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All Posts Tagged as 'Court'

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Deshaun Watson will NOT be criminally charged 


The grand jury's decision came about a year after the women first filed their suits, which have now been consolidated into one, accusing Watson of exposing himself, touching them with his penis or kissing them against their will during massage appointments.

Deshaun Watson will NOT be criminally charged

NFL star 'deliberately grabbed his penis then shoved it into her hand'

Tags: Accusation, Celebrity, Court, Judgment, Misconduct, Sex, Sports

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'I think it's gone too far' 


A transgender psychologist who has helped hundreds of teens transition is concerned over the sharp rise in youths identifying as trans or non-binary, claiming the spike could be a result of peer pressure.

Dr. Erica Anderson, 71, a former clinical psychologist at the University of California San Francisco's Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic, said clinicians were failing to carry out thorough mental health evaluations before recommending hormones or surgeries to teens who might not be sure if they truly want to transition.

'Giving over to hormones on demand will result in many more cases of poor outcomes and many more disappointed kids and parents who somehow came to believe that giving kids hormones would cure their other psychological problems,' Anderson told the Times. 'It won't.'

'I think it's gone too far'

Parents sue school district for encouraging fake pronouns

Teachers felt 'bullied' into displaying LBGTQ rainbow flags

Trans child molester charged with first-degree murder

School district tells teachers to attend 'Kink, Trans Sex and BDSM' workshop to 'learn more about trans children

A 17-year-old boy died by suicide hours after being scammed

Police, firefighters, and San Francisco mayor won't march in Pride Parade due to a ban against wearing police uniforms

Say gay to everyone but your parents

Pronoun Police Come for Middle Schoolers

19 students, 2 teachers dead

Tags: $, Ban, Children, Choices, Court, Education, Fear, Flag, Greed, Harassment, LGBTQ, Medical, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, Murder, Neglect, Parental Burden, Parental Confusion, Pervy, Pride, Psychology, Reckless, RIP, Sad, Safety, Sex, Sex Identity, Struggles, Suicide, Teacher, Training, Trans, Unity, Violence, Youth

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: I'm only granting one-on-one interviews to journalists of color 


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Wednesday that she will grant one-on-one interviews to mark the two-year anniversary of her inauguration solely to journalists of color, saying she has been struck by the “overwhelmingly” white press corps in Chicago.

“I ran to break up the status quo that was failing so many,” Lightfoot, who is Black, tweeted, also issuing a detailed letter to City Hall reporters on her decision. “That isn’t just in City Hall. It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American.”

While the move isn’t unprecedented in recent years, it drew fierce scrutiny among the city’s press corps and beyond with members of the media quickly taking Lightfoot to task for her decision.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Why Aren't Media Calling Lori Lightfoot a Racist?

Chicago cops turn their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot at hospital where one officer was being treated and another died after shooting

Black Lives Matter Utah chapter president steps down

Chicago mayor to boost police budget following cop murder

'We're a state of refuge': Governor Newsom to welcome Afghan refugees to California

Lightfoot says city will sue gang members to ‘take their assets’

Cook County breaks 1,000 homicide mark for the first time in 27 years

I have the biggest dick in Chicago'

Lori Lightfoot's book banning tweet lampooned

Tags: Ban, Books, Court, Crime, Cultural, Etiquette, Funding, Investment, It Does Not Compute, Journalism, Leaders, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Neglect, Police, Politics, Preference, Preservation, Race, Rebellion, Rejection, Revolt, Segregation, Violence, Women In Charge, Wrong

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Palm Springs food ware ordinance takes effect 


Provisions in the ordinance include a ban on the sale and use of polystyrene food containers such as foam, a ban on plastic straws and stirrers, a ban on single-use plastic bags for takeout orders and a requirement that reusable food ware be used for on-site dining.

Palm Springs food ware ordinance takes effect

‘I’m in the fucking drive-thru’

Animal cruelty bill advances despite opposition from pet advocates

Who Will Win Best Actor at the 2022 Oscars?

Violent crime doubles near Queen Anne homeless shelter

Now even the steaks are being locked up!

Indian couple sues son, daughter-in-law for not giving them grandkids

Son, 13, was accused of SEXUAL HARASSMENT for refusing to refer to classmate by 'they/them' pronouns

Tags: Animals, Award, Boundaries, Court, Crime, Effect, Enforcement, Fast Food, Food, Grandparent, Hollywood, Homeless, LGBTQ, Meat, Parental Burden, Policy, Politics, Protection, Sacrifice, Safety, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Social Anxiety, Theft, Tips, Treatment, Video

Filed under: Health/Food



BLM now stands for ‘Buy Loud Mansions’ 

BLM now stands for ‘Buy Lovely Mansions’

Mayor Eric Adams calls out Black Lives Matter

BLM 'destroyed' her university

Clinton cronies have stepped away from embattled BLM

Tags: Big Cock, Court, Education, Exhibit, Giant Cock, Gif, Lesbian, LGBTQ, NSFW, Parody, Rejection, Termination, Video, Woman, World

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Prince Charming child molester avoids jail time 


Bryant bypassed all security protocols and was walking the halls of the elementary school with his service dog among children who were the same age as his victims.

