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All Posts Tagged as 'Apology'

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42 Dugg Posts Since-Deleted Homophobic Rant Amid Controversial Video of Him Licking Son’s Neck 


On Friday, the Detroit rapper hit up Instagram to share a video of himself aboard an airplane with his 3-year-old son. The clip showed the artist kissing and licking the child’s neck, prompting the boy to pull away from his dad as he let out a chuckle. The video immediately went viral and ignited a wave of criticism as well as accusations of child abuse. Some social media users described Dugg’s actions as “sick” and “inappropriate,” while others threatened to call Child Protective Services on the “Maybach” artist.

“If I say I’m not with that gay shit that’s where y’all should leave it. Quit tryna shove that shit down n***as’ throats. Ah gay n***a ah be on national TV tonguing down another hoe ass n***a, but that’s ok though.

42 Dugg

DaBaby dropped

Critics accuse Lakers star of overreacting and 'assault'

Coco Austin Reveals Why She Still Breastfeeds Her and Ice-T's 5-Year-Old Daughter

Blac Chyna accused of being transphobic after attempting to expose ex Tyga

Cuomo shows gallery of him kissing and touching 'men, women, old and young, straight and LGBTQ' to prove he didn't sexually harass 11 women

Ryan Adams appears disheveled as he steps out after begging for a second chance following his accusations of sexual misconduct by seven women

‘Some people really do not deserve to be parents’

A hoe tonguing another hoe on national TV is ok because they are consenting adults.

Stupid dad, now all the horny gays know your kid's trigger. Is that what you wanted, daddy? Love... Twink Nation. 01-Aug-2021

Tags: Accusation, Apology, Backlash, Cancellation, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Children, Choices, Concern, Crime, Denial, Fans, Feud, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Music, Parental Burden, Perception, Rap, Safety, Sports, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence

Filed under: Gay+



Job applicant outs boss for calling her ‘not that cute’ in accidental email 

A Michigan woman was shocked after accidentally receiving a hurtful message from her prospective employer, in which he described her as “not that cute.” A now-viral video detailing the incendiary application review — posted Thursday on TikTok — has amassed more than 1.3 million views on the streaming platform as of Friday morning.

Job applicant outs boss for calling her ‘not that cute’ in accidental email

I Was On A Perfect Date Until His Comment About My Face Caused Everything To Unravel

Tarek El Moussa Reportedly Verbally Assaulted Ex-Wife Christina Haack on HGTV Show Set


Woman slams auto shop after employee allegedly kicked her out over her 'inappropriate' top

How are people supposed to improve if we can't insult each other? 26-Jun-2021

Tags: Apology, Beauty, Choices, Dating, Employment, Etiquette, Freedom, Mental Health, Murder, Preference, Rejection, Service, Travel, Truth, Video

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Are gay, erotic robot companions the future of equality? 


An American adult toy company has unveiled what it deems the boyfriend of the future: life-sized sex dolls designed as adult companions.

Are gay, erotic robot companions the future of equality?

A new study has confirmed that gay and bisexual men earn less money than their heterosexual male peers.

An Italian tennis player has blamed humid weather conditions for a series of anti-gay outbursts

Food truck tires slashed after attending Pride event in North Carolina, owner says

Nathan Chen apologises for saying figure skating is a “homosexual-dominated sport”

‘This is extreme transphobia’

R. KELLY TO JUDGE Nix McDonald's Evidence ... JURY MIGHT BE ANTI-LGBT!!!

Gay couple pushed into oncoming traffic in horrifying attack

Fox News drops analyst Andrew Napolitano after Larry Kudlow producer accused him of stroking his arm and making sexually suggestive comments in an elevator

Tags: $, Apology, Attack, Celebrity, Court, Employment, Future, Gay, Men, Relationships, Replacement, Robot, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sports, Tech, Termination, Treatment, Video, Video Gay Swatch, Violence, World

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Billie Eilish is slammed for saying she identifies with cartoon character from The Boondocks 

Billie Eilish has sparked backlash for saying she identifies with Cindy McPhearson from The Boondocks cartoon - a character meant to satirize suburban white girls appropriating black culture - just three weeks after she had to apologize for using a racial slur.

