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Health/Food Posts Tagged as 'Argument'

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Help! My Aunt Says It’s a “Choice” to Be Offended by Racial Slurs. 


Q. Aunt wants to “get over” racial slurs: My aunt (father’s sister) and I have had a fairly acrimonious relationship since I was in my teens, mostly because of her dislike of my mother. Fast forward to Christmas of this year, when I texted my aunt and her husband to thank them for some cookies they sent me. We started talking again, exchanging memes and discussing our shared love of photography, in what I had hoped was a fresh start. Talk turned to politics eventually, because we both believed our politics aligned somewhat—me more as a leftist, and her a liberal.

However, when I mentioned that I was happy to see white people experience consequences when they used slurs such as the N-word, she said it was a “choice” to be offended by slurs like that, and how people needed to get over it. She even spelled it out. I was totally bewildered. We are both white women. I told her it was inappropriate and racist for her to write or say that word. She continued to use it, saying she should be able to because it was “just a word.” I went on to provide her with multiple sources about why it was offensive and racist. She then said how I was “looking for reasons to have contempt for her” and how she and “the family” have never understood why I’ve always hated her. This went on and on until I eventually stopped responding. However, she’s texted me every day this past week, trying to talk again like nothing’s happened. So how do I address the obvious racism with someone who thinks she’s “the most accepting and multicultural person in our family” for one, and secondly, always makes herself out to be the victim when I disagree with her on anything?

Help! My Aunt Says It’s a “Choice” to Be Offended by Racial Slurs.

Tags: Advice, Argument, Choices, Family, Judgment, Misconduct, Racism, Relationships, Segregation, Struggling, Treatment, Words



We’re Raising Our Daughter Gender-Neutral, but She Only Wants Pink Dresses. Where did we mess up?


Dear Care and Feeding,

My husband and I have a frequent disagreement on our 3-year-old and her love for dresses and all things pink! For the first two years of her life, she was constantly mistaken for a boy because she wore gender-neutral clothes. We direct her towards books and other media that do not represent traditional gender roles (no sparkle princesses!). We ask friends and family to refrain from commenting on her appearance and clothing, if they can help it, and to instead focus on skills or interests. However, our daughter adores the color pink, insists on wearing dresses, and is currently obsessed with accessories. I am fine with this, though I hope it will be a phase.

After a few battles about wearing her sole pink dress when it was dirty, my daughter and I did some online shopping together and she chose a few more dresses to order (all of them were pink, obviously). My husband is unhappy that I encouraged her obsession by purchasing the dresses and letting her wear some of my old jewelry. He gets annoyed when dresses get tangled while climbing a rock or running and says that dresses and accessories aren’t suitable for doing most things. I appreciate his commitment to raising our daughter without gender stereotypes, but I also want to encourage her to make her own choices. I feel like if we push back too hard on her love for dresses and jewelry, it will backfire, and she will only become more obsessed! Help!

—Pretty Annoyed With Pink

We’re Raising Our Daughter Gender-Neutral, but She Only Wants Pink Dresses. Where did we mess up?

Tags: Advice, Argument, Children, Choices, Fashion, Freedom, Interference, Mental Health, Parental Crime



A YouTuber and her friend who got sick at Disney World's reopening are being criticized for ignoring medical advice to go to the hospital after 'violently vomiting' 


Two Disney World fanatics who live-streamed their trip to the Orlando theme park's reopening over the weekend are receiving intense backlash for vacationing amid a pandemic and continuing to explore the park after one fell ill.

YouTuber Tonya Blakey, known as That Crazy Disney Lady to her 9,500 subscribers, streamed over 10 hours of footage of her trip to the Magic Kingdom on Friday and Saturday. In the videos, she and her friend, Robin, wandered the grounds, rode Splash Mountain, and experienced a brief health scare.


North Carolina Takeout Customer Refuses to Wear Mask, Invokes 'Trump 2020'

Shoppers are suing over mandatory mask rules, but doctors don’t buy it

Anti-mask activists rally in virus hotbed Florida

'People are dying, and you are doing nothing!' Florida governor Ron DeSantis is heckled as coronavirus cases soar and experts say Florida is the 'new' Wuhan

'No one is safe until everyone is safe': Vaccine nationalism threatens global coronavirus effort

Tags: Activism, Allergy, Argument, Backlash, Business, Coronavirus, Environment, Food, Health, Hostility, Illness, Lifestyle, Masks, Medical, Overreaction, Politics, Protest, Racism, Safety, Science, Self Interest, Social Media, Study, Unity, Vaccine, Video, Woman's Rights, World




Black and brown people make up two-thirds of US coronavirus deaths below age 65, a new study found

US coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse

First child dies due to coronavirus in South Carolina, DHEC says

Florida 'Karen' calls black woman a 'good little slave' for putting on a mask - and claims it's fine for her to say that because she's Mexican

