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Landlords skirt COVID-19 eviction bans, using intimidation and tricks to boot tenants 


Cash-strapped renters nationwide say their landlords tried to skirt COVID-19 eviction moratoriums by changing locks, removing trash containers so waste piled up and – in one case – attempting to unbolt the front door right off an apartment.

They told state attorneys general that they were kicked out of their homes after landlords accused them of violating tenant rules, like smoking cigarettes inside their units or failing to take the hitches off of their mobile homes.

Like Heidi Stach, who lost her job due to the pandemic and fell behind on rent, they assumed they were protected. But Stach says her landlord found an end-run to Wisconsin’s eviction ban: Instead of starting a court process, he sent her a notice to vacate this summer because he was not renewing her lease.

Landlords skirt COVID-19 eviction bans, using intimidation and tricks to boot tenants

Tags: $, Abuse, Environment, Eviction, Home, Homeless, Inhumanity, Lifestyle, Nobody Cares, Poverty, Power, Protection, Respect, Sacrifice, Self Interest, Struggling, Tragedy



My Husband Failed Two Polygraph Tests About His Infidelity 


Dear Prudence,
I am a professional woman who has been married for 16 years. My job is stressful, and I often work 12 hours or more. We have no children. At first things were wonderful, and my husband always seemed like a sweet, mild-mannered, caring man. Three years in, he was laid off because his company ran into financial trouble. Because I am a high-earner, I told him he didn’t need to go back to work as long as he kept the house up and did basic repair projects. He never went back to work, but he never kept the house up, either. We also hired housecleaners to visit every two weeks, but in between nothing got done. I asked him to go back to work. He didn’t. I strongly suspected he was having affairs a few years later, but he always denied it. I have no concrete proof, but he did many suspicious things like hiding months of phone bills and having midnight texts. Years later he voluntarily took two polygraph tests to save the marriage (we stopped having intimate relations five years ago mostly because I no longer admired, respected, or trusted him, and because of my resentment toward him on several levels). He failed the tests.

Until lately, I generally ignored all my feelings and went about trying to have a good life. My husband will not discuss our issues because, he says, he clams up or needs time to think. I verbalize my needs and frustrations all the time. At one point he started snapping at me and rolling his eyes, but I firmly and strongly told him to stop, which he mostly has. I demanded that he get a job, and he finally works 25 hours a week making a small salary. He knows I no longer love him (in the least), but he won’t leave. We now live in separate bedrooms. We have been to two marriage counselors. I have told him I will go back if he is willing to discuss his unfaithfulness, which he still denies. He states the lie-detector tests are invalid. The house and everything we own are paid for by me alone. I need to divorce, but he will take everything I own, plus alimony. On the surface, he is a nice, charming, religious guy. None of our friends know about our marriage troubles, and they would be shocked to hear this. Advice, please.


My Husband Failed Two Polygraph Tests About His Infidelity

Tags: Advice, Cheating, Choices, Divorce, Environment, Hate, Marriage, Men In Charge, Mental Health, Power, Struggling, Survival, Violence



The 50 Richest Americans Are Worth as Much as the Poorest 165 Million 


The 50 richest Americans now hold almost as much wealth as half of the U.S., as Covid-19 transforms the economy in ways that have disproportionately rewarded a small class of billionaires.

New data from the U.S. Federal Reserve, a comprehensive look at U.S. wealth through the first half of 2020, show stark disparities by race, age and class. While the top 1% of Americans have a combined net worth of $34.2 trillion, the poorest 50% — about 165 million people — hold just $2.08 trillion, or 1.9% of all household wealth.

The 50 richest people in the country, meanwhile, are worth almost $2 trillion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, up $339 billion from the beginning of 2020.

Covid-19 has exacerbated inequality in the U.S., with job losses falling heavily on low-wage service workers and the virus disproportionately infecting and killing people of color. Meanwhile, many upper-middle class professionals are working from home, watching their retirement accounts rise in value after the U.S. Treasury and Fed pumped stimulus into the economy and markets.

The 50 Richest Americans Are Worth as Much as the Poorest 165 Million

Tags: $, Business, Charts & Grafts, Coronavirus, Culture, Development, Equality, Exclusivity, Leaders, Lifestyle, Power, Statistics, Treatment



Why Narcissists Suck the Life Out of You
...and then keep on going.  

Many families are plagued by narcissism. I use the word plague because it feels like a disease, running through the veins of the tenuous connections between the various family members. When you're part of a narcissistic family, the effects it has are devastating. In fact, there will be times that you feel as if the life is being sucked out of you.

