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Suicide Rate For Girls Has Been Rising Faster Than For Boys, Study Finds 


The number of people dying by suicide in the U.S. has been rising, and a new study shows that the suicide rate among young teenage girls has been increasing faster than it has for boys of the same age.

Boys are still more likely to take their own lives. But the study published Friday in JAMA Network Open finds that girls are steadily narrowing that gap.

Researchers examined more than 85,000 youth suicides that occurred between 1975 and 2016. Donna Ruch, a researcher at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, who worked on the study, tells NPR that a major shift occurred after 2007.

Researchers found the increase was highest for girls ages 10 to 14, rising by nearly 13% since 2007. While for boys of the same age, it rose by 7%.

"That's where we saw the most significant narrowing of the gender gap," Ruch says.


Tags: Children, Environment, Heritage, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Psychology, Study, Suicide, Support, Treatment, Youth



Chris Cuomo Makes Heartfelt Plea To End The Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness 


Chris Cuomo would ask for an end to mental illness, and not for world peace, if a genie from a bottle ever granted him a wish.

“Why? Peace is temporary, we know that,” the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” explained on Thursday night.

“Mental illness is too often, forever,” he added.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Cuomo dedicated an entire segment of his show to tackling the stigma surrounding mental illness.


Tags: Awareness, Celebration, Daddy Squish, Dedication, Disease, Environment, Mental Health, Opinion, Respect, Saving The Environment!, Suicide, Support, Survival, Treatment, Video, World



Expert reveals the warning signs of male mental health issues including the loss of appetite and struggling to sleep - and the practical steps you can take to help 


Male mental health is once again in the news following the suicide of Love Island star Mike Thalassitis, who was just 26-years-old when he tragically took his own life last week.

But while many of us are concerned about how it might affect the men in our lives, we might not be aware of the warning signs we should be looking out for.

Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services at AXA PPP healthcare, from the UK, speaks exclusively to Femail about the red flags that might give you cause for concern, and what steps you can take if you recognise any in your loved ones.

Dr Winwood says that your boyfriend or husband could act out of character, or display a range of varying emotions:

'It could be anger, irritability and aggressiveness, or they could struggle to show or feel positive emotions.

Daily Mail

Tags: Advice, Men, Mental Health, Psychology, Science, Study, Suicide, Support, Treatment



Ghosts? Scents?: Scotland Stumped Why Numerous Canines Have Jumped from 'Dog Suicide Bridge' 


It’s a mystery that has plagued the superstitious town of Dumbarton, Scotland, since the 1950s: why do dogs jump from Overtoun Bridge?

According to The New York Times, numerous dogs — reportedly up to 600 canines — have inexplicable thrown themselves from Overtoun, which has earned the name “Dog Suicide Bridge,” and dozens have died from the subsequent fall to the rocks below.

Numerous explanations have been offered over the decades for why the bridge has seemingly compelled dogs to jump down into the gorge it covers.

“People in Dumbarton are very superstitious,” Alastair Dutton, a Dumbarton resident told The New York Times. “We grew up playing in the Overtoun grounds, and we believe in ghosts here because we’ve all seen or felt spirits up here.”


Tags: Animals, Nature, Suicide, Weird, World



Coming Out as a Gay Man With a Mental Illness 


My experience with being a homosexual male and having schizoaffective disorder/generalized anxiety Disorder, is like having two dogs inside of my body, sometimes fighting each other just to accept their personal truths. Being queer with the rise of fascism in the United States is downright terrifying. I hear stories daily about all genders/non-genders being confronted and sometimes assaulted for the way they look, or simply for holding hands while walking.

I’ve known I was gay since I was 16, after getting my first girlfriend. We had a very close relationship, but sex just never worked out, and I didn’t know why. I felt terrible because I felt that I had let her down, and being 16 and unaware socially, that I had let myself down by not passing the stereotypical, toxic misconception of the sexual right of passage. We eventually broke up and I didn’t know where to turn, or who to turn to. My dad said he accepts me either way, but I still felt jilted in ways because I didn’t feel, “Normal.”

