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Letting go of the “no gender” utopia 


Now that the U.S. government is threatening to define gender as only male or female, we need to fight more than ever for transgender rights. But the idea there should be no gender categories and we should live in a label-free world, as some have argued, is a utopian dream.

Pioneering scholar Dennis Altman spoke for many gay and lesbian activists at the beginning of the modern queer rights movement in 1971 when he suggested the battle for acceptance of human and legal rights for gay and lesbian people had only one goal: the eradication of the need for any such rights at all.

According to Altman, categories of sexuality were a necessary evil, but in an ideal world they would be replaced by “a new human who is no longer imprisoned by limitations of sexuality and compassion….”

Cultural theorists Daniel Harris and Bert Archer continue to embrace Altman’s original utopian vision. Harris gleefully announced the death of both gay culture and straight oppression in his 1997 book, The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture:


Tags: All Rights, Education, Environment, Equality, Fighting Back, History, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Perception, Representation, Science, Unity, Writing



Trump is forcing 4-H to stop welcoming LGBTQ kids & the guy who tried to block him just got fired 


The youth development and mentoring organization 4-H is the latest target of the Trump administration. The group is under fire for being too nice to LGBTQ youth.

After the international youth organization issued diversity guidelines meant to grow membership by ensuring all children felt welcome, evangelical Christians and anti-LGBTQ hate groups targeted the group to try to get the policy withdrawn.

The Trump administration, beholden to the far right for power, has taken up the cudgel on behalf of their political overlords once again and this time they’re going to war against children.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Americans, Child Abuse, Children, Dictatorship, Environment, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Govt, Hate, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Insensitivity, Judgement, Leaders, New World Order, Program, Religion, Representation, Supremacy, Treatment, Youth



Supreme Court asked to mandate segregation for transgender students 


The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an anti-LGBTQ hate group, has yet another case it wants the Supreme Court to consider. This time, they’re hoping the justices will mandate that schools must segregate transgender students to single-use restrooms for the sake of other students’ “comfort.”

In its petition to the Court, ADF asks it to overturn a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit that upheld a trans-inclusive policy at Boyertown Area Senior High School in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Third Circuit recognized that it is important to transgender students’ well-being to be recognized according to their gender identity and that excluding them from facilities is detrimental to both their physical and mental health. While the students ADF represents may have been uncomfortable, they are not suffering comparable discrimination or violations of privacy simply for being expected to share facilities with their transgender classmates.

Think Progress

Tags: All Rights, Court, Education, Environment, Policy, Privacy, Transgender



Child bride auctioned on Facebook in 'barbaric use of technology' 


Facebook has come under fire for a "barbaric use of technology" that allowed the sale of a child bride to be held on its site.

An auction was held on the social media platform for a 16-year-old girl in South Sudan which sought payment for her hand in marriage.
Facebook said the post was taken down as soon as the company learned of it, but that wasn't until after the girl was married.

According to children's rights organization Plan International, the girl was bid on by five men, some of whom were reportedly high-ranking South Sudanese government officials.


Man Sentenced to Life for Raping 7-Year-Old Girl Just 6 Weeks After Being Released for Another Rape

More than 420 suspects are being investigated in £100m Rotherham grooming inquiry after conviction of gang who forced girl to have sex with 'at least 100 Asian men' by the time she was 16

Tags: All Rights, Child Abuse, Children, Environment, Family, Lifestyle, Macho Posing, Magic Splatter, Marriage, Men In Charge, Parental Crime, Rape, Religion, Self Interest, Sex, Slavery, Social Media, Supremacy, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



When Does BDSM Become Abuse? 


After a recent death in the online kinkster community, many people began to question the limits of submissive relationships.

In Instagram photos, Dylan Hafertepen, a master to five adult slaves, appears cartoonishly large, like a Tom of Finland sketch come to life. In one of his most iconic shots (since deleted from the gram) Dylan gives a military salute to the camera as his pups Chuck, Angus, Daniel, Biff and Tank pose around him. Some are wearing skin-tight jockstraps that barely contain their inflated ball sacks. Tank, whose given name was Jack Chapman, sits on Dylan’s right side, wearing a red bandana, with a padlocked chain around his neck. He’s beaming.


Tags: Abuse, All Rights, BDSM, Choices, Death, Service, Sex, Violence



In 20 years we'll look back on the rush to change our children's sex as one of the darkest chapters in medicine, says psychotherapist BOB WITHERS 


Let me be absolutely clear: I am in no doubt there are people who feel they are one gender while having the body of the other.

Living with such constant, internal conflict is horrifying for many of those affected, and it should never be ignored.

