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Kelly Ripa talks hubby Marc Consuelos’ penis size after pic impresses fans 


“Full disclosure, I believe that’s definitely a shadow that’s causing that bulging effect,” he wrote, a statement that clearly didn’t sit well with Ripa, who went on to confirm the pic’s validity.

Kelly Ripa talks hubby Marc Consuelos’ penis size after pic impresses fans

Tags: Anatomy, Celebrity, Entertainment, Family, Man Appeal, Priorities, Woman's Rights



The Fatal Gang Rape of a Young Woman Is Forcing a Reckoning in India Over the Caste System 


On Sept. 29, a 19 year-old woman died of injuries after she was allegedly gang raped by a group of men in a field in Hathras district, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She was a Dalit, member of a community at the bottom of India’s rigid caste hierarchy, while the four alleged perpetrators, who have been arrested and charged with murder and rape, are members of a dominant upper caste.

The woman had spent two weeks fighting for her life in a Delhi hospital after the alleged gang rape on Sept.14, which left her with severe damage to her spinal cord. (The woman has not been named in the Indian press due to a law that prohibits identifying the victims of sexual violence.)

The Fatal Gang Rape of a Young Woman Is Forcing a Reckoning in India Over the Caste System

Tags: Crime, Cruelty, Cultural, Environment, Exclusivity, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Poverty, Rape, Sex, Victims, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



New survey: 65% doubt Hollywood's sexual harassers will be held accountable; only 23% report misconduct 


A new survey from The Hollywood Commission released Tuesday that found 65% of respondents said they didn’t believe someone in power (for example, a producer or director) would be held accountable for harassing someone with less authority. Women (28%) were less likely than men (45%) to believe harassers would be held accountable, and white (36%) and Black respondents (34%) had a more favorable view of accountability than Hispanic or Latin workers (29%).

New survey: 65% doubt Hollywood's sexual harassers will be held accountable; only 23% report misconduct

The celebrities you didn’t know were on the sex offender list

45+ Famous People Charged With Sex Crimes

19 People You May Not Realize Are Registered Sex Offenders

Tags: Accusation, Celebrity, Children, Hate, LGBTQ, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Misconduct, Policy, Politics, Punishment, Representation, Safety, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Woman's Rights, Youth



Teenager Dies in Hospital Two Weeks After Brutal Rape Left Her Paralyzed 


A19-year-old woman in India has died two weeks after being gang raped by four men in a brutal attack that had left her paralyzed.

The teenager, who has not been named, died at New Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital on Tuesday following the assault by the group in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras district.

Police said the woman had been left with spinal injuries after she tried to fight off her attackers.

Her death comes just weeks after Newsweek reported how a teenage girl suffering from COVID-19 in India was raped on the way to hospital by a bogus ambulance driver.

The teenager, who has not been named, was allegedly attacked by the man in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

Teenager Dies in Hospital Two Weeks After Brutal Rape Left Her Paralyzed

School Staffer Gets Jail for Sexually Abusing Boy, Telling Him He 'Deserved Special Things'

Fox News' Andrew 'Judge' Napolitano Accused of Multiple Instances of Sexual Assault and Attempted Rape

Facebook Bans, Then Restores Image of Shirtless Black Trans Man

An 11-year-old boy and a woman are dead after an Oregon hostage situation

A religion in which women and children are constantly being made to suffer, sucks! 29-Sep-2020

Tags: Child Abuse, Children, Community, Controversy, Cruelty, Cultural, Education, Gay, Hate, Heartless, Horny, Leaders, LGBTQ, Men, Nudity, Pederasty, Persecution, Politics, Prison, Safety, Sentence, Sex, Slavery, Social Media, Survival, Teacher, Threat, Thug, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



Taylor Swift Surpasses Whitney Houston for Most Weeks at No. 1 Among Women in Billboard 200’s History 


Taylor Swift’s Folklore album returns to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, collecting a seventh nonconsecutive week atop the tally. In doing so, Swift surpasses Whitney Houston’s longstanding record, among women, for the most cumulative weeks at No. 1, across all of her chart-topping albums. Swift’s total weeks at No. 1 now stands at 47, one more than Houston’s tally of 46. Folklore earned 87,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Sept. 24 (up 97 percent), according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

