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Why Are So Many LGBTQ Groups Staying Silent About This #MeToo Scandal? 


On Monday night, residents of West Hollywood called for John Duran to leave his position on the West Hollywood City Council after weeks of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

It was a deeply sobering moment. The native Angeleno boasts decades of advocacy work for the city’s gay and HIV-positive communities. Duran ceded his position as mayor of West Hollywood on Monday morning, citing health concerns, but this was less momentous than it would appear. The post of mayor is largely ceremonial, rotating each year among members of the council, and Duran has remarked that West Hollywood perceives him to be mayor no matter who holds the seat. He remains on the council, and he has no plans to resign from that post.

Splinter News

Tags: Abuse, Bribery, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Gay, Hypocrisy, Leaders, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Privilege, Protections, Self Interest, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Supremacy



California lawmakers accepted $810,000 in gifts and overseas trips in 2018 


California lawmakers were showered with more than $810,000 in gifts last year, many from powerful interest groups lobbying the state who handed out concert and professional sports tickets, spa treatments, gourmet dinners and trips to a dozen countries, new state reports show.

The annual economic disclosure reports shed light on how state legislators can augment their annual $110,459 salaries with gifts that allow them to travel the world and eat at expensive restaurants, often in the company of corporate executives seeking to influence their decisions in the Legislature.

“The truth is the vast majority of gifts and trips are given because the gift givers want something in return,” said Rey Lopez-Calderon, executive director of California Common Cause, a government watchdog organization. “It's not just a question of the gift giver wanting something in return, but that the public could infer that even if it's not true. There is potential for the public's faith in government to be undermined.”

LA Times

Tags: Abuse, Bribery, Business, Employment, Environment, Exclusivity, Finance, Govt, Greed, Hypocrisy, Interference, Leaders, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Politics, Privilege, Protections, Self Interest, Threat, Waste



How To Help Sexual Assault Survivors At The Border & Raise Awareness About The Issue 


The migrants who make their way towards the United States in search of a better life often have an unimaginably difficult journey — and it often doesn't get any easier once they get across the border. Sadly, some smugglers and others take advantage of the women under their control, forcing these women to reckon with the trauma of surviving sexual assault in addition to everything else. For these women, the situation is bleak — but there are ways you can help survivors of sexual abuse at the border, and it all starts with supporting the organizations who are doing work on the ground there.

The problem of sexual abuse of migrants is a widespread and complicated one, according to an in-depth report from The New York Times. One prong of it is smugglers who take advantage of the women who have paid them to get safe passage to the United States, but it doesn't stop there. In July, The Times spoke to two women who had been sexually assaulted while in ICE custody, and there are also reports of migrant children being sexually assault while they were detained at the border.


Denmark has a 'pervasive rape culture,' says Amnesty International

Tags: Abuse, Action, All Rights, Children, Environment, Hate, Immigrants, Inhumanity, Laws, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Police, Protections, Safety, Sex, Violence, Woman's Rights, World, Youth



‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out 


Gregory Greiten was 17 years old when the priests organized the game. It was 1982 and he was on a retreat with his classmates from St. Lawrence, a Roman Catholic seminary for teenage boys training to become priests. Leaders asked each boy to rank which he would rather be: burned over 90 percent of his body, paraplegic, or gay.

Each chose to be scorched or paralyzed. Not one uttered the word “gay.” They called the game the Game of Life.

The lesson stuck. Seven years later, he climbed up into his seminary dorm window and dangled one leg over the edge. “I really am gay,” Father Greiten, now a priest near Milwaukee, remembered telling himself for the first time. “It was like a death sentence.”

The closet of the Roman Catholic Church hinges on an impossible contradiction. For years, church leaders have driven gay congregants away in shame and insisted that “homosexual tendencies” are “disordered.” And yet, thousands of the church’s priests are gay.

NY Post

Vatican secret out: There are rules for priests who father children

Southern Baptist president says database of sexual abusers possible

Tags: Children, Community, Environment, Exclusivity, Hypocrisy, Investigation, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Politics, Privilege, Representation, Safety, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Service, Sex, Supremacy, Threat, Victims, Violence, Warning, World, Wrong, Youth



Illinois Prosecutors Reportedly Preparing to Indict R. Kelly Over Another Tape 


Chicago prosecutors are investigating a VHS tape of what appears to be, according to lawyer Michael Avenatti, singer R. Kelly raping a girl.

“My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly,” Avenatti, who previously represented Stormy Daniels, told CNN. “He identified the two of them on the videotape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for decades and he met the girl on a number of occasions. Avenatti turned the tape over to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago last weekend, CNN reports.


