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Texas City Mandates People Wear Masks in Public or Face $1,000 Fines 


Should you wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic? The city of Laredo, Texas, has decided that yes, you do. And if you don’t wear one, they could fine you.

The city’s emergency mandate, which went into effect on April 2, states that every person over the age of five must wear “some form of covering over their nose and mouth” when using public transportation, taxis, ride shares, pumping gas or when inside a building open to the public. That face covering can include a homemade mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief. The penalty for violating the order is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $1,000.


Coronavirus FAQs: Is A Homemade Mask Effective? And What's The Best Way To Wear One?

A Florida county is reminding people to maintain a distance of at least one alligator between each other

In the 1918 flu pandemic, not wearing a mask was illegal in some parts of America. What changed?

NYC health workers asked for masks, hospital execs gave them gags

Tags: Coronavirus, Employment, Environment, Etiquette, Gear, History, Instructional, Masks, Policy, Priorities, Safety, Social Distancing, Vulnerable

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This game-changing trick will keep your avocados fresh for MONTHS - and you only need a freezer and a working tap 


A clever health food aficionado has shared her foolproof trick for keeping avocados fresh for months, and you'll only need a freezer and some hot water.

Bethany Ugarte, who is based in California, uploaded an Instagram video showing exactly what she did to keep her Hass avocado ripe and ready to eat after four months in the freezer.

Notorious for being ill-timed in their ripening, Bethany was determined to use her avocado for cooking after freezing it in time 121 days ago.

Daily Mail

Tags: Food, Instructional, Ripe, Storage, Survival, Treatment, Video

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A Study About ‘The Perfect Penis’ Reveals Women Are Actually a Lot Like Gay Men 


A few years ago, Dr. Nicole Prause found herself with 33 blue, 3-D-printed penises and the desire to obtain data about the “perfect penis” — more specifically, about women’s preferences in the penis size of their sex partners.

The results of her “perfect penis” study — in which 75 women were given the fake penises, each of which was a different length and girth, and asked to pick the most appealing — were later released by UCLA and the University of New Mexico. Those results were as follows: Most women’s “perfect penis” (something which Prause insists doesn’t actually exist) is rather close to men’s average penis size (12".) Basically, women aren’t asking for too much, y’all!

But another part of the “perfect penis” study proves that in one aspect, these straight-identifying women aren’t all that different from gay men (or, really, anyone who enjoys sex with a penis-ed partner), and that’s the idea that the ideal penis actually depends on the situation.


Tags: Anatomy, Gay, Instructional, Sex, Study, Woman's Rights

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Mask mania: US government is stockpiling 300 MILLION coronavirus face masks, stores sell out, eBay sees thousand-dollar listings and celebs cover-up - as experts warn paper masks will not offer protection 


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, thousands of people are buying face masks to protect themselves.

Some local stores in cities like New York, Houston and San Francisco have told that supplies are running low and, while major retailers like CVS and Walgreens haven't yet run out online or at the national level, shortages are starting to crop up.

And a recent national survey found that nearly 96 percent of a small sample of pharmacists said they'd had shortages while restocking and Amazon has introduced measures to beat back price gouging and inflation for the products.

So will a mask actually prevent you from getting sick? breaks down the different types of masks out there, where to buy them - and why they probably won't prevent someone from coming down with the virus.

Daily Mail

CDC Shares Infographic on How Beards Should Be Groomed for Face Masks in Wake of Coronavirus

Tags: Contagion, Environment, Hair, Health, Instructional, Product, Safety, World

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You Can Finally Stop Netflix From Autoplaying Videos. Here's How 


Using Netflix, until today, had always been an exercise in timing, especially when looking for something to watch. That’s because, without fail, hovering on a particular title for too long would activate the streaming service’s dreaded preview autoplay feature, presenting you with a trailer you never asked for and forcing you to track the seconds before moving from one title to the next in an effort to avoid just muting your television out of exasperation.

It’s a more benign example of what’s referred to as a “dark pattern,” an engagement tactic used by software companies to persuade users to browse, read, watch, or otherwise interact with an app or service, encouraging addictive behavioral patterns. But Netflix has finally given users a choice when it comes to previewing titles, and now offers an option to disable the feature entirely.