Billie Eilish is slammed for saying she identifies with cartoon character from The Boondocks

Joy Reid slammed in 'mic drop' moment after Twitter feud over Rob Schneider

Stephen A. Smith apologizes to Asian community after online backlash over comments about 'foreign player that doesn't speak English'

'I know you're not racist!' The Talk's Elaine Welteroth consoled sobbing Sharon Osbourne and admitted she was 'set up' in explosive AUDIO clip

Megan Fox rips ‘burn-a-witch-at-the-stake’ cancel culture over her Trump comments

'Your Republican is showing'

Staff at California factory producing Kylie Jenner makeup 'were banned

Team USA wrestling chiropractor is ordered to go to diversity training after she posted a meme on social media

Alabama councilman, 76, refuses to apologize for using N-word during public meeting

Tags: Apology, Backlash, Cartoon, Celebrity, Journalism, Leaders, Overreaction, Preference, Sports, TV, Video

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Tyler, the Creator delivers rap apology to Selena Gomez for old sexually explicit tweets... and reveals that he was 'tryna fuck' her then-boyfriend Justin Bieber 


Tyler, the Creator has issued an apology to Selena Gomez in the lyrics to his new single Manifesto, which was released on Friday.

Specifically, the 30-year-old rapper apologized for derogatory and sexually explicit tweets that he wrote about Gomez, 28, in 2010 and early 2011, when she happened to be dating Justin Bieber.

'Back when I was tryna fuck Bieber, Just-in,' he rapped.

Tyler, the Creator delivers rap apology to Selena Gomez

'That how this happened?!' Chris Cuomo shares cringeworthy photo of his bulging bicep in response to Twitter troll who said the CNN host loves himself so much he'd break his own arm pleasuring himself

BRITISH INFLUENCER 'I'M FINALLY KOREAN' ... Had 18 Surgeries to Look Like BTS Singer!!!

'That's So Raven' actor Kyle Massey charged for allegedly sending explicit videos to girl

William Shatner hosts new show on Russian state-run TV, lashes out at critics

Flag-snubbing 'activist athlete' Gwen Berry's history of racially-charged rape jokes and tweets mocking white, Mexican and Asian people

Conan O'Brien, leftist actor Sean Penn slam 'ludicrous' cancel culture as 'very Soviet'

Wendy Williams faces blistering backlash over ‘disgusting’ coverage of TikTok star’s murder

Mississippi man, 28, HID in mall bathroom where he raped and tried to murder a mother

Tags: Apology, Celebrity, Cultural, Gay, History, Horny, ID, Jock, LGBTQ, Misconduct, Rape, Sex, Sports, Surgery, Violence, World, Youth

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Game Publisher Apologizes for Asking Journalists to Shoot People Dressed as Arab Stereotypes 


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 developer CI Games has apologized for hosting a press event at a military-themed training park in California. A journalist was disturbed during the event when organizers put a converted M4 rifle in his hand and asked him to fire airsoft style bullets at park employees dressed in white robes and keffiyehs.

“The launch event took place on an authentic military training base in San Diego and aimed to replicate how real U.S. Navy Seals train, featuring standard military procedures and techniques,” CI Games said in its apology.

Game Publisher Apologizes for Asking Journalists to Shoot People Dressed as Arab Stereotypes

When Morgan Freeman SILENCED Don Lemon by calling BS on blaming racism

Biden is branded a racist for claiming Latinx Americans are scared of getting vaccinated because they fear DEPORTATION

Tags: Apology, Cancellation, Celebrity, Culture, Enemy, Fear, Games, Gay, LGBTQ, Training, Video, War

Filed under: Health/Food



Anthony Mackie Explained Why He Has A Problem With People Shipping Sam And Bucky In "Falcon And The Winter Soldier" 


Although viewers loved watching Sam and Bucky's relationship transform and friendship blossom throughout the film, Anthony says that's all there is to it.

