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All Posts Tagged as 'Equality'

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‘Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble’ 


“What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?”, abortion did not even register at 1 percent, superseded by concerns about inflation (17 percent), the economy in general (11 percent), and fuel/oil prices (4 percent)

‘Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble’

Twitter engineer saying platform censors the right but NOT the left

Marjorie Taylor Greene & other anti-LGBTQ Republicans win their primaries

American math books outrage China

White House staffers leaving in mass ‘Blaxit’

More than 1 million voters switch to GOP

First openly gay mayor resigns

Fl instructs schools to ignore federal protections for transgender kids

Tags: Activism, App, Art, Backlash, Books, Cancellation, Challenge, Change, Children, Competition, Consequences, Cultural, Education, Employment, Equality, Fail, Fear, Fighting Back, Harassment, Insensitivity, Leaders, LGBTQ, Mockery, Offensive, Opinion, Parental Burden, Policy, Politics, Preference, Representation, Resignation, Respect, Retaliation, Revenge, Self Interest, Social Media, Trans, Voting

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Gay Boys Are Smarter Than Everyone! 


Using adult college completion rates and new data from 2009's High School Longitudinal Survey, Mittleman found that gay boys outpace their straight and bisexual male peers with respect to grade point averages and college degree attainment, and that women's rising academic advantages are largely exclusive to straight women, while lesbian women see a penalty.

Gay Boys Are Smarter Than Everyone

“Gay men are awesome. Lesbians, not so much”

‘Encanto’s’ Luisa Is Way Too Beefy For A Woman

Dad accidentally sends gay porn video of himself to his daughter

Peter Thiel steps down from social media to back GOP candidates

She punches another girl 30 TIMES in the head while others in class laugh

Thug whines about pet store’s pride flag

Tags: Argument, Business, Celebration, Celebrity, Equality, Etiquette, Film, Flag, Gay, Intelligence, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Opinion, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Parental Responsibility, Politics, Privacy, Representation, Rich, Sex, Sex Identity, Sports, Study, Treatment, Video, Violence, World

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No One Ever Changed Their Mind Because You Called Them A “Bigot” 


The challenge of cogently addressing topics as complex as those related to representation in modern day work spaces (in print, on Zoom, or - perish the thought - on social media) is, frankly, daunting. But is counting belly-buttons and making sure corporate photos resemble a Bennetton ad the ultimate goal? What we’re seeking (in my opinion) are diverse perspectives that lead to innovation, better outcomes, and ultimately bottom-line success.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Martin Davidson from Darden School at UVA, calls it “Leveraging Difference,” which he contrasts with the old school, failed approach of “Managing Diversity.” The latter places more value on some diverse groups than others (especially more than the majority population), and has an outcome of resentment and tokenism, not innovation. Leveraging Difference, however, takes both acquired and inherent diversity into account, and includes everyone, including the straight white men that have been vilified for much of the last thirty years.

No One Ever Changed Their Mind

A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets by 40 players

John McWhorter blasts his own paper's decision to capitalize 'Black'

Middle schoolers face hate crime charges after racial attack on white students

Straight TV Hosts Make Out For $50,000

Applebee’s must pay $100K in racist & homophobic employee harassment settlement

Tags: $, Affection, All Rights, Business, Celebrity, Challenge, Charity, Children, Court, Cultural, Environment, Equality, Gay, Harassment, History, Inclusion, LGBTQ, Parental Burden, Parental Crime, Representation, Restaurant, Settlement, Sports, Training, Treatment, TV, Violence, World

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Star Wars is called out for 'don't be racist' tweet 


Star Wars was slammed over a woke tweet telling critics of its newest show 'don't be racist,' even though the Disney-owned franchise previously shrunk black star John Boyega's photo on a movie poster to appease Chinese audiences.

Star Wars is called out for 'don't be racist' tweet

Suspects in beating death of Ethan Liming stole his car

John Corbett calls Justice Thomas the N-word

Tags: Activism, All Rights, Argument, Cultural, Entertainment, Equality, Etiquette, Film, Hollywood, Murder, Opinion, Politics, Self Interest, Sensitivity, Supremacy, Theft, Treatment, World

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If you do not allow people to vent they will hurt you. 10-Jun-2022

Tags: Danger!, Equality, Experience, Politics, World Peace

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More than a dozen states propose so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bills 


First Florida. Then Alabama. Now, lawmakers in Ohio and Louisiana are considering legislation that mimics the Florida law. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he'll make a similar bill a top priority at the next session.

Across the United States, at least a dozen states are considering new legislation that in several ways will mirror Florida's new controversial law, referred to by some opponents as "Don't Say Gay."