Tags: App, Entertainment, Instructional, Tech, TV

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So, You Wanna Know About Fisting 


Taking a fist can seem daunting, but according to enthusiasts, it’s one of the most intimate and powerful sexual acts you can experience. Porn actors and vers fisting couple HungerFF and FFurryStud are beloved for their incediary JustFor.Fans videos, so we asked them some of our most pressing questions about going shoulder deep.

What are the most important steps in fisting preparation?

According to HungerFF, diet is a major factor in being fist-ready. “You want to make sure that what you ate the day before (or the day of) is something that is going to pass through your system clean and easy.” For Hunger, that means avoiding foods that look the same going out as they do going in: corn, black olives, whole blueberries. He also chases every meal with a glass of Metamucil, which helps keep everything smooth on the way out. Hunger prefers to clean out in the shower rather than the toilet, which he acknowledges isn’t for everyone. “I generally use lukewarm water and rinse and repeat over and over until the water runs clean. For me that process might be a little more involved because my hole is so deep, but it’s basically the same as for getting fucked.” When it comes to play, lube is king — you can literally never use too much. Hunger also advises tops to keep their nails filed to avoid scratches or injury. And, he advises, the most important part of fisting is patience. “Remember: it’s not a race, we’re all just here to enjoy our bodies and have fun.”


Tags: Fantasy, Fisting, Gay, Instructional, Interview, Porn, Sex

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Why team-building exercises are useless (and what you should do instead) 


Someone we know recently told us about a team-building event that proved anything but.

The chief executive who arranged it loved mountain biking. So he chose a venue to share his passion with his team. On the day, he shot around the track. Others with less experience took up to three hours longer. He settled in at the bar with a small entourage. Other staff trudged in much later, tired and bloody, not feeling at all like a team.

Many of us can recall team-building exercises that seemed like a waste of time. One problem is overcoming the natural human tendency to hang out with those people we already feel comfortable with, just as that chief executive did.

We suggest there is a better team-building approach. It doesn’t involve bicycles or obstacle courses or whitewater rafting. It doesn’t even necessarily involve your whole team.

Fast Company

Tags: $, Business, Employment, Environment, Instructional, Investment, Leaders, Mental Health, Perception, Representation, Responsibility, Team Building, Treatment

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Cameron Boyce's death shines a light on fatal stigma 


The death of Cameron Boyce, the talented Disney actor who according to his family died in his sleep following a seizure at the age of 20, resonates deeply with the experiences of so many other families who have lost their loved ones to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Boyce's family has said his fatal seizure was the result of epilepsy, and while Boyce's final cause of death has yet to be determined, his tragic loss is a reminder that every year, about 1 in 1,000 people with epilepsy suddenly die. Among those whose seizures are not controlled by medicine, the rate rockets to a stunning 1 in 150.


Tags: Celebrity, Disease, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Instructional, Journalism, Medical, Parental Burden, Passing, Science, Study, Video

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We need to be more honest about what tech culture is doing to our mental health 


My dad was a psychiatrist and my mom was a civil rights activist, so I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where mental and emotional wellness was openly discussed on a regular basis. Still, when I became the cofounder and CEO of Starcity, a venture-backed startup trying to solve housing affordability in cities, I fell victim to a true entrepreneur’s dilemma—the internal pressure to run myself ragged.

This pressure strained my relationship with my family and made me stressed out all the time. At the time, my daughter Charlie was a few months old, and she would often wake up in the middle of the night and need some love. Because I was so sleep-deprived, when she did wake up, I would jolt out of bed and either be angry and confused that she was affecting my limited sleep schedule. When I would reluctantly help out, I was never able to fall back to sleep. This was a painful cycle, and my wife made it clear that this behavior was not sustainable for everyone. I was disappointed in myself and knew this was not the type of father and husband I wanted to be.

Fast Company

Tags: Advice, Business, Employment, Environment, Health, Instructional, Marriage, Mental Health, Portrait, Psychology, Relationships, Support, Tech, Tips, Treatment

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1.8 million LGBTQ youth in America “seriously consider” suicide each year 


New research has revealed worrying statistics about mental health among LGBTQ youth.

The new report from The Trevor Project, an American charity that focuses on suicide prevention for young LGBTQ people, has estimated that 1,892,000 LGBTQ people aged 13-24 in the US have “seriously considered” suicide in the past year.

Of that total number, the charity estimate that 1,199,000 LGBTQ youth aged 13-18 have seriously considered suicide in the past year, while 693,000 LGBTQ youth aged 19-24 have seriously considered suicide in the past year.

The charity also found that LGBTQ youth with at least one accepting parent were 40% less likely to report a suicide attempt int the past year.

“Suicide is an ongoing public health crisis for young people in the U.S., especially among LGBTQ youth,” said Amit Paley, the CEO and executive director of The Trevor Project.

“Better understanding the mental health experiences of LGBTQ young people is a major step in addressing their significantly higher risk for attempting suicide. Together, we can ensure that LGBTQ young people know their lives have value, and that they are heard, loved, and never alone.”

Gay Times

Mental health and suicide: The answers lies within communities

How to Calm Down Anxiety With These 8 Quick Hacks

6 Signs Your Mental Health Medication Isn’t Working For You, According To Doctors

Tags: Community, Drugs, Environment, Hate, Instructional, Mental Health, Neglect, Parental Crime, Politics, Protections, Saving The Environment!, Study, Suicide, Treatment, World, Youth

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10 ways you're sabotaging your relationship with your kids 

The relationship between a parent and child can be a complicated one. It can sometimes feel impossible to balance the duties of parenthood with a desire to develop a positive, trusting, and happy connection with a child. That said, sometimes you might be damaging the bond between you and your kid without even realizing it.

Here are some ways that parents might be unknowingly sabotaging their relationship with their children.

You use white lies to protect or control your child

It can sometimes be tempting to lie to your child in order to manage their behavior or avoid a tough conversation, but according to the experts, telling white lies can oftentimes do more harm than good.

Business Insider

Tags: Children, Choices, Instructional, Investment, Parenting, Psychology, Support, Treatment

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White jeans are inarguably the chicest part of any casual summer look. During a time of the year where khakis run rampant and flip flops finally see the light of day, they’re one of the few warm-weather items that truly elevate your look. But as much as I love them, I find it so odd that the one time of year we’re allowed to wear white jeans is also the time of year when we’re our sweatiest and come in contact with the most dirt. How the heck are you supposed to keep white jeans bright white when you’re not really supposed to even wash your jeans?

To get the job done right, we’ll have to enlist the holy trinity of laundry: distilled water, vinegar, and baking soda.

“Baking and white vinegar are natural cleansers and distilled water is super important as, unlike tap water, it has no minerals and won’t leave behind mineral residue as it dries,” says Maeve Richmond, founder of home organizational company Maeve’s Method. “The baking soda and white vinegar are working together to create a powerful natural stain remover solution.”

Well and Good

Tags: Chemicals, Clean, Clothes, Environment, Instructional, Nature, Treatment

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What Your Penis is Telling You Right Now! 


You can tell a lot by taking a close look at your penis. Sometimes you look at it and everything seems perfectly normal. Other times it can feel fraught with danger, covered in lumps, spots, nodules, and protuberances that all look like evidence of your certain doom. We’re here to help you separate the facts from the panic attacks.

Men's Health

Tags: Anatomy, Disease, Health, Instructional, Medical, Men, Sex

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How to Pleasure Yourself: A Sensual Guide for Beducated Women 


If there were a song that could express how the blissful essence of a women’s self-pleasuring should feel like, it would be the 2002 R&B song “Oops (Oh My)” by Tweet.

It’s a song that celebrates a woman completely captivated by her own beauty and by her turn-on. It sings about a woman relishing in the reflection of herself, the beautiful smoothness of her skin and savoring every bit of herself and her essence.

Self-pleasuring can and should be a profound act of self-worship.

It should be an act of deep self-love, self-nurturing and self-appreciation of the body, heart, mind and spirit. It should be a celebration of a woman’s sexual power and integrity. Not to mention something that is fun and brings so many benefits for a woman.

So let’s dive into the wondrous world of female self-pleasure!


Tags: All Rights, Dedication, Environment, Instructional, Masturbation, Sex, Woman's Rights

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Now that iTunes is going away, here's what will happen to your music and movies 


Apple announced on Monday that it would phase out iTunes on its upcoming operating system in favor of three new apps: Music, TV and Podcasts.

Though iTunes as we know it will be no more, you don't have to worry about losing those iTunes playlists you made back in the summer of 2006. The platform's features will still exist on macOS Catalina -- they'll just be spread out across the different apps, similar to how they are on iOS.
Here's what Apple says that will look like.

You'll still have access to all your media


7 iPhone privacy settings you should enable now

Tags: App, Finance, Instructional, Movies, Music, Phone, Product, Protection, Settings, Tech, Termination

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