Here’s a roundup of every act with at least 30 weeks at No. 1, since the Billboard 200 chart began publishing on a regular weekly basis on March 24, 1956: The Beatles (132 weeks), Elvis Presley (67), Garth Brooks (52), Michael Jackson (51), Taylor Swift (47), Whitney Houston (46), The Kingston Trio (46), Elton John (39), Fleetwood Mac (38), The Rolling Stones (38), Harry Belafonte (37), The Monkees (37), Prince (35), Adele (34), Eminem (34), Eagles (30) and Mariah Carey (30).

Taylor Swift Surpasses Whitney Houston for Most Weeks at No. 1 Among Women in Billboard 200’s History

Tags: $, Artist, Celebrity, History, Music, Success, Woman's Rights



School worker claims ‘extremist’ rants against LGBT-inclusive education were ‘morally necessary’ to defend the Bible 


Kristie Higgs, 44, had been employed at Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, for seven years, but was sacked for gross misconduct in 2018 over Facebook rants about LGBT+ inclusive education.

In one post, sharing a petition from anti-LGBT+ lobbying group CitizenGo, Higgs accused schools of “BRAINWASHING OUR CHILDREN” [sic] through inclusive relationships education, claiming: “[This] means, for example, that children will be taught that all relationships are equally valid and ‘normal’, so that same-sex marriage is exactly the same as traditional marriage, and that gender is a matter of choice, not biology, so that it’s up to them what sex they are.”

Higgs described inclusive education as a “vicious form of totalitarianism”, adding: “Please sign this petition, they have already started to brainwash our innocent wonderfully created children and it’s happening in our local primary school now.”

But this week, Higgs announced that she would be taking legal action against Farmor’s School, claiming that she was subjected to discrimination and harassment on the grounds of her religious beliefs.

School worker claims ‘extremist’ rants against LGBT-inclusive education were ‘morally necessary’ to defend the Bible

Tags: Backlash, Education, Employment, Enforcement, Environment, LGBTQ, Opinion, Parental Burden, Politics, Religion, Termination, Woman's Rights



Enough with the 'poor Jen' narrative. It's time to stop shipping a reunion with Brad Pitt. 


When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston married in a lavish Malibu ceremony in 2000, it was the stuff of tabloid dreams.

But after their breakup five years later, everything changed.

Pitt had fallen for Angelina Jolie, a woman in complete opposition to the 'girl next door' archetype prescribed to Aniston. She was the tattooed, twice-divorced star of cult hits and action films, an Oscar winner with a mysterious, almost untouchable air. Aniston was the wholesome, innocent woman scorned.

That was 15 years ago, yet still the 'poor Jen' narrative persists.

It was there in lamentations about the end of her subsequent marriage to Justin Theroux. It was there in speculation about why she didn't have children. It was even there in assumptions that she celebrated Brangelina's 2016 breakup.

And it's there in the hope that she and Pitt will reunite.

Enough with the 'poor Jen' narrative. It's time to stop shipping a reunion with Brad Pitt.

Tags: Cheating, Divorce, Entertainment, Gossip, Return, Woman's Rights



3 Adult Brothers Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Tried To Hide, Locked Herself In Bathroom 


Three brothers in their 30s are accused of breaking into a bedroom where a scared 10-year-old tried to escape them before they held her down and raped her.

Raul and Wilmer Paz-Perez, both 35, and Elder Paz-Perez, 31, allegedly attacked the child on Sept. 9, according to a press release from the Kenner Police Department. The siblings live with the child in a Kenner home, and are friends of the girl's family, the Associated Press reports.

"All three men were home alone with the victim when they made sexual advances toward the child in which they offered money for sex," the press release stated. “The child locked herself in the bedroom.”

While she tried to keep the men out, they allegedly kept on trying to attack her.

