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Report: LGBTQ+ Men and Women Raped, Abused In Syrian Conflict 


Gay and bisexual men in Syria, along with transgender women, have been suffering horrific sexual violence in that nation during its multisided civil war, as documented in a new Human Rights Watch report.

“Since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011, men and boys and transgender women have been subjected to rape and other forms of sexual violence by the Syrian government and non-state armed groups, including the extremist armed group Islamic State (also known as ISIS),” says the report, “They Treated Us in Monstrous Ways”: Sexual Violence Against Men, Boys, and Transgender Women in the Syrian Conflict, released Wednesday. “Heterosexual men and boys are vulnerable to sexual violence in Syria, but men who are gay or bisexual — or perceived to be — and transgender women are particularly at risk.”

Naila, a 21-year-old transgender woman, said she was gang-raped in prison while a minor. “They brought the stick of a mop and they inserted it in our anus,” she said. “A strong bleeding started, and we were mutilated.”


Gay Man Says Group of 7 Beat Him Unconscious While Camping

Family of Special-Ed Student Who Was Given Drugs, Sexually Assaulted by Teacher Sues School District

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Awareness, Chaos, Children, Choices, Civil War, Crime, Cruelty, Cultural, Disabled, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Family, Hate, Inhumanity, Injury, Macho Posing, Mental Health, Rape, Sex, Teacher, Trans, Treatment, Victims, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women In Charge, World



At least 17 people shot in NYC on Monday as gun violence continues to soar 


At least 17 people were shot in New York City on Monday — a tally that would be considered high for a weekend day, but is “astronomical” for early in the week, law enforcement sources said.

No borough was spared from the gunplay, but Brooklyn saw the most violence with 10 shooting incidents and a total of 12 victims, sources said.

“Those numbers would be high for a Friday or Saturday, but for a Monday they are astronomical,” said one high-ranking Brooklyn cop.

NY Post

Authorities building case against Bronx man who put NYPD officer in headlock

Two boys, ages 12 and 15, wounded in separate NYC shootings

White couple are arrested after 'attacking 59-year-old black hotel worker and repeatedly calling her a monkey'

Leftists go berserk at protest, surround and smash up car — and it turns out driver has cerebral palsy

Bronx man charged for stabbing pair of elderly straphangers on subway

UFC fighter Devonte Smith’s sister shot and killed outside nightclub in Ohio

Man Who Reported Girlfriend Missing Now Charged With Her Murder After Blood Was Found 'All Over' Home Where She Was Last Seen

Two thugs tried to rob a gay couple in a hate-filled, homophobic mugging – but it backfired spectacularly

2 killed, including 15-year-old boy, in Queens shooting

Tags: Accident, Activism, Arrest, Attack, Celebrity, Chaos, Children, Club/Bar, Crime, Disabled, Employment, Environment, Family, Fighting Back, Guns, Hotel, Minors, Murder, Police, Protest, Racial Tension, Racism, Rampage, Relationships, Sports, Statistics, Surge, Theft, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, Youth



Outcry over racial data grows as virus slams black Americans 


As the coronavirus tightens its grip across the country, it is cutting a particularly devastating swath through an already vulnerable population — black Americans.

Democratic lawmakers and community leaders in cities hard-hit by the pandemic have been sounding the alarm over what they see as a disturbing trend of the virus killing African Americans at a higher rate, along with a lack of overall information about the race of victims as the nation’s death toll mounts.

Among the cities where black residents have been hard-hit: New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago and Milwaukee.

“Everywhere we look, the coronavirus is devastating our communities,” said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP.

ABC News

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Weighed In On Why So Many Black Americans Are Dying Of COVID-19

Diamond and Silk’s Twitter account locked for breaking coronavirus misinformation rules

In These States, the Disabled Could Go to the Back of the Ventilator Line

This South Florida City Is a Looming Coronavirus Hot Spot You Haven’t Heard About

Tags: Community, Coronavirus, Disabled, Discrimination, Environment, Fake News, Health, Lifestyle, Medical, Neglect, Preservation, Reckless, Safety, Social Media, Survival, Termination, Threat, Treatment, Unity, Victims, Vulnerable



A 14-Year-Old Girl With Disabilities Was Raped On Her School Bus After The Driver Ignored Previous Abuse, A Lawsuit Says 


A 14-year-old student with intellectual and physical disabilities was allegedly sexually assaulted over a period of nearly two weeks by other special needs students on a school bus before the driver or any other adult intervened, according to a lawsuit.

The girl's mother sued her daughter's school district in Georgia federal court Tuesday. The lawsuit alleges that the Fulton County School District (FCSD) discriminated against the girl, who is referred to as "Jane Doe" in the filing to protect her privacy, "through its deliberate indifference to the sexual assaults and rape she endured" and by failing to provide safe transportation for her.

Buzzfeed News

Tags: Abuse, Children, Court, Disabled, Education, Employment, Environment, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Rape, Safety, Sex, Treatment, Unruly Child, Violence



Parents say Catholic church refused First Communion to child with autism 


A New Jersey couple says a Catholic church refused to give First Communion to an 8-year-old child with autism.

Jimmy and Nicole LaCugna, the parents of the child, who is nonverbal, allege that leaders at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson, N.J., said their child couldn’t receive communion because he “is not up to the ‘benchmark required to make his communion.’”

“This is very hard and upsetting to comprehend when we all are created by God and now our son is being shunned from the Catholic faith due to his inability to communicate,” Jimmy LaCugna wrote in a Facebook post last week that has since gone viral.

The Hill

Tags: All Rights, Children, Choices, Disabled, Discrimination, Environment, Hostility, Insensitivity, Parental Burden, Religion



California high school basketball game ends in ‘racist’ chant: ‘Where’s your passport?’ 


A California high school basketball game ended with students from one school erupting into a chant of “Where’s your passport?” as the opposing team’s principal angrily confronts them.

The chant erupted at the conclusion of the contest between St. Joseph High School, a private school, and Righetti High, a public school located across the street in Santa Maria, according to the Santa Maria Times.

Supporters from Righetti High, the visiting team who lost 74-57, started the taunt in the final seconds of the game, according to video captured by the paper’s sports editor and posted to Twitter.

Three players on St. Joseph’s are from Puerto Rico — a US territory — and one is from France, the report said.

NY Post

Four students were suspended after racist Snapchats. They're suing the district for violating free speech.


A school called police after a kindergartner with Down syndrome pointed a finger gun at her teacher.

Tags: All Rights, Choices, Court, Disabled, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Free Speech, Hate, Insensitivity, Mental Health, Minors, Parental Crime, Police, Politics, Privacy, Privilege, Racism, Respect, Sports, Stereotype, Threat, Treatment, Unruly Child, Youth



Special’s Ryan O’Connell: Stop using disabled people as ‘inspiration porn’ / Amplify by Gay Times 


“It’s been really, really surreal to be honest! I feel like I always believed in what we were doing and what we made, but to have people as bowled over as they are is incredibly emotional and surreal,” he says. “The messages I’ve been getting from people who are disabled, and gay, or gay and disabled, or just even not is overwhelming and I can’t wait to unpack it with my therapist!”

Written and led on screen by Ryan, the eight excellent 15-minute episodes take inspiration from his 2015 memoir, I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves and features a partly-fictional version of himself. Produced by Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory, Special has gone global with fans from across the world going crazy for Ryan O’Connell. And while he’s game for it all, there’s a serious message as well: Giving young queer and disabled people the role model Ryan looked for, but never found.

Gay Times

Tags: Actor, Awareness, Celebrity, Disabled, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Interview, LGBTQ, Portrait, Representation, Sex, Social Media, Treatment, TV Gay Swatch



Quadriplegic fulfills lifelong dream of making porn 


Dreams really do come true — even for quadriplegics who want to make gay porn.

That is at least the case for Kenneth Connin, 27, who lost the use of his legs and the feeling in his arms from the biceps down when he suffered a spinal cord injury at 18 years old while competitive cheerleading, according to Gay Star News.

But the injury didn’t stop Connin, who says he always wanted to have sex on the internet, from filming his first gay porn scene with Pierce Paris, a veteran of the industry, for porn studio Himeros.

NY Post

Tags: Choices, Disabled, Equality, Freedom, Porn, Representation, Respect, Sex



Cruising for Inclusion 


Jay couldn’t wait to attend the Naked Unicorn Party, the BYOB play party capping off Butchfest, a 2013 Dallas festival celebrating “lesbians and queers who identify as tomboys, butches, studs, bois, transmen genderqueers, two-spirits, and all other identities masculine of center.” He had attended a few other queer sex events before, but as a 42-year-old trans man with a limp, his trans identity and physical disability made it difficult for him to sexually engage others.

Others often assume Jay’s disability puts him in chronic pain, but it doesn’t. And as someone who identifies as “70 percent femme/female-attracted and 30 percent butch/masculine-attracted,” he doesn’t feel welcome in queer sex spaces. At one sex party, the host pointed to him as proof of the event’s inclusivity. As a result, he often feels physically and sexually awkward at these events and usually ends up watching as a voyeur.


Tags: All Rights, Disabled, Entertainment, Environment, Gay, Humiliation, Inclusion, Judgment, Representation, Respect, Service, Sex, Support, Treatment, Unity



A Clerk Called the Cops on a Kid Buying Candy for Being 'Black' and 'Arrogant' 


Friday night started off pretty unremarkably for Jordan McDowell. The 22-year-old college student was on a quest to buy some Sour Patch Kids, so he made a stop at a local convenience store. But after perusing some of the aisles, he started to get the feeling that someone was watching him.

"She had been in the corner the whole time watching," McDowell told KRQE.

What by all accounts should have been a routine trip to the store suddenly took a scary turn: Out of nowhere, the clerk of the store called him “sketchy.” Then she picked up a phone and dialed 911.


Cop uses Taser on 11-year-old girl accused of shoplifting at grocery store

An Arkansas police officer is fired after telling a group of black men 'you don't belong in my city'

KFC incident with deaf woman leads to sensitivity training

Tags: Americans, Crime, Disabled, Discrimination, Environment, Hate, Hostility, Inciting Violence, Injury, Interference, Investigation, Just Do Your Job, Parental Burden, Parenting, Parents Don't Always Rule, Police, Racism, Restaurant, Self Interest, Supremacy, Treatment, Youth



Pennsylvania Pediatrician Charged With Sexually Abusing More Than 2 Dozen Children 


Charges have been filed against a Pennsylvania pediatrician who in January was arrested for molesting more than two dozen children, in many cases while their parents were in the exam room.

Johnnie Wilson Barto was charged on Monday with sexually abusing 29 children over the course of more than 20 years, Buzzfeed reports. The 69 counts include charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault, and multiple counts of indecent assault and endangering the welfare of children.


Woman Sexually Assaulted in Bathroom During Foo Fighters Wrigley Field Show

Family Allegedly Forced Woman with Autism to Live in Cage and Eat Her Mom's Ashes: Prosecutors

Utah Dad Allegedly Stabbed Infant Son to Death on Homemade Altar, Then Stashed Body in Closet

Australian Bishop Convicted of Sex Abuse Cover-Up Resigns

Tags: Abuse, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Disabled, Employment, Environment, Family, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Keep Abortion Legal, Magic Splatter, Medical, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Murder, Parental Burden, Parenting, Religion, Representation, Sex, Treatment, Violence, Wake-Up!, Woman's Rights, Women, Wrong



Why accessibility in the queer community is still a problem 


I love my queer community, I really do. There is something comforting and reassuring about a community of misfits all of whom share that familiar thread of stories of shame, ostracism and harassment.

You can exchange those frustrated looks when a cisgender person loudly asks “but how do you really know you’re that gender?” You can reminisce together about all the former crushes you used to keep secret, or about your first “gay movie.” My queer community is a little reprieve away from a world that views straight and cisgender people as the default.

So it’s all the more heartbreaking when I find myself behind rows of barriers to access that community.

I’m not only queer, but I’m also disabled and neurodivergent. I walk with a crutch most days, and I experience chronic pain. And it bumps up the difficulty level for having real-life queer friendships just a little bit.


Tags: All Rights, Bio, Community, Disabled, Discrimination, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Health, Inclusion, Insensitivity, Lifestyle, Representation, Respect, Unity



LaVar Ball said wife had stroke 'so she can be quiet' 


For much of the past year, the Ball family had been reluctant to provide details on Tina's stroke and her road to recovery. She was featured in the reality show Ball in the Family, but a recent feature from The Washington Post shed more light on how Tina has been treated by her husband since suffering the stroke in February of 2017.

Tina defied odds in regaining the ability walk. She has been left with aphasia, which limits the stroke victims' verbal communication. According to The Post, LaVar has treated Tina's condition as a weakness, making her ditch a wheelchair so it doesn't leave marks in their house.

USA Today

Tags: Celebrity, Disabled, Feminism, Gossip, Hostility, Insensitivity, Marriage, Perception, Representation, Sports, Woman's Rights, Women



Four officers fired for sending homophobic texts and joking about disabled people being raped 


Four police officers have been canned for sending “discriminatory and offensive” messages about gay and disabled people to one another on the app WhatsApp.

The officers, whose names have not been released, belonged to the Leicestershire Police Department in the U.K. They exchanged nearly 100 messages between 2013 and 2014.

The messages, which were sent in a closed chat group set up by one of the officers, included childish phrases like “big gay bear” and “big gay purple head” and made jokes about people with disabilities being raped and other things officers of the law, or anyone for that matter, really shouldn’t be joking about.


Tags: Abuse, Backlash, Bullying, Disabled, Employment, Idiocy, Justice, Laws, Mental Health, Parenting, Police, Self Interest, Service, Sex, Social Media, Toxic, Unruly Child



Queer People and People of Color React to Charlottesville Activism 


Rachel, a queer black woman in Charlottesville, says that the rally on August 12 "affirmed what I knew intellectually about white supremacy.... It was a physical manifestation of the ideologies that built America." But for her, the community response reminded her of the legacy of activists from generations past. "The day represented an affirmation of the black liberation traditions that I've seen in the past of community defense. It's interesting to see that in such a large way.... I read about the history of resistance, the history of sexism, fascism, and racism, but I've never been a part of it. I have stories from my family who have."

Teen Vogue

Tags: All Rights, Anguish, Bullying, Choices, Community, Concern, Dedication, Disabled, Discrimination, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, Fear, Feud, Free Speech, Govt, Homophobia, Hostility, Magic Splatter, New World Order, Parenting, Political, Racism, Social Media, Stepping Up, Support, Threat, Unity, Violence



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