He continued, "So many things are twisted and convoluted. There’s so many things that people latch on to with their own devices to make themselves relevant and rational."

"The idea of two guys being friends and loving each other in 2021 is a problem because of the exploitation of homosexuality. It used to be guys can be friends, we can hang out, and it was can’t do that anymore...

Anthony Mackie Explained Why He Has A Problem With People

The Internet’s Trying To Cancel Anthony Mackie For Bucky And Sam Comments

Michael B. Jordan Is Sadly On The Internet's Bad Side For Cultural Appropriation

Billie Eilish Apologizes For Use Of Racial Slur In Resurfaced Video: “I Am Appalled And Embarassed”

Megan Rapinoe Faces Calls for Cancellation Over Unearthed Tweet

The View's Joy Behar is slammed as 'homophobic' for making crude joke about 'penetration in the end zone' and saying it's 'not that big a deal' Carl Nassib

Chris Brown accused of hitting woman in Los Angeles, police say

Michael B. Jordan Announces Plans to Rename His Rum Brand Amid Accusations of Appropriation

Tags: Apology, Celebrity, Gay, Hair, Hate, LGBTQ, Men In Charge, Offensive, Opinion, Representation, Social Media, Sports, Stereotype, TV, Violence, Women In Charge

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'Dr. Phil' Ranch Abuse Scandal: What to Know 


Phil McGraw is wrapped up in a new scandal after sending multiple young guests to a treatment facility that has been accused of abuse. It began with a lawsuit filed by Hannah Archuleta, who appeared on Dr. Phil in 2019 and then went to the Turn-About Ranch. Now, other past guests on the show are coming forward with similar stories, including rapper Bhad Bhabie.

According to a report by The Sun, Archuleta's lawsuit says that she was sexually assaulted multiple times while in the Turn-About Ranch program and was punished for speaking out about the abuse. Archuleta did not accuse McGraw of any wrongdoing, but Bhad Bhabie has. In a video released on Friday, she demanded a public apology from McGraw for herself and other teenagers he sent to the ranch.

'Dr. Phil' Ranch Abuse Scandal: What to Know

New York Rep. Tom Reed takes 'full responsibility' following allegation of sexual misconduct

Tags: Apology, Backlash, Celebrity, Etiquette, Injury, Insensitivity, Leaders, Mental Health, Minors, Priorities, Privilege, Quackery, Rape, Representation, Safety, Sex, Treatment, Youth

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Gospel singer Kirk Franklin apologizes after son records expletive-laden phone call 


Grammy-winning gospel singer Kirk Franklin apologized over the weekend after his son posted a recording of a phone call in which Franklin hurled profanities and an apparent threat at his son.

In audio of the partial phone call posted to Kerrion Franklin's Instagram account, the elder Franklin can be heard saying: "You need to get your skinny motherfucking ass back out the g------ way before I put my foot in your ass."

"I will break your neck if you ever disrespect me," he continued before seeming to hang up.

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin apologizes after son records expletive-laden phone call

Tags: Apology, Backlash, Celebrity, Celebrity Children, Children, Drama, Etiquette, Hate, Insensitivity, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Psychology, Punishment, Relationships, Religion, Treatment

Filed under: Gay+



Teen Vogue's new editor apologizes over racist tweets amid staff concerns 


McCammond, a political reporter at Axios, was hired as Teen Vogue's top editor on Friday. Her 2011 tweets were brought to light in an Instagram post from Diana Tsui, editorial director at the Infatuation. The post features screenshots of the old tweets, including one where she wrote she was "now googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes."

Teen Vogue's new editor apologizes over racist tweets amid staff concerns

Tags: Apology, Backlash, Business, Cultural, Employment, Fashion, History, Magazine, Racial Tension

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Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson: ‘I Failed’ 


In the wake of accusations of sexism and misogyny against Justin Timberlake regarding his treatment of former girlfriend Britney Spears, and the “wardrobe malfunction” with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl in 2004, he has apologized to both women in an Instagram post.