He even brought treats for the children in the teacher's class.

Prince Charming child molester avoids jail time

A decade of claims of sexual abuse and bullying

142 Years to Life in Prison Over ‘Horrific’ Child Abuse and Sexual Assault

80 men accuse doctor of sexual misconduct

Mom chases and hits boyfriend who abused her 7 year old

Tags: $, Bi, Child Abuse, Children, Complaint, Court, Drag, Education, Exploitation, Influencer, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Nature, Neglect, No Punishment, NSFW, Parental Burden, Rape, Sex, Shutdown, Training, Treatment, Winning, Youth

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Joy Reid blasts focus on Gabby Petito case as 'missing whitex woman syndrome' 


Reid credited the term to the 'late and great' journalist Gwen Ifill, and said the phenomenon outlines 'the media and public fascination with missing white women.'

She cited other high-profile coverage of searches for white women who were later found dead like Laci Peterson or Natalie Holloway - 'while ignoring cases involving missing people of color.'

The host then brought on two panelists - Derrica Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation, and Lynette Grey Bull of the Not Our Native Daughters Foundation - to discuss people of color who went missing but the media ignored because they were not white.

Joy Reid blasts

I Wish White People Would Stop Thinking Black People Need Saving

'Simply not true'

Zac Stacy claims girlfriend STAGED video of him brutally beating her

Father, 44, shoots ex-wife dead then kills himself after murdering his ex-girlfriend

NFL Player Murdered Six People in S.C.

...‘sexual encounter’ as motive in 5-year-old girl's slaying,...

Black women will get no-strings-attached monthly checks

Activist slams school board pushing to give extra pay based on skin color

Jack Brewer threatens to SUE Joy Reid

Tags: $, Argument, Celebration, Celebrity, Charity, Children, Court, Crime, Cultural, Education, Employment, Equality, Fetish, Journalism, Judgment, Lifestyle, Marriage, Minors, Murder, Music, News, Opinion, Preference, Rape, Sex, Society, Sports, Suspension, Trafficking, TV, Video, Voyeur, Women, Youth

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Woke medical students are accused of bullying professors into apologizing for using terms 'male' and 'female' 


Professors at America's top medical schools are being bullied into teaching students that biological sex is a construct and are apologizing for using the terms 'male' and 'female', students say.

Woke medical students are accused of bullying

Figure skater Nathan Chen apologizes for homophobic remarks

Attack on brave 14-year-old girl spawns international outcry

Trans scholar writes essay threatening violence against women, gets featured by prominent university

Professor who refused student pronouns wins massive payout from university

Tags: $, Bullying, Choices, Court, Education, Enforcement, Identity, Judgment, LGBTQ, Opinion, Sports, Trans, Violence, Who Gives A Fuck!, World, Youth

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Dog walker permanently disfigured in 'bloodthirsty' attack by 2 dogs 


“The Dogs knocked Jacqueline off balance, causing her to fall and drop her cell phone. Then, the Dogs violently attacked her head and face — mauling her catastrophically. The Dogs were so violent and bloodthirsty that they pulled all of Jacqueline’s clothes off, including her blue jeans,” the lawsuit said.

Dog walker permanently disfigured...

Hunters slaughter hundreds of fenced-in animals

Boy, 7, suffers severe injuries by neighbor’s dog

Escaped dog attacks 6-year-old

Monkey bashes seagull to death

Camel attack in TN leaves two dead

Woman severely mauled by pet pit bull

Mom mauled by pit bulls woke from coma to be told both her arms had been amputated

Dolphin attacks trainer in front of horrified crowd

Tags: Animals, Attack, Court, Environment, Fighting Back, Hate, Injury, Murder, Revenge, Seafood, Slaughter, Training, Video, Violence, Wildlife, World

Filed under: Health/Food



High Schooler Charged for Allegedly Throwing Cotton Balls at Black Student 


The White suspect is seen walking up behind a Black student.

High Schooler Charged

Young daughter called 'gorilla' by friend in handmade birthday card

Dead rapper’s body propped up in club for cash

Target accused of racism for locking up dark makeup but not lighter shades

Black Virginia teacher SUES white tenth-grade student for harassing him with a banana

White Stanford academic bullied for not wanting to dumb down math for blacks

Woman attacked a Black teenager while falsely accusing him of stealing

OnlyFans star do NOT believe she was acting in self-defense and demand she be charged with his murder

I would have bought a clean banana and confronted the kid about his gift. I would've eaten the clean banana in front of him and thanked him for his generosity. PS: Then you make him eat the dirty banana while you film it and send it to all of his classmates. I would title the video "Fat little fuck eats a dirty banana." 07-Apr-2022

Tags: $, Backlash, Celebration, Children, Choices, Court, Cultural, Death, Education, Environment, Etiquette, Fame, Friendship, Intelligence, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Respect, Self Defense, Shopping, Theft, Video, Violence, Youth

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Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Doesn’t Want To Work With Vin Diesel Ever Again 


Personally and professionally, there are many similarities between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, enough to make it seem as though they’d get on like a house on fire once the former professional wrestler was drafted in to help reboot Fast & Furious as a blockbuster action franchise beginning with the fifth installment.