Tags: Alleged, Bad Daddy, Celebrity, Entertainment, Environment, Hate, Hostility, Humiliation, Insensitivity, Investigation, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, Music, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Rape, Sad, Safety, Self Interest, Sex, Stereotype, Supremacy, Threat, Violence, Youth



Ellen Page Calls Out Chris Pratt for Attending ‘Infamously Anti-LGBTQ’ Church 


Ellen Page on Thursday criticized Chris Pratt for attending a “infamously anti-LGBTQ” church after he appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” and discussed his religious side.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star sat down with Colbert to promote “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” and Pratt said he just finished a 21-day Daniel Fast that he took part in through his church and that his pastor encouraged. He also said the pastor shared with him words of wisdom about balancing fame and his inner self.

“If the spotlight that is shining on you is brighter than the light that’s within you, it will kill you,” Pratt recounted to Colbert.

Page tweeted about the appearance and the pastor shortly after, writing, “Oh. K. Um. But his church is infamously anti lgbtq so maybe address that too?”


Ellen Page just thrashed Chris Pratt on Twitter & she has a good point

Tags: Bad Daddy, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Employment, Enabler, Entertainment, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Idiocy, Inhumanity, Insensitivity, Judgement, Lifestyle, Macho Posing, Magic Splatter, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Parental Crime, Politics, Privilege, Religion, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Stereotype, Supremacy, Tired, Toxic, Uncool, Violence, Waste, Youth



Chicago teacher accused of enlisting friend to beat 9-year-old student with belts at school 


A Chicago public school teacher is accused of enlisting the help of a friend to beat one of her 9-year-old students with belts, according to a federal lawsuit filed by the student's mother Thursday.

Asia Gaines filed the suit against the Chicago Board of Education; her son's homeroom teacher, Kristen Haynes; and Haynes' childhood friend, Juanita Tyler.

The suit alleges that Haynes, 50, invited Tyler, 56, to George W. Tilton Elementary School "for the purpose of corporally punishing" Gaines' son, identified only as JC, on Sept. 20, 2018.

NBC News

Suspect describes killing childhood friend and dumping her body in alleged confession tape: 'It took me half an hour to kill her'

Tags: Abuse, Child Abuse, Children, Crime, Education, Employment, Environment, Finance, Inhumanity, Misrepresentation, Murder, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Privilege, Protections, Punishment, Self Interest, Sex, Stereotype, Supremacy, Threat, Tired, Toxic, Violence, Women, Wrong, Youth



Porn star, boyfriend accused in disturbing child sex abuse case 


A California porn star and her boyfriend are accused of sexually abusing a young girl over the course of several months, officials said.

Jason Whitney, 43, and Melinda Smith, 35, were charged Tuesday with eight counts each of sexually abusing a child under the age of 10, the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department said. They also face a charge for drugs and guns found in the home.

Smith is known as Mercedes Carrera in the adult film industry, where she has appeared in series such as “Family Hookups” and “Moms in Control,” according to IMDB.

NY Post

Tags: Abuse, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Drugs, Environment, Guns, Hostility, Injury, No more Heroes, Sex, Terror, Violence



EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson is captured in astonishing video deposition squirming, giggling and quoting Bible verses as he's questioned about molesting boys in unearthed footage 


Squirming in his seat, Michael Jackson is asked directly on camera whether he's a pedophile in newly unearthed video footage obtained by DailyMailTV.

The King (Perv) of Pop is quizzed by lawyers about allegations of child sexual abuse in what's understood to be the only time he was ever filmed being questioned on the subject during his life.

The iconic singer, who at the time was 37, appears nervous and laughs, giggles and jokes his way through questions about molesting children in the astonishing footage dated March 1, 1996.

Daily Mail


Tags: Celebrity, Children, Cowardice, Environment, Exclusivity, Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Interview, Investigation, Lifestyle, Macho Posing, Magic Splatter, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Pederasty, Portrait, Privilege, Religion, Ridiculous, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Sex, Stereotype, Supremacy, Threat, Toxic, Uncool, Video, Violence



It’s time for a #MeToo moment in hip hop 


In the weeks following the horrific revelations made in Lifetime’s bombshell six-part docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly,” the fallout has been immense.

The 52-year-old R&B superstar, accused of alleged sexual and physical abuse with underage girls spanning nearly three decades, has parted ways with Sony Music Entertainment and its subsidiary RCA Records, following protests over his conduct.

But while a day of reckoning seems to be finally at hand for Kelly, the hip-hop and R&B world has yet to truly have the #MeToo moment that has rocked Hollywood, professional sports, the video-game industry and the journalism biz.

