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Lesbian dating apps and sites for queer women and non-binary people 


Yeah, yeah, dating apps are veritable cess pits of human garbage, I know - and that's if you can actually get replies from people. But when you're lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, pansexual, any LGBTQIA+ identity, dating apps can connect you to people you might not encounter in your day to day life. And they can be a goddam lifeline.

Of course, most dating apps aren't build with us lot in mind. Nope, they're mainly for the straights. So, shortly after becoming single, I took it upon myself to test a variety of queer-specific and mainstream dating apps to see just how good they are for LGBTQ+ people. For context: I am a cis woman, and was up for dating people of all gender identities.

PS: Eight months later, I have a legend of a girlfriend who I met on one of these apps (but probably not the one you'd think...) during this experiment. Thanks journalism, thanks Cosmo you bloody matchmaker, I owe it all to you.


Tags: App, Dating, Environment, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Lifestyle, Relationships, Representation, Social Media, World



Virtual kidnappings are rattling families across the US 


"I have your son and I'm going to f*ck him up," a voice on the other side of the phone said.

For two hours one afternoon in early April, 61-year-old Joseph Baker and his wife Maggie drove around Charlotte, North Carolina, listening to every demand of their son Jake's supposed kidnapper.

"If you call the police, I will know and kill him," he threatened, according to the Bakers. "I have a scanner."

The caller ID on Joseph's smartphone display said the call was coming from his son's number. The couple had no reason not to believe the man on the other end of the line, who knew personal details about the family, including where they lived.


Tags: App, Awareness, Environment, Fear, Finance, Injury, Insensitivity, Interference, Investigation, Kidnap, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, Preservation, Privacy, Safety, Theft, Victims, Violence



The Trevor Project launches 24/7 chat and text services 


The Trevor Project has been focused on preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth for two decades. Now it’s making its support available around the clock.

“The Trevor Project’s text and chat counseling services, TrevorText and TrevorChat, are now available 24/7 for the first time in the organization’s 21-year history of saving young LGBTQ lives,” The Trevor Project says in a press release.

The organization says it broadened its coverage with Generation Z in mind, especially since a third-party evaluation revealed 63 percent of youth who used The Trevor Project’s text and chat services reported doing so because they felt like it was easier to be themselves.


Tags: App, Environment, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Project, Support, Tech, Youth



Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth 


The gay men I work with range from their 20s to 50s. The guys in their 20s are often more attuned to coaching. They’re proactive about their growth and preempt problems by making informed choices. They can be savvy about the need for personal investment.

For older guys, certain issues come up regularly. They include learning to thrive as a gay man as they get older, finding meaningful work and creating authentic connections.

Gay Star News

Jake Bain, Who Made Headlines as Out Gay Football Player, Quits Indiana State Team

57% of LGBTI people lose a friend or family member after coming out

Police accused of breaking into gay man’s home & taunting him with slurs while they assaulted him

Attack Leaves Trans Performer's Face Partially Paralyzed

For Gay Men in Indonesia, There's No Place Safer Than Twitter

This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Tags: Abuse, Aging, App, Arrest, Attack, Awareness, Education, Environment, Hate, Homophobia, Injury, LGBTQ, Loneliness, Police, Portrait, Relationships, Safety, Seniors, Sex, Social Media, Sports, Study, Support, Survival, Tech, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, World, Youth



Pornhub Wants to Return Tumblr to its “Former Glory” 


After Tumblr banned all adult content in December, basically signing it’s own death certificate, Pornhub has reportedly said that the website is interested in restoring the microblogging service to its former glory.

Tumblr’s announcement that it would implement a ban against pornography and any possibly suggestive content created wall to wall news. Tumblr users said that the decision would decimate communities, particularly queer ones, that were sometimes meant for pleasure, other times posed as representation for minorities who didn’t see themself in mainstream pornography, and other times served as sex educators in a world where sex education is woefully lacking. Those users were right. Communities and some 150 million users disappeared as a result of the ban.

There has been no perfect replacement for the service as of yet. And if Pornhub has its way, maybe there doesn’t need to be.


Tags: App, Business, Community, Entertainment, Finance, LGBTQ, NSFW, Preservation, Representation, Social Media



India's two-week ban cost TikTok 15 million users 


One of China's top social media platforms saw its rapid growth braked by being temporarily shut out of India's market of 600 million internet users.

TikTok, the popular video-sharing app owned by Chinese tech giant Bytedance, missed out on adding more than 15 million users in the nearly two weeks it was blocked from downloads by the Indian government, according to a new report from analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Without the ban, April would have been TikTok's best month ever in India, the report said, adding that the app's global downloads dropped by an estimated 33% compared to the previous month.