More than a dozen states

Kentucky lawmakers override veto of trans athletes

Gay man was beaten for wearing ‘girls coat’

Increase in those identifying as LGBT partly attributed to being ‘trendy’

Downing Street fires back and overturns bid to make new laws gender-neutral

Montana not following transgender birth certificate ruling

Transgender Interventions Harm Children

Children given puberty blockers prior to medical consultation due to high demand

Christian university proposes limiting expressions of gender and sexuality

School Board removes sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status...

Tags: $, Activism, Backlash, Ban, Campaign, Cancellation, Change, Children, Choices, College, Corny, Drugs, Equality, Fail, Greed, Laws, Leaders, LGBTQ, Medical, Parental Burden, Policy, Politics, Portrait, Preference, Reality, Science, Sex Identity, Sports, Suicide, Trans, Warning, World, Youth

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Joy Reid blasts focus on Gabby Petito case as 'missing whitex woman syndrome' 


Reid credited the term to the 'late and great' journalist Gwen Ifill, and said the phenomenon outlines 'the media and public fascination with missing white women.'

She cited other high-profile coverage of searches for white women who were later found dead like Laci Peterson or Natalie Holloway - 'while ignoring cases involving missing people of color.'

The host then brought on two panelists - Derrica Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation, and Lynette Grey Bull of the Not Our Native Daughters Foundation - to discuss people of color who went missing but the media ignored because they were not white.

Joy Reid blasts

I Wish White People Would Stop Thinking Black People Need Saving

'Simply not true'

Zac Stacy claims girlfriend STAGED video of him brutally beating her

Father, 44, shoots ex-wife dead then kills himself after murdering his ex-girlfriend

NFL Player Murdered Six People in S.C.

...‘sexual encounter’ as motive in 5-year-old girl's slaying,...

Black women will get no-strings-attached monthly checks

Activist slams school board pushing to give extra pay based on skin color

Jack Brewer threatens to SUE Joy Reid

Tags: $, Argument, Celebration, Celebrity, Charity, Children, Court, Crime, Cultural, Education, Employment, Equality, Fetish, Journalism, Judgment, Lifestyle, Marriage, Minors, Murder, Music, News, Opinion, Preference, Rape, Sex, Society, Sports, Suspension, Trafficking, TV, Video, Voyeur, Women, Youth

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Real-life queen of ‘Bridgerton’ wasn’t biracial 


The notion that Charlotte was biracial is “a farrago of nonsense,” historian Andrew Roberts told The Post. In his new book “The Last King of America” (Viking), out now, the queen plays a major role.

“The thing that surprises me is the number of historians who – perhaps just because of the cultural cringe factor – don’t want to denounce it as obvious rubbish,” Roberts said.

Real-life queen of ‘Bridgerton’ wasn’t biracial

Missouri students petition to bring back slavery sue

Tags: Book, Celebrity, Children, Court, Education, Equality, History, Parental Burden, Reality, TV Gay Swatch, Youth

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Supreme Court is being asked to rule if it is unconstitutional to require men to register for the draft at 18 but not women 


The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether it is discrimination for the government to require only men to register for the draft when they turn 18.

The question of whether it is unconstitutional to require men but not women to register could be viewed as one with little practical impact.

The last time there was a draft was during the Vietnam War, and the military has been all-volunteer since.

Supreme Court is being asked to rule if it is unconstitutional to require men to register for the draft at 18 but not women

Tags: Court, Enforcement, Equality, Inclusion, Military, War, Women

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Levitate - Imagine Dragons 

The Walk Home

Tags: Action, Animation, Dedication, Drama, Environment, Equality, History, Inspired, Portrait, Reimagined, Reinterpreted, Respect, Re-tooled, Study, Tribute, Video, Violence, War, World

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Former ‘Doctors’ co-host calls out ‘toxic’ conditions at show 


Racism allegations have rocked “The Doctors.” Insiders and a former host tell Page Six the environment at the syndicated daytime talk show has been so hostile, it makes working at “Ellen” look like a walk in the park.”

“The whole culture is toxic. The executive producer [Patricia Ciano] constantly yells at people. She even cussed me out once. There was also always something about my hair. They were constantly making comments, and harassing me about my hair,” Dr. Rachael Ross, who co-hosted the show for three seasons, told us.

“And diversity on screen was not encouraged unless there was a weight loss story,” she added.

Multiple sources claim she often shot down pitches involving African Americans and would berate producers for pitching non-white experts.

Former ‘Doctors’ co-host calls out ‘toxic’ conditions at show

Tags: Alleged, Business, Celebrity, Complaint, Cultural, Employment, Environment, Equality, Etiquette, Experience, Fraud, Hate, Humiliation, Offensive, Portrait, Power, Preference, Profiling, Propoganda, Questionable, Reality, Reckless, Toxic, Treatment, TV, TV Gay Swatch?, Weird

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My Husband Won’t Stop Barging In While I’m Working. 