“I’ve seen the messages, tags, comments, and concerns and I want to respond,” he wrote. “I am deeply sorry for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right. I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.

Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson: ‘I Failed’

Tags: Apology, Celebrity, Punishment, Relationships, Women In Charge

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'Framing Britney Spears' fans claim Justin Timberlake owes star 'apology' for 2002 post-breakup scandal 


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s relationship ended in 2002 but following the debut of Framing Britney Spears, social media is demanding the “Holy Grail” singer apologize for “throwing Britney under the bus” after their breakup.

The documentary specifically revisits a 2003 interview between ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Spears, which put her in the hot seat following the couple’s breakup and rumors that she cheated on Timberlake, after the release of his 2002 “Cry Me a River” music video which featured him getting revenge on a Spears-like character.

'Framing Britney Spears' fans claim Justin Timberlake owes star 'apology' for 2002 post-breakup scandal

Tags: Apology, Celebrity, Documentary, Mental Health, Relationships, TV

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Cops fine gay couple because they couldn’t believe two men could be in a relationship 


The men were stopped by police at a checkpoint and Ohayon tried to explain that they were taking care of his mother. The officers didn’t accuse him of lying about going to the mother’s home but instead didn’t believe that the men could actually be a couple.

“After we were asked why we were together, we said that we were a couple,” Ohayon recounted, according to the Jerusalem Post‘s translation. “They responded: ‘What do you mean?’ and we asked if he’d never heard of gay men and if he was dismissing the fact that we’re a couple.”

“So the second officer joined and they had a conversation between themselves about us…. The officer said ‘No way. There’s no such thing.

Cops fine gay couple because they couldn’t believe two men could be in a relationship

Tags: Apology, Awareness, Education, Employment, Environment, Etiquette, Gay, LGBTQ, Life Sucks!, Lifestyle, Policy, Representation

Filed under: Gay+



College Quarterback Issues Public Apology for Eating Sushi Off of Nude Model on Below Deck 


A college quarterback who appeared on the Bravo reality show, Below Deck, has apologized after he was filmed eating food off of a nude model while onboard a yacht earlier this year.

“I would like to apologize for my poor judgment while on the TV show Below Deck and acknowledge that I have made a mistake that I will learn from,” the Thousand Oaks, California, native tweeted. “While it was not my idea nor any of my friends’ ideas to eat sushi off of a model, I should have exercised better judgment and declined the idea immediately when it was brought up by the producers."

College Quarterback Issues Public Apology for Eating Sushi Off of Nude Model on Below Deck

Tags: Apology, Etiquette, Food, Misrepresentation, Sex, Sports, TV

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How likely are you to get COVID-19 at a 25-person Thanksgiving dinner or at a wedding with 100 guests? New interactive map shows the risk of contracting coronavirus anywhere in the US 


Scientists have developed a new interactive map that shows the risk of contracting coronavirus anywhere in the US in real-time.

The COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool tells Americans their odds of encountering at least one person with the virus in every county at an event with a crowd size ranging from 10 people to 5,000 people.

This means you can assess the risk of one coronavirus-positive individual being at a 10-person dinner party, a Thanksgiving gathering with 25 guests, a 100-person wedding or a concert with 1,000 attendees.

How likely are you to get COVID-19 at a 25-person Thanksgiving dinner

California Gov. Gavin Newsom apologizes for flouting his OWN coronavirus restrictions by attending a 50th birthday party with 12 friends at 3-star Michelin restaurant where a tasting menu costs up to $850

Nancy Pelosi cancels Capitol dinner for new members after being shamed for flouting COVID restrictions by Twitter users led by Chelsea Clinton

Tags: Americans, Apology, Business, Celebration, Charts & Grafts, Choices, Contagion, Coronavirus, Dedication, Environment, Etiquette, Fail, Family, Food, Health, Holidays, Leaders, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, No Saving The Environment, Nobody Cares, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Punishment, Representation, Respect, Responsibility, Restaurant, Social Distancing, Suicide, World

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