TikTok declined to comment on the Sensor Tower report.

The app was banned in April after an Indian court ruled that it could expose children to sexual predators, pornographic content and cyberbullying. TikTok appealed the decision, saying it had cracked down on inappropriate content, and the court reversed its ruling. The government then gave Apple and Google permission to offer it for download again.


Tik Tok app raises concerns for young users

Tags: App, Ban, Children, Environment, Finance, Safety, Social Media, Tech, World, Youth



The high school teacher fired for harassing transgender student just got his job back 


Popping up again like a bad rash, Lee Livengood, the West Virginia assistant principal fired for harassing a transgender student, just got his job back.

The Harrison County Board of Education voted to reinstate Livengood to his role after voting unanimously to fire him in late March. District Superintendent Mark Manchin said that the move came after much discussion and deliberation–and the threat of a lawsuit from Livengood’s attorney. “I commend this board for taking the time and getting the input,” Manchin said. “We just felt it was best for the school system and best for the school that we move forward and hopefully, after today’s action, we can put this behind us and move forward, and hopefully everything will be OK.” Attorneys for Livengood had threated to hit the district with a lawsuit over Livengood’s firing, arguing that it violated his contract by terminating him.


Teenager jailed for attempting to slit throat of man he met on Grindr

Tags: App, Education, Employment, Harassment, Injury, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Sex, Transgender, Treatment, Violence, Youth



'My gay landlord mistakenly sucked my Grindr hookup's dick' 


A bisexual guy shared the story of how his gay landlord ended up mistakenly sucking his Grindr hookup’s dick.

26-year-old Joe from San Francisco took to Reddit to explain the ‘wildest night’ of his life.

‘I scheduled to meet with a dude I met on Grindr over the weekend and we had only shared one pic,’ Joe wrote in a now viral post. ‘I guess over the weekend, he catches amnesia or something and completely forgets how I look.

‘Fast forward to 9:30pm and Kyle texts me that he’s at the door. I opened the door, didn’t see anyone and he had also completely ghosted me on text. I was sure at the moment I just got punk’d.

‘He calls me two minutes later and here’s when I get the climactic run down.

Gay Star News

Tags: App, Bi, Environment, Gay, Interference, Misrepresentation, Portrait, Relationships, Service, Sex, Treatment



In The Future, Will Your Kids Be Able To Sue You For Oversharing Online? 


Last month, Gwyneth Paltrow got herself into a bit of parenting pickle with her daughter Apple on Instagram when she shared a ski selfie of her and the teen with her 5.4 million followers. Apparently, she did not receive permission to post the photo, which irked the 14-year-old.

“Mom we have discussed this,” Apple, whose own profile is private, shared in the comments section of Paltrow’s post. “You may not post anything without my consent.”

The media jumped on the story of the “nonconsensual selfie” ? a tale that dovetailed nicely with another news story centered on a celeb oversharer that developed a few days later, when the singer Pink drew the ire of some on the internet after sharing an image of her 2-year-old son, sans diaper. In a second revised post, a strategic black scribble covered the toddler’s private parts.


Tags: Advertising, App, Backlash, Children, Choices, Consent, Environment, Family, Insensitivity, Lifestyle, Parental Burden, Protection, Safety, Social Media, Youth



Grindr and pop superstar, LGBTQ activist Pabllo Vittar partner to create and offer exclusive content to the Grindr community 


LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Grindr and Brazilian drag queen, pop superstar and activist Pabllo Vittar announced a partnership to develop and offer exclusive content to the Grindr user community.

The partnership will include exclusive Grindr and Pabllo Vittar video content and the release of new music to Grindr users before it's available to the general public. Grindr and Vittar will also work together to identify a project to support the LGBTQ community as part of the campaign. The partnership comes as Grindr celebrates a decade of helping users in virtually every country in the world to connect, thrive, and express their authentic selves.

"Arguably the most famous drag queen in the world, Pabllo is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. She stands for authenticity and empowerment through her work and her personal convictions – virtues we celebrate here at Grindr every day," said Alex Black, product marketing manager, Grindr. "Ours is a natural partnership as Grindr continues to be on the cutting edge of culture and evolve to provide our users with new and rewarding experiences.

PR Newswire

Tags: App, Entertainment, Environment, Finance, LGBTQ, Music, Pride, Representation, Social Media, Support



Grindr Will Be Auctioned Off Due to National Security Concerns 


A Chinese company that owns Grindr is being forced to sell the popular dating app following pressure from the U.S. government due to security risks.