Q. WFH boundaries: My husband and I are both working from home due to COVID. Things have been rocky at best. My husband works in a room that is his dedicated office. We don’t have the space for a dedicated office for me as well, so I usually work throughout the house and oftentimes in our bedroom. My husband just does not seem to understand that I am working during the day and will often walk into a room and start asking me questions or make small talk. He also will open the door if I have it closed, without knocking or announcing himself. I have tried talking to him about this many times and I have asked him repeatedly that if he needs something or if he wants to take a break to talk, to send me a text message before just barging in. He feels that it is insulting that I don’t want to talk to him and that he “has to ask permission” to talk to me.

Am I being unreasonable? Is it too much to ask that I have space to work without being interrupted? I understand that working from home means many people have fewer social interactions outside of the household, but I can’t just be available to my husband at all times during the work day. If I am not being completely crazy in asking for this, how can I get my husband to actually respect my boundaries? Please help!

My Husband Won’t Stop Barging In While I’m Working.

Tags: Advice, Employment, Equality, Etiquette, Interference, Marriage, Men, Segregation, Survival, Women

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Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin space company will take first woman to the moon 


Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin will take the first woman to the moon, the billionaire said as Nasa nears a decision over who will supply its first privately built lunar landers, meant to be capable of sending astronauts to the moon by 2024.

“This is the engine that will take the first woman to the surface of the moon,” Bezos said in a post on Instagram with a video of a BE-7 engine test this week at Nasa Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Twelve men have walked on the Moon, but no women. Nasa aims to change that, administrator Jim Bridenstine saying last year the first woman to complete a lunar landing will be drawn from the current astronaut corps.

“In the 1960s, young ladies didn’t have the opportunity to see themselves in that role,” Bridenstine said. “Today they do, and I think this is a very exciting opportunity.”

Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin space company will take first woman to the moon

Tags: All Rights, Astronaut, Employment, Equality, Investment, Opportunity, Science, Space, Woman's Rights

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Tory MP says straight white men need more rights 


Yesterday (November 19), Tory MP Ben Bradley woke up and thought, ‘Today is the day I finally call for more rights for society’s most marginalised: straight white men’. With this little seed in his brain, Bradley headed to the House of Commons, stood up, and maintained a straight face as he bemoaned there being a minister for women but not men, complained about there being more women than men in higher education, and mourned the death of “banter”.

“Men are talked about, all too often, as a problem that must be rectified,” he said, criticising the discourse of “male privilege, toxic masculinity, and men as oppressors”.

Bradley condemned the Equality Act as being “wilfully and regularly misapplied across gender, race, and every other characteristic”, and urged the government to “recognise that we all have equal protection under this law… whether gay, Black and minority ethnic, female, or a straight white man”.

He went on to assert the importance of “holding the door open for a lady”, expecting a man to “provide for his family”, and “wanting to be a man’s man” who goes “down to the football at the weekend” and has “some banter with the lads”. Bradley then complains: “That banter is now bullying.”

Tory MP says straight white men need more rights

Tags: Environment, Equality, Exclusivity, LGBTQ, Men, Men Not In Charge, Mental Health, Politics, Revolt, World

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The idea of having a baby fills me with an absolute, vice-like dread... because I'm a feminist 


Throughout my life, ever since my earliest memory, I have never even spared a single, solitary thought on the idea that I was in any way unequal to a man. It never crossed my mind that I would not have my own career, be in any way financially dependent on a wallet with testicles. It never occurred to me that a woman could not run the country (I was born under Thatcher), that a woman could not be a boss (my mum was one) that a woman could not shoot, ride and fight like a man (yes, I may have watched a lot of Calamity Jane and Buffy growing up).

Gender inequality? It was a systemic issue to be toppled, sure, but not a lived reality for me.

And yet now, at 31, I find myself wrestling with a belated and thoroughly unpleasant notion.

We are not equal.

Why? Because I’m in that decade, the one where marriage and babies becomes, not a ‘one day’ concern, but an approaching reality. And yet- should I be lucky enough to have a baby- the idea of having one fills me with an absolute, vicelike dread. Because it may take two to bonk that baby into existence, but after the fun part’s over; it’s all on me.

The idea of having a baby fills me with an absolute, vice-like dread... because I'm a feminist

Tags: Children, Choices, Environment, Equality, Family, Fear, Life Expectancy, Life Sucks, New World Order, No more Heroes, Nobody Cares, Overpopulation, Parental Burden, Political, Safety

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