No one should seek to suppress another person’s genuinely held sexual orientation or gender identity.

But the question we must ask ourselves today is this – how do we decide whose needs are genuine? And how, then, should we treat them?

Daily Mail

Tags: All Rights, Education, Mental Health, Politics, Protections, Study, Support, Surgery, Treatment, Youth



A Teen Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted With A Broomstick At A Prestigious All-Boys Catholic School In Toronto 


Police in Toronto are seeking information on multiple incidents of alleged sexual and physical assaults at a private all-boys Catholic school after videos of two of the alleged assaults surfaced on social media earlier this week.

St. Michael’s College School in Toronto has expelled eight students and suspended one after videos of two separate incidents — one which involved allegations of sexual assault — were circulated online.

Toronto police said Friday that its investigation into one of the incidents — in which a student was allegedly sexually assaulted with a broomstick by a group of boys in a locker room — has opened a “number of occurrences involving incidents of alleged assaultive and sexually assaultive behavior” at the school.

Buzzfeed News

Six Americans file class action lawsuit against Vatican claiming U.S. Catholic clergy sexually abused them

Trans youth are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted or raped in the US

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Bullying, Children, Court, Education, Environment, Hate, Humiliation, Inhumanity, Injury, LGBTQ, Macho Posing, Magic Splatter, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parents Don't Always Rule, Privilege, Rape, Religion, Safety, Self-hatred, Sex, Transgender, Violence, Waste, World, Youth



NCAA athlete disowned by family able to keep GoFundMe donations 


After her parents learned she has a girlfriend, Emily Scheck, 19, a college sophomore and Division I athlete, was disowned by them in August, right before the start of the school year. She said she was left with just $20 to her name.

In an interview published last week, Scheck told LGBTQ sports site OutSports that her mother had given her an ultimatum after finding out that Scheck has a girlfriend: come home and receive therapy or be cut off from the family. Scheck chose the latter.

NBC News

Tags: All Rights, Education, Environment, Family, Finance, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Interview, Lesbian, Mental Health, Parental Crime, Relationships, Social Media, Sports, Woman's Rights, Youth



Shocking video of two churches pushing ex-gay therapy may help end the practice 


While more US states prepare to ban so-called ex-gay conversion therapy, the harmful practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation remains legal through the UK. And a recent TV report has captured disturbing footage of two UK churches claiming that God can “fix” gay people.

An ITV investigative report revealed that Journey UK and World Mission Agency – Winners Chapel International (WMA-WCI) both advocate the idea that one can pray the gay away.

A man from Journey UK spoke to an undercover ITV reporter about how certain activities can help lessen one’s feelings of same-sex attraction. A pastor from WMA-WCI told the reporter that gay people are under Satan’s control and compared positive media depictions of gay people to Nazi propaganda.

The WMA-WCI pastor also said a 20-minute prayer over the reporter, even speaking in tongues, presumably attempting to “heal” him.


Tags: All Rights, Conversion Therapy, Finance, Hate, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Magic Splatter, Religion, Waste, Weird, Youth



Woman Held Captive for 10 Years in 'Basement of Horrors' Speaks Out: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die There' 


A Pennsylvania woman who was held captive for 10 years in what has reportedly been described as a “basement of horrors” is sharing her story seven years after she was rescued.

“I thought I was going to die there,” Tamara Breeden told local TV station WCAU in an interview this week of her time imprisoned in the basement of a Philadelphia home where she and several other developmentally disabled adults were kept.

The group was eventually saved in 2011 and their captor, Linda Weston, along with three co-conspirators were sent to prison.

Breeden, now 36, told WCAU that in addition to being physically abused and kept in torturous conditions — without light, a bed or a bathroom — she and the others were forced to urinate in a bucket, wear clothes pulled from the trash and denied showers.


Tags: All Rights, Finance, Hate, Heartless, Inhumanity, Mental Health, Portrait, Slavery, Treatment, Victims, Violence



Rose McGowan's heard more LGBTI MeToo stories 'than the media would ever cover’ 


Rose McGowan has talked about the impact of MeToo movement among LGBTIs, saying she’s ‘humbled’ when community members share their stories with her.

Speaking at Damian Barr’s Literary Salon in London last month, the activist said she’d heard more stories ‘than the media would ever cover’, particularly from gay men and boys.

The former Charmed actress became a figurehead for the MeToo movement, which fights against sexual abuse and assault, after becoming one of the most high profile accusers of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein last year.

Asked by GSN at the event: ‘Would you like to see the the MeToo movement reverberate deeper among the LGBTI community and specifically gay men?’ Rose gave a detailed and thoughtful response.