Both of them are jacked bald dudes with an apparent allergy to sleeves who found their biggest successes in the action genre, they founded their own production companies that have since expanded out of the feature film business and into other areas, while they take a very hands-on role in the development of their own projects, taking producer’s credits as well as top billing. Two muscular, chrome-domed peas in a very large pod, you’d have thought.

...Ever Again

Matt Damon is slammed after admitting he was using homophobic slur f****t...

'You would rather me die?'

Dwayne Johnson slams Vin Diesel's proposal

Dwayne Johnson Threatened With Cease-and-Desist by Megan Rapinoe

Tags: $, Advertising, Business, Celebrity, Court, Feud, Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Sports

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High court reverses 5 years of marriage equality 


The plaintiffs’ case was argued on three grounds: religiously motivated legislation, freedom of conscience, and discrimination according to creed. The Council found that the religious intent behind the marriage law was irrelevant, that the plaintiffs were free to enter into a non-legally-binding marriage, and that it is not discrimination unless it involves an entire system of beliefs.

High court reverses 5 years of marriage equality

Teacher suing school for requiring her to address students by their preferred pronouns

SM trolls harass gay couple after neighbors torment them

Ex-girlfriend gets cop fired for having sex with male prostitutes

“Don’t Say Gay” bills in 15 states now

Tags: Accusation, Ban, Choices, Court, Education, Employment, Gay, Laws, LGBTQ, Marriage Equality, Neighbor, Police, Relationships, Sex, Snitching, Teacher, Treatment, Women In Charge, World

Filed under: Gay+



Don Lemon slams Chris Cuomo 


Lemon turned on his old network pal on Monday...

Don Lemon slams Chris Cuomo

Joe Rogan criticizes left-wing media: nobody listens to Don Lemon

David Draiman Slams Trevor Noah

Chris Cuomo was fired after a secret 'sex assault'

Don Lemon’s Sexual Assault Case Is Moving Forward

Chris Cuomo Throws His Bestie Don Lemon Under the Bus

Tags: $, Argument, Celebrity, Court, Employment, Feud, Friendship, Gay, Hate, Journalism, LGBTQ, NSFW, Politics, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sports

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Snoop Dogg Sued for Sexual Assault 


Doe asked Campbell to drop her off at home, but she fell asleep in the car and woke up at Campbell’s, according to the lawsuit. She fell asleep at Campbell’s house, only to, she said, wake up in the early morning to Campbell trying to force his penis into her mouth.

Afterwards, Campbell allegedly brought Doe with him to Snoop Dogg’s studio, and told her, “I want to see if he will make you the weather girl.” While at the studio, Doe was using the bathroom when Snoop Dogg walked in. That’s when, according to the lawsuit, Snoop Dogg ordered Doe to put his penis in her mouth.

Snoop Dogg Sued for Sexual Assault

'He abused me all over SNL'

Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyers 'threatened his rape accuser

Two CA assistant principals at high school charged with felony child abuse

William Hutchinson, 63, appears in court on charges he raped unconscious 16-year-old girl

Girl gives teacher note about her mom's boyfriend

4-Year-Old Boy ‘Begging for Bread and Water,’ Before Death By Starvation

Tags: Accusation, Celebrity, Court, Minors, Parental Crime, Rape, Revenge, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sports

Filed under: Gay+



What Happened When Homeless Men Moved Into a Liberal Neighborhood 


The guests arrived at the Lucerne Hotel, two blocks from Central Park, carrying their belongings, stepping off buses and filling the hotel’s empty rooms, which typically cost more than $200 a night.

They were not tourists nor business travelers but residents of homeless shelters whom the city sent to the Lucerne to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the crowded shelter system. Over three days, 283 men moved into the hotel.

Their arrival has become a flash point and a test of values for the Upper West Side — a neighborhood with a reputation as one of the most liberal enclaves in New York and in the entire country.

One day after the men began moving into the Lucerne, on West 79th Street, a private Facebook group — Upper West Siders for Safer Streets — was created by residents who were up in arms. The group has more than 8,700 members.

Many commenters said the men menaced pedestrians, urinated and defecated on the street and used and sold drugs in the open.

In interviews, some longtime residents said the hotel’s conversion into a shelter had dimmed the quality of life and evoked memories of an era when the neighborhood was filled with single room occupancy hotels that helped fuel crime.

What Happened When Homeless Men Moved Into a Liberal Neighborhood

LI residents rally against plan to turn old hotel into homeless family shelter

Dozens of homeless men into Brooklyn hotels

Navigation Center for Homeless Opens in Fullerton

Residents threaten to sue Mayor if he doesn't move 13,000 homeless people

Homeless man cracks woman's skull with a baseball bat

San Francisco pays people to be homeless

Black woman, 33, 'used $15,000 pandemic relief loan to put hit on TSA agent

Woman kicked down station stairs while being smashing by a HAMMER

Tags: Backlash, Choices, Contamination, Coronavirus, Court, Environment, Family, Health, Homeless, Neighbor, Safety, Sharing, Vandalism, Video, Violence, Wealth

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