The Good Men Project

Tags: Coming Out, Community, Disease, Education, Environment, Gay, Mental Health, Portrait, Suicide, Support, Treatment



Parkland Students Share Mental Health Resources to Support Each Other 


After two Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students died by apparent suicides in the span of just a week, current and former students at the school are calling on the Parkland community to support its young people with mental health services. On social media, survivors are reminding us of the supports available when you're having a hard time.

Anti-gun violence activist David Hogg, who graduated from Stoneman Douglas in 2018, took to Twitter in the wake of his classmates' deaths, saying that the trauma endured after a mass shooting doesn't fade quickly.

"Stop saying you’ll get over it,'" he wrote. "You don’t get over something that never should have happened because those that die from gun violence are stolen from us not naturally lost. Trauma and loss don’t just go away, you have to learn to live with it through getting support."


Father of Sandy Hook School Shooting Victim Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

The warning signs of suicide – and how to get help

Tags: Death, Environment, Family, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Recovery, Suicide, Support, Survival, Therapy, Treatment, Violence, Youth



Rate of young people hospitalized for mental health issues soared 28% in 4 years - and suicide-related ER visits doubled 


The number of young people visiting US emergency rooms with psychiatric problems is rising, driven largely by a surge in teens and minority youth seeking urgent help for mental illnesses, a new study suggests.

Between 2011 and 2015, there was a 28 percent increase in psychiatric emergency department (ED) visits among young people ages 6 to 24, the study found.

Visits spiked 54 percent for teens, 53 percent for African-American youth, and 91 percent for young Hispanic patients.

Suicide-related visits climbed more than two-fold during the study period.

Daily Mail

Tags: Mental Health, Parental Burden, Study, Suicide, Treatment, World, Youth



Scientists find differences between LGBTQ & straight people who die from suicide 


For many in the LGBTQ community, dealing with suicidal feelings are an all-too-common occurrence, and one that should give pause.

Now, a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine is taking a closer look at LGBTQ people who have died by suicide and it reveals some surprising differences between our community and straight people.

Amongst the findings was this stark fact: young LGBTQ people are five times more likely to attempt suicide than straight people.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Environment, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Science, Study, Suicide, Treatment, Youth



Suicide By Women Is A Major Public Health Concern In India 


In June, M., a 28-year-old woman jumped from the second floor of her home in Madurai, India — 20 feet above a rocky, tar road — after a bitter argument with her husband. He had accused her of having an affair.

This was M.'s second attempt to kill herself. She survived the fall. M. had been prescribed antidepressants after her first suicide attempt seven years before but had stopped taking them. She was admitted to Madurai's Government Rajaji hospital shortly after her second suicide attempt. Three weeks later, doctors recommended that she have surgery using metallic plates to fuse her shattered spine, but her mother, uncertain and fearful about the outcome, refused to let M. go under the knife.

She was discharged a month after her ordeal and remains bedridden in her mother's home, unable to walk. Her two children, an 8-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy, who last visited her a week ago, still live with their father. Her mother gave us the details of her story and asked that only her daughter's initial be used to protect her privacy.


India strikes down sexist adultery law: 'Husband is not the master of the wife'

Tags: Cheating, Environment, Fear, Laws, Lifestyle, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Modernization, Parental Burden, Population, Protections, Study, Suicide, Woman's Rights, Women, World



LGBT Community Has Poorer Health Outcomes, Assessment Finds 


"LGBT people experience the same stressors that anyone else does and when you add their internalized feelings and perceptions of discrimination, there are obvious implications for overall health," Stepleman says. "This assessment is meant to provide an overview, but it helps establish an important baseline and will help us look at the impact of minority stress on a lot of other health variables."

Minority stress describes chronically high levels of stress faced by members of minority groups and can be due to things like poor social support and low socioeconomic status. Many studies have shown that it can contribute to health problems like high blood pressure and anxiety.