Passenger punches, spits at Lyft driver after he asks her to wear a face mask

Tags: Argument, Etiquette, Hate, Health, Ignorance, Illness, Infected, Inhumanity, Injury, Joy, Judgment, Loneliness, Mental Health, Murder, Neglect, Nobody Cares, Overpopulation, Overreaction, Parental Crime, Parental Laziness, Priorities, Racial Tension, Rampage, Reckless, Safety, Self Interest, Self-defence, Service, Statistics, Threat, Travel, Treatment, Unruly Child, Violence, Women In Charge



Embryos Don’t Have Hearts 


Within the last few years, six U.S. states — Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, and North Dakota — have passed so-called “heartbeat bills,” a term that’s become shorthand for a proposed ban on abortions beginning six weeks into a pregnancy, or the point at which a “fetal heartbeat” can be detected. Four more states have similar bills pending. Anti-abortion activists have doubled down on “heartbeat” messaging — in a recent news release regarding the ACLU’s legal challenge of the Ohio bill, the state’s leading anti-abortion group, Ohio Right to Life, used the term eight times in 300 words.

But obstetricians say the term “fetal heartbeat” is misleading, and that this scientific misunderstanding, among countless others, may contribute to negative public opinion toward abortion.

The Cut

Tags: Abortion, Argument, Choices, Keep Abortion Legal, Misrepresentation, Overpopulation, Saving The Environment!, Science



Coconut oil is 'pure poison,' Harvard professor says in talk on nutrition 


A lecture by a Harvard professor calling coconut oil "pure poison" has gone viral on YouTube, nearing 1 million views on Wednesday.

In a talk titled "Coconut oil and other nutritional errors," Karin Michels, who is an adjunct professor of epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, says coconut oil is not healthy, calling it "poison" at least three times in the widely-circulated video.

"I can only warn you urgently about coconut oil," she says. "This is one of the worst foods you can eat."

USA Today

Tags: Argument, Food, Health, Nature, Safety



Watch This Guy Plead His Case for Legal 'Genital Massages' to a City Council 


A few weeks ago, a guy named Chris wandered into a local Lawrence, Kansas, city council discussion about local bodywork licenses. Head bowed reverently over the podium with a prepared speech in hand, Chris stepped up and took a stand for something he apparently truly believed in: the right for massage therapists to give "genital massages."


Tags: Action, All Rights, America needs them too, Argument, Business, Choices, Employment, Health, Privacy, Safety, Service, Sex, Stepping Up, Therapy, Treatment, Video



The Dangerous Fallout of Making Abortion Illegal Is Already Happening 


It was September of 2015 when a Tennessee woman named Anna Yocca allegedly stepped into a bathtub filled with warm water and inserted a wire hanger into her uterus. She lost a lot of blood very quickly, and was rushed to a nearby hospital where, at 24 weeks, she delivered a 1.5-pound baby boy.

Yocca was jailed and the infant was taken into state custody and later adopted. In December 2016, Yocca was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and two other felony accounts derived from laws dating back to the 1800s: attempted criminal abortion and attempted procurement of a miscarriage. Because Yocca couldn’t afford to pay her bond, she was incarcerated throughout her case—a year and a half in total. In early January, she pleaded guilty to attempted procurement of a miscarriage and was released on time served.

That same week in Texas, a Republican lawmaker took what felt like an inevitable, almost logical, step in the state’s trajectory of abortion restrictions: He introduced legislation that would jail women who have the procedure.

Splinter News

Why America could be about to ban gay marriage and abortion

Tags: Abortion, All Rights, Americans, Argument, Bullying, Environment, Gay Rights, Hate, Laws, Men In Charge, Nature, New World Order, Parental Burden, Parenting, Religion, Self Interest, Tragedy, Woman's Rights, Women



Thanksgiving Text Hotline Offers Lessons, Responses To Racist White Family Members 


A nationwide network of white Americans hoping to weed out support for white supremacy has set up a free texting service, the SURJ Holiday Mobile Hotline, to help people respond and report racist Thanksgiving conversations.

Last year, the Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) network set up a similar service to text “SOS” in case unruly family members or friends attempted to bring up their support of then-President Elect Donald Trump or bigoted conversation topics. This Thanksgiving and holiday season, the group has expanded the free texting service to call out any openly racist white family members disrupting Thanksgiving dinner. The service hopes to "break silence about race in this country," according to the group website.

International Business Times

3 Steps White Christians Must Take to Fight Racism and Intolerance

Tags: Argument, Backlash, Celebration, Education, Environment, Family, Mental Health, New World Order, Opinion, Political, Racism, Relationships, Support, Tech, Treatment, Warning



Judge rebuked after offering reduced jail time in exchange for vasectomies 


The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct has publicly reprimanded a judge who had offered reduced jail time to inmates who agreed to get long-term birth control procedures.

Judge Sam Benningfield had offered a 30-day jail credit to female inmates who received a free Nexplanon implant, which provides up to three years of continuous birth control, and to male inmates who received a vasectomy, according to the board's letter.

Benningfield, a White County General Sessions judge, signed the standing order on May 15 enforcing the program.

