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Geraldo Rivera and wife Erica have dueling political signs on their front lawn 


It’s the war of the Riveras!

Flashy Fox newsman Geraldo Rivera and his wife, Erica, are at odds over the presidential election, he told Page Six — and their political battle has been played out on their front lawn for all to see.

Geraldo Rivera and wife Erica have dueling political signs on their front lawn

Tags: Advertising, Campaign, Celebrity, Counter, Marriage, Politics



TikTok 'Shadow-Banned' LGBTQ+ Hashtags in Several Languages 


TikTok has "shadow-banned" several hashtags relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

A report released by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute indicated that terms like "gay," "lesbian," and "transgender" were restricted in several languages for global users, "no matter where in the world they live."

"TikTok users posting videos with these hashtags are given the impression their posts are just as searchable as posts by other users, but in fact they aren’t. In practice, most of these hashtags are categorised in TikTok’s code in the same way that terrorist groups, illicit substances and swear words are treated on the platform. On some occasions, hashtags are categorised as non-existent, when in fact they’re tagged on videos across the platform.

TikTok 'Shadow-Banned' LGBTQ+ Hashtags in Several Languages

Gay man faces homelessness after teenage thugs who spat and hurled homophobic slurs at him every time he left the house

Gay hotel forced to remove BLM banner after anonymous complaint to city

US Marine who murdered a transgender woman was just pardoned

Gay bar raided by COVID “SWAT team” just hours after mayor changes regulations

Gay man was having the time of his life in the forest with his dating app Romeo. Minutes later, he was murdered

Ga. Man Who Was 'Beautiful Light' Is Allegedly Killed by Female Friend in Argument Over $5

Tamar Braxton's Ex-Boyfriend David Adefeso Claims He Was Physically Abused By The Singer

Tags: Activism, Advertising, App, Bar/Club, Business, Celibacy, Complaint, Denied, Etiquette, Exclusivity, Friends, Gay, Hate, Homophobia, Interference, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Move, Murder, Neglect, Police, Politics, Preference, Prison, Relationships, Release, Sex, Social Media, Theft, TikTok, Trans, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



Popular TikTok star crashes & burns after videos attacking LGBTQ people, Muslims & Jews 


Cash Baker is a popular teenage Tik Tok star, but he’s flaming out in a dramatic manner after launching multiple attacks on LGBTQ people, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus.

Baker had over 16 million fans on the platform before posting the videos denigrating other religions and the queer community and now he’s whining that he’s lost “thousands and thousands” of followers over the bigoted remarks.

“I know it’s going to make a lot of people hate me for preaching the gospel. But guys, I’m just trying to preach the truth and what the Bible says, guys,” he added. “I only do all this because I love you guys.”

Baker’s “love” included telling LGBTQ people they would burn in hell because they are sinners.

Popular TikTok star crashes & burns after videos attacking LGBTQ people, Muslims & Jews

Tags: $, Advertising, Business, Cultural, Etiquette, Hate, LGBTQ, Opinion, Politics, Racial Tension, Religion, TikTok, Video, Youth



America Is on Track for a Million Coronavirus Cases a Day, and at Least 800,000 Deaths, by the End of 2020 


If someone had suggested five months ago that we would be seeing more than 3 million cases and 135,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. by mid-July, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But now it’s distinctly possible that, five months from now, half of all Americans could have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, and more than 800,000 Americans may die in this extraordinary outbreak. That is what many of our most prominent public-health experts now expect.

The Daily Beast

‘I’m not crazy’: Why California Latinos carry more worries in pandemic and why many don’t get help

DC proposes tax on advertising in LGBTQ & Black media to pay for city’s COVID shortfall

McDonald's workers report verbal and physical assaults for asking people to wear masks

Florida gang members are organizing COVID-19 parties for up to 400 people with the intention of spreading the virus, sheriff claims

Utah's Republican governor calls people 'foolish' with a 'mob mentality' after 100 parents crowd into a meeting about children wearing masks at school without wearing their own face coverings

Tags: $, Advertising, Americans, Business, Contagion, Coronavirus, Death, Employment, Enforcement, Environment, Etiquette, Gang, Harassment, Hate, Health, Interference, LGBTQ, Life Sucks!, Lifestyle, Mental Health, No more Heroes, Parental Crime, Parties, Politics, Population Control, Priorities, Quarantine, Rampage, Restaurant, Safety, Survival, Tax, Unity, Victims, Video, War, Warning, Women In Charge



You glow girl! Jane Fonda, 82, shows off a VERY smooth complexion as she poses in stunning campaign for a CBD brand - after revealing she uses a weed pen to help her sleep 


Jane Fonda has once again proven that age is just a number by showing off her incredibly youthful complexion in a striking new beauty campaign to celebrate her partnership with CBD brand Uncle Bud's.