3 Adult Brothers Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Tried To Hide, Locked Herself In Bathroom

Pakistan's prime minister calls for rapists to be hanged or castrated after mother gang-raped

Tags: Arrest, Children, Hate, Parental Crime, Punishment, Rape, Sex, Violence, Woman's Rights, World



Fugitive dad arrested for slaying teen daughters in ‘honor killing’ 


A Texas father — one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives — wanted for the slayings of his two teen daughters was busted after more than 12 years on the run, the federal law enforcement agency announced.

The teens were found shot multiple times in a cab outside an Irving motel after one of them called 911, saying she was dying, authorities said.

“Help,” the younger sister could be heard crying on a 911 recording. “I’m dying. Oh my God. Stop it.”

Relatives at the time told cops that Yaser threatened “bodily harm” against Sarah for going on a date with a non-Muslim.

Fugitive dad arrested for slaying teen daughters in ‘honor killing’

New details: police confirm 15-year-old boy killed in overnight shooting inside Desert Highland Gateway Estates

Sickening moment mugger drags and then slams woman, 85, walking with a cane on the ground during brutal robbery on Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Black man reportedly shouts 'Black lives matter!' while stabbing white man in seemingly random attack — and now he faces hate crime charges

Arsonist torches Jewish student center at University of Delaware

Shocking moment 16-year-old girl's body is burned after she was murdered by people she thought were friends - as Mexican prosecutor is slammed for blaming the tragedy on her tattoos

'Sick monster' is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend's nephews, brothers ages 12 and 14, who were found dead in their Florida home by their mother when she woke up

Tags: Arrest, Arson, Attack, Charge, Crime, Domestic Violence, Guns, Hate, Injury, Investigation, Men In Charge, Minors, Murder, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Relationships, Religion, Seniors, Theft, Treatment, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, Youth



Joe Biden condemns 'needless violence' in Kenosha in wake of police shooting of Jacob Blake saying 'burning down communities is not protest' and praising victim's mom's call for peace 


Joe Biden condemned the 'needless violence' in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the wake of police shooting Jacob Blake and said Wednesday he had spoken with members of Blake's family.

'Protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary, but burning down communities is not protest, it's needless violence,' Biden said. 'Violence that endangers lives, violence that guts businesses and shutters businesses that serve the community, that's wrong.'

The Democratic presidential nominee said he had spoken with Blake's mother, father and sister, and quoted his mother Julia Jackson in the short video Biden posted to Twitter.

Joe Biden condemns 'needless violence'

Brave diner who REFUSED to be intimidated by white BLM mob tormenting her outside DC restaurant after she failed to raise her fist in solidarity

Sickening footage shows man in his 70s being knocked out cold by looter as he tries to protect his store during Kenosha riots - as pizza worker whose restaurant was trashed asks rioters: 'Are you trying to get Trump re-elected?'

Tags: Activism, Chaos, Crime, Leaders, Politics, Safety, Surge, Torture, Toxic, Treatment, Unity, Video, Violence, Woman's Rights, Youth



Rose McGowan unleashes fury against Joe Biden, Democrats: 'You are monsters, frauds' 


The actress and activist, 46, who has stood behind Biden assault accuser Tara Reade and blasted Hollywood stars for their support of the Democratic presidential nominee, made her distaste for Biden loud and clear as she ripped his speech in which he described America as a "cloak of darkness" under Trump.

"Give people light. Those are words for our time. The current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger. Too much fear. Too much division," Biden said on Thursday night.

"You are the season of darkness. @JoeBiden @dnc You are monsters. You are frauds. You are the lie," McGowan reacted on the social media platform.

"What have the Democrats done to solve ANYTHING? Help the poor? No. Help black & brown people? No. Stop police brutality? No. Help single mothers? No. Help children? No. You have achieved nothing. NOTHING. Why did people vote Trump? Because of you motherfuckers," she wrote.

Rose McGowan unleashes fury against Joe Biden, Democrats: 'You are monsters, frauds'

'I would shut it down': Joe Biden says he would start second lockdown to fight coronavirus pandemic if scientists recommend as he slams Trump for not working to 'fix the virus'

'Kamala is a hypocrite - she saw an opportunity to seize a position of power and took it.' Biden accuser Tara Reade claims Harris 'turned a blind eye to sex assault victims' after saying she 'believed' women who came forward against former VP

Rapper Ice Cube Calls Out Democrats After Convention: 'What's in It for the Black Community?'