I choose to have people in my life who respect my boundaries. As soon as I'm involved with a narcissist, I find it very hard to defend my boundaries - even when I have a clear idea of what's right and wrong. That's because narcissists have no respect whatsoever for boundaries. They invade. The ignore your right to privacy, activities and opinions which differ from their own. Not being listened to or respected is exhausting.

Narcissists never, ever feel that enough is enough. They always want more attention. They always want to create more chaos between people around them. They want more and more from you. Make friends with a narcissist and they'll want you to be their best friend. Tell them a private secret once and they'll feel upset if you don't share every intimate aspect of your life from then on. You cannot ever satisfy a narcissist's needs - but you can keel over with exhaustion in the process of trying.

Why Narcissists Suck the Life Out of You

Tags: Brain, Celebrity, Contamination, Family, Mental Health, Misrepresentation, Portrait, Power, Psychology



How rich people could help save the planet from climate change 


Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.

The more stuff you own, and the more you travel, the more fossils fuels are burned, and the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.
Jetting around, buying luxury goods, keeping mansions warm and driving supercars -- they all have a carbon footprint.

Oxfam has estimated that the average carbon footprint of someone in the world's richest 1% could be 175 times that of someone in the poorest 10%. Studies also show that the poor suffer the most from climate change.
Read: While the rich world braces for future climate change, the poor world is already being devastated by it

But some argue that the wealthy can do the most to help fix the climate crisis. Here's how they could make a difference.


Tags: $, Environment, Fighting Back, Hypocrisy, Investment, No more Heroes, Politics, Power, Protections, Representation, Saving The Environment!, Science, Stepping Up, Support, World



Too much money (and too few places to invest it) 


A truly bizarre trend is having an impact on the economy — wealthy people and corporations have so much money they literally don't know what to do with it.

Why it matters: At a time when growing income inequality is fueling voter discontent and underpinning an array of social movements, the top 1% of earners and big companies are holding record levels of unused cash.

The big picture: U.S. companies raked in a record $2.3 trillion in corporate profits last year, while the country's total wealth increased by $6 trillion to $98.2 trillion (40% of which went to those with wealth over $100,000).

So, where is all the money going? The IMF notes large companies around the world are overwhelmingly and uniformly choosing not to reinvest much of it into their businesses. They're hoarding it in cash and buying back stock.

"There are only 2 things that money can do — sit on a balance sheet unused, where it's just earned income earning an interest rate of zero," ICI chief economist Sean Collins points out. "Or it makes sense to release it to share buybacks or dividends."


Tags: $, Business, Economy, Greed, Interference, Investment, Power, Privilege, Tax



Amazon Used An AI to Automatically Fire Low-Productivity Workers 


Automation Station
This time, artificial intelligence is literally taking jobs.

Documents obtained by The Verge show how Amazon used a computer system to automatically track and fire hundreds of fulfillment center employees between for failing to meet productivity quotas — a grim glimpse of a future in which AI is your boss.

While not every decision was made by a computer system, the documents — including a signed letter by an Amazon attorney describing the system — reveal how deeply automated the process really is. It’s not clear whether Amazon is still using the system.

“Amazon’s system tracks the rates of each individual associate’s productivity,” reads the letter as quoted by The Verge, “and automatically generates any warnings or terminations regarding quality or productivity without input from supervisors.”


Tags: Business, Employment, Environment, Judgment, Power, Privacy, Privilege, Protection, Safety, Tech, Treatment



Cannabis stocks soar to new highs 


Rival Cronos Group (CRON) has soared more than 40% in the past week, including an 11% pop Tuesday. Tilray (TLRY), another competitor that just went public on the Nasdaq last month, has skyrocketed more than 60% in the last five days. Tilray shares were up 10% alone on Tuesday.

Both companies, which are also based in Canada, have clearly attracted more interest after Constellation (STZ) took an increased stake in Canopy Growth. That deal, announced last week, led to a 30% surge in Canopy's stock (CGC).

Investors are betting that Constellation, which owns Corona and other spirits and wine brands, may eventually launch cannabis-based beverages and other products.

Infused drinks likely won't be for sale in the United States, where cannabis continues to be prohibited by the federal government.


Tags: Business, Drugs, Economy, Environment, Finance, History, Medical, Nature, Power, Treatment, World



Stop Saying Happiness Is a Choice, Because It's Not 


As if mindlessly scrolling through Instagram didn't make me feel bad enough — perfectly airbrushed selfies, aesthetically pleasing apartments, endless vacation pics on some remote island, your designer handbag I'll never be able to afford — coming across so-called "inspirational" messages from health and wellness accounts is a gamble between being motivated and just feeling worse about myself.

A common trope among the wellness crowd is the idea that your mood is entirely within your control. More specifically, that happiness is a choice. "Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy," a popular text image declares. "Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy," another reads. While I understand the sentiment of choosing to be positive and grateful — it's better to look at the glass half-full, right? — it undermines those of us who live every day with a mental illness.