Daily Mail

Tags: Advertising, Celebrity



Ben Stiller defies critics calling for Trump to be cut from ‘Zoolander’ 


Can’t Trump this.

Ben Stiller, who directed and starred in the hit 2001 comedy film “Zoolander” — which features a brief cameo from Donald Trump — said this week he won’t cut the president from the movie, despite critics’ calls for Stiller to erase him.

Stiller portrays male supermodel Derek Zoolander in the nearly 20-year-old flick — and said on the Daily Beast podcast “The New Abnormal” that when an opportunity arose for The Donald to be part of the production, he jumped on it.

NY Post

Twitch pulls Black Lives Matter video after criticism from Black creators

Tags: Advertising, All Rights, Art Deletion, Celebrity, Film, Politics, Social Media, Video



Black Americans report hate crimes, violence in wake of George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter gains 


When it comes to families, a viral video shows a white woman pointing a gun at a Black family in a Michigan parking lot and a Black Muslim woman and her two children allegedly had a gun pulled on them by their neighbor in Washington state.

USA Today

Three people killed, cop injured in Florida shooting over ‘dangerous’ dog

Video shows fatal restraint of Cornelius Fredericks, 16, in Michigan foster facility

Comedian Rickey Smiley reveals his daughter was shot twice and hospitalised in Houston road rage shootout

All-white Mississippi county board votes to keep Confederate statue standing in their city square, claiming its removal would do nothing to help ease racial tensions

'The Five' rips CNN's Don Lemon for dismissing Terry Crews in heated interview

Michigan drivers met with startling billboard message: 'Driving while Black? Racial profiling just ahead'

Suspect arrested in connection to vandalized Palm Springs community center

2 Birmingham teens, man charged in deadly shooting at Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover

Car drives into protesters at rally for the Black victim of an 'attempted lynching' in Indiana

Tags: Activism, Advertising, Animals, Arrest, Art Deletion, Attack, Backlash, Ban, Celebrity, Children, Choices, Environment, Guns, Hate, History, Hostility, Injury, Leaders, LGBTQ, Minors, Murder, Parental Burden, Police, Politics, Profiling, Threat, Vandalism, Violence, WE NEED NEW HEROES, Youth



YouTuber Tati Westbrook says she was 'weaponized' by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star in plot to ruin beauty guru James Charles - insisting they fed her lies and 'gaslit' her into making a video about his alleged predatory behavior 


YouTube star Tati Westbrook has made shocking new claims against fellow influencers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, accusing them of 'using' her in a plot to destroy the career of beauty guru James Charles by 'manipulating' her into making a video exposing his alleged predatory behavior.

The 38-year-old opened up about a year-old drama in a very tearful video posted to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, finally shedding some light on the bitter feud between herself and Charles, which was sparked when she called him out for 'seducing straight men' and 'tricking them into thinking they are gay'.

When the claims were first aired in Westbrook's May 2019 video, they prompted a bitter backlash against Charles, who lost more than three million subscribers in the wake of the video going live. Westbrook also faced fury from his fans, and subsequently disappeared from her channel for months.

Daily Mail

Tags: Advertising, Blackmail, Career, Celebrity, Drag, Etiquette, Fashion, Gay, Gossip, LGBTQ, Relationships, Termination, Vengeance



Trump appointee who raged against ‘homo-empire’ thinks drag queens are part of a ‘Satanic agenda of sexual perversion’ 


Employees at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have raised concerns over the appointment of an official with a deeply homophobic record.

Merritt Corrigan was recently appointed by Trump as deputy White House liaison at USAID despite her troubling record on LGBT+ issues.

Her history of homophobic comments initially surfaced earlier this month, when it was revealed she had attacked the US “homo-empire” and “tyrannical LGBT agenda”.

More messages have now been surfaced by CNN’s KFile, which reveal even more extreme views.

Pink News

This ridiculously offensive political ad even includes an old woman spitting at a gay couple

Post Office icon known only as ‘Courtney’ has spent the past few days eviscerating hateful homophobes on Twitter

LGBTQ employees regularly face discrimination at work. Here are 5 steps companies can take to be more inclusive

Turkey defends despicable tweet from Red Cross boss declaring that LGBT+ people ‘impose their paedophiliac dreams on young minds’

Tags: Activism, Advertising, Backlash, Employment, Hate, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Politics, Post Office, Video, Women In Charge, World



‘Golden Girls’ blackface episode removed from Hulu 


Not even “The Golden Girls” are immune to blackface backlash.

“Mixed Blessings,” a 1988 episode of the beloved comedy series, has been yanked off the content-streaming platform Hulu for its depiction of two white characters sporting darkened faces, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The episode features Michael (Scott Jacoby), the son of Bea Arthur’s Dorothy character, planning to wed African-American fiancée Lorraine (Rosalind Cash), who’s twice his age.

