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The idea of boning her son makes him want to splash his babies inside her and make her a queen. 10-Apr-2022

Tags: Bi, Fantasy, Hypocrisy, Parenting, Parenting 101, Relationships, Representation, Selfish, Sex, Women In Charge




Wouldn't it be funny if the community adapted British speak? It would fuck with people's heads, esp. cops. 09-Feb-2022

Tags: Language, Pondering, Representation, Respect, Sex




There is no representation on earth that would make my life better. 16-Oct-2021

Tags: Aging, Gay, Ignorance, Maturity, Myself, Reality, Representation




I lived a lifetime without representation in entertainment or books. I was an enslaved child shielded from outside influences. It was always family. Friends weren't allowed. I explored a friendship when I was six. He used to come every night and we'd watch and enact scenes from The Avengers. I was finally playing with someone else, liking the same things and having fun. My sister was allowed more freedom and friends and I don't understand why. You know, Amazon shit. Anyway, by the third day my mother had had enough. "Is this going to happen every day? Oops. I didn't know. "He always stays til dinnertime and sits to eat when I've only cooked for four. I had to give him my portion. I'm not taking care of another woman's kid! I was to get rid of him immediately. It made sense. I couldn't afford a friend. Next day I spoke to him at school and told him that he couldn't come over anymore, my mother hated him and that he was a big fat pig for eating all our food. I never saw him again and my mother was very proud. I tried once again, in my tweens, for a semester with two black gay friends but it was in secret and it never panned out. In entertainment I caught glimpses of myself and that was enough. It didn't matter who represented humanity as long as they interpreted it well. God only cares about our soul. That's why he made most of us ugly. I saw enough bits to try and solve my puzzle and be who I wanted to be. A gay romantic idiot. More representation is not going to get people to like us. Being kind might. White people have been representing throughout history and it doesn't stop them from hating each other. What's going to change? Representation only matters if its organic like the vegetable. 21-Jun-2021

Tags: Myself, Representation




An effect of sexual abuse is that you inherit a victim's persona even if you've surpassed it and predator abusive comprehension. The survivors are damaged goods pretending to blend into a world that's flashed forward around them. Our vulnerabilities succumb to the first clever wolf that help incorporate us into the new world so that we fit in and hate it. To cope, we become the victims they are. They are our daddy saviors. We think that the next one will fix what the other one did because this one is different. At least half of my LTRs were straight men with penchant for wee ones. They were not in denial about their sexuality they were just hiding. I happened to hit the jackpot.

My mother finished ex violence with more violence. The end to my abuse was to sucker punch the croc in the middle of Manhattan for stalking me at work and everywhere else. He fell down as a grandmother yelled "yeah, punch that old motherfucker!" She didn't even know our business. Everyone surrounded me to make sure I was all right and he ran off bloodied and embarrassed. My mother and I never saw our stalkers again, my mother's broken bones and heart healed, her ex's bones got WWF broken and I moved back to my mother's house. I re-encountered my mother's ex, riding on an unlighted subway car after work. I wasn't sure until we descended from the tunnels and out into outdoor light. It was him, he had healed and was seething. His eyes bore through me and I felt a chill and a scent. Every flicker of light cast a Hitchcock shadow as I froze for fuck's sake. I had beat him once but it was a tough battle. Illegal drugs made him Hulkean. Even lesbian cop kickassers couldn't bring him down. He stared eerily at me through the longest ride of my life. (I will not bore you with rest.) 27-Oct-2020

Tags: Conclusion, Gay, History, LGBTQ, Life, Mother, Myself, Relationships, Representation, Sex




We've allowed the world to be overrun with bad people because they're entertaining. Shame on us. 11-Oct-2018

Tags: Empowerment, Life, Representation, Society, World




The presumption seems that having openly gay representation will form the sexual being children will become. I've been having sex with men since I was six or younger. I didn't hook up with a gay man until my early 20s. They all affirmed a straight lifestyle. I liked my Uncle Arthurs, my Dr. Smiths and my Charles Nelson Reilly. They were responsible for clicking my wit and supplying me comfort but it was the het brethren that awoke my sexuality. 27-Sep-2018

Tags: Attraction, Gay, History, Hypocrisy, Life, Love, Representation, Respect, Sex, Strait Men, Youth




The word you never want to hear from your doctor when discussing your symptoms...."ewwww". 07-Sep-2018

Tags: Community, Health, Inhumanity, Medical, Representation, Women