Rapper Kodak Black is awaiting trial this April for allegedly pinning down, biting and raping a woman in a South Carolina hotel. But despite such serious allegations, the tattooed 21-year-old “Tunnel Vision” hit-maker is still treated like an A-lister.

NY Post

Tags: All Rights, Americans, Bad Daddy, Celebrity, Child Abuse, Children, Choices, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Hip Hop, History, Hostility, Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Inhumanity, Insensitivity, Lifestyle, Misrepresentation, Music, New World Order, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Politics, Portrait, Race, Religion, Respect, Sex, Sex Identity, Sex Worker, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Stereotype, Supremacy, Uncool, Violence, Woman's Rights, Women, Youth



Chris Pratt attends an anti-gay church with a history of child molestation and ex-gay therapy


Pratt attends Hillsong Church, the same church as pop-star Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner. But Hillsong has a history of child sexual abuse and supporting so-called conversion therapy.

The megachurch began in Australia and has since spawned outposts across the world, including New York City. New York City’s Hillsong Church is led by Carl Lentz. In a 2015 GQ interview, Lentz said he considers homosexuality a sin and would never allow an openly gay member to hold a church leadership position.

In August 2015, when the New York City church learned that two of its male choir members were married, it released a public statement against them.


Tags: Abuse, Bad Daddy, Celebrity, Child Abuse, Gay, Homophobia, Hypocrisy, Mental Health, No more Heroes, Religion, Self Interest, Stereotype




Page Six

Tags: Backlash, Celebrity, Children, Choices, Environment, Exclusivity, Hate, Idiocy, Insensitivity, Lifestyle, No more Heroes, Parental Crime, Parents Don't Always Rule, Racism, Representation, Self Interest, Social Media, Supremacy, TV Swatch, Unruly Child, Waste, Wrong



GoFundMe campaign to help homeless vet was 'predicated on a lie,' prosecutor says 


The "heartwarming tale" of a New Jersey couple helping drug-addicted homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt took a stone-cold twist Thursday when a prosecutor said it was "predicated on a lie" designed to dupe thousands of people into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign.

Bobbitt, and the couple, Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico, allegedly conspired to concoct a story to tug at the hearts and wallets of kind-hearted individuals, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina said at a news conference Thursday. They initially sought to raise $10,000, but the wildly successful GoFundMe campaign brought in over $400,000 and triggered an "international media blitz" that furthered the fraudulent campaign, Coffina said.

Every shred of the trio's story, including the part that Bobbitt used his last $20 to help McClure out of a roadside jam when she ran out of gas, was all bogus, Coffina said.

ABC News

Tags: Americans, Crime, Finance, Insensitivity, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, No more Heroes, Sad, Troll Pods



Why racist politics appeals to white women, explained by American history 


“What is wrong with white women?” Moira Donegan asked at the Guardian after last week’s midterm elections.

“Why do half of them so consistently vote for Republicans, even as the Republican party morphs into a monstrously ugly organization that is increasingly indistinguishable from a hate group?”

Questions about white women’s allegiances came to the fore again this week, when news broke that a white woman senator facing a runoff in Mississippi had made a joke on the campaign trail about attending a “public hanging.”

Progressives sometimes expect white women, as a group, to support the interests of people of color of all genders — after all, women know what discrimination feels like.

“Most of us continue to see white women through the lens of gender,” explained Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers, a history professor at UC Berkeley and the author of the forthcoming book They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South. “This allows for us to be optimistic about the possibility that their gendered oppression will allow for them to find common cause with other dispossessed groups.”

But that common cause has been elusive.


Tags: Americans, Environment, Hate, History, New World Order, No more Heroes, Not Helping, Politics, Privilege, Racism, Representation, Self Interest, Self-hatred, Sexism, Stereotype, Supremacy, Voting, Women



Wisconsin high school students appear to make Nazi salute in prom photo 


A Wisconsin school district is investigating a photo showing a group of high school boys apparently making the Nazi salute. A school official denounced the image on Twitter — and said it would pursue legal actions if necessary.

Baraboo Superintendent Dr. Lori Mueller said she became aware of the photo, which shows over 60 male students dressed in suits with their right arms extended upward, on Monday after it was posted on social media and received immediate backlash.

CBS News

CNN’s Don Lemon challenges his own network: Show faces of high school students giving Nazi salute

Tags: Americans, Backlash, Choices, Communist State, Education, Environment, Govt, Hate, New World Order, News, No more Heroes, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parents Don't Always Rule, Privilege, Supremacy, Video, Youth



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