Science Magazine

Here's the truth about the LGBTI community and ageism

Tags: Aging, All Rights, Community, Education, Employment, Environment, Fear, Health, History, Insurance, Laws, LGBTI Protections, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nature, Politics, Safety, Sexual Harassment, Study, Suicide, Treatment



Montana had the highest suicide rate in the country. Then budget cuts hit. 


Mourners in this small town in northeast Montana, where a strip of appliance shops and bars are dwarfed by vast ranches, packed into a church this month to pray for Michael Lee.

A week earlier, Michael, a 13-year-old who dreamed of playing for the NFL, had killed himself in his family’s red clapboard home. At the funeral on Aug. 3, a row of Michael’s middle-school football teammates sat behind his relatives and friends, wearing maroon jerseys and white armbands with “R.I.P.” handwritten on them. A handful of strangers were there, too; the funeral announcement said anyone affected by suicide was welcome.

That seems to include just about everybody in the state these days.

NBC News

Tags: All Rights, Americans, Death, Drink, Environment, Guns, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nature, Study, Suicide, Violence



Why mental health advocates use the words 'died by suicide' 


With the news this week of the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, reactions and commentary are pouring in on social media. People who never met them are grasping for answers as to why these icons could meet such a tragic end. Specifically they may be asking, “How could they do this?” It’s a common question in the aftermath of a suicide that, though typically innocent in nature, is loaded with crucial misunderstandings about suicide and, in some cases, mental illness.

What exactly is the problem? Partly it’s in the language. Asking “how someone could do this” puts responsibility on the victim, just as the phrase “committed suicide” suggests an almost criminal intent. Depression and other mental illnesses are leading risk factors for suicide. This is why mental health advocates usually employ the term “died by suicide,” as it removes culpability from the person who has lost their life and allows a discussion about the disease or disorder from which they were suffering.

NBC News

Tags: Environment, Health, Mental Health, Nature, Opinion, Perception, Respect, Science, Study, Suicide, Support



Amid Drastic Rise in Suicide, CDC Says It's Not Just About Mental Health 


The rate of suicide deaths has been rising across the U.S. since at least 1999, according to new data released Thursday. But in some states, the increases are staggering.

In North Dakota, the suicide rate increased by almost 58 percent from 1999 to 2016, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the 25 states where the suicide rate increase by more than 30 percent, the most noticeable rises occurred in western states. Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas and Wyoming all saw increases from 38 to 58 percent. In the east, Vermont, New Hampshire and South Carolina saw dramatic spikes as well.


Tags: All Rights, Americans, Education, Environment, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Parenting, Program, Respect, Sad, Safety, Study, Suicide, Support, Treatment, Waste, World



Teenage depression: If a parent doesn’t get treatment for a child, is that abuse? 

Hospital visits for kids in the U.S. who have contemplated or thought about suicide have risen sharply.

As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I am not surprised. For years, I ran a child psychiatric hospital, where we treat kids after they attempt suicide. Usually, by the time I diagnose a teenager with depression, it is almost too late. Almost. It’s estimated that one in five teens will have depression, but two-thirds of them will go undiagnosed.

The Conversation

Tags: Children, Choices, Dedication, Disease, Education, Environment, Family, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parenting, Perception, Respect, Safety, Study, Suicide, Therapy, Treatment, Youth



Self-inflicted injuries surge among tween and early teen girls 


Emergency room visits for non-fatal, self-inflicted injuries surged in recent years among US girls and young women, especially those between the ages of 10 and 14, according to a new study.

However, rates of self-harm among boys and young men between the ages of 10 and 24 remained stable throughout the years 2001 through 2015, the researchers said.

"Suicide is preventable," said Melissa C. Mercado, lead author of the study published Tuesday in JAMA and a behavioral scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "These findings underscore the need for the implementation of evidence-based, comprehensive suicide- and self-harm-prevention strategies."


A Teen Killed Herself After Being Tormented By Rumors That An Ex Had Shared Intimate Photos Of Her

Tags: Abuse, Action, Environment, Family, Hostility, Mental Health, Parental Burden, Parenting, Perception, Sad, Suicide, Toxic, Violence, Women, Youth



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