‘‘Society is only really as sick as its secrets’

Gay Star News

Case reveals shame, trauma of male sex trafficking victims

Tags: All Rights, Celebrity, Environment, LGBTQ, Opinion, Politics, Portrait, Protections, Sex, Slavery, Talk, Violence, Woman's Rights



CNN Sues Trump Over Suspension of Jim Acosta’s WH Credentials 


CNN is suing Donald Trump, chief of staff John Kelly, press secretary Sarah Sanders, deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine, Secret Service director Joseph Clancy, and the Secret Service officer who took Jim Acosta’s hard pass away in order to have Acosta’s credentials restored.

CNN reports: ‘The lawsuit is a response to the White House’s suspension of Acosta’s press pass, known as a Secret Service “hard pass,” last week. The suit alleges that Acosta and CNN’s First and Fifth Amendment rights are being violated by the ban. The suit is being filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning, a CNN spokeswoman confirmed…The six defendants are all named because of their roles in enforcing and announcing Acosta’s suspension.’


White House must restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass, judge rules

Tags: All Rights, Americans, Court, Cowardice, Criticism, Exclusivity, Free Speech, Interference, Justice, Leaders, New World Order, News, Politics, Press, Self Interest





A Kansas County commissioner is facing calls to apologize after telling a black woman that he is part of the “master race” during a routine public planning meeting.

The remark was made on Tuesday by Leavenworth County commissioner Louis Klemp, a white man, and seemingly directed at a woman presenting for an architecture firm. It has been branded as racist—and local media reported it was not the first time Klemp has sparked controversy.

“I don't want you to feel like I'm picking on you. Because we are part of the master race,” he said in the meeting. “You have a gap in your teeth you're the master race, don’t ever forget that.”

Bob Holland, another Leavenworth County commissioner, told KCTV5 that Klemp—who is reportedly due to leave his position on January 15 next year—should make an apology.

“What’s this master race?" Holland said on Wednesday. “None of us are a master race. We are all Americans, we are all human beings. I think he is a racist. I do. I think he owes an apology to that woman. I think he owes an apology to the whole commission. And the county.”


Professor Calls Cops on Black Student for Having Her Feet Up in Class

Tags: All Rights, Choices, Education, Employment, Environment, Govt, Insensitivity, Investigation, Leaders, Racism, Weird, Youth



Georgia Legislator, Arrested At Work, Says She Was ‘Singled Out As A Black Female Senator’ 


Georgia state Sen. Nikema Williams (D-Atlanta) was arrested along with more than a dozen other protesters at the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon at a demonstration asking the state to “count every vote” from last week’s gubernatorial election. Protesters shouted “Let her go!” as Williams was handcuffed while the General Assembly was in session.

Williams, a civil rights advocate who organized domestic workers for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice and spent about six hours at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

“There are countless Georgians who cast their ballots and still don’t feel like their voices are heard,” she said in a statement after being released. “I joined them down on the floor, and I was singled out as a Black female senator standing in the rotunda with constituents.”

Huffington Post

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Americans, Arrest, Communist State, Environment, Exclusivity, Free Speech, Politics, Racism, Standing Up, Treatment, Voting, Woman's Rights



Conversion Therapy Is Still Happening And It's Killing LGBTQ Teens 


This year, two movies about conversion therapy (or the idea that homosexuality and queerness are curable diseases) have hit the big screen to critical acclaim. Boy Erased, based on the memoir of the same title by Garrard Conley, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post, based on the novel by Emily Danforth, tell the stories of two teenagers from religious communities whose families enroll them in programs that promise to rid them of their same-sex attraction.

As someone from a religious background, I was moved by how realistic both films were about the pain of growing up in a community that rejects a major facet of your identity. But what I truly found to be one of the most emotional moments of Boy Erased was, in the film's final moments, when modern day conversion therapy facts started to appear on-screen. The film says that 700,000 LGBTQ people have been subjected to conversion therapy.

And it’s entirely true— conversion therapy is a reality. It’s still fully legally in 36 states, and strains of it run through too many religious communities to count. It's estimated that 20,000 LGBTQ teens will be subject to conversion therapy by a healthcare provider, and nearly 60,000 will be subject to "treatment" from a religious counselor before they turn 18.


Kentucky Baptist Convention severs ties with churches that support hiring gay employees

Tags: All Rights, Conversion Therapy, Gay Rights, Hate, Homophobia, Humiliation, Inhumanity, Injury, Judgement, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Punishment, Religion, Self-hatred, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Supremacy, Threat, Victims, Youth



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