While Dorothy is anxious over the extreme age difference, Lorraine’s family disapproves of her marrying a white man. The two families then scheme to sabotage the couple’s engagement.

NY Daily News

Cosmetic giants removing the word 'whitening' from products, realtor association stops using the word 'master bedroom'

A Blackface Moment From "The Office" Has Officially Been Edited Out Of The Series

Tags: Activism, Advertising, Anguish, Art Deletion, Business, Comedy, History, Overreaction, Politics, Racial Tension, TV, TV Gay Swatch, Words



Bus company criticised for “offensive” decision to rebrand Pride bus to an NHS one 


A bus company has come under fire for attempting to rebrand their Pride bus.
Plymouth Citybus took to Twitter over the weekend to share pictures of their new rainbow bus, which has been rebranded from one showing support for LGBTQ+ Pride to one showing support for the NHS.

“Rainbows have become synonymous with hope and the NHS during the current pandemic,” they wrote, “so we thought what better way to show our thanks to our amazing NHS and key workers, than to re-brand our Pride bus to our rainbow NHS bus?”

The decision to rebrand the Pride bus has caused a divide, with many highlighting that the rainbow flag has been associated with Pride for decades, and others pointing out the often fickle nature of companies showing support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Gay Times

Tags: Advertising, Backlash, Business, LGBTQ, Overreaction, Politics, Priorities, Unity, World



KKK Hoods Are Apparently the New COVID-19 Fashion Statement 


Police in Colorado are seeking the public’s help to identify a man who went grocery shopping while wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood this weekend, though a similar case in San Diego recently ended with the police throwing up their hands and going, “This is America.”

Some white people have used their privilege to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic by refusing to follow public health orders to wear masks and not go out to get bad haircuts.

The Root

Tags: Activism, Advertising, Counter, Environmentalist, Hate, Hostility, Humiliation, Protest, Race, Racism, Supremacy, Surge, Threat



Black-owned business featured in Target ad inundated with racist reviews 


A black-owned business was subjected to a wave of negative reviews after the company's founder was featured in a Target ad, where she said she hoped her success could pave the way for black girls.

Bea Dixon was featured in a Target commercial called "Founders We Believe In: The Honey Pot," where she spoke about how difficult it was for her to start her line of feminine hygiene products. Dixon credited Target for working with her and helping her company get stocked at retailers nationwide.

“The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so that the next black girl that comes up with a great idea, she can have a better opportunity," Dixon said at the end of the ad. "That means a lot to me."

Although the ad was originally released in early February, a swarm of people left negative reviews for the company on Monday. Many of the one-star reviews left on consumer review website Trustpilot accused Dixon, and Target, of discriminating against white people in the commercial.

NBC News

Tags: Advertising, Backlash, Business, Environment, Hate, Racism, Representation



Cops And Corporations Don’t Care About Queer People, So Why Do They Pretend To? 


If you’re LGBTIQ, chances are someone has hurled a slur at you at some point. It’s a regular occurrence for some of us and often involves violence, so these incidents can be super confronting.

Last week, ANZ released an ad to coincide with Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras where people stare into the camera and say gay slurs for around a minute. They also produced a browser extension which replaces gay slurs with rainbow emojis (yes, really).

In a surprise twist, many queer people thought this was a bad move.

When the world is so homophobic and transphobic, it seems backwards to criticise an institution which throws a bone our way.

But how much does rainbow capitalism ACTUALLY help queer people? The budget for the ad could have gone to an LGBTI legal service or a mental health service or a housing project. It could have gone towards a community-controlled advocacy or health organisation or funded research into hate speech.

If corporations truly care about homophobia, then why not take a stand against the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill? The new law will legalise discrimination against LGBTIQ people across employment, education, healthcare and day to day life.


Tags: $, Advertising, Charity, Environment, Event, Exclusivity, Insensitivity, LGBTQ, Misrepresentation, Police, Politics, Self Interest, Stereotype, Support, Treatment, World



Grindr is sharing users’ sexual orientation and location data, says study 


The LGBTQ dating app Grindr has been caught sharing users’ sensitive data with thousands of ad partners, reports Bloomberg. That’s according to a study from the Norwegian Consumer Council. The NCC’s report says Grindr uses Twitter’s ad subsidiary MoPub to funnel the personal information of Grindr users to ad partners.

The data includes a Grindr user’s location, age, gender, and sexual orientation, which malicious individuals or parties could then use to identify and target LGBTQ people. As a result of its findings, the NCC and European privacy advocate Max Schrems has filed no fewer than three complaints against Grindr and five ad-tech companies. Those complaints were filed with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, and they allege Grindr’s sharing of personal data breaches the EU’s GDPR privacy rules.

Fast Company

Tags: $, Abuse, Advertising, App, Business, Dating, Environment, Interference, Investigation, LGBTQ, Privacy, Profiling, Safety, Sex, Sex Identity, Tech



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