Tags: Education, Environment, Fear, Health, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Nature, Opinion, Perception, Portrait, Power, Respect, Social Media, Support, Survival, Treatment



People Are Injecting Their Scrotums With Saline to Get Huge Balls 


For a lot of people, attending a sex party would be considered pretty “out there.” Regular sex party goers have, by definition, seen more than their fair share of “out there” things, meaning that something pretty wild would have to transpire at such a gathering to make their jaws hang open. That was the thought that entered my head as I wandered into a room at a medical-themed play party held in a Brooklyn townhouse last fall and saw two dozen faces contorted into expressions of shock, wonder, repulsion, delight, and utter disbelief. In fact, a few of those faces appeared to be cycling through a sequence of all of these reactions in rapid succession.

With some trepidation, I tracked their gazes across the room and saw a man lying on a table with what appeared to be a cantaloupe wedged into his crotch. It took several beats to realize that it was not, in fact, a melon between his thighs but his actual scrotum. My eyes followed a thin tube that was attached to the bulging ball sack and saw that it was connected to an IV bag. It took a second before my mind could process that some sort of fluid was filling the man’s scrotum and, that the procedure was far from complete.


Tags: Choices, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Mental Health, Power, Sex, Treatment



The Era of Affirmative Action May Not Last Much Longer 


On Tuesday, the Trump administration made its official position clear: Schools should limit their use of race as a factor when determining admissions. The administration is moving to rescind seven guidance documents from the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights and the Department of Justice, according to The New York Times. These Obama-era memos encouraged elementary, secondary schools, and colleges to use race in efforts diversify their student bodies, and outlined how to do so within the law. The Trump administration will break with this precedent, and will not actively encourage schools to diversify, the Times reported.

The Atlantic

Tags: Americans, Community, Dedication, Education, Environment, Inclusion, Men In Charge, New World Order, Parental Burden, Parenting, Power, Privilege, Race, Self Interest, Treatment, Youth



Puerto Rico hurricane death toll 70 times higher than official government estimate, says study 


Nearly 5,000 people died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, more than 70 times more than the official government death toll, according to a new study from The New England Journal of Medicine.

The study, released Tuesday, calls the official government estimate a "substantial underestimate" while saying that an adjusted statistic could point to as many as 5,740 more deaths than the official estimate.

The death toll according to Puerto Rico’s government is 64.

The Hill

Tags: Americans, Environment, Govt, Politics, Population, Power, Study, Support, Travel, Treatment, Weather, World



Puerto Rico just lost power yet again in total blackout 


Puerto Rico lost power again Wednesday when a toppled transmission line caused a total blackout, the most recent outcome of the island’s aged power infrastructure struggling to recover after Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, or PREPA, tweeted about the island-wide power outage just before 10 a.m. It could take as long as 36 hours to restore electricity to everyone, according to PREPA, the highly indebted company that generates and delivers all public power on the island.

USA Today

Tags: All Rights, Environment, Govt, Health, Mental Health, Nature, Power, Respect, Safety, Support, Travel, World



People On The US Virgin Islands Can't Get Food Aid Because There's Still No Electricity 


Dustin Kuster is still waiting for a large cooler he purchased online to arrive at his home so he can keep meat, cheese, and fresh foods on hand. Like about 80% of the US Virgin Islands' 106,000 residents, the 41-year-old, his girlfriend, and her four children have been living without power since a pair of hurricanes pulverized the region more than six weeks ago.

For his family and thousands of others without access to expensive generators, Kuster still can't cook meals and is consuming mostly cold, salty, canned food. Residents are continuously purchasing bottled water, doing homework by flashlight, sleeping in stifling homes — many still roofless and infiltrated by mosquitoes — and are unable to refrigerate crucial medication, like insulin.


Tags: Community, Disease, Ecology, Environment, Fear, Food, Health, Let's Not Forget, Mental Health, Nature, Parental Burden, Parenting, Politics, Population, Poverty, Power, Science, Support, Tragedy, Treatment, Water, Weather, World



Could a power company be responsible for the California wine country fires? 


The cause of the California wine country fires is still under investigation, but a California power utility is emerging as a possible culprit. On the same evening that reports of the wildfires began to crop up in Sonoma County, local fire crews were called to at least 10 different locations along Pacific Gas & Electric’s power lines after 911 calls reported sparking wires and and other problems while the area was pummeled by heavy winds.

On Thursday (Oct. 12), California’s Public Utilities Commission ordered PG&E to preserve all evidence related to the fires, according to the Daily Beast.


Tags: Abuse, Argument, Business, Community, Health, Nature, Opinion, Power, Reckless, Treatment, Warning, Waste



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