Joe Biden faces new plagiarism accusation after viewers claim lines from his DNC acceptance speech sound suspiciously similar to those written by late Canadian politician Jack Layton

Tags: Celebrity, Coronavirus, Fraud, Hypocrisy, Opinion, Plagiarism, Politics, Quarantine, Sex, Sexual Abuse, Social Media, Speech, Woman's Rights



Alabama mother chillingly tells how she woke up being sexually assaulted in her own bed by serial rapist with 'pure evil in his eyes' who had been freed from jail just three months earlier 


Disturbing new details have emerged about a suspected serial rapist who was shot by cops and arrested in Alabama last month after allegedly assaulting two women in their homes two days apart, with one of the victims being asleep just steps away from her husband and daughter.

Dai Qwane Rickey Burgin-Goodson, 26, was apprehended on July 23 in Jefferson County and jailed on a dozen charges, including two counts of rape stemming from two separate attacks, counts of burglary, home invasion, assault, theft and probation violation.

Three months prior, Burgin-Goodson had been released from prison after serving seven years for committing a series of sexual assaults, home invasions and armed robberies.

Alabama mother chillingly

Former Florida county tax collector faces child sex-trafficking charge

Tags: Charge, Children, Crime, Rape, Sex, Sex Worker, Trafficking, Violence, Woman's Rights



Two women say ex-Washington RB Derrius Guice raped them at LSU when he was a freshman 


Two former Louisiana State University students said recently released Washington Football Team running back Derrius Guice raped them months apart in 2016, when he was a rising star freshman on the LSU football team.

A USA TODAY investigation found that the women’s allegations were shared at the time with multiple people at the school – including at least two coaches, an athletics administrator and a nurse – yet the school does not appear to have investigated.

As the holder of LSU’s single-game rushing record and No. 5 on the Tigers’ career rushing list, Guice was expected to be a first-round pick in the 2018 draft. But he fell to the end of the second round amid concerns about his maturity and accountability. Injuries have plagued his short professional career, and Washington cut him Aug. 7 after his arrest the same day in Virginia on multiple domestic violence charges.

Two women say ex-Washington RB Derrius Guice raped them at LSU when he was a freshman

NYC Man Who Raped Woman He Followed Off Bus and Asked for Directions Gets 12 Years

Comedian Bryan Callen dropped by agents at CAA, Innovative Artists

Tags: Celebrity, Complaint, Domestic Violence, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Judgment, Punishment, Rape, Sex, Sports, Termination, Violence, Woman's Rights



Texas high school student made sexual advances during Zoom class 


A frisky high school freshman in San Antonio turned a virtual art class into an unwanted peep show, pulling up his shirt and making sexual advances toward a teacher.

A Zoom class held by a female teacher Tuesday for more than a dozen students at Thomas Edison High School descended into chaos when at least one unidentified freshman exposed his chest during the session while saying he’d like to perform sex acts on her, KSAT reports.

Texas high school student made sexual advances during Zoom class

Tags: Children, Education, Etiquette, Insensitivity, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Sexual Harassment, Social Media, Teacher, Woman's Rights, Youth



Texas mom-of-two, 23, who was beaten to death and had her teeth pulled out in violent Mexico robbery 'was lured across the border by sex offender who knows her family and claimed her boyfriend had been kidnapped and held for ransom' 


The American mom-of-two who was found beaten to death with all of her teeth pulled out and part of her scalp removed in Mexico had been lured across the border by her killer, who told her that her boyfriend had been kidnapped, investigators say.

Braulio Trevino Martínez, 39, was arrested at his home in the subdivision of Molinos del Rey on Tuesday for the murder of 23-year-old Lizbeth Flores, a law enforcement official confirmed to

The official said the motive for the brutally violent crime was a robbery.

Texas mom-of-two

FBI releases new security video showing the last known images of missing mom Leila Cavett, 21, whose two-year-old son was found wandering the streets of Florida

Tags: Arrest, Brutality, Children, Crime, Cultural, Investigation, Kidnap, Men In Charge, Missing, Murder, Parental Burden, Torture, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



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