Grindr, the world's largest app for queer people, will now be auctioned off, according to Reuters. Investment firm Cowen has already started shopping for buyers at Grindr executives’ request.

Sources say that the Committee on Foreign Investment grew agitated at Chinese ownership in part because the international sale skirted the committee’s review. Gaming company Beijing Kunlun bought a majority stake in Grindr, which operates out of West Hollywood, in 2016, and then acquired the entire company in 2017.

However, the federal agency immediately raised national security concerns about the financial situation. Now the committee is sounding the alarm over Chinese ownership of applications that track information on U.S. citizens through a forced sale.


Tags: All Rights, App, Backlash, Environment, Finance, Privacy, Protections, Safety, Tech



North Carolina legislators introduce slew of pro-LGBTQ bills 


Lawmakers in North Carolina have introduced a trio of bills designed to protect LGBTQ North Carolinians, including legislation to halt the use of conversion therapy throughout the state.

The Mental Health Prevention Act, HB 516 and SB 426, would protect LGBTQ youth and disabled adults from attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity using psychological or spiritual means. In many cases, the practice of conversion therapy can be extreme, causing profound harm to those who are treated by such – including dramatic increases in suicide attempts.

LGBTQ Nation

Gay Couple Told: Take Down Your LGBTQ Pride Flag or Be Evicted — WATCH

Amid Pressure, Google Finally Drops Conversion Therapy App

Arizona is being sued for banning teachers from speaking positively about LGBTQ people

Gay Sex Will Be Now Be Punishable by Stoning in Brunei

A Renewed Call for Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott Amid Brunei Anti-Gay Policies

A Dallas Man Used Grindr To Target, Assault, And Rob Gay Men

Sean Hayes Is the Last of the Will & Grace Cast to Get a GLAAD Award

UK, George Clooney lead calls for Brunei to drop LGBT+ death penalty

Tags: Activism, App, Award, Backlash, Celebration, Celebrity, Conversion Therapy, Court, Crime, Dating, Death, Education, Environment, Equality, Fighter of LGBTIQ Rights, Fighting Back, Finance, Gay Rights, Hate, Home, Homophobia, Hostility, Inclusion, Laws, LGBTQ, Protections, Protest, Punishment, Representation, Sex, Support, Victims, Violence, World, Youth



How Tumblr's adult content crackdown could alienate users 


Tumblr says it is banning images and videos that feature "adult content," including pornography, from its platform. The change, which will start December 17, threatens to alienate some of the blogging website's most active communities.

The company said Monday that it will no longer allow any images or videos of sex acts, nor will it allow "real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples." It will make exceptions for non-sexual content, including breastfeeding photos and "health-related situations," such as sex-reassignment surgeries and mastectomies.


Tags: All Rights, App, Backlash, Business, Education, Environment, Equality, Exclusivity, Hostility, Sad, Self Interest, Sex, Stereotype, Too Many Rules



This pop star has been accused by over 50 men of blackmail after they hooked up 


Over 50 men have filed criminal complaints against pop singer Bulut Duman for allegedly using their sexual orientation to blackmail them over the last several years.

The complaints have been filed in several provinces in Turkey by government workers, engineers, doctors, and even the nephew of a former Minister.

LGBTQ Nation

Tags: Abuse, App, Dating, Finance, Gay, Homophobia, Hostility, Insensitivity, Lifestyle, Music, Privilege, Reckless, Scam, Sex, World



Founder of alt-right ‘Proud Boys’ defends calling victims ‘fa***ts’ during vicious beatdown 


Gavin McInnes, the founder of the alt-right group “Proud Boys,” defended using the word “faggot” while beating people up.

On Friday, after McInnes gave a speech in New York City, several fights broke out between his supporters and anti-fascist (antifa) counter-protestors.

In video that has gone viral, around 15 Proud Boys and skinheads can be seen beating up and kicking a protestor while he’s on the ground.

One of the assailants can be heard shouting, “You’re not so brave now, faggot.”

LGBTQ Nation

Thousands delete ride sharing app because of its support for LGBTI people

Philadelphia Archbishop: ‘Joy and wholeness’ requires denying existence of LGBTQ Catholics

In rare campaign for Cuba, churches advocate against gay marriage

Tags: App, Choices, Crime, Finance, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Macho Posing, Marriage Equality, New World Order, Religion, Supremacy, Talk, Violence, World



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