"I hope to encourage them to take personal responsibility and give them a chance, when they do get out, not to be burdened with children," Benningfield told CNN affiliate WTVF at the time. "This gives them a chance to get on their feet and make something of themselves."


Tags: All Rights, Argument, Backlash, Choices, Court, Crime, Environmentalist, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Opinion, Parental Burden, Parenting, Population, Program, World



Hospitals are helping make us all sick 


Skin and gastrointestinal infections are on the rise in Houston, Texas as the result of sewage-laden floodwaters. In Puerto Rico, the thousands of people living without clean water are at an increased risk of all sorts of diseases. Natural disasters are public health disasters.

As temperatures go up due to climate change, extreme weather events (like Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey) become more frequent, and more intense. Warmer temperatures are also a public health problem in and of themselves, aiding the spread of infectious diseases and increasing rates of malnutrition. The changing climate is going to make people sick.

And the healthcare system in the United Sates—which is supposed to keep people healthy—is partially to blame.

Popular Science

Tags: Argument, Disease, Environment, Health, Nature, Privilege, Science, Self Interest, Stepping Up, Tech, Treatment, Waste, World



Mayonnaise is disgusting, and science agrees 


For much of the past year, I have fought a one-sided battle with a popular fast casual restaurant chain that we’ll call “Ready.” Unlike most restaurants, Ready doesn't make sandwiches, assemble salads, or otherwise perform acts of cookery upon customer request. Instead they sell nominally healthy, whole-ingredient-based pre-made soups, salads, and sandwiches. Because I’m lazy and impatient, I’m Ready’s perfect customer and not just because Ready has a location in Popular Sciences’ building. They also have another four locations (including one that sells beer) along my commute. So you'd think that Ready sandwiches would be a regular part of my nutritional rotation. But they aren't, because Ready’s sandwiches are disgusting.

The problem is that Ready saturates almost every sandwich with a miasma of mayonnaise. When Ready doesn't use mayonnaise, they use a yogurt dressing which is mayonnaise for people who are ashamed that they're eating mayonnaise. The shame is justified, the yogurt dressing is not. Sometimes Ready uses a less vile condiment, like a whole grain mustard—a condiment with dignity. But when they do, the powers that be cannot allow its presence to go unmolested. No, the mustard gets mixed in with mayonnaise in an abomination called mustard-mayo. Mixing Sriracha with diarrhea doesn’t improve the presence of the latter. Why would adding mustard to Satan's sauce improve the situation?

Popular Science

Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Argument, Choices, Clean, Dedication, Diet, Environment, Food, Health, Inclusion, Inspired, Justice, Killer, Lifestyle, Opinion, Product, Regiment, Restaurant, Science, Stepping Up, Support, Warning, Waste, Weight



Could a power company be responsible for the California wine country fires? 


The cause of the California wine country fires is still under investigation, but a California power utility is emerging as a possible culprit. On the same evening that reports of the wildfires began to crop up in Sonoma County, local fire crews were called to at least 10 different locations along Pacific Gas & Electric’s power lines after 911 calls reported sparking wires and and other problems while the area was pummeled by heavy winds.

On Thursday (Oct. 12), California’s Public Utilities Commission ordered PG&E to preserve all evidence related to the fires, according to the Daily Beast.


Tags: Abuse, Argument, Business, Community, Health, Nature, Opinion, Power, Reckless, Treatment, Warning, Waste



22 Things People With Borderline Personality Disorder Wish They'd Never Have To Hear Again 


We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community with borderline personality disorder (BPD) to tell us what they wish people would stop saying to them about BPD.
Somewhere between 1.6% and 5.9% of adults in the US have BPD, a personality disorder that's characterized by difficulty regulating emotion. People with BPD can experience severe mood swings, poor self-image, and volatile relationships. You can learn more about the symptoms of BPD here.

There are lots of misconceptions about BPD out there, maybe because of how it's portrayed (and not portrayed) in pop culture, and because of assumptions people make when they hear the phrase "personality disorder," which they don't make when they hear the name of another mental health issue (like, say, anxiety or depression). That's why we wanted to ask people with BPD what they wish people would and wouldn't say to them about their BPD.

Here's what they said.


Tags: Abuse, All Rights, Argument, Education, Environment, Mental Health, Respect, Science, Support, Treatment



Big Deal San Antonio Chef Calls Out Mario Lopez for Requesting Free Meal 


Iron Chef Gauntlet contestant Jason Dady posted a curious note on Facebook earlier this week, hinting that a “certain celebrity” called his hot new San Antonio restaurant Range asking for a free meal in exchange for a social media plug.

Dady teased that if his Facebook post got 1,000 likes, he might spill the beans and, true to his promise, after a thousand fans showed their love, he dropped a GIF of Mario Lopez doing the splits on Saved by the Bell with the message: “Haters Gonna Hate, Slaters Gonna Slate.”


Tags: Argument, Business, Celebrity, Finance, Food, Hot Swatch, Lifestyle, Privilege, Self Interest, Social Media, Weird



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