didn't understand what I/teacher was saying. The teacher showed her my paintings and she didn't understand. She didn't see anything unusual. Then something dawned on her that changed her mind. My son is embarrassing me and everyone is looking at me like I'm Pazuzu. She didn't quite understand the conversation but she agreed with the adults to watch me closely and get me some help. I'm sure I got smacked a few times walking home. "...and don't ever bring me to these people again! They never invited her.

At home her mind raced between screams and, bingo... she figured out the conversation. There was something gay about that picture, I know it! And they know it! And I need to do something about it.

She labeled my art faggoty and never moved on. She would dump the pictures I dedicated to her from school and yelled that I would never make money off art. She had me fail art school by not providing me the tools to get assignments properly done. As adults Pazuzu thought it amusing to boast about my cousins' artistic achievements. They were different, though. One made signs and tombstones while the other wasted his art in jail. Manly stuff. She never mentioned our dilemma with art. It was Pazuzu popping out to stop me from dreaming. 15-May-2024
They were called novelas and they were available in every grocery store and pharmacy. They didn't cost much and the ladies felt they were keeping their favorite celebrities in their handbag. The stores also had drawn comic books, little books and Betty and Veronica. As not to look like an awful mother she would always ask me if there was anything to add and I always chose a comic book. Even though her hate for art was overwhelming she bought me the comic. They were only a few cent and it would keep me out of her hair. I eventually graduated to books and became fascinated with little books. They were palm sized books that didn't take up much space and were the original tales of famous folklore. The Little Mermaid's original story was heartbreaking and befit. Pinocchio origins were even scarier. I felt I was reliving my predator experiences all over again. Everyone wanted to fuck the puppet. I'm not sure about Moby Dick but I learned a lot about bears. When I unpacked my first comic book it was an orgasm of brain activity. My aunt had already taught me how to read english and spanish, I just needed to practice it, memorize words and their meaning. Mother acquiesced more than I thought because she would junk them if they felt untouched. Fuck collecting classics and making money afterwards for this child. Dude, before this I was reading the cereal box. Swanson's frozen meals had a pop-up story to tell and I devoured it. 14-May-2024
Our mothers had the equivalent, which was a comic book based on their favorite soaps with real pictures instead of drawings to make it look grown-up. 14-May-2024
Comics! 09-May-2024
But, there is hope... 09-May-2024
They can take their children to the library but they won't. There is nothing for a mother to do at the library. They can't even pick up a man there. Most of them are squeaky and the others are dusty, none can pay the rent, fix things or fuck. 08-May-2024
Single non-working mothers don't have the space or the money to buy their children books. Besides, they collect dust and they're not reading to babies! Who has the time? 08-May-2024
CC is the worst. I spend all my time correcting them and half the time abandoning them because I'm misspelling now, too. Am I here to "rate" them or rape them? 07-May-2024
Thanks to elite comic book shaming, americans can't spell. 07-May-2024

Tags: Environment, Experience, Family, Mental Health, Mother, Neglect, Opinion, Politics, Treatment

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