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All Posts Tagged as 'Backlash'

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Indiana School Board Member Says 'Cry Me a River' Over Trans Suicides 


Activists in Evansville, Ind., caught a school board member on video appearing to dismiss their concerns about safety for LGBTQ kids.

This week, ten members of the Tri-State Alliance — a social service and educational organization serving LGBTQ communities in southeastern Illinois, southwestern Indiana, and western Kentucky — attended a board meeting of the Evansville-Vanderburgh County School Corporation to ask for greater protections for queer students.

After the meeting, the activists confronted school board members, according to posts on the group’s Facebook page.

The Tri-State Alliance says board member Ann Ennis claimed there was no support on the board for addressing suicide concerns among trans students.

On a video posted to the group’s Facebook page, Tri-State Alliance President Wally Paynter can be heard calling Ennis transphobic.


Trans Woman Sues Pharmacy for Revealing Her HIV Status

Utah school fires substitute teacher who told 5th-graders 'homosexuality is wrong'

Tags: $, Abuse, All Rights, Americans, Backlash, Court, Education, Environment, Equality, Exclusivity, Feminism, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Gay, Health, Heartless, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Inciting Future Hate, Inhumanity, Insensitivity, LGBTQ, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Politics, Privacy, Privilege, Protections, Punishment, Representation, Safety, Sex Identity, Social Media, Stereotype, Suicide, Training, Trans, Women In Charge, Youth

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Catholic School Students Protest Forced Removal From Gay 'Nutcracker' 


Toledo, Ohio, Catholic school students were unceremoniously removed from a performance of The Nutcracker when chaperones realized that Clara’s parents would be portrayed as gay dads. Despite an apology from the administration, students still protested by painting the “spirit rock” in rainbow colors and emblazoning it with “God Loves U” on Tuesday, according to TV station WTOL.


Tags: All Rights, Art, Backlash, Education, Environment, Exclusivity, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Religion, Students, Youth

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Anyone should be allowed to 'identify' as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background, say university leaders 


Anyone should be allowed to ‘identify’ as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background, according to Left-wing university leaders.

The Universities and Colleges Union has set out its stance in a report on the ongoing row about whether men should be able to self-identify as women and be treated as female regardless of their anatomy.

The UCU’s ‘position statement’ did not just stand by its support for self-identification of gender, but also insisted people can choose their own race, saying: ‘Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry and stereotyping. UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.’

Daily Mail

Tags: Action, Activism, All Rights, Backlash, Education, Environment, Equality, Laws, LGBTQ, Politics, Representation, Sex Identity, Study, Unity, Woman's Rights

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Two Chinese men claim they were racially profiled by Alaska Airlines employee at who asked 'how much are they paying you?' before sparking panic by screaming for evacuation at Newark Airport 


The two Chinese men who were accused of acting suspiciously and triggered a panicked evacuation at Newark Liberty Airport last week are speaking out for the first time saying they were racially profiled by an Alaska Airlines employee.

The chaos unfolded at the New Jersey airport on September 3 around 8.30pm at Gate 30 of Terminal A when an Alaska Airlines approached Han Han Xue, 29, and Chunyi Luo, 20, and asked them pointed questions about their Asian heritage.

She asked assumed they knew each other and asked 'Why are you acting suspiciously' and 'What are they paying you?' before screaming 'Evacuate!', sending 200 panicked people running out of the gate amid fears of an active shooter.

'It was a very shocking experience...I couldn't believe this was happening,' Xue said on the incident to BuzzFeed News.

Daily Mail

Tags: All Rights, Backlash, Discrimination, Employment, Environment, Hostility, Insensitivity, Interference, Investigation, Mental Health, Profiling, Reckless, Travel, World

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Chinese tourists are opting out of travel to the US in favor of the rest of the world 


In 2018, Chinese tourists made nearly 150 million trips around the world, spending a colossal $277 billion. More than $36 billion, or about 13% of that sum, was spent in the US, with Chinese visitors spending it up in Hawaii, Hollywood, and other big-ticket US destinations.

Since the start of the trade war, however, Chinese tourism to the US is down by more than 8%. The number of Chinese visitors stateside is waning—due to geopolitical pressures, a strong dollar, and the seductive call of the rest of the world.


Tags: $, Backlash, Economy, Immigration, Politics, Tourism, Travel, World

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Sexual Abuse Against Gay and Bi Men Brings Unique Stigma and Harm 


At least 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. This number rises to 1 in 4 men across their lifespan.

The rates of sexual abuse and assault are even higher in boys and men from sexual minority populations.

Sexual violation in gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex individuals often complicates their sense of self, and how they fit, or don’t fit, into LGBTQ+ culture and communities. Such abuse may even impact their reaching out for help or reporting traumatic events as they fear stigmatization or victim-blaming.


Anti-groping stamp lets victims mark assailants

She Was Ordered To Pay Damages And Apologize To The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her — So She Left The Country

Workplace Study Finds Men Have Responded to MeToo by Becoming Even Shittier

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Backlash, Employment, Environment, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Protection, Psychology, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Statistics, Tech, Training, Treatment, Violence, Woman's Rights, World

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The owner of the Pirates owns a newspaper that called marriage equality, trans rights ‘dubious achievements’ 


A small newspaper owned and controlled by Pittsburgh Pirates owner Robert Nutting recently published an editorial that called into question its view of the LGBTQ community. If not for criticism by a progressive news site, few people outside Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley might have seen the editors’ choice of words. Those words also prompted words between Nutting and the publisher.

The Winchester Star is a daily publication with a circulation of less than 20,000, and is operated by Nutting’s Ogden Newspapers, which is publisher of more than 40 newspapers and media outlets across the U.S. It was started by his great-grandfather in 1890. On August 7th, the staff published an editorial critical of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for the Democrat’s refusal to share a stage with President Donald Trump at the 400th anniversary celebration of the Jamestown settlement.


Tags: $, Activism, Backlash, Business, Discrimination, Journalism, LGBTQ, Politics, Representation, Sports

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Adults Take to Twitter to Bully 16-Year-Old Climate Activist 


A few extremely balanced adults exhibited cool behavior yesterday when they decided to mock a teen on Twitter: 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who set sail from Plymouth, U.K., on a two-week, carbon-neutral sailing voyage to attend climate talks in New York and Chile. Thunberg is a Swedish activist with Asperger syndrome who began striking from school to bring awareness to climate change in May 2018, and has since become a leader of the youth-driven international climate movement.

The Cut

Tags: Activism, Attack, Backlash, Children, Environment, Protest, Social Media, World, Youth

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Odell Beckham Jr hits back at homophobes mocking his Calvin Klein shoot 


The American football star, who currently plays as the wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, has faced a string of anti-gay comments on his latest Instagram post, which sees him posing in his underwear for a new Calvin Klein campaign.

“Boy look gay as hell,” wrote one Instagram user, while another added: “He low key gay tho.”

Responding to the comments and rumours about his sexuality – which have followed him for years now – Odell re-affirmed that he is indeed straight and said he shouldn’t need to keep addressing his sexuality.

“Yallll chilllll mann damnnnn! It be a lot of y’all sayin sus and alll the other comments that realllly be a direct reflection of who u are! Im straight! Like beyond it,” he wrote.

“If I sit here and defend myself y’all gon say im tryna defend myself, if I sit there and say nothin yalll gon say ‘seee he didn’t say anything.’ I’m good wit me. Which is dumb straightttt… Period.

Gay Times

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Daddy Squish, Entertainment, Environment, Hate, Hot Swatch, Interference, LGBTQ, Privacy, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Sports, Support, Treatment

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Knife waving man screaming antigay & racist slurs in barbershop shot by Palm Springs police 


A man who burst into a barbershop brandishing a knife and started yelling antigay and racist slurs was shot by police in Palm Springs, California. The unidentified man was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Officers originally were called to reports of a fight outside of a Bank of America, but learned that the deranged man had previously entered the nearby barbershop before patrons pushed him out and into the bank parking lot.

LGBTQ Nation

Anti-LGBTQ groups are funding the bigoted opponent of this trans legislator

One of the leading causes of death for young gay & bi men is police violence

DC police release photos of gang of men who attacked a trans woman in gas station lobby

Queer Middle School Teacher Rebuked for 'Gender Unicorn' Explainer

Republican official says the ‘sin’ of homosexuality kills gay men at age 42

Bus driver refuses to operate vehicle that ‘promotes homosexuality.’ Now he’s not working at all.

Restaurant employees get $40k after nonstop antigay harassment by coworkers

Tags: $, All Rights, Arrest, Attack, Backlash, Business, Children, Court, Death, Employment, Environment, Harassment, Homophobia, Hostility, Investigation, Leaders, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Police, Politics, Racism, Rampage, Religion, Restaurant, Safety, Settlement, Sex Identity, Statistics, Supremacy, Suspension, Threat, Trans, Treatment, Violence, Weapon, Youth

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Parents protest vulgar anti-LGBTQ priest appointed to teach pre-teens at Catholic school 


Rev. Erik Richtsteig is supposed to become a new youth pastor working with kids ages four to 15 in Salt Lake City’s Catholic schools. But more than 150 parents have signed a petition opposing his appointment after discovering his anti-LGBTQ and misogynist social media posts.

According to New York Daily News:

“In a post on Facebook, the paper noted, the priest said that images shared by LGBTQ individuals in June (Pride month) looked ‘like a gnome vomited.’

He also would not accept any friend requests from people who had a rainbow filter over their picture.”

He has reportedly also followed Facebook pages with titles like, “Male feminists are p*ssies,” “Right wing extremist” and “Obama has to go.”

LGBTQ Nation

College kicks out trans student for having top surgery

Las Vegas Man Arrested for Plotting Bombing of LGBTQ+ Bar

Report: Sibling Killed in Dayton Shooting Was Trans Man Jordan Cofer

The 14th Black Trans Woman Has Been Murdered Just This Year

Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence in Latin America Reaches 'Alarming' Level

This ‘Straight Pride’ organiser blames her gay son for their bad relationship

Tags: Backlash, Church, College, Education, Employment, Hate, Homophobia, Hostility, Hypocrisy, LGBTQ, Men In Charge, Misrepresentation, Murder, Parental Burden, Parents Don't Always Rule, Privilege, Racism, Religion, Representation, Sexism, Students, Termination, Terror, Threat, Trans, Violence, World, Youth

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Jair Bolsonaro: 'Poop every other day' to protect the environment 


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has suggested people should "poop every other day" as a way to save the planet.

His comment came in answer to a journalist who asked him how to combine agricultural development and protecting the environment.

Mr Bolsonaro recently came under fire after official data showed an increase in deforestation in the Amazon.

He then sacked the head of the agency that reported the increase, accusing it of lying about the problem's scale.


Tags: Backlash, Environment, Leaders, Options, Overpopulation, Parental Crime, Privilege, Terraforming, World

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Magnum slammed for ad comparing eating ice cream to gay men being jailed 


Magnum are facing criticism over their latest advert campaign.

The popular ice cream brand have received backlash after a new advert, which played on music streaming service Spotify in the UK, compared the “guilty pleasure” of eating an ice cream to gay people being imprisoned in countries with anti-LGBTQ laws.

“A hug for my boyfriend. That’s my guilty pleasure. Because in my country, just a simple hug with the man I love could send me to prison for more than 10 years,” says the voiceover in the controversial advert.

Gay Times

Tags: Advertising, Backlash, Business, Gay, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Prison, Representation, Treatment

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'Fake' anti-racism campaigns don't affect anyone, claims Evra 


The former defender says leagues must take stronger action to fight racism in football
Patrice Evra says anti-racism campaigns in football such as Kick It Out are "fake" and ineffective in tackling the issue.

The former Manchester United, Juventus and France defender was on the receiving end of racist remarks from Luis Suarez in a famous incident during a clash between the Old Trafford side and Liverpool in October 2011.

Racism remains a big issue throughout world football, as has been highlighted by several recent high-profile incidents in England and Italy, where Moise Kean and Kalidou Koulibaly have suffered racial abuse.


‘The Rookie’ Star Afton Williamson Claims Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Assault Led to Series Exit

Tags: Activism, Awareness, Backlash, Celebrity, Discrimination, Employment, Entertainment, Environment, Hate, Hostility, Humiliation, Investigation, Politics, Racism, Respect, Safety, Sexual Harassment, Sports, Treatment, TV Swatch, World

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Gay Son of ‘Straight Pride’ Event Organizer Speaks Out Against It: WATCH 


Organizers have reportedly filed an application to use the city’s Mancini Bowl for a rally and may also be planning a parade around the August 24 event.

The Modesto Bee reports: “Mason still will address the City Council. He said he supports the right to free speech and peaceful assembly but believes the city should not allow this event because it has the potential for violence. One of the organizers has said the local chapter of the Proud Boys accepted his invitation to attend. The New York Times has reported that Proud Boy members attended the 2017 far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in which one of the rally participants drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one of them.”


Tags: All Rights, Backlash, Celebration, Fighting Back, Het, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Politics